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Anonfilly Thread - Howdy Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>292891 →
658 replies and 393 files omitted.
>Be Anon the old filly
>You're laying is the horsepital bed with a catheter and nearly stripped of all dignity.
>Your friends just as old and wrinkly are here too along with the great grand foals.
>Even Twilight the Purple herself made it.
>You know this is the end, your organs are half toxic sludge from the medicine and magic, and half sheer will power.
>You already said what you wanted earlier, and set up your will.
"Adios faggets."
>And held two hooves up as if you had middle fingers.
>Your heart beating its last.
>Hold on, you do have middle fingers.
>You have a whole hand.
"The fuck."
>"It wasn't me faggot, you, just, UGH!"
>Be Anon the ultra healthy human male in peak condition.
>Muscles bulging from all your time as an Earth pony in your peak come back.
>"Well what did we expect, another Anon crisis is over."
>With some grumbles they still stick around and rib you about your kids.
>Also group hug because you were going to die a painful death.
>One at the industrial hazardous mystery liquid depardment.
>No, it wasn't semen
>"No excuses now to not be a write fag eh?"
>fug you forget what the hell all your plot points were.
>"Ah well just another day in Ponyville."
>fucked up filly vs human chad
I have to think about it.

Excerpts from a forgotten future
Anonymous (OP) 10 minutes ago No.7127020021
File (hide): DCIM_EQU5763.png (72 MB, 2000x1000)
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
>be me
>last month Purple opened up the permanent portal to bacon pone
>went over as part of the test cause Purple
>dog Spike has a real hard on for pones
>still pone
>oh shid
>Purple thought it was a good test and soon we're heading to the kennel.

Anonymous 2 minutes ago No.7127330321
File (hide): SmolDrawnCarlos.png (24 KB, 120x100)
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
[s]I did knot see this one coming![/s]

Anonymous 2 minutes ago No.7127330433
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
Hopefully you've kept up the exercises on the >>>/FÜBAR/ thread, or else Purple will stitch you back together.

Anonymous 10 seconds ago No.7127333321
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
>Dog's Day thread
>Franken Filly thread
Insomnia Green
>You're back in school, pretending that you don't know everything about everything that's being taught until you have to read your history book.
>Cheerilee is cool at least you guess, she helped you get in an accelerated afterschool program with some older unicorns so you could hone your magic talents.
>You breeze through the final worksheet of the day and turn it in before waving goodbye and starting the walk over to the run-down old barn where the lessons take place.
>It's raining, reminds you of when you were a kid and rode horses.
>Circling around a big gross barn for a while trying to throw targets off horseback and failing because you're a clumsy autist.
>Even the literally retarded kid who you rode with was betterbthan you were.
>Was it any wonder you sucked so much ass at vidya?
>"Move, Seaweed."
>You roll your eyes at the jackass colt who thinks he's cooler than cool.
>Probably listens to Sum 41 instead of The Offspring.
>Imagine releasing an album with a song on it dedicated to complaining about the Orange man, lmao.
>Not that you liked the kike, but it got so tiring to hear brainless regurgitation about how evil he was that you started defending him in conversation just to piss liberals off.
>"I said, move."
>Probably thinks stiletto knives are hot shit.
>You owned one once, the spring mechanism was always getting fucked and you had to keep taking it apart to fix it.
>Not a bad price for ten bucks at a gas station.
>You get knocked out of your trip down memory lane by a hoof pushing you to the ground.
>You land on your muzzle, hard.
>Nothing feels broken, but confirmation that the blood vessels in your nose are weak again comes in the form of a hot trickle running down from your left nostril.
>Damn, you didn't think you'd need to start shit today.
"What the fuck was that, asswipe?"
>"What did you just call me?"
>It occurs to you that ponies don't need to wipe their asses and so your insult is invalid, but you have to roll with it.
"Ya'know, asswipe. Like what they're going to need to do to your rear for a good ten hours during surgery after I rip you a new anus if you don't apologize."
>He steps back and you can see something in his eyes that you're not sure about the origins of.
>"You really want to fuck with me kid? I'm the best combat mage at my school. I could burn you alive where you stand."
"Do it then, pussy."
>"I would, but I'm not going to kill a kid."
"Well, you had your chance."
>Time seems to slow to a standstill as you focus mental energy into the neurons in your horn.
>You breathe in deeply, feeling the ground go cold beneath your hooves as your body metabolizes low-quality energy into high-quality energy.
>You focus on a point in his rear.
>You took a look at the anatomy books Cheerilee has lying around, and know exactly where the colon resides.
>Making the shape of an icepick in your mind, you release your spell approximately one second after beginning the charge.
>Then, of course, you quickly step back.
>The jackass cries out in pain and humiliation as the feces stored in his bowels begins to take the path of least resistance - the big fuck hole you just drilled right below his asshole with no muscular resistance.
>You calmly walk home as he screams and mumbles incoherently.
>"You're home early. How were magic lessons?"
"Cancelled due to some idiot's magical mishap trying to drill a hole and positioning his y and z coordinates wrong."
>"Oh, dear. Was it funny to watch?"
>You smile.
>Praise cartoon physics making even deep puncture wounds non-life threatening.
>Maybe you'll visit him in the hospital in a few days and see if the sight of your face is enough to make him shit himself of his own power.
>He'll try to rat you out, but it was just the two of you there so it's just his word against yours.
>And who are parents more likely to trust, a tactless edgelord or a tactful edgelord in the body of a cute green filly?
>You nuzzle into Twilight's mane and kiss her cheek.
"Love you mom."
>"Love you too, Nonny."
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Thus the beginning of the tale of Johnny Two Poos.


