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>Nobody gave you permission to look you disgusting monkey pervert! All you monkeys are the same you don't think or feel you just wanna hurt us little ponies! I'll kill you if you keep staring just watch.
Then why did it wink at me?
"You're the one raising your tail at me, pervert. I was minding my own business, and suddenly some entitled mare starts flashing me? I'm the one who should be kicking your ass!"
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>be smol green filly
>"Twilight, this ugly pervert keeps lifting her tail at me. Isn't she too old for this shit?"
Srsly, this is like when whores dress immodestly and then bitch about the male gaze
>Be Anonymous, a red-blooded heterosexual man
>"I'm not Twilight, you stupid faggot."
<"Wait, wha-"
>You punt the little green faggot square under the jaw and you hear a sickening crack.
>The tan mare from before fled before you even kicked the filly. Good. No witnesses.
>She screams in vain; nopony can hear her out here. Not that they'd help her anyway.
>The green filly tries to crawl away as she releases agonized wet gasps
>With a nasty grin, you look down as your fingers unclasp your belt, then your button and zipper.
>Her crawl stops as she looks up at you with an expression of pure terror.
>She weakly kicks as you fly down at her, cock throbbing before you suddenly and violently hilt yourself in her pussy.
>She's too small and can't even really take it, but that doesn't stop you.
>You firmly grasp her mane with one hand while wrapping your other arm around her neck, subduing her.
>You make several violent thrusts deep inside her as she cries out in pain and pleasure. She loses the will to fight before too long.
>It feels too good and your cum within a few short minutes.
>Panting, you pull out and take a look at her brutalized form.
>She's just laying there, panting and sobbing through her ruined mouth.
>You get up and turn away to leave.
<J-juspht sho you... knowphft... I uphed to be a guy! You'th a faggot!
>Ew. Gay. She even has heart eyes.
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Wow, thats alot of pent-up sexualized rage. Against an analog of (you) no less. It almost seems like (you) are so self-abusive that you have fetishized it.
Consider getting help, anon
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Reminds me of Fluffy Pony shit.
mlp - fluffy - nope.gif
>badmouthing Fluffy
You're not wrong, lotta issues in that lot
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Geez, that's a lot of projection, friend. I just the thought the green would be a clever plot twist to the OP since Nigel's dumb post didn't make any sense because the mare in the OP specifically addresses a lecherous human and I ran with the green. Does it make more sense now? I didn't expect such a sensitive reaction to it. Have a more light hearted follow-up.

>Be Anonymous, a manly man.
>You find yourself in Ponyville's hospital after having your wisdom teeth removed.
>The anesthesia has pretty much worn off at this point and you're just waiting to be released.
>"Ah, I wish they'd just let me go already," you exclaim to yourself.
<"Phyou and me bofth!"
>You gaze drifts to the source of this annoyance. You see a familiar silhouette from beyond the sea green curtain...
<"Stho, what are phey keepfing you pfor?"
>You quietly swing your legs over the side off the tiny hospital bed, stand up, and make your way to your prey. Your cock is already throbbing in anticipation.
>You hear a faint sniffle from behind the curtain, followed by a scratchy voice...
<I-I phon't know phow thome pfeople- er... I gueth ponieth can be tho cruel..."
>It's like a dam has burst as she completely falls apart and begins sobbing uncontrollably. You can see her withers swell up from behind the curtain with every irrythmic bout of weeping.
>You silently walk backwards and quietly lie back down in you bed.
>She obviously hasn't realized who you are yet.
<"Noffing ever goeth my way! Ponieth all treat me like thit!" She rants.
>Yet another bout of heavy sobs.
>Some stupid, gay part of you almost feels sorry for her. You feel guilt coiling in your stomach.
>"Hey... I know it feels like to get fucked over."
<"Oh, really? Firtht, I get yeeted into alternate univerth, then I geth abandoned by phthe ponieth thuppothed to help me, and then... I get harathed by thome pithy mare and geth my jaw kicked in and phucking raped by phthe only perthon that mighth underthand me!"
>She's letting all out. Her voice croaks and squeaks in between heavy bodily weeping, only stopping to snort her own snot back up her snout and to try and catch her breath.
>What a whiny faggot.
>"It's okay," you barely muster out the hollow platitude.
>She just doesn't stop...
>"For what it's worth, I know what it's like to have nowhere to turn to, to feel like the world is just shitting all over you..."
>Dead silence punctuated only by a faint whimper.
>"Things might be tough now, but you're more than a victim and other's actions don't define you... Things'll get better, just hang in there."
>"I-I'm sorry," you finally wrench out after a pregnant pause.
<"It'th okay. It'th not your pfault. Thorry for hrambling," she croaks out.
