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Anonfilly Thread - Howdy Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>292891 →
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nevermind, I found some on-model art and did my best.
the animation isn't synched up right, she's supposed to bob her head side to side with the beat. I'll work on fixing that later.
nice, good work fren
Thank you! I'm not sure how her tail should look, this is the base model I'm working with
Cute filly.
She needs a shorter neck and a bit thicker thighs.
EgaDBXbVAAA-0Z5.png large.png
EgKB7ZeUEAAsZkr.png large.png
EgV4hUKUYAAoPns.png large.png

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Can somebody remake the /mlp/ filly thread? I'm banned and have no mobile data.
It's been done
>Be twilight
>Currently you have a squirming filly in your lap and a brush in your magic
"Young lady if you dint stop struggling this instant Im l'm going to use this brush on your flank instead of your mane."
>"Do it faggot, no balls."
>With out hesitation you flip the brush around and swat the little green filly on her tush making her cry out and whimper as a redmark appears on her butt
"Am i going to spank you again or will you be a good filly and hold still for mommy?"
>"B-blow me homo, my mane is just fine I don't want brushies you can't make me."
>With out hesitation you strike fillies bottom once more, she cries out and whimpers, trying to get away but you hold her tighter and deliver another spank
"Little fillies shouldn't use such rude or foul language, little fillies should sit still for their mommies too. Be a good filly so mommy doesn't have to punish you okay?
>Filly whimpers, her flanks red and sore but no long struggling
"Are you a good little filly?"
>She nods and you smile, feeling her relax a little as you spray detangler in her mane and gently brush out the knots and tangles
"Such a lovely mane, you really should take better care of it young lady. We may have to give it a trim soon you're getting shaggy."
>You giggle and give the filly a reassuring nuzzle as she huffs a bit but her attitude changes as you tap the brush on her flanks once more
"None of that now or you'll lose cookie privileges too, I'm sure you don't want that right?
>Filly shakes her head and squeaks "N-no ma'am."
>finishing her mane you slide her lower body into your lap and begin to work the tangles out of her tail next, it's much worse and dirt has been collecting in the bushy thing, defiantly time for a trim
>working the last of the knots out you set filly in your lap and begin to french braid her hair, tying it up nice as and slow as you hum for her just like your mother did for you
>You stroke her cheek and gaze at the mirror in front of the two of you, hugging the little mare tight in your hooves as she blushes and looks down
"see that wasn't so hard was it? Now lets get you a cookie."
>"Do it faggot, no balls."
>"B-blow me homo
Well, well, well, let's teach filly some respect.
>"Well well, look at the city slicker pulling up in her fancy Germane wagon."
"This wagon was made in Griffinstone!"
>"Well pardon us Ms. Rara sockies."
"I bought these socks from a hobo!"
>"Well ladeeda Ms. Park Avenue hooficure."
"I'm sorry, I believe in good grooming."
>"Teh! You're not gonna grow nothin' on the old Sparkle place! That's why your mommy abandoned it."
"Oh what do you know?"
>"Well, I know you're not naturally an earth pony, and probably don't have the latent magic."
"Oh, that's just superstition! You watch, I'll grow somethin' out there."
>"Not if you're plantin' gummy ursas."
Pick a spoiler for your primary and once again for a secondary magically induced Anonfilly bullshit.
The other three will be related to archnemesises (or general dickery).
What it actually means for you to interpret however you want.
[1d5 = 5]
[1d5 = 2]
Murphy mode: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Who's up for icecream?!
>Plan is simple be blasted with elements of harmony, don't develop super magic cancer simple.
>Out in the open just in case. Riparoni giant tomato test fruit vegetable. The castle still has bits of squishy red chunks in places.
>Right by the hospital just incase your gallbladder falls out or something. Remember don't lick your lip if you feel something.
>Be blasted by magic. Hope chance, calculation and power of friendship works.
>So why is everypony so loud?
<"Anon! Why can't I move? W-whoa."
<"Ah'm with yah Twi- is that us? It is."
"Urgh quiet down."
>"Anon! You're a...live?"
<"Would you look at the state of my mane absolutely horrendous."
<"How am I going to head to everyponies birthday party when I'm in here?"
"Yeah that's great would everyone just shut... quiet down for a minute."
>Your hand, now a hoof slides on your new face...
>Eyes pop out of the skin
>silken fur lightly changing color
>then little hooves reach out
>covering the new eyes.
>What you see is adorable nightmare fuel Fluttershy.
>Crawling in your skin.
>You scream, we scream we all scream for eyes scream.
never participated in ur filly threads watsoever. i jsut broke mkultra throught their irc bots network.....by spamming shit they dont like. powerful magic words. and i have wrote exaclty all about it on my website here....mkultra.....was on mlp threads back on /b/ tho