311029 311037
I think pic 3 has great rhythm.
311033 311037
>great rhythm
Mister sandman...
I got a fever
>Anon will never give you the succc
Why live?
From Anonfilly's sick meat beats comes sick meat beat Anonyfilly!
Bom bom bom bom bom bah!

With never before heard all natural track. With extended after effects.
Princess Luna - "I have dominion of the dreamscape. Not this Mister Sandman." 10/10
Prince Shining Armor - "Really provides great ambiance to dungeon adventures in O&O." 9/10
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza - "MMMNNNF." Yes/10
Princess Twilight Sparkle - "ANOOOOON!" (GOING TO BE DOING THE RAPING)/10
Princess Celestia - "Such an easy hard on to listen to this could be a contenteder for the day after Hearts and Hooves." 5/10

In store for a limited time!
311216 311228
Just need apogee and dyx to finish the squad
You don't need to spoiler porn here, m8.
>Race mixing
Thanks for the spoiler.

Story of Anon playing with hard things abridged
>"So Anon what do you want to do when you grow up."
>Silly Purple.
"Grow up? No way I'll just be a filly forever."
>Twilight has that look of someone who lost their last brewski to a random dust devil.
>Her wings strech up and out like a peacock.
>"So what will you do as a filly."
"Maybe something long and hard what's it to you fag."
>In a flash of magical energy you find your self infront of a large stone building.
>"Here's your long hard future."
>Purple leaves you with a looming building nothing else as far as the eye can see.
>All rocks, dirt, and gravel around.
>A really old pony opens the door.
>"A new student for their Rocktorate I see, come along then."
A lot better. Thanks poner.
311528 311529 311588
I haven't had much to do most nights after work except for vidya and watching old Adult Swim cartoons, gonna take writing requests.
Two rules:
1. No lewd at the moment as it's a bit of a pain in the ass to write.
2. Can be reasonably completed in about one post.
Ideally I'll do one a night until my nights are a bit busier again, provided enough responses.
311529 311538
I know it's a bit vauge but I tried reading the Chilly Filly story and while you said before how it was a CYOA when it was being written the scene that still sticks with me is Anon and her filly friend when they go to Twilight's castle and the thing with the golem happens. Not sure if there'd be a way to write a little scene with the two of them hanging out?
Pone(ses) boops Anon?
Oh that might be fun too.
311577 311680
Oh fuck, yeah I could do that.
>"Where are we?"
"To be honest I'm not entirely sure."
>"Are we dead?"
"No, death is... different."
>"You know what it's like to die?"
>You feel a pang in your chest as you recall the horrible sound that she made when she was crushed.
>You want to ask her why she doesn't know herself, but it's all so...
"It's complicated."
>You look at Peanut and smile, and she returns the favor.
"I don't know why you're here, but I'm really glad. I've missed you."
>"I've missed you too, where have you been?"
"All over the place, in different bodies, in different times and places in the polyverse..."
>"What's a polyverse?"
"A word I came up with just now because I'm tired of hearing reddit fag- ponies say multiverse. The gist of it is that there are a bunch of different versions of you, everyone you've ever known, and there are also deviations going back to the beginning of time that caused vastly different universes to form."
>"What's the last thing you remember?"
"Oh, I was going through another manufactured tear and I just kinda ended up here... you wouldn't happen to have any sort of light, would you?"
>"I swiped a match from one of the ponies that were..."
>She shudders in the dim light.
"I don't think a match is going to cut it, I guess we should stick together."
>You'd ask for your hoodie back because of the cold, but you don't have the heart to and she looks so cute in it.
