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REG.png OiE: Razorback Expedition Group
345566 345567 345578 346686
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>OiE: REG is an offshoot game of Operators in Equestria.

>Currently recruiting is closed, as the story is ongoing, but you can apply for the main game here:

>If you're going to lurk, read over the main pastebin to get familiar with the story and characters:

>And look over the main game, as well:

>>328277 →
>>328930 →
>Both of you take the cue to exit the lower market and head back down to the train depot.
>You were already close to the steps, so navigating through the market lanes and back to the staircase took a long minute and begin your decent down to the depot from above you both look out to the train in the distance.
>The engine's stack was already starting to let out puffs of smoke for warm-up, and whatever cars that needed to be added were attached: the main engine, coal car, two passenger cars going by the amount of windows, a cargo car, an open bed car with the Dagor and Husky tied down and secured, and six more solid-body cargo cars trailing them.
>Ponies and several minotaurs alike were scurrying around back and forth to the train, you figure last-minute cargo getting loaded.
>You both finally make it to the bottom of the steppes and back into the train depot, the train giving off another steam-powered whistle blow. Cutting through the frantic crowds, which were somehow chaotically orderly left you enough of a berth to get to the boarding area without much trouble.
>Approaching the passenger cars, you spot Jeff leaning on the side of second-back one and waves you over to him.
"Over here guys. We're leaving in a bit, c'mon hop in! I can see the others not too far behind."
>As you get within talking distance of Jeff, you notice Yuri in the first-front passenger car enjoying a steaming mug with his own thoughts. The dining car, perhaps!
"Nice wrap Noah. That one of those that cools your head off? How're your boys, Citrine? Feeling better?"

>>328435 →
>Having been unnerved by the sudden cut-off from lunch, Jan takes the lead between you three and sets a prompt pace back to the market's main entrance.
>Palus hangs back with you, the pair of you at the taller woman's back. The burro beams up at you as she processes the interesting info of your unique weapon.
"So... tri-bladed, hyper-sonic reciprocation. Yes, that would facilitate very grievous wounds! AND an ice enchantment to mitigate overheating! A smart addition!"
>Palus mulls over her own works as the three of you pass through the main gate.
>As you walk through, Jan looks to both of her sides and gives the guardmares small waves. The same pair from earlier, the cheerier one putting in more of an effort.
"Aww! You're leaving already? Well come again soooon!"
>The goodbyes are shortlived, as the staircase down to the station is more-or-less a straight shot down to the train depot.
>During the descent Palus begins to continue the conversation over your knife, as you pass by the lower market.
"Jim, if I may, such a weapon would require quite the power supply. You humans have such diverse energy sources! Some I honestly still cannot comprehend..."

>>329015 →
>>Kitari nods proudly to herself as you praise her work, and begins snickering to herself.
"Hohoho! A male that can appreciate a well-built head and shaft! Whichever you'd like, you may purchase!"
>The female taur smacks her knee at her own dirty joke, her bovine ears flicking excitedly as you produce bits.
"And just enough for five! One of each? Payment in full, excellent!"
>Kitari turns her head toward the direction of the train depot down below, and notices your sudden sense of urgency and takes no time for her to realize you are needed elsewhere.
>The Hedgemony fletcher offers a large hand to the arrows for you to take, while she collects her fee and nods in understanding.
"I will not keep you, Lucius. Onto your next adventure!"
>Despite not buying anything, Kenny approaches and gives a curt bow to Kitari who nods back.
"Thank you for your merchandise. We are most grateful!"
"As am I! May your blades cut deep and you arrows hit their marks!"

