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Mass Immigration / Invasion
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It is clear that the American ruling class is determined to dispossess and genocide the historical American-European nation. This crime begun in 1965 when those in power initiated the multicultural and multiracial experiment, without consult and enforced at gun point.
Now the government is accelerating the foreign invasion at the levels seen in Europe while at the same time collapsing the economy that supposedly would sustain the invading hordes.
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this is getting depressing honestly but I don't like being depressed about it because that's what they want right?
>We've got republicans doing absolutely nothing
>general populous doing absolutely nothing
>niggershits streaming across the border
the propaganda I posted earlier probably won't work because no one cares.
I'll make whatever you want, just propose an idea.
The best chan users can do anonymously is maybe convince Europeans from white countries to flood the border also. Dead serious. Let's call it a Catholic Charities paid for vacation for white people in Europe. Bring da womenz. What? The ADL isn't misogynist are they? Just come and use up the NGO money and stay for a while until they realize whites are fucking up their immigration plan and shut it down. yes? no?
Farrakhan might be a nigger, but he's alright.
the black population is also declining, even more rapidly than the white population. We'll outlive these niggers.
That said, the brain only contains X inherited chromosomes. So Obama's brain was inherited from his white mother only.
>this is getting depressing honestly but I don't like being depressed about it because that's what they want right?
Yes, but it is more important for the jews to get you angry, in that way you will show your colors and then their mercenaries will put you down.
Stealthy and smarty is the way.
If foreign aid to Africa ceased, the unsustainable black population would go to war with itself or the nearest whites for food, which could justify based military action in africa to turn the continent white.
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File (hide): DDC43DA1441C78056880B650330920F2-7004232.m4v (6.7 MB, Resolution:464x848 Length:00:01:31, McAllen Texas.mp4) [play once] [loop]
McAllen Texas.mp4
>Stunning scene from Texas airport…
ZOG is running a travel agency out of McAllen, Texas.
It's interesting to note that Stacey Abrams had that "race will win the race" presentation in 2014 that called for immigration and redistricting to remove the white vote by 2021. Bizarre. If you try to find the video it was purged off the internet.
Also, I figure you could make one of those low populous red states blue without even having to bring a lot of immigrants in and pick up two more senate seats. Wyoming population is only around 500,000.
That reminds me that Stacy Abrams is on the steering committee for bilderberg
>TUCKER ISSUES DIRE ULTIMATUM! Tucker Carlson Demands that Governor Abbott Explains Why He Refuses to Deploy Texas National Guard to Border… OR ELSE GET PRIMARIED! (VIDEO)
>Fox News host Tucker Carlson has had enough of all-talk-no-action Greg Abbott of Texas, who refuses to lift a finger to ameliorate the deteriorating border crisis.

