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If you give a nigger a cookie, it will ask for a glass of milk.

I moved to SF after college and ended up rooming in a one bedroom with an old high school friend cause things are so damned expensive. Basically I got the bedroom and he turned the main room into a bedroom and things worked. It was super fucking cramped, but we're really good friends so it didn't really get on our nerves.

THEN it all changes. One day, without asking me, he lets his black coworker spend the night because he got kicked out of his parents house. One day turns into a week. Then a month. In this tiny ass apartment really made for a dude and his women, we went from two men to two men and a monkey.

He'd eat all our food with out paying for anything or any rent (3 grand a month so its not like my friend and I had it easy). Would just sit on his lazy nigger ass whenever we were trying to clean things up. Smelled like a fucking ape and fucking gave my friend pink eye. Whatever, at least he's in my friend's part of the house, I can just chill in my room when I want some privacy.

One day he breaks the shower head. Snapped it clean off. I'm wondering how the fuck he did this. Meanwhile, there's this weird shit accumulating on the shower door that I have to spray off. Never connected the two. Then one day I wake up early for a piss as my friend and the nigger were heading to work. While my friend is in the shower, I walk to the bathroom and hear him furiously masturbating. Weirdest disgusting grunting noises ever. Go back to my room, try not to vomit. He walks out. Doesn't wash his hands. Trash bin full.

It clicked. He was wanking onto the shower door, not cleaning it up, broke the shower head, stopped wanking in the shower, started in the toilet, and didn't even flush the fucking paper or wash his hands afterwards.

I snap. It took a week for him to finally get out ("rrreeeeee I'll be on the street reeee"). Finally get rid of him. Move his air mattress. Find moldy jizz covered socks.

You show some kindness to these things and they take all they can with no regard to you and actively screw you the whole time. Turns out he was an over educated monkey with a philosophy degree from Berkeley. Since Berkeley philosophy is (not the very respectable and rigorous field of Analytic Philosophy but is instead) "Continental" Philosophy, he was probably full of social justice bull shit about how we owed him everything we had. But I think that was just the nigger equivalent of rationalization. Almost all of them instinctively act the same, it's just that sometimes they can articulate it.

Anyone else have stories?