>Concluding your purchase, you and Kenny direct your attention back to the main gate from whence you started from.
>He takes a short lead ahead of you, setting a steady pace out of the open-air market.
"Fine arrows there Lucius. Hope they are useful for the job ahead."
>Catching the glass-like gates in view, you and your samurai companion spot Jim with who you assume to be Jan and the burro previously mentioned already finishing passing through the entrance.
"It appears the rest of our party are on the move back to the train."
345562 345573
This link is broken. Is the main game still open?
no you must link to the achieve
>>328930 →
>Seeing the concern on Citrine's face, Noah responded with a look of his own that communicated "Yeah."
"That's fine with me."
>Weaving through the crowd, Noah makes his way to where he sees Jeff
>He hefts himself onto the train car and takes a look around before rubbing the shawl between his fingers
"Yeah, wish I had these back then. Could've gotten more but, y'know."
>Noah couldn't help but snicker at Jeff's question about Citrine but stopped shortly after
>Noah looks to find a seat with a window looking out the platform
"Any news, Jeff?"
Lucious the Weary
348642 348645
>The ranger briefly surveys his purchases with an obviously self-satisfied grin
"Well, Kenshiro, I must admit, I think that stacking odds in our favor is the best path to success."
>He moves ahead toward the gates out of this district, once again wincing reflexively as the bright desert sun rebounds across the reflective surface of this gaudy edifice, directly into his retinas
>Recovering quickly he jaunts ahead of Kenshiro, turning on a heel of his boot and beginning to jog backwards through the crowds, looking at his erstwhile companion with another wolfish grin
"C'mon, Kenshiro! I'll race you!"
>And without waiting for him to reply, Luscious spins again on another boot-heel and takes off at a full sprint towards the train

[1d6+1 = (4+1) = 5] >E. Sprint + Perfect Roll Special!
[1d6+1 = (2+1) = 3]
[1d6+1 = (5+1) = 6]
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Citrine Blaze
>As Blaze navigated through the winding and crowded city back towards the train, the pain in his nuts still haunted him as a dull throb that on occasion would increase in intensity and make him wince in pain, forcing him to slow.
"That bucking..."
>He'd mutter to himself darkly before moving again to keep up with Noah.

>The Crystal Pony almost didn't here Jeff while he was walking past the busy Minotaurs and Saddle Arabians, the loud atmosphere nearly drowning out the scary humans' voice. Almost.
"My family crystals have been assaulted! They are traumatized and will require the best the dining car has to offer."
>Citirine stated with slight urgency as he carefully hoofed up into the train proper, avoiding any sudden movements.
"But yes I'm feeling slightly better."
I might consider joining then.
Offworlder Jim
>Jim snorted, raising an eyebrow.
"Ye, I'd reckon so. An', well, I'd discuss it but I figure it'd be best fer both o' us if I keep mum abouts it. But, well, let's jus' say it took a few hundred years 'ow ta figure out ta get it this small."
>And with that, he spun it in a small flourish, sheathing the blade with a grin.
"Were mainly fer the fact that they were adamant it looked like a relic from the old world...and they got it -kinda- right. The grip of it is at least similar."
>He tapped the thing in question, denoting the series of rings with grooves in it on the pommel, as the group approached the train.
>An energetic wave was offered to the crew and fellow operators, a wide grin springing to life on Jim's face.
"Boss mate, lads an' lasses! Good t'see ye again. There any grub aboards? We meant ta stop fer it on the way but...well."
>He patted the radio, shrugging.
"Ye ken what stopped us."
OiE: Razorback Expedition Group
[1d6+5 = (5+5) = 10] >M. Sprint+???
[1d6+5 = (6+5) = 11]
[1d6+5 = (6+5) = 11]
[1d6+5 = (6+5) = 11]
REG.png OiE: Razorback Expedition Group: ALL ABOARD
348941 348956 349050 349461
>Jeff waves off your apology and points up into the passenger car, he's leaning on.
"Don't worry about it, if anyone's gonna need one of those, it's you. I heard sandstorms can get bad out here. You'll need it if we're out driving around in this ocean of sand. We'll talk more and brief everyone on the train once we're on our way. We still have plenty of bodies to keep this mission going."

>The human looks down at you with genuine male-sympathy for your gonads while giving you a berth to trudge up into the car Jeff was resting on.
"There's plenty of ice in the dining car, and I brought the med pack into one of our rooms. By the way Citrine, Noah-"
>Jeff raps on the side of the car with his knuckles.
"We have three private cabins set aside for us: cabin two for our group, three for Royce's, and four for overflow. I brought over any personal effects anyone left in the Dagor. So c'mon hop on in, I'll wait for everyone else to show- oh here's more!"