>Two Afghan Evacuees Charged with Federal Crimes, Including Sexual Assault of a Minor
>Two evacuees from Afghanistan have already been charged with federal crimes committed at a Wisconsin military base, in a development likely to raise concerns about the more than 100,000 persons brought to the United States in the wake of the country’s capitulation to the Taliban.
>Bahrullah Noori, 20, is charged with attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor through the use of force. Court documents indicate the victim was less than 16 years old. The serious federal felony could potentially merit him a life sentence in federal prison.
>Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, has been charged with felony assault against his spouse, with an indictment alleging the Afghan national strangled and suffocated her.
>Both men, who were lodged at Fort McCoy as recent evacuees from Kabul, made their initial court appearances in the city of Madison and are being detained at the Dane County Jail. They’re scheduled for arraignment before a federal magistrate judge on Thursday, and the Department of Justice says the criminal cases aren’t related.
>Tucker Carlson Exposing The Point Of Biden's Border Crisis & Mass Immigration
>"To change the racial mix of the country, that's the reason."
>"In political terms, this policy is called the Great Replacement."
>"Religious Charities" (AKA Refugee Contractors) Praise Biden’s 125,000 Refugee Admission Plan
>This new batch of poor people from all over the world could begin arriving a week from tomorrow!
>See my post on Tuesday where I pointed out that the new wave is over and above the millions of impoverished people arriving through various means since Biden took office.
>Indeed, the now-arriving Afghan evacuees are not included in the 125,000—they are over and above that number!
>Michelle Malkin -- Catholic Church Facilitates Migrant Invasion
who could have foreseen this?
>Border Patrol Agents Accused Of Patrolling Border - (satire)
>DEL RIO, TX—Americans are outraged after whistleblowers produced credible evidence that the U.S. Border Patrol has been patrolling the U.S. border and doing so with impunity for many years.
>"How have we allowed our border to be patrolled unchecked for so long?" said AOC on her TikTok channel after viewing harrowing footage of agents on horseback doing their job. "Also, who cut off the horns of those unicorns and put saddles on them? It's so inhumane! This is actual, literal fascism, people. Just like Hitler and slavery."
>She then donned her fancy white crying suit and wept in anguish.
>CNN broke the story, which included disturbing footage shot by citizen journalists of border agents riding on large, scary mammalian creatures, up and down the border, as if they are trying to prevent people from entering the country illegally.
>"Just horrific," said CNN anchor Jake Tapper. "It's hard to believe such a thing could happen in our country."
>Former President Obama also weighed in, saying: "This is...uh...not, who we are."
>The Border Patrol has apologized, saying the offending agents will be placed on unpaid leave immediately pending investigation. The rest of the officers will be tasked with handing out voter registrations and government food assistance cards to incoming Democrat voters.
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>Tucker Carlson Hits Back At ADL After They Demand He Be Fired – ‘F*** Them’
>Tucker is not alone in his sentiment
>Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded on Friday after the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) called for him to be fired.
>The ADL called for Carlson to be fired after the Fox News host referred to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies as “the Great Replacement” on his show on Wednesday. The Counter Extremism Project has claimed that “the Great Replacement” is an alleged Ethno-nationalist political theory warning white people that they are being replaced by non-white immigrants.
>"The ADL was such a noble organization"
When was that, Tucker? When they were denying the obvious guilt of a child rapist and murderer?
That said Pope Francis is a hypocrite on this issue.
>(Jan. 6) we must strive to uphold the values of democracy
>(4 years prior)border walls are evil said Pope Francis as he stood outside the US border in Mexico
which is it franky? Are we gonna have a democracy or lawlessness
Cucker forgot to praise the ADL and AIPAC for all of those lovely donations to Matt Murdoch, thus funding his pro-zionist channel. Let us not forget that he dismissed PizzaGate entirely by calling it a "blatantly misdirecting hoax", AND continually says that there's evil white nazis... somewhere out in the world.
kid you not.jpg
Tucker Carlson = Normies' gatekeeper
Alex Jones = Semi-redpilled's gatekeeper
Precisely. There's a few dozen gatekeepers that should be watched, carefully, but the worst ones I've seen so far tend to be:
-Benjamin Shapiro for all the "hard alt-lite-righters" religious crowd that are pro-zionist
-Glenn Beck for the not-so-fundie religious alt-lite-righters that are pro-zionist
-all of those cucks on the Timcast IRL for the slightly anti-fundie religious alt-righters that aren't sure what to make of zionists
-Soygoy of Cuckadd for the """LoL iM sO gAyThEiSt""" crowd of crypto-zionists that fall on all sides of the judeo-marxist, judeo-communist, or judeo-socialist schisms

Here's a neat trick: pick anyone on (((Fox News))). Seriously. Anyone. Dig into them even the tiniest bit and you will find they run the gamut of quiet crypto-zionist to rabid anti-anti-semitic. All of them have "friends that are jew(ish)". All of them heavily invest in military industrial complex corporations and chink companies. >90% of them have stated that they don't see a difference between fascism or nationalism. >80% of them have "close friends" in the alphabet soup agencies. >75% of them formerly worked for CNN/CBS/NBC/Jew York Times/LA Times or other kike agencies. >60% of them have contact with some of the most rabid pro-zionist former/active military officers in the US. >40% of them unironically use the words "white nationalist" and "nazi" in a derogatory manner.

Here's the real kicker: >20% of them are half-jew or less, <10% of them are 3/4 or more jew, but >30% of them are full jew.