>A dreadful silence fills the room as you find yourself at a loss for words.
>Some time goes by before you're mercifully relieved when the doctor stumbles in with a clipboard resting on his foreleg before turning to speak to you.
>"Well, Mister Anonymous, you're free to go!"
>You glimpse to the curtain only to see the outline of a head suddenly jerk towards your direction.
It is very much welcomed.
Not Fluffle Puff, the "wawa bad for fwuffy" shit where weirdos fetishize bullying and microwaving hamsters with the minds of 3 year olds.
It's funny when women are wrong so being Anonfilly seemed funny at the time
Ok little pony, I don't know how you'd do it but you are willing to try
>The doctor nods briskly before ducking back out the door and into the hallway, leaving you alone with a certain weepy faggot.
>No, of course not. That would be too controversial.
>You quietly rise from your bed and begin to walk away, not intent on saying anything else.
>Only silence emanates from the stuffy little room as you deftly make your exit.
>Well, at least the faggot stopped crying.
>You feel an uncanny sense of trespass as you stalk down Ponyville's busy streets.
>Colorful little ponies are going about their day, some even stopping to say "hello" to their resident alien. You just smile and politely disengage them as you make you way to work at Applejack's gay little farm.
>They'd never suspect that the friendly ape brutally raped the most annoying little faggot ever. Kek. They'd never believe the little tranny anyway.
>It's like an unforeseen dark cloud looms over you as another pang of alien guilt swells in your belly.
>You get AJ's farm and do the usual nonsense to earn your wages... But things are different today. You notice the happy and loving relationships that these little ponies share with one another more than you otherwise would.
>The whole family with the addition of the Cutie Mark Crusaders have congregated inside the farmhouse.
>You make your way in to collect your payment from AJ. All eyes turn to you and they smile warmly in your direction as you enter the kitchen.
<"Ha! Howdy there, Anon!" Applejack chirps at you, abruptly ending whatever conversation she was having beforehand.
<"We were just fixin' to call ya in for some o' this here pie!"
>You raise your arms in a declining gesture, not to keen on having a wholesome meal with the Apples and company, especially given the recent rape.
>"That's alright, AJ. I think I'll just take my bits and run on home."
<"Well, suit yourself, then! I'll go ahead and get your bits."
>She scampers off into the other room and upstairs to collect your payment. In the meantime, the CMC's, Big Mac, and Granny Smith sit around the large dining table as you pull out a chair and plop yourself down.
>Scootaloo turns to Big Mac and Granny Smith before exclaiming...
<"So, as I was saying, that really weird filly-that's-not-a-filly is in the hospital again. Apparently, she fell and broke her jaw or something."
>Big Mac, with a look of visible disdain interjects...
>"Y'all know that ain't no filly! It's a grown stallion! Why, that little freak came up to me one day and... Oh, nevermind. Ain't something children need to hear about, anyway. You kids stay away from that thing!"
<"Yeah, he or she or it is really weird and gross! She looks like a filly but obviously isn't one! It's creepy!" Sweetie Belle pipes up.
>All eyes slowly turn to you.
>Granny Smith is the first to speak.
<"Whaddya think, Anon? Ain't that thing supposed to be from wherever you came from?"
>You awkwardly fiddle with your hands before addressing her inquiry.
>"Uh, yeah, but... Let's just say that we have our own freaks and oddballs where we come from. Strange that that guy somehow turned into a filly, though. Dude's a creep."
>Sweet memories of yesterday's fantastic rape flood your mind.
>"Eugh, can we change the subject, please?" Big Mac begs.
>As if on cue, Applejack comes trotting into room with a sack of bits in her mouth before unceremoniously dropping them on the table before you.
<"Well, there ya go, partner! I guess we'll be seeing ya next week unless ya wanna hang around and visit!"
>You politely decline her offer and say goodbye to everypony before exiting. You start off towards your little house just on the other side of Ponyville.
>Your trip home to your modest house is uneventful aside from the lingering thoughts of a certain gender-bent little sperg and their Herculean autism.
>You can almost feel bad for "it," before remembering that its noxious reputation is well-earned. Apparently, he just kind of spawned here as a filly one day and demanded to be pampered by everypony. Once they realized the true nature of that "filly" they kicked it to the curb and legally declared it to be a self-sustainable adult only after countless destructive escapades.
>You can't help but pity the green retard, despite it all.
>After mulling over your thoughts, you come to the conclusion that your conscience simply won't let you be until you make things up to the faggot.
>"Ah shit, here we go again."