"Of course! Size reduction of mechanisms without sacrificing strength and function is always the most challenging."
>You, Jan, and Palus stroll up to the train car finding Jeff, Noah, and Citrine already making his way into the windowed train.
>The boss gives you a wave, and then an apologetic shrug pointing to the car ahead of you.
"Sorry about that Jim, train waits for no meal. The dining cart is up front, plenty of concession and drinks. Ah, Ms. Palus. A pleasure to finally meet you."
>The burro prances up to Jeff and gives him a curt bow, before opening her muzzle.
"Jeffery Meyer: current Administrator and one of several Commander rank humans of Razorback Fortress. Extensive military and special operations backround, advanced-conventional technology era level. The pleasure is all mine! May I look at your wrist computer?"
>The long over-drawn title and description took him off guard, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.
"Oh, yeah that's me. How about later, I'll let you look at it. We need to all load into the train in a bit. Cabin number three if for you guys, and two is for my group. Four is extra."
>Palus, completely unphazed by the subject change nods cheerfully and skips over tot he same approach Citrine took to enter the cabin car.
>Leaving you and Jan outside with Jeff, the tall armored woman gives him a polite salute of a nod.
"Commander, good to see you again. Heard you got a new long gun. Would love to see it."
"Likewise Jan. I'm sure it has nothing on your mass effect bullshit, though."
>The last comment got a muffled chuckle from the unmasked woman.
"Oh, it's nice to examine antiques. Who're we waiting on."
>Jeff looks past you, squinting his eyes up to where everyone else had just came from.
"I think Lucius and Kenny. Oh wait I see 'em now."

>You give Kenny no moment to ready as you make a full break out of the market, yet despite your resolve your first obstacle was the carved steppes down to the train depot. And you could only sprint so fast down steps without losing your own step an taking a tumble.
>This didn't dissuade you from descending a fast a possible, as you glance back to Kenny who just caught up with your intentions. You hear him chuckle heartily as he kicks his legs out as if to warm you up. By this point you've already made it down to the lower market.
>Whether he joined in on the race or not, you continued bounding down the steps as the train comes into view. The others had already mad it there, so it was you and Kenny left.
>Just as you clear the steps and about to navigate the crowded depot you hear the sound of rapidly pounding scuffing footsteps quickly coming up behind you, and before you can look and see a human-sized purple and white blur whips passed you and into the depot.
>You keep your pace bobbing an weaving between ponies and local alike, but Kenny effortlessly dodged and hurdled over and obstacle in his path finally skidding to a dusty halt in front of Jan, Jim, Noah, and Jeff.
>Jeff lets out a quick cough, fanning the front of him of the impromptu finish line.
"Well I see you both made it here promptly. How's it been Kenny."
>The samurai relishes in his victory, eyes dimming from the similar glow from earlier during his pineapple cut. He quickly gives Jeff a bow in greeting before shaking his hand.
"Very well, Jeff! Just having a friendly race with your teammate."
"Geez, did you at least give him a head start?"
"As well as one he gave himself!"
>Jeff looks at you sympathetically, and ushers everyone else onto through the cabin car.
"Don't let it get to you Lucius. Kenny's the only human that's survived an enchainment. Actually, he's the only one so far that's attempted. Anyway, let's all get settle into the train. Cabin two for my guys, three for them, four is shared."
Citrine Blaze