Alarm bells going off yet?
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my parents are not from the US but they're boomers and very religious. Keep in mind that being pro Israel is really mostly an american thing. They don't really understand the support for Israel or why it is linked with their religion. In their country, in their culture, being jewish is seen as a scandalous, bad thing. I've seen american propaganda spreading to other places but I have two points.
1) religious people in other countries do not feel any need to support Israel - only americans do this
2) there is no link or principle between any of the fundamental beliefs the american soft right has and support for Israel. The Israel stuff, or more broadly, the anti-anti-semitism was stitched onto the american right. If you followed constitutional principles, even american principles, you would not by default for some reason be a strong anti-anti-semite. Why not be an anti-anti-Rwandan or an anti-anti-armenian?
I've seen that oxymoron posted in the last two weeks more and more.
Jews are not semites, Arabs are.
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>mostly an American thing
Fair point the subversion plus the propaganda is oozing out of every institution and place of politics or law. But that's not always the case. Anyone in league with (((them))) incidentally or otherwise push their agenda. Banks, businesses and leaders.
>religious people in other countries
That's not always the case regardless a small hole to worm (((their))) way through is what they use hiding by any means even and especially in the garments of other religions, races and creeds.
The Pope is a leader guess who's (((pocket))).
>principle between any of the fundamental beliefs
It's decades of mind blasting propaganda available all the time.
>there is no link
There is a link. Multiple (((links))). The average American is largely (heh) caught up doing other stuff when the choice between supporting an ally comes up it's met with apathy or sure whatever. Sometimes it's the (((surface))) level take on the situation. They are busy doing whatever it is.
In any case you missed the point of the post you're replying to. The (((link))) and why is there, (((they))) need to control all oppositions and sides
As the common vernacular that jews use all the time it's understandable the contention of why it's used that way when the emptimology of the word indicates otherwise (sure sound like something (((they))) would do).
>The Counter Extremism Project has claimed that “the Great Replacement” is an alleged Ethno-nationalist political theory warning white people that they are being replaced by non-white immigrants.
>oy vey this is a white supremacist theory that we're slowly genociding them
>it's 100% factually correct, but that doesn't matter, you're racist just for knowing the plan
>oy gevalt
>(sure sound like something (((they))) would do)
It's identity theft and cultural appropriation.
The self called jews are not jews at all, they are Turkish of Khazarian ethnicity who migrated to Europe. They are not related to Palestine in any sense, except that they adopted the wicked ways of the Pharisees around the VI century AC.
my point was more that it should be really easy to convince people to drop support for Israel and jews broadly. It wasn't even long ago that most americans would have put their own morality above making sure jews are comfortable. My parents are like that. They are religious, pay taxes, typical boomer stuff. Except they have no special compassions for jews. I feel like they are more american than most americans.
ya it's silly. I was wondering what would happen if whites just en masse started identifying (i.e. pretending) as jewish and then demanding the same rights jews get and accusing everyone of being anti semitic. We could then argue for border walls like Israel has. Imagine the ADL having to write to the FBI about how it's unacceptable to identify as a jewish person.
Hitler pointed out that America is the current base of operations for the jews, so this should not really come as any surprise, however, it seems like the jews are moving their headquarters to China despite the Chinese having some awareness of their more visible shenanigans, though still, aside from being a hostile force, I wouldn't trust China until they at least drop the communism and become fascist to prove that they're for real (as unlikely as that is).
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China also has a fake space program, then everything is said about who really is in charge behind the curtains.
You are correct and the reason why those with power lie to us is because they themselves believe in and are a part of Jewish founded (or infiltrated) secret societies whose ideologies are based on Jewish mentality and beliefs.
In a sense they are made in the image of the jews, behaving like jews and are kind of like machines fulfilling Jewish plans in an automatic fashion, even without the jews there to secretly direct them, it's quite genius actually. I mean, why else would they view themselves and the (deep) state as separate, external, international and hostile to the people they are ruling like they are a separate class or race? In this Jewish "western" civilization the scum (who, along with their families should be killed due to crimes against their own peoples) who are raised up to power through these secret societies are even more indoctrinated than us little people used to be. They are unironically so up their own ass that they cannot see the jew pulling the strings and instead only see "the state of Israel" as a major player among major players in the international deep state and the few of them who really hate the jews in general don't even realise that they are fulfilling the jews plans for them. The Jewish strategy always relies on mind control and illusion.
No, being pro-kike is not 'murican'. Being pro-kike is the result of subversion, propaganda, and indoctrination. You may not "see" as much based on the small worldview that you have experienced, however the statistics of those highly religious, specifically judeo-christian schisms, of Europoors do not even realize that their churches are pro-zionist. The US is indeed more OPENLY cucked than Europoors. That does not excuse anyone from secretly, tacitly, or "unknowingly" supporting jews. #2 does not matter. ANYONE that supports a single jew is a traitor, end of fucking fact. I cannot be anti-Semitic as I am BDS and pro-Palestinian. The kikes are not Semitic. In absolute fact the highest amount of Semitic DNA that any kike has ever been tested to have is... <3%.

Let's play a game, Anon: suppose you have <5% DNA lineage from X culture. Does that mean YOU are automagically "muh chosen culture"? No. You are far less than 1/2. You are, at best, a 10th generation """descendant""". In the same measure that your points are flawed on objective context alone, kikes do not belong in Palestine since they are not direct, nor even indirect descendant.

That is quite amusing since the "space" agency in chinkland WEIRDLY has virtually the same name as the one in the US, that being "nasa". In the kike language, "nasa" means: "to lie/lie greatly/deceive/greatly deceive/fool goyim/greatly fool goyim". Look it up.
you're really twisting my words and I don't even know why. So let me put your stupidity on display for a moment here.
>me: Keep in mind that being pro Israel is really mostly an american thing.
>you: No, being pro-kike is not 'murican'.
>also you: The US is indeed more OPENLY cucked than Europoors.
so you're really just repeating what I said. Let's see, which country has AIPAC and CUFI? hmm, not europoors.