>You clamber to your bedroom and pass out for some much needed rest. Tomorrow is going to be very gay and autistic.
inb4 Anon tries to apologize to the filly but becomes addicted to serially raping him/her in increasingly comical situations instead seriously though this is entertaining, please continue
>Dear Princess Celestia
>Your remedial education on rape etiquette has improved me, my friends, acquaintances, star and bystanders' enjoyment and endurance.
>Your rock solid D student
>PS recently we stopped yet another Equestrian villian using friendship and your previous guidance.
You called it. That's exactly what I had planned. I'll try to shit something out after work today.
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>Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and little ponies are happily going about their business outside. It's a picture of perfect social harmony out there.
>You smile absent mindedly as you pour yourself a nice cup of coffee. Things seems pretty damn great here in Equestria and you've readily assimilated to your new home. You've been a paragon of human virtue; working hard and always keeping a positive attitude despite the lesser parts of your nature. Ponies have really brought out the best in you. Everything is wonderful until unwanted thoughts worm their way into your head...
<"J-juspht sho you... knowphft... I uphed to be a guy! You'th a faggot!"
>"She" even had heart eyes. It's not really rape if they have heart eyes. Lyra told you that during her intercultural discussions back when you first woke up in Equestria, months ago.
>Your smile abruptly slides into a frown.
>Whatever good ponies brought out in you vanished before that insufferable faggot.
>"Eugh, that fantastic autogynephilic black hole of faggotry. Great."
>You hesitantly rise from your kitchen table able crudely wolf down your breakfast. Any contentedness you felt before quickly dissipates.

>You make your way through the double doors at Ponyville's hospital some time later. Nurse Redheart is "manning" the receptionist's desk.
>"Excuse, me, nurse, but I'd like to visit a patient, if at all possible."
<"Oh? Okay then... Whom would you like visit?"
>"Anon T. Filly," came your flat reply.
<"Ah, I'm afraid we discharged her just a few minutes ago. You probably passed her on the way here!"
>You thank the kind nurse for her help and dip out into the streets like an sperg shark that smells autism in the water.
>It didn't take long to find the faggot. She was just a few blocks down the street, slowly limping as she nursed her swollen cocksucker.
>You hang back and monitor her. It would be rude to confront her publicly, in front of all these ponies that deserve better than to be subjected to your mutual spergisms. You decide to wait until you get a more private chance to talk to her.
>Minutes become hours as she seems to wander aimlessly through the streets. Ponies that cross her path tend to either awkwardly scurry to the other side of the road or hold their heads high in a snotty gesture. She just looks at the ground and pouts as she drifts about.
>She eventually makes her way down the river's edge. There's a tiny "cave" with a shitty little tent at its mouth.
>She's obviously living their. Kek. Must suck getting kicked out Twilight's eyesore of a castle for being such a colossal faggot that not even the Magic of Friendship™ could fix.
>You slowly approach once she settles in.
>You couldn't be more than twenty yards away from her now.
>She's crying. Of course she's crying.
>You quietly observe as she sobs hysterically into a filthy pillow.
<"It'th nopht pfair! Alth I wanthed wath a thecondth chanth!"
>The weeping intensifies before settling into a kind of quiet, mopey idling sound.
>You call out to her...
>Uh, hey... I know you probably hate my guts, but I just wanted to apologize to you abo-
>Her head shot like in a single startled jerking motion.
<"Phyou mofferfucker! Back thto rape me again!? Welph, you'th a faggoth and prophably a phedophile!"
>You struggle not to laugh at the dumb faggot's inane spaghetti.
>"Look, I'm really sorry. I'll leave if you want me to, but what I did to you was horrible. I wouldn't blame you if you never forgive me, but I just felt like your deserved at least some form of an apology."
<"Aphologee declinedf! Kill thourthelf, faggot!"
>You slowly approach her with you elbows to your torso and your hands out, like one would a feral animal.
>You crouch down to meet her at eye level.
>"Okay. I'll be going, but I want you to know that if there is anyway I can ever make this up to you, then you only to let me know."
<"Giff me alth thour money, phaggoth!"
>With a singular goal in mind, you make your way to the bank.
full (11).png
>"One-thousand, four-hundred, and eighty-eight bits. It's not much, but it's all I've got. My entire savings. Oh, and I baked you a "sorry I raped you, faggot" cake. I tried making a depiction of your obliterated vagina and jaw on it, but I ran out red frosting."
>She leers at you with a look of seething hatred... Before trying and failing to suppress a smirk. Well, you think it was a smirk. Her whole face kind of looks like an expressionist painting.
>You park the cartload of bits before her shitty little hobo encampment. Mimicking and old timey butler, you bow and offer her an erotically detailed cake.
<"Pholy phuck. Hyou ackshually did itf."