"Private cabins? Ah that sounds good, a place to rest my poor and abused body."
>The pony said dramatically as he carefully stepped into the train proper.
>It has been a fair bit since he was last on a train and by the looks of it this one was much more classy than what he was used to.
>Though, this was due to most of his train riding experiences being a stowaway. He certainly saved precious Bits for such activities.
"A comfy seat this time and not a bag of food, getting up in the world!"
Lucius the Weary
349050 349628
>Lucius stumbles onto the platform, stopping in front of Jeff with his hands on his hips, leaning back to open up his lungs and breathing hard
"Afternoon *huff* commander."
>He gives a half-salute before doubling over, clutching at a stitch in his gut as a single drop of sweat falls from the tip of his round nose.
"Guess *wheeze* I've still got a lot to learn!"
>He gives an airy chuckle as he straightens up again, turning to beam at Kenshiro
"Well done, Kenny! Now I know I can count on you to be there quickly once danger rears its head! Or at least, much more quickly than I!"
>The ranger grins his characteristic wolfish grin again before continuing
"Thank you for helping an older man stretch his legs - I have been feeling restless since our last deployment, and the way that minotaur treated you put a fire in my belly."
>He then nods to Jeff in an acknowledging sort of way and moves past him, grabbing the door to the car and opening it before turning back to Jeff.
"I've managed to gather some small amount of information regarding our destination. I've also been tasked by a certain stallion to take notes of whatever we find. I've managed to scrape two tomes that we all may find useful, but I will wait until we are all gathered in our cabin to distribute the said texts."
>Finally, he takes his leave further into the train car, locates cabin number two, and opens the door to that compartment with an obligatory greeting spoken aloud to any inhabitants.
>He flops down on the nearest, comfiest looking seat, gives a stretch and a deep yawn, and draws from his bag the guide of flora and fauna, beginning to read at his leisure.

"Huh, looks nice."
>Taking his shawl off inside, he gets ready for a relaxing train ride through the desert
>Noah makes his way to the concession cart and sees what they had to offer
>He already had his mind made up though as he pours himself a cup of coffee with two sugars
>He then grabs whatever pastry they had to compliment the cup o' joe and finds himself a comfy seat, preferably one with an end table to set his coffee and snack on
>Noah stretches his body before sitting, one leg crossed over the other

>Seeing Lucius walk through, Noah gives him a polite wave back
"How's it going?"
>Noah then sips on his coffee, savoring the taste
Offworlder Jim
>Jim offered a grin and a nod to Jeff.
"Ah, I know that, mate. T'be honest, were expectin' it much, much earlier. Shame about th'grub, though."
>He moved past to hop up onto the train energetically, almost bouncing into the train car and thumping down into a seat.
>Gazing about the interior, he raised an eyebrow.
>Wasn't there more of them, earlier?
>Ah, well.
>They could probably get the job done, even still.
>He tilted his head slightly at Lucius' information, before cracking a smile.
"Glad ta hear that one o' us got somethin' worth our time done. Unfortunately, I got nothin' ta add...except when we get back, there's a nice restaurant we can go ta!"
>There was a distant hunger in his eyes...or, well, not quite so distant.
>The smells there were -heavenly-.
OiE: Razorback Expedition Group: ALL ABOARD 1/2
349774 349938
>You take the first hoofsteps onto the passenger cart to be greeted by a luxuriously green carpeted cabin aisle. Dark-stained mahogany paneling trimmed with gold carved out each private cabin to your right, which looked around eight feet wide inside given the spacing between doors. The hoof-in-mind locking sliders bore the cabin number with a stylized gold number adorned over a polished steel placard nestled over one large frosted quartz window panel in the middle of the door; enough to let light in, as well as keep the privacy. The ceiling was a matte black and black industrial sconces with small light crystals mounted the wall opposite of the cabins which were currently off due to natural lighting.
>Looking over to the left, the clear quartz windows looked out onto the other side of the station the train had constantly blocked. A large warehouse was on the other side with unhooked cars and majorly all train workers, most likely being the maintenance yard.
>But your pair of crystal jewels were still on the forefront of your mind, and you lightly limp your way past a locked cabin number one to number two that Jeff had mentioned was Razorback's.
>Needlessly the level of luxury matched the outside as you slide the unlocked door open with your hoof. The deep mahogany ran through the room, the carpet matching the outside lane. The room was mostly open concept, with a full stretch plush couches on both sides of the eight-foot wide cabin and a short coffee table mounted up against the window looking out to the clearing depot. Lain up against the table were most of the humans' personal gears: Jeff's sand colored pack and small black gun, Lucius's bow, Noah's pack and obnoxiously large shield, and nothing of Jim's or your's.
>You were a self-made pony after all. You had your hat and saddlebags!
>There was also one large black duffel bag, as well as a bulging red pack that had the universal sign for medical supplies embroidered on the side of it.
>If there was going to be anything for your assaulted assets it would be in there.

