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Does anyone here still watch MLP:FiM anymore? It really lost its magic after season 3 for me.
I'm shocked you have doubts.
The ride never ends fren.
I left after around season 3 or 4 too
I like the poners but the script was kinda meh, fanfic is good tho but well
now that the show ended it's going to devolve into a sonic fandom scenario so
might watch the new movie and leave forever.
I'll never stop enjoying pony, ever.
I do occasionally. Unlike certain other faggots, the later seasons didn't offend me.
Pony is eternal.
The constantly changing show staff had a clear impact on the show. No one season is perfect but I can't stand the later seasons. Just watch the new intro where the camera pans all over the place eager to show off every toy playset and Poochie. There is no story. Then look at the old intro where a story is told about Twilight going to Ponyville and meeting friends then sending home a letter telling Celly she has friends now.
I watch it every now and then, usually with streams.
The later seasons aren't as good, but I still saw them.
Stopped watching around mid-season 7
But still, the snowpity is real. Do not deny them of the snowpity.
what are drawings.jpg
I think I used to piss people off by ranting at length about why I personally didn't enjoy the later seasons, not considering how that might upset people who don't enjoy hearing that sort of talk.

But since then I've thought more about it and I think the real problem was her episode format+handling.

I was on board with Glimmer as this scheming manipulative villain
at first the "Staff Of Sameness=just a stick" twist seemed like a cool way to make Glimmer an ideological AND physical threat.
But from then on it really felt like she lost what made her interesting: Any capacity to make a justified argument that she might possibly be the goodie here instead of Twilight.
She wasn't challenging FIM any more. She just hated Twilight. Then didn't.

Whether you love Glimmer or hate her, you could see Cult-Leader Glimmer going on a rant about the evils of free will and how good it is to give these vulnerable idiot cult victims a place where they are made to believe they are happy little servants who abandoned free will of their own choice.

But the Glimmer that travelled through time a bunch of times to ruin a child's day specifically to ruin the life of Equestria's greatest heroes just for ruining her evil scheme lost what made her a unique challenge to ideas the series was founded upon.

The beauty in discovering yourself, your purpose in life, and how you could improve the lives of others by finding your place in the world.

Adventure, rather than meaningless circlejerkery.

Friendship that takes the good and bad, friendship through the good times and the bad, rather than coercion and manipulation.

The writers wanted so badly to show off all these different doomsday what-if scenarios, they didn't have the time to truly flesh out one of these settings and make the focus of this episode the story of Twilight learning a moral lesson and proving Glimmer wrong.

Imagine if the Crystal War universe happened because Glimmer teamed up with or took over Sombra, because she decided conquering the world through force to brainwash everyone is the best thing she can do for Equestria since free will makes childish bullies choose to be bad. Or maybe by the time Twilight gets to this universe Glimmer has already conquered it and every Mane Six member besides Twilight needs to be broken out of their fake-happy unsatisfying role in the Glimatrix before the real friends can save the day together.
Glim could say individuality allows for differences in capability and personality, and Twilight would have to prove this a good thing by being helped by friends different from Twilight. Regardless of the universe, Twilight has to prove Glimmer wrong by re-making all her old friends and getting them together and forging new friendships with them as they all get their own moment to help save the day.

Better than the clip show we ended up with, right?
Sure we'd get to see fewer AU poners but we'd see fleshed-out AU poners instead.

Surely the story would have been improved if Glimmer was the one who lost at the end of a big battle where she tried every dirty trick only for it to fail and then said "I think I was wrong, because your friends led a revolution to destroy my fake paradise specifically because nobody was truly happy with my changes to the world. If you want to destroy me I'll understand" and Twilight's the one who extends her hoof in friendship to one who sees the error of her ways and genuinely changes from this point on. The occasional moments of regression into villain Glimmer would be fine and keep audiences on their toes but it should be exactly that, moments of regression, not the only running gag the writers know how to tell with this character besides "I like cheese"- I mean "I like pie"- I mean "I like tea"- I mean "I like kites".

Twilight deciding to "Forgive and therefore redeem" Glimmer specifically because she's too powerful to beat down with raw power just doesn't sit right with me. Kid's shows really shouldn't be pushing the "You should let your friends get away with more shit than usual if they're stronger than you, because you want the power of Discord/Glimmer on your side" moral.

Glimmy brainwashing or otherwise fucking with her friends using magic is about as funny and charming as a shit sitcom character who's awful and hurts liked characters but only the laughtrack likes him.

Glimmy accidentally using magic to hurt/transform/brainwash her friends could make for interesting episode plots where trying to undo her mistakes before Twilight finds out could be fun, but Glimmer non-consensually age-regressing herself and her semi-boyfriend for having adult responsibilities that pulled him away from her was just somebody's fetish. You could make an argument that Diaper Guy from Victorious wasn't somebody's fetish and someone on the writer's room just thought THIS was perfect wacky kid's sitcom material, but this right here feels even closer to fetish shit that. It feels closer to fetish shit than a certain animated show that put the highly visible penis of a magically-age-regressed former man onscreen, and depicted him kicking his own shit(scat fetish) in the face of the older man drowning him(breathplay).

Or maybe Glimmer's last act as a villain could be going back in time to change her own past, since in direct contrast to the heroes she didn't matter to the setting at all aside from her and the cult town that popped up out of nowhere, so she could give her foal self a speech about moving forwards (and remind her foal self what letters are) before fading away and leaving Twilight with a happier time-altered Glimmer who couldn't reasonably be blamed for any of the bad shit villain-Glimmer did since time travel kept that from happening.

I wish I was excited at the thought of seeing this Glimmer character learn moral lessons over time and change realistically but it got to the point that I didn't want to see her or characters I liked with her. No interesting stories were told with her, we were just sometimes told she's changed.
If S3 was a drop in quality, the glimmer season's were like falling into an abyss, S8 and S9 were in a completely new low at which point i dropped the show and only watched the episodes concerning Cozy Glow, hey, i even sort of predicted the clusterfuck of the endind of the end and was kinda shocked at how accurate it was haha.

Personally, i recognize S1 and specially S2 as superior, S3 and 4 were pretty solid as well as the later half of S7, S5 was meh, S6 and the first half of S7 were pretty bad, and S8 and 9 were plain unbereable.
The show is cute and the first few seasons are definitely above average for children's entertainment, but I can't sit and watch it over and over like some people can. To be perfectly honest what keeps me in this fandom these days is mostly the shitposting and the camaraderie. The rest of the appeal for me is probably porn.
The ride never ends.
my asperger having ass rewatched it all last mouth and im going to watch the christmas episodes when i go to bed tonight