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> Be me
> Be a Nigger
> Be a native african nigger
> With native african nigger parents
> Move to the United States from Sweet Home Nigeria at the age of 5
> Nigger parents are strict, and I grow up with decent manners
> Grow up in Chicago
> Dreck_Niggers_Everywhere.gif
> After being mugged and bullied by dreck niggers…
> Guess what happens…
> I start to hate niggers.
> Fast forward 25 years
> Have beautiful white wife, and beautiful mostly-white childeren
> Blue_eyes_Tan_Skin.jpg
> Have nice, well paid job
> Still hate just about every “gangsta” I run into
> mfw I live in a mostly white community
> mfw I have internalized racism
> mfw I am a successful nigger
> mfw no need 4 welfare
> mfw african africans are better than african americans
> mfw I’m the only based nigger in the entire country

Seriously though, why is it that degeneracy amongst african americans is the status quo, while first generation immigrants generally seem to be good, hardworking folk (take that statement with a pinch of salt, will you)?