[1d6+6 = (2+6) = 8] <???

>Tailing Citrine into the passenger car, you peek down the car's length to a elegantly carpeted and wood adorned cabin car with private rooms. Your pony teammate continues on through the cabin car to the second cabin and he disappears into it. You're more interested in the other car, and make your way through the cabin's car door. The muffled sounds of the depot erupt back quickly as you cross the bridged interconnect between cars and cross over to the dining car.
>Opening the door you're greeted by a luxurious bar car matching the green carpet, dark brown mahogany, and gold trim of the passenger cabin. The setup was more like a compact coffee pub, with a bar table that stretched back half right side of the car. Two large polished steel tanks hung from the ceiling behind the bar with pipes running into fancy coffee machines on the bartender's side. To the right of the coffee machines were a several shelves of a fully stock hard liquor bar. The serving counter was sporting several display trays of assorted donuts, iced pastries, and fresh fruits along with serve-yourself carafes of of piping hot coffee.
>The bartender himself was a yellow-coated red-maned middle-aged male unicorn of slender build wearing a parlor uniform of black and dark brown striped bartender vest and boater hat. He was busy clanking around behind the bar while you poured yourself a mug of coffee and grab a frosted danish with red jam bulging out from both ends.
>Apart from the bar counter, the remaining left side of the bar car was lined with four large open C-couches each with a low coffee table set in the middle along with plenty of room for pony and pony sized creatures to stretch out and lounge. A cool refreshing air breezed through the car.
>The second couch in sat Yuri, enjoying a hot mug himself with a half-melted dollop of whip cream and chocolate shavings on top.
"Hey comrade! Pull up a couch. The ride's about to start."
>He takes a content sip of his drink, a little whip left on his upper lip until he laps it up.
OiE: Razorback Expedition Group: ALL ABOARD 2/2
349642 349774 349938
>Hopping up into the passenger car you take in the level of decor of the passenger cabin before you cross over to the dining car not far behind Noah. You cross the car's interconnect and upon the sliding door into a lavish bar car equipped with a fully stocked drink and coffee bar, stool, and lounges. One lounge was already being occupied by Yuri and Noah, the entire car was aroma-therapy'd with brewed coffee and chocolate. Definitely a Neighmaran theme by now.
>The bartender, who was busy clambering around the bar counter, pops his head up and catches your attention.
"Pardon my absence everypony, just getting the bar stocked for the trip. Name's Caramel Crunch. Help yourselves to some coffee and pastries!"
>The dapper yellow unicorn tips his hat to you, and motions to two silvery carafes of steaming coffee with sturdy mugs along with several display trays of delicious-looking pastries.
"Once we get moving, I'll have small hot and cold plates ready for service as well."
>The bartender keeps his attention on you until the door you entered from slides open from behind you. Palus enters the bar car, muzzle up in the air visibly inhaling the aromas saturating the air.
"Mmmmm! I could smell these from outside! Hello everypony!"
>The burro approaches the counter and gives the bartender a friendly wave, in which he replies with a tip of his hat as he magically scoots the pastry trays closer to the edge of the counter.
"Salutations, missy! Complimentary continentals while we wait to depart."
>Palus wastes no time in snagging a chocolate and sugar iced braided pastry and wordlessly thanks the barpony before sitting down in the booth next to Yuri.
>Jan doesn't seemed to have followed you or the burro, most likely either stayed in the passenger cabin.

