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Religionization of Politics and Corporations
I've been thinking about communism and how it's followers seem to act like crusaders and religious zealots. Hell, I thought I was gonna argue that Communism was "the religion of the atheists," (opium of the masses, am I right?). Then I noticed how people don't just act like this in communism, they act like it with other fringe political ideologies.

It's an age old thing where people will jump at the chance to be bad with a get-out-of-jail-free card of "righteous cause," including and up to, murder and torture. And yet in almost all of these circumstances, the grunts believe in the message, but leadership is corrupt to the core. Usually, that's because they're the very thing the organization hates, or they don't believe in the message at all. Even in the oldest religions of time-passed, people still do this, the difference being, in the older religions, The smaller parts of the overall organization are earnest and accountable.

The phenomena of people making their favorite political view a core part of themselves to the point of them feeling like their entire personal being is attacked when someone speaks out against it goes back a long ways. Nowadays, this looks like it's something more-common, yet at the same time, there is a concentrated effort by (((exactly who you think it is))) to basically gaslight the entire internet for one reason or another.

I mean, one of the biggest things they would want now more than ever, is for the doomer shit that people post on shitty imageboards like cuckchan to be true. They sure as hell want every single dystopian fantasy that their minds create to become real because that would mean a triumph for them, this is why people gotta Meme Responsbily.

And I wonder, if now more than ever, with the rush to create the ultimate consumer, (((the usual suspects))) are trying to engineer religonized-consumers. Corporate fanboyism and worship isn't anything new, hell, I used to be that way too, I just think that there seems to be a far-more-deliberate effort to do this.

Shit, look at insurance commercials nowadays, they basically want their institutions to be worshipped. Every single protagonist of their commercials that works there is -obsessed- with insurance and their company to a level of fanboyism. Yet despite this, most of the insurance industry spends it's money on commercials rather than funding their customers. Insurance is not only one of the most corrupt industries in existence, I bet they're the biggest NGO customers of dragnet-spying in the world. They would want to know if their customers are not trying to steal their money, so they buy into spying apps to see if customers are hurt or not, logic be damned if the person actually -was- hurt or not.

"Why not make convenient fanboys (worshippers) out of people?" They ask.
That's how ideology works. Religion, politics, group-association, morality, etc. They all tap the same parts of the brain that compel tribalism.
> I've been thinking about communism and how it's followers seem to act like crusaders and religious zealots.

https://archive.ph/qjZD6 Sabbatean-Frankism as the Paradigm of the Modern Left

They made a religion out of opposing Jewish tradition and got half of Europe's Jews to join in. So we see a bunch of very very evil people committing every crime imaginable, and their Early Life section checks out.

https://archive.ph/ruSlw The Jesuit Oath

I've heard that the Jesuits invented Communism in Paraguay.

Also, a lot of the communists are actually Muslims hiding it.

"Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it" - Maududi

"This universal declaration of the freedom of man on earth from every authority except that of Allah, and the declaration that sovereignty is Allah's alone" - Qutb

So they view their religion as total war against every government other than Islam.

https://archive.ph/ruSlw American Billionaires Vanish From Russian Fund's Website

... and a ton of the communists are simply on the Russian payroll.