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There Are NO Good Male Characters
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Let's break down the prime contenders for Mane 6 husbandos:

Twilight: Flash Sentry – two-dimensional, forced character who was eventually dropped when even Hasbro decided he was too cringe
Rainbow Dash: Zephyr Breeze – Fluttershy's complete loser brother, even RD is smart enough to stay clear of him
Fluttershy: Discord – cool villain, became an annoying side character after "redemption" (never was really redeemed, just became Fluttershy's little slave) and isn't a pony
Pinkie Pie: Cheese Sandwich – won out with a celebrity self-insert OC
Rarity: Pistachio from the Acorn Farm – this establishes her canonically as a wine aunt who grooms teenage colts
Applejack: nopony – destined to pass on the farm to Apple Bloom after becoming an old maid, big RIP

Let's face it, even in FiM's prime the writers were incapable of writing decent male characters, let alone good original coltfriends for the Mane 6. This is truly a show made by a feminist.
Why is purple a celtic priest?
Big mac who got sold as the mute guy but ended up being just too stubborn just like everyone in the apple family, ended up making creampies and probably creampied marble once but got cucked
Fancy Pants who despite being presented as the average cuntish high class character with a trophy wife he didn't cared for peer pressure and said whatever the fuck he wanted, again, has Fleur.
Shining, yes, one of the characters that were made just to sell toys ended up as a totally bro dad that did more of a parent figure to Spike than Twilight herself, also taken and with a kid.
Spike, who after years ended up becoming the chad he always wanted and probably had or has a harem because of dragon nature, unfortunatedly he ended alone as far as we saw, theres a few characters but the writers were fuckimg hacks and never did anything with them
Applejack is often called a one note background character by people too stupid to understand her and avoid writing off all that she is as "the farm girl".
AJ loves her family. Loves where she is in life. Lacks motivation to go out and do something adventurous for the sake of her dream because the way she sees it, she's already living the dream.
Apple Bloom has character. She's got goals, relationships, something she thinks she needs and something she really needs.
But Big Mac is a punchline. A prop. Despite the episode here and there saying stuff like "he is friends with Spike" or "he likes crossdressing" he wasn't designed to be someone.
Perhaps this is by design? Perhaps this is why so many men felt the urge to self insert into this family friendly slice of life harem anime.
>even Hasbro decided he was too cringe
Lmao, Twifags were so ass-blasted over Brad. Good thing their daddy Hasjew came to the rescue.
Brad is a cardboard cutout without personality or soul. In a world that's supposed to be humanized FIM, they gave him and Sunset a skin tone as close to a normal human as they could get away with. EQG1 felt shat out by an executive's committee or AI. EQG2 tried to do something with the idea. That was the one with Sirens, right? After that they just fucking gave up. Sunset wants Sci-Twi to be exactly like Twilight Sparkle, because that's what a healthy Twilight looks like in her head, while Sci-Twi fundamentally isn't her. Different world, different backstory, different response to magic and different circumstances around getting it. The darkness within her is rage at how helpless she feels in a world that wants to decide what she is, yet she has no idea who she is anyway and neither do the writers. The movies could have pulled off something interesting with this character. But alas, she will only ever be bootleg Twilight getting in the way of Sunset being her own potentially interesting protagonist in her own setting.
wtf sister country on mlpol?
Original MLP was never about shipping, it was about friendship. That's why the original world lacks male characters for pairing.

It was about girls who didn't bully each other and where everypony could feel needed in the group for the things that made them different, instead of being scared of sticking out.

The relationship appeared when Hasbro wanted consensus and conformity to take the front seat. Before that, different opinions was a good thing, and the natural female fear of becoming an incel was pushed as relationships were shown.
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Yeah I agree but I do wish they still at least tried with the male characters, Flash Sentry was definitely the worst thing to come out of that shitty stirring pot
Oh, certainly. It was a shitstorm.
i think we where supposed to self-insert as him since the fandom made quite a bit of music and he was a musician