>One of her damaged wings twitches a bit under it and your heart just wants to kill itself.
>You get to your hooves and nuzzle up next to her, feeling her soft facial fluff brush against yours.
>"That tickles, Clover!"
"Heh, not the bad sort though, right?"
>"N-no, it feels nice."
"Come on, let's see if there's a door here."
>"Why wouldn't there be a door?"
"You have a lot to learn about the kind of weird shit you encounter hopping between timelines."
>There thankfully was a door this time, so you didn't have to use the C-4 that Twilight helped you get ahold of.
>The two of you look over a beautiful mountainscape, but the first question that comes to your mind is what the hell the building you're in is.
>You feel a twinge of sadness as you look up and see one of the soaring pillars of Canterlot Castle toppled over into the mountain face.
>There's no sound here save the animals, you've found another dead world.
"The others can't be far, we should get moving."
>"Ooh! Clover! It's chocolate!"
"I'm sure it can't still be good Peanut, please don't eat-"
>"No, no! Look!"
>You trot over to the case that she found and see that it's prepper-grade chocolate.
"O-oh. Let's pick some up and get moving Peanut."
>"Y-yeah, I guess."
"What's wrong?"
>"I've never had chocolate before, and I kinda want to just appreciate it here with you. Before we meet whatever adventuring crew you're with these days..."
>Her talent of making your heart hurt really is incredible.
"Okay, let's sit down. Enjoy the view for a few minutes."
>"A-are you sure?"
"Yeah, I think we've both earned a bit of a nice rest."
>You don't even want to think about the last timeline with the living furries.
>After a few minutes, the two of you find some rocking chairs that the Royal Guard presumably used when they were off-duty and just sit enjoying the view.
>Trees stretch out as far as even your massive eyes can see, birds flitting over the mountains.
>You unwrap one of the chocolates and you and Peanut break it in half.
>You're reminded of her namesake as you bite down on the admittedly not very sweet bar, but she seems to be in heaven.
>As you continue to chew and observe a few birds flying overhead that you think might be hawks, Peanut rests her muzzle on your neck.
>"Thank you so much Clover. For everything."
>You're not crying, your eyes are just really really dry.
"Y-you too Peanut."
>Twilight will find you eventually, she put a tracking spell on you after all. You're just going to stay here for a while...

A cute
good stuff
311589 311664 313389
If you are still taking requests,Could you Do one about Anon Finding /ponepol/and then sperging about the griffins to everyone she knows untill she's sent to a mental hospital?
311590 311664
Those digits means the mental hospital is a coverup for the Princesses forces.
Fantastic idea
>You're Anon who's now a filly
>Hosers are flexible like a bendy straw
>lots of kinks when wiggled about and are designed for the mouth
"Long necc check."
>Oh dear Purple is rubbing off on you.
"Mirror check."
>The final frontier a place you've never gone before
"Emergency cleaning stuff check."
>Almost go time
"Licking the outside of the elbow check"
"S.S. Muff-In we're driving in-"
>pic related
>And that's how you found out ponies can get full body whiplash
That's why you use a friend
311666 311680
Maybe tomorrow, got a bit distracted and I still have things to do tonight.
Its all good
Sorry there for the late reply. Really liked the stuff with Anon exploring the dead worlds and got a somber mood but serene and cute to think of Peanut eating a stale bar of chocolate but for a pony like her it's a slice of heaven.
Hmmm I don't recall stories where Anon is extremely effected by heart song stuff. Basically puppet on strings.
Even bursting into song before the singing starts. I've seen the lack of effect in stories...
<Custom Human Battles: And the Anonpone!?
<Anon's seed spawns Anonfillies and the rare anoncolt.
311748 311752 311756 312023