Meds. Now.
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Still alive, wrote some shitty green earlier. Would've posted it here first but I was mobilefagging and had to get out of bed a few minutes later.
>Be unifilly.
>Mom drags you away from your books to take a family photo.
>Can't get too excited about it because you're nervous as hell, you have to keep studying for the entrance exams.
>Immediately go back to your room and shut and lock the door.
>Your youngest mobile sister comes by and asks if you want to play, and you rather rudely tell her no through the door.
>She sounds sad, but trots off to play with the earth pony filly.
>Magic crackles in the dark as you practice advanced spells.
>You got in, and are afforded a momentary period to relax from studying.
>You decide to spend the three days you have to get ready mostly holed up in your room reading a good book.
>You aren't bothered, everypony assumes you're packing.
>You graduated with honors, and were able to get a job designing higher-grade steel for the railways.
>It's all new and exciting for you, never before in your life have you had a job that means anything.
>Your mother comes to visit you at the station out to the remote camp you'll be living at and the two of you hug tightly.
>Maybe they'll let you come home next summer.
>Every time you brush your mane you're pulling out sizable clumps.
>You're crying, held gently but firmly to the hospital bed with straps.
>Luckily you didn't kill anypony, but your asshole supervisor should be in this hospital too with a sizable hole in his leg.
>Were you never meant to be an important pony?
>You're back in your old room now, looking at the faded green stars on the ceiling.
>Your oldest sister has already moved out and the pegasus is studying for her entrance exams...
>So many wasted years.
>Nopony will touch you after what you did... and you weren't even lucid during it.
>You look over at the bottle of pills on your bedside table, and then back up at the ceiling.
>It's too late for you, but it isn't too late for the pega.
>You move slowly through the hall, your mess of a mane bouncing awkwardly around.
>Your mother has forced you to take daily baths, but you couldn't be bothered to brush your mane.
>You knock on her door.
>"Go away, mom."
"Fertile Wind."
>You hear hooves padding softly on the carpet as she goes over to the doir and unlocks it.
>You're still wearing the hospital gown because you've been craving the extra warmth, and you look every inch a broken pony.
>"Oh... god..."
>Without a word she lays you down on her bed and tells you to wait while she retrieves your hairbrush.
>You give a small noise of indication and wait.
>Your eyes well up with tears as you feel her carefully work out every tangle.
>All this time without seeing her and she still cares about you this much...
>You don't deserve her.
>Your voice is wobbly as you continue.
"Please, don't forget to enjoy this."
>"I already am."
"N-no, this... being a filly."
>She looks into your eyes, overflowing with big bulbous tears.
>She pushes you over onto your side with little resistance and wraps you tightly in a hug.
>"Where did it all go so wrong, big sis?"
"When I tried to be a mare I wasn't ready to be."
>"There's still hope."
"I... think I'd rather be a filly."
>She brushes your long, thick mane out of your eyes.
>"I need to keep studying, but you can stay right here as long as you're quiet."
>You sit there in shock as she breaks the hug, leaving you on the bed.
>You can only whisper out a small 'no...' before the sedatives kick in and you're out like a light.
Anyone got that, back by unpopular demand, meme? I need it for reasons.


Nice to see that you're still around, man! Good short, I wonder what it is that Fertile Wind did to mess things up that badly?
Happiness is a warm filly.
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Happy to see you back as well. Don't see too many stories of Anonfilly once she starts her own family and seeing it fall apart like this. Would be interesting to see what Anonmare and Twilight react to all this.
308711 308721