>The others begin to disappear into the train as you catch your breath, Kenny lightly chuckles at your exertion.
"Such quickness comes at a price, unfortunately. The blacksmith's disregard for me is commonplace, and something I have come to accept."
>As Jan loads up behind Palus, Jeff glances at you both with hollow concern for the subject.
"Enchainment is sort of the ultimate taboo in most cultures on Talus. Humans are already out-of-place as it is. Both of those wrapped into one... not exactly popular."
"Hai. It was my volition to seek such power. Surviving the process is reward enough! Haha!"
>Kenny shrugs his shoulders and begins boarding the train and you start in after him as well, leaving only Jeff to follow behind you.
"You did? Nice work. There'll be plenty of time to study them. The ride's gonna take a bit to reach the junction outpost."
>Entering the passenger car, you catch Kenny opening up what appears to be cabin three and disappears into it.
>Oddly enough you spot Jan entering the next one down, supposedly number four, which was allegedly overflow for both groups.
>You focus on cabin two, Razorback's, passing by a locked and possibly occupied cabin one.
>Approaching the threshold of your assigned compartment, taking in the fancy upholstery and polished wood paneling inside the car, a purple male pegasi clad in light steel plate and black and dark brown under-leather armor appears from the other end of the car and begins to make his way toward you. But his guard is down and gives you a polite nod before passing you without incident.
"Just security for the train. Enjoy the ride, sir."
>As you're about to enter you hear Jeff enter the car behind you and pass by to cabin three. He pauses, not turning behind to look back at you, his head tilting up to the left and right to the ceiling before grumbling to himself and sliding Royce's team room open and disappearing in.
>You pay him little mind as you enter cabin two to only find Citrine as its other resident, along with everyone's personal effects; including your own, bow included.

[1d6+4 = (3+4) = 7] <Void Sight
[1d6+2 = (5+2) = 7] <???: Hunt Mode

[1d6+6 = (2+6) = 8] <???
Lucius the Weary
>The ranger nods politely in response to the guard sweeping the halls as he slides the door to compartment 2 open and, upon spotting his good friend Citrine, decides to plop himself down next to the pony
"Ah! Citrine, friend, I have missed you! Pray tell - how did your misadventures within the market go?"
>He then turns to Noah
"It is going, or so I daresay! I have managed to acquire some information about where we are all headed, in fact!"
>He slips from his satchel the two tomes Note had been given him
"You see, a certain stallion.. Hoof Note was their name... deigned to give to me two volumes concerning the history, flora and fauna of the area we are soon to be barreling towards. Here-"
>He hands the tome concerning Horsepen history and language to Noah, taking the volume on local flora and fauna for himself
"This tome contains information regarding the history and language of the ponies who once called the region home - the Horsepens. I am about to read-"
>And he indicates, perhaps unnecessarily, the volume in his hands
"-this volume, which concerns the plants and animals which occur naturally within this region. I have on my person a further third text -"
>He pats his satchel for emphasis
" - concerning the history of the region itself, apparently taken down by these selfsame Horsepen folk."
>The ranger grins in a self-satisfied sort of way, leaning lower in his seat next to Citrine and beginning to thumb through his own book
"I do hope that these volumes will help us all, not only to survive the coming trials, but also to understand those events which, of course, have yet to unfold."
>The ranger settles himself in for a long ride
Citrine Blaze
>Despite the dull throbbing pain Blaze gave out a reverberating whistle at seeing how luxurious the train cars were.
"Has to be the fanciest ride I have ever been on in, well, my entire life."
>"Wonder if there is anything loose for me to borro-"
>His thieving thoughts were interrupted by a sharp spike of pain as his slow canter was interrupted by misstep, jostling his precious cargo and thus giving off a flare up of renewed pain.
"Buck this...Next time I see that nerd I am going to dislocate his jaw...!"
>Citrine mewled aloud as he hobbled his way into the cabin reserved for Razorback, and most importantly, himself.

>Nostrils flaring in agitation he snapped his head back to glare at Lucius for asking such a silly question, was it not obvious he was in pain and despair!
"Ran into that Canterlot pony again, Golden Nutcracker or something. He ran off again but not before whacking me right in the family gems! I swear if we bump into him again I am going to foalnap him and figure out why he is STALKING US!"
>He shouted angrily, no so much at Lucius but at their serial s.t.a.l.k.e.r.
>Noah sat on the first couch near Yuri and takes a sip of his coffee
>Getting himself comfy, he takes a look at the two books Lucius takes out and gives him an appreciative nod
"Nice find."
>He takes the book Lucius gives him and begins to flick through it
>He pays attention to the language part of the book
>"Hopefully I don't have to translate too hard..."
>This was quickly cut short when he hears Citrine yelp in pain
>"I mean, he did try that..."
>Noah takes a bite out of his pastry and returns to flick through the book
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