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Need help for a new (parody) song, but it's about the board itself [META]
Heya /mlpol/, seeing how the Horse-Wessel Lied (as in /mlpol/'s version of the Nazi anthem) seemed like such a hit, I was feeling particularly inspired and wondered if I could get some lyrical help for a song about the board itself? Particularly its history and perhaps as a way to reflect where we came from and how we feel about our mother (/mlp/) and father (/pol/) boards; a sort of origin story told through song.

I figured it fitting that we could do a parody of "Lullaby for a Princess", partly because of its dramatic flair, but partly because I feel like it fits with our rocky origins and our feelings of mental anguish at the Zeitgeist.
For those unfamiliar with the song and its variants, they can be found here:
https://youtu.be/iq8buo-D3nA | https://youtu.be/srBVXswpPfM | https://youtu.be/8K3cm2ooYkM

The story in the song is meant to go in this fashion:
>/mlpol/-tan (I've given him the name "Emile-Paul" as his human name, if that's alright with anyone?) is saddened by how he can no longer recognise his parents, and how their love for him has become nothing but resentment and hatred. He says that he is still their son, but that he will become their betters; either wanting to do them proud, or prove that he is not as shitty as they both had become.
>He recalls how when /mlpol/ was just born, and how the Mods sent him to die, both /mlp/ and /pol/ (a la these comics: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/37804) did everything they could to bring their beloved son back.
>Yet somewhere along the line, the love between the two parents grew cold; animosity took over them both as if they both had never met, with little understanding as to why. The mother considered her son a "joke", and the father a "mistake".
>Years pass. Emile-Paul feels that he stands alone. He wishes that he'll survive this anti-white jive. He still loves and misses his parents, though acknowledges that they don't feel the same way back.
>/mlpol makes a final declaration:
<I've come to the sobering conclusion that I can no longer call them my parents, even though I was born from them.
<I will build a new Equestria on Earth, securing the existence of my people and a future for my race and ponykind
<And my parents shall rue the day they abandoned me

We may not need to follow it to-the-letter, but something in the spirit of it should hopefully be present for the song. Of course, if the thread suggests otherwise, we may make some adjustments.
Here's what I've got for the lyrics so far (with syllable counts), the parts in green are the ones that I feel are 'complete', but everything else needs new lyrics:

>Mother was cruel and Father unkind [10]
>How could they | have turned me | away? [8]
I sit here and gaze | the punishment, mine [10]
The harmony silent, today [8]
>But here in my prison, am I still your/their son? [11]
>(You)r/Their voices, my company kept [8]
Yet these pony eyes | see past Jewish lies [10]
In exile, how deeply I’ve wept [8]

[Verse 1]
>Once did the mods, who on April the 1st [10]
Looked out over 4chan and sighed [8]
They laughed and said, "Surely, much keks will be had [11]
So funny, befitting an admin as I." [11]

And yet in that merger, so brilliant the humor [11]
Yet fate played the chaos he cast [8]
Which swept up at dawn the young parents I loved [11]
And forced them together till day and night passed [11]

>Mother of ponies and father of whites [10]
Rest now in moonlight's embrace [8]
Tia, my judgment was not yours to give, [10]
And soon now, we'll both meet our fates. [9]

Carry my anger, O shadows of night, [10]
And carry my sorrow in kind [8]
Mother, your words hurt much more than you know [10]
The time for your judgment is nigh [8]

[Verse 2]
Soon the new lovers took notice what happened [11]
Making one which always was two [8]
As Reddit and botposts all vanished away [11]
I watched as my parents' prosperity grew [11]

But such is the way of the mod, Jew, and janny [13]
To take hold and undo my code [8]
Indifferent anons did nothing but watch [11]
The destruction of I, who was left in the cold [12]

>Mother of ponies and father of whites [10]
Rest now in moonlight's embrace [8]
Tia, my judgment was not yours to give, [10]
And soon now, we'll both meet our fates. [9]

Carry my anger, O shadows of night, [10]
And carry my sorrow in kind [8]
>Father, your words hurt much more than you know [10]
May guilt plague you much for your crime [8]
For the time for your judgment is nigh [9]

Screams of pain are heard as /mlp/ smacks /mlpol/ with a menorah I mean, candelabra, screaming at him that he is not her son.
/mlpol/ cries for mercy as /pol/ drags him onto an operating table, asking him to hold still as he (attempts to) gas the boy.

The years now before us, [6]
dismal and forlorn [5]
I never imagined | I'd face them all my own [12]
May this Kali Yuga | swiftly pass, I pray [11]
I miss you, [3]
I love you, [3]
(I) wish you felt the same (alt: Every single day.) [5]

May all your dreams be sweet tonight [8]
Tucked away behind the floodlights [9]
You know not my sadness, pain, nor care [9]
And as you dream, I'll break away and meet you there [12]

As usual, feedback is appreciated, but I'll be especially waiting to hear what you guys have in stall for lyrical suggestions. Hopefully I'll be able to make a parody song that would do the anons here justice, however few of us were there back then. If there's anything I haven't covered in here, please don't hesitate to ask in the thread as well.
I'll die laughing if even /mlpol/ can make better music than /mu/.
But we already have, remember?
That's why we're doing this again, but as a song about the board this time.
Eh, the vocals are pretty monotonous. Anons clearly need practice.
Of course they do, but was the best we could scramble at the time.
The thread was made bumping and calling for any anons who could sing to actually post themselves doing so, at an over 3-month duration span before the video was set to release on /mlpol/'s anniversary.
Maybe someday another anon might be able to get anons who aren't able to sing, and sing it well, but until then, that's the best version of the song there is.
That said, I think we should get back to working on the parody song we have now.
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The Board Life of pol and mlp.mp4
Just made another /mlpol/ video came out.

>The Board Life of /pol/ and /mlp/