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Christmas 2021
The one holiday zogbots hate the most is probably Christmas... The more upset they are the more mistakes they make.
They are already trying to make it extra difficult by extra-delaying stuff from shipping and trade in general.
So, lets spread extra Christmas around this winter.

Remember, there is no shipping delay or empty shelves for hoof-made gifts.
The Raspberry Pi Retropi is the perfeft gift to get any faggot who actually plays shitmodern video games for leisure. It's pricey but if I was rich I'd get everyone I was close to one of these things.

"Howdy, cunt! You grew up in a world where paying ninety or more dollars for fifa and ass creed is normal because you felt you were too cool to touch a video game until it went from non-mainstream to pozzed and jewed? Have a window to a past you missed out on and about to get fucking nostalgic for with a carefully selected list of all the best games or just literally all old games ever. Fuck pay to win DLC in Tekken 7. Bet I can kick your ass in Tekken 3! You want to play some romhack like Pokemon Clover? How about homebrew? Every second you spend experiencing free good shit is a second you're not funding the enemy."
Heh, I legit just bought a pi4... though that is so I can make a CNC machine controller out of it with the mesa 7i96 http://store.mesanet.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=311
Going to try to get it going soon-ish so I can make lots of fun custom christmas presents this year.
wut? what website? You post in the wrong thread?
Merry christmas everypony!
I mean, almost-christmas
Secret santa mlpol when?
I thought about hosting that, but am personally way too busy this season. I'd jump in if others will do it though.
made a bunch of soap for some anon for 4chan /mlp/ secret santa. Apparently he likes fluttershy, so I made a fluttershy stamp to squish into the soap before it cured too much. The stamp was made last weekend.
Soap was made on tea time stream (kinda late, sorry).
In the morning next day it was solid enough to extract from the baking pan and cut into bars.
I used a combo of turmeric and yellow dye to get a yellow color, however its not yellow (yet). I expect it to be more yellow though in the next week or two. Soap takes a while for the chemical reaction to complete.
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It's officially Christmas season now.
I have literally no plans for Christmas this year.
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As a non christfag I always feel conflicted about this topic OP. I want to recommend christfags against most yule celebrations and to invent their own christianly traditions, maybe bringing gifts in the same way the wisemen did for jesus, while setting aside the a portion of the three gifts to god as a kind of tithe/ritual.? not sure what other psuedo jewish inspired yule celebrationry you could wedge in there. catholics, are of course, able to celebrate with christmas trees, but theyre just christianity: pagan edition, and shamelessly and openly took in all pagan holidays.

Note I do not mean anything rude by this. I genuinely enjoy the process of reinventing the holiday and religious seasons. Despite christfags dunking on pagans for having no surviving traditions, for some reason I'm sure they wont jewishly try to hide, I think the use of pagan traditions ended up mushroom stomping on many possible christian ones you could be doing/having.
I'm trying to understand what you are saying... I think I understand some of it... maybe.
Basically because Christmas was supposedly a pagan holiday before catholicism got it and adapted it to be more western, is why you don't like it?
Christ's birth was supposedly around harvest season (fall). I've heard this pagan repurposed holiday argument before, and its pretty weak honestly.

Christmas in general is around the time when farmwork (from ages past) was finally done enough that the winter could be weathered. Wood in the woodshed, making sure there are blankets and winter clothes for everyone, the cow/deer butchered for winter food (bunch of it turned into jerky) and similar such farmlife stuff came to a close. I suppose people of ages past considered it a good time to give gifts in celebration of Jesus's birth, a time to celebrate life.
I don't see anything wrong with this.
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>I want to recommend christfags against most yule celebrations and to invent their own christianly traditions, maybe bringing gifts
Why? Why does it matter?
>maybe bringing gifts in the same way the wisemen did for jesus
People do that for children and friends/relatives. Jesus isn't here.
>setting aside the a portion of the three gifts to god as a kind of tithe/ritual.?
That sounds like an offering/sacrifice. Christians don't make sacrifices of any kind, because Christ became their sacrifice, unlike Jews who still consider it necessary. There's nothing that Christians can offer to God that is valuable enough to be worth their devotion.
>shamelessly and openly took in all pagan holidays
There is no real reason as to why Europeans should give up their holidays and festivals after converting to Christianity. Something can be a tradition even if it isn't a sacrament.
>christfags dunking on pagans for having no surviving traditions
I don't think this is done anywhere except on /pol/.
>the use of pagan traditions ended up mushroom stomping on many possible christian ones you could be doing/having
Why make up pointless new traditions when you already have some? That would basically be what niggers did with Kwanzaa just because they wanted to differentiate themselves (even though it never caught on because black Christians love Christmas). It would be stupid to give up old traditions just because the religion changed. Most of the pagan holidays and traditions were derivative of universal animism, the changing of seasons, and harvest festivals: they can still be relevant even if the old religious sacraments are obsolete, or replaced with new religious symbolism. You can decorate a tree without also worshipping it.
>As a non christfag I always feel conflicted about this topic
Why feel conflicted? It's common knowledge that non-Christians celebrate Christmas; nobody is going to blame you for celebrating it without practicing the religion. If you're that buttrustled by the name you could just call it "winter solstice festival" or whatever else you want.
No real time to answer in detail, like your post though. I'll answer the one I can right now.
>Why feel anxiety over it, traditions good
A lot of the christian doctrine seems to be about religious purity, the rejection of foreign rituals, and some verses even specifically call out the tree of life (that's the Christmas tree) as being bad/heathenry.
I never experienced a true power of christmas spirit because I never had a chance of sharing presents with anyone but my family. My interests are meek and nothing ignites me anymore. I don't want to participate in 4chan's secret santa because I don't support the platform anymore. And the overall impression I am getting from the kind of people in there makes me geniunely upset. Imagine getting a fucking Izzy cup instead of something G4 related.
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"Without knowing your history, you are doomed to repeat it."
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thats a lot of tl;dr
Here is a good reference for when and how the Christmas holiday was started
Not going to pay a cent towards your book, shill. P.S. "Christmas " is a holiday stolen from polytheistic Europeans and adapted to Christ cuckery.
Neck yourself as based Christian Tyrone fucks your daughter, sober Christoid.
>rejection of foreign rituals
This isn't really accurate. Very little about Christianity implies that you have to give up any of your people's traditions, unless they're morally in conflict with Christianity. It only really instructs you to stop worshipping other gods, and even then that doesn't mean you can't keep pagan celebrations.
What are you trying to say here, and how is it related to what the other Anon said?
...what a weird mixture of human and mare vag.