>She looks frustrated. Her gaze drifts between the cartload of bits, the lame cake, and then, finally, to you.
<"I pforgive hyou, hetard. Phnow phuck opf andf killphyouthelf."
>"Thanks. For what it's worth, I know what it like to be alone and to feel like you have nothing and nobody. It wasn't easy for me either when I first wound up here, either. I meant what I told you in the hospital.
>You turn to leave only to hear her pipe up.
<"Hyou don'pft know thit, phaggoth!"
>You turn to meet her furious glare.
>As if spurred on by your silence, she launches herself into a vitriolic diatribe...
<"I phucking goth thent thraight inphto phthe phuarking hoof-armf-fings ophf a thadithtic cunth thatpf uthed me ath a tetht thubjectph in pher gay expherimenth, kickedpf, to phthe curbf wonf I outphlivedf my uthefulneth, labelledf a phariah, andf I liff in a fuckinth ragth thrung up phy a pieth of wire! Ohf! Andf I got phrutally rapeth by a phinking retardf!"
>"Cool story, bro."
>She's crying again. Stupid bitch needs pills or something. You don't really have the energy to say anything at this point, especially not after surrendering the entirety of your wealth to the little shit.
>With a sigh, you slowly approach her. She doesn't object. You draw even closer until you crouch down right in front of her.
>She reactively tries to jerk back, but it's too late.
>She tries to escape your grasp, but fails pathetically in trying to do so. Her gross little mouth is muffled against your chest.
>She squirms ineffectually in your arms. The non-consentual hug only intensifies.
>She slowly goes limp in your embrace. Her breathing evens out.
>"I could snap her neck like a twig," some evil, fucked up part of you thinks.
>You suppress that horrid part you that only this special faggot seems to bring out.
>She's leaning into it now. Any fight she had has evaporated. She lamely pulls her forelegs around your back. You slightly release your grip and the sobbing only intensifies.
>She squeezes you tight. Pathetic. She's bear-hugging her rapist and crying in his arms now. How does one fall this low?
>You lighten grip even further, but don't let go. You gently stroke her mane out of her eyes and smoothly run your hand down her neck in a comforting display of kindness.
>She weakly pulls back from the impromptu cuddle rape session to make eye contact with you. Her eyes are full of both pain and hope
>You smile beatifically down at her. Your eyes are soft and you head is ever so slightly cocked in vaguely quizzical manner. Your the very depiction of human kindness
>She buries herself in your embrace. She doesn't want to let go.
>You meekly stroke her
>Her... fur, albeit filthy and greasy, is soft. You hands probe deeper down her torso, almost reaching her plump and extremely rapeable ass.
>Your mind drifts as you vacantly cuddle her.
<"It'th really phuckedf upf, y'know? All thiff..."
>A Cheshire grin slowly spreads across your face...
>"Oh, I could think of something even more fucked up."
>You gently lay her on her back. Her eyes shoot wide open in sudden realization. She squirms in a half-hearted escape attempt. It fails.
>In just a few motions, your cock is liberated from it's cotton prison. You suddenly and violently plunge you cock towards her pussy only to stop dead on your tracks.
>Your face shifts back to it's previous kind visage
>She's in awe.
>You gingerly place a kiss on her snout before hitting her pussy like a jackhammer.
>She rolls her hips upwards in a desperate attempt at ejecting your cock. Like everything """she""" does, she fucks it up.
>You lunge into her marehood. Her pussy spasms tightly on your cock as her entire body rolls with involuntary muscle contractions.
>She's blushing through her bruises as a wet moan hisses out from her bloated lips.
>You pump deeper than she can really take over and over again until you finally make the deepest plunge yet into her and bust the most incredible nut ever deep in her womb. She howls in pleasure and pain.
>You slowly pull out as her pussy steadily ceases its strong contractions. It's almost like it's insisting that that you remain inside her.
>You slowly continue withdrawal from her, pulling yourself up and away from the little piece of heaven that is her pussy.
>You give a parting kiss...
>"Eugh!" You cry out.
>She slipped you some tongue.
>She definitely has heart eyes.
>"Well, guess I better go kill myself!" You think.
>You kick the cake into her face before leaving.
>Your rock solid D student
Oh my...
Keep practicing anon.
>You kick the cake into her face before leaving.
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Posey's not only racist but allergic to other races
Good pone.

I actually haven't paid that much attention to the G5 stuff, but I keep seeing this horse mentioned. Can someone give me a quick rundown on who Posey is and why she is racist**?

**By this, I of course mean 'why does the fandom interpret this character as being racist,' not 'for what reasons is this character racist?'. We all know that there are plenty of perfectly good reasons to be racist.