>me: religious people in other countries do not feel any need to support Israel
>me: In their country, in their culture, being jewish is seen as a scandalous, bad thing.
>you: Europoors do not even realize that their churches are pro-zionist.
>also you: You may not "see" as much based on the small worldview that you have experienced,
I know what you are getting at. You are going to tell me that their religion was invented by kikes to subvert whites which is fucking bullshit and has no historical basis except some propaganda ministers stated this once. The funny thing is that even the propaganda ministers knew the claim was false. They just didn't like Christianity and acknowledged they had to come up with a way to change it. It would be more effective to just directly be critical of the religion rather than try to rewrite its history as a deliberate plot to subvert whites because that isn't historically supported and the people who invented that claim knew it.
So the irony here is even though you have never talked to anyone from those countries and possibly never even been to them you are telling me I have a small worldview.

>me: The Israel stuff, or more broadly, the anti-anti-semitism was stitched onto the american right
>you: Let's play a game, Anon
I don't really want to get into semantics arguments and that wasn't even how I used the word. There is a small group of white nationalists who are called 'philo-semites' or 'anti-anti-semites'. Since that is what they call themselves, I think you should direct your argument to them and not me. I was originally talking to that other anon, maybe you, about how people have an aversion to hating jews but it should be possible to convince them that true American 'constitutional' principles do not imply support for Israel. The american right loves constitutional principles so removing Israel and any other foreign bullshit should not be that hard. That was my argument and focus alone. I am only responding to you because you took the time to act condescending and smug about your knowledge of things without really seeing what my point was since you're addressing something completely orthogonal to what I intended.
>Ugandan family that paid a smuggler $5K per person to cross border from Mexico City to TX are caught on camera boarding American Airlines plane in McAllen, TX w/ NO ID, Passport or Visa.
>TSA allows them to pass through security w/ only processing paperwork from US Border Patrol.
>White House Admits To Secretly Trafficking Planes Full Of Illegal Children From Border In Middle Of The Night
>“It’s no surprise that kids can be seen traveling through states, not just New York.”
>White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was forced to admit Tuesday that the Biden administration is shipping planeloads of illegal immigrant children to New York City and elsewhere in the middle of the night after photos and footage was captured by The New York Post.
I just heard of this today, and it's infuriating. They've been shipping shit skins all over the country.
That's not news at all, the railroad for invaders paid by the citizens has been running for many many years.
Thousands of government employees, NGOs, religious charities, law enforcement and of course politicians are accomplices and keep quiet because of the sweet money they are getting.
Treason runs deep and reaches even next door neighbours.
>JEWS AT WORK: Why is White Fertility so low … why can’t Whites have CHILDREN?
>The reason is simple. THEY CAN”T AFFORD CHILDREN. Why?
>Because the jew takes almost all their income in taxes, open and hidden through debasement of the currency, price inflatioon, property taxes, fees, and give it to the non-whites. Free rent, free food, free education, free homes, free cars, free vacations, you name it.

Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory.jpg

>Le Pen Warns Hungarians: ‘Avoid the Fate of France’
>“Take a good look around the world at what is happening now.”
>Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has warned Hungarians to avoid the fate of France by refusing to capitulate to mass immigration.
>The National Rally leader made the comments during an interview with Mandiner.
>“(Viktor Orbán) is not exaggerating at all. Eighty-five percent of French want to stop migration. If I could give one piece of advice to the Hungarians: take a good look around the world at what is happening now, and be careful not to get to the fate of France,” she said.
>Le Pen has vowed to hold a national referendum which would put a halt to immigration if she wins next year’s presidential election.
>Republican Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Offers ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ to Refugees on Thanksgiving
>Republican Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued a Twitter post extending “Hoosier hospitality” to third-world migrants being resettled into his state subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.
>Holcomb wrote that “we’re so proud to extend our Hoosier Hospitality to our newest Hoosiers,” with a t-shirt of Indiana featuring the text “refugees welcome here” alongside a heart.
>Due to the Seriousness of the New Omicron COVID Variant the Biden Admin Has Decided to Leave the US Southern Border Completely Open
>The news of the Omicron variant shook the world. Joe Biden immediately banned travel from 8 countries in southern Africa.
>In fact, the Biden administration was so shaken by the news that they decided to completely leave open the US Southern border with Mexico.
>Tens of thousands of illegal aliens will be crossing the US southern border in the coming days.
>But please wear your face masks.