>That damnable purple whore!
>First I lose my humanity, then I lose my manhood, and now this!
>From your moist prison, you hear a very muffled voice asking about where you are just barely over the internal processes of Twilight's body
>You'd claw your way out through the way you came in, but unfortunately purple's got better control there than you'd expect given how many cobwebs you've found in here...
>No, you're going to go about this in a much more punishing and fun, albeit disturbing, way!
>. . .
>Be Twilight
>You're tired of Anonymous making passes at every mare and stallion she meets, so you've decided to give her enough pussy to last a lifetime
>Unfortunately, that means you now have to cover for everything she'd normally be doing, such as school and whatnot
>Simple enough, just tell Cheerilee she's sick and whenever Spike asks just say you don't know
>Now though, you have a few moments to relax!
>You go lay down in the library, making sure not to accidentally crush your precious cargo, and pull out a book you've been working on
>Now, where were you?
>You flip to your bookmark and-
>-And immediately drop the book due to the searing pain now making its way throughout your entire abdomen!
>You frantically try to find Anonymous inside you, but find that you can't due to your own magical interference!
>Also, much to your dismay, the pain is spreading throughout your entire torso now!
>With utmost haste, you teleport yourself to the hospital and report what's going on to the best of your ability, through excruciating pain held at bay purely through your own magical knowledge giving you spells to dull it
>Sensing the emergency at hand though, the nurse working the counter immediately has you brought in for treatment and calls in two doctors, gurney in tow
>From there, things start to become blurry as adrenaline shoots through your body and internal bleeding begin to chip away at the last of your mental discipline
>Eventually, despite your best efforts, you pass out
>. . .
>Be Doctor Examining Ray, but your colleagues call you X
>You and Doctor Scalpel have just gotten your patient to the operating theater to perform what you need
>From what your own preliminary scans can tell, there's definitely something inside this pony and that something is working its way out
>However, said something is making a mess of your patient's insides along the way
>Once the patient's prepped for the emergency removal of the foreign body though, you notice her abdomen bulging outwards near the solar plexus!
>You immediately tell an attending nurse to go and get another doctor and a parasite specialist, and mentally prepare yourself to observe what happens next
>Doctor Scalpel, for what it's worth, immediately takes a cutting implement and tries to dive in after the object but only aids in its apparent escape
>The offending site bursts open at the sudden relief of pressure, and what appears to be a very small pony soaked in blood crawls out of the hole!
>Both of you now being too stunned to act further, just watch as this... pony jumps off the patient, jumps down to the floor, and then immediately skitters into a nearby floor vent, leaving a crimson trail the whole way
>. . .
>Be Anonymous, a week later
>Twilight's making a recovery, thank goodness
>Nopony's revealed what happened that day either, thank God
>However, the two doctors that saved Twilight put in their two weeks' notice that same day and every time you visit her Twilight can't bring herself to look at or speak to you
>At the very least, she seems to have learned her lesson though


>Be filly.
>You stand on the top of a hill.
>Then you lie down.
>You start rolling down the slope.
>At the foot of the hill, you roll into a pair of purple hooves.
<"Ow! Anon! Why did you do that?" Purple asks.
>You look up at her with tired eyes.
"Why do I do anything anymore?" you asks.
<"Oh, Anon,"Twilight says and caresses your mane.
<"Do you want some ice-cream, mm?"
>You nod an then you go with Twi for some ice-cream and some huggles.
Short and tender.

>"Okay GreenHorny time to get some tenders... why are you crying?"
>Honestly you thought the rain just started pouring down.
"Discord! You idio-baka! Fix this!"
<But Discord was busy elsewhere with the personal stromboni

>so many fillies