Thank you. Might be best to leave it somewhat ambiguous, but I did have something in mind when I was writing it.
Sorry, your post only just loaded. Been having some issues with my internet. I suppose I could write that some time soon.
>why are we here? Just to suffer?
Those are good fillies.
Wew. That filly needs intensive filly care.
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Hope you all enjoy, might see this through more but it's too soon to tell. I've desperately missed writing here.
>"You did your best, you've got to believe that."
>Twilight's embrace feels just as good as it did when you were young as you sob into her chest.
>There's a look of intense sadness on her face as she gently strokes your back with the soft underside of her hoof.
"Where did it all go wrong? Did I push her too hard? Was she not ready?"
>"No, I... I think she pushed herself too hard. I wish I could've been there more often, given her the support she needed. How is Fertile Wind?"
"She's studying just as hard as Evergreen did... I'm worried, mom."
>Twilight lets out a long and quiet sigh.
>"Maybe there's some element of your species still at play. She had the talent. She had the work ethic-"
>"...Has. Could there be some element of unlucky magic that's been brought over from your world?"
"You know we don't have any magic."
>"You say you don't, but in reality it just isn't immediately accessible to you."
>You chuckle mournfully.
"You say that, but with all due respect, how would you know? I came to this place because I wanted to escape from the horror of the mundane. The terror of the grind. The endless machine that humans are fitted into until they wear down to breaking and are tossed out."
>"And you expected it to be that easy?"
"It wasn't! All of my family, all of my friends, gone. A one-way trip for one, and a suitcase with a half-completed apparatus that might have been able to bring along more."
>"And it did."
"And it did and now I'm... just as miserable. I was there for every step of their little lives, from the day they stopped calling me a fucking faggot tranny, then the first time they climbed into my bed at night when there was a storm raging outside..."
>"It's nice, isn't it?"
"It is, but now I fear for Fern as well. Can I steer her path? Is this some sort of curse?"
>"Surely there's someth-"
>The door opens and Evergreen stumbles in, bags under her eyes and a mug of coffee levitated unsteadily in her once unwavering magical grip.
>She's still wearing the gown, you'd tell her to take it off but clothes don't get too dirty naturally in Equestria.
>You break away from Twilight's hug and give her a tight squeeze.
>A bit of searing hot coffee spills on your back, but you don't even care.
>"I-I was just gonna ask if you wanted help with the dishes..."
"Do you want to see a movie later tonight, sweetie? My treat."
>"S-sure, but we don't own an... oh."
"Are you afraid of going out in public?"
>"Ponies will stare..."
>"And with good reason, you're a very pretty mare."
>"H-hello grandma Sparkle."
>Evergreen looks like she wants to dart back into her room, and you'll let her for now.
>You give her a peck on the cheek and turn your attention to Twilight again.
"Can you talk to Cheerilee about a teaching apprenticeship? She's getting up in the years."
>Twilight huffs.
>"I'm only a year younger than her, you know."
"You're an alicorn though. I figured you wouldn't take offense to it."
>"There's more to the passing of time than one's own aging."
"Please, mom. See if you can get her the job."
>"Fine, but I expect to see you at my book club meeting next month."
>You smile and give her a quick hug, popcorn preparation foremost on your mind at the moment.
>Evergreen loves caramel corn, and they don't sell it in Ponyville.
Hope to read more.
Even more importantly glad to have you here lone.






filly core.png
Do not leave things unattended around filly
I don't care if he's been put in the body of a miniature miniature horse, Anonymous should know not to fuck with the demon core
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Holy fucking shit how has it been over a week? Thanks though Anon. I'll try to find the time to write more soon, got a summer job and have been pretty busy.
It hasn't been tha-
Time is really slipping around.
Hopefully the job is going good friend, and more importantly that you're doing well.
>I'll try to find the time to write more soon
Looking forward to it poner.
Placeholder, the Returned """King"""
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After a while of not knowing what the hell to do and then knowing what the hell to do but having finals to work through, I finally come to you all with Content™! Anyway, another installment of "It's the Little Things" is coming up, and it's coming at the rate that I can copy/paste text out of a notepad file!

>Be Anon
>Resident faggot turned small horse turned parasite
>You're on your way home from school, thinking about what's supposed to happen at work today
>Rumors have been going around that you're getting a raise, and you're betting it's happening today
>If not, then whatever
>You're not making money to sustain yourself, you're making money for shits and giggles
>Verdant Strain is purely a means to an end
>Well, until it gets to the time when you're supposed to look like her forever
>Then Verdant Strain just becomes Anonymous
>Anyway, you get home and start fucking around like you normally do nowadays
>If nobody comes knocking, then you just get a book and wait until you need to go to work
>Around the time you leave, the resident parasite turned pony shows up
Howdy, how was your day?
The usual kind of horrid, or a new kind?
>A̷̩̅ ̸͉̀n̴͕͊ē̴͚w̴̫̒ ̶͇͗k̸̬̀i̴̬͌n̷̼̅d̸̤̕,̶̺̇ ̶̮̆i̵̲͛f̶̢̉ ̷̺́ȳ̷̩o̴̖͝u̴͕͛ ̷̞̈́c̶͇̄ã̵͍n̸̳̊ ̷̛̞b̴̧̛e̸̜͂l̶̡̏i̷̡͂e̵͜͝v̷̡͘ẻ̵͙ ̸̗̌i̵̱͌ṯ̷̛.̸͖̈́ ̸̨͘G̸̦̾e̶͈͂t̷̢͘ ̶͍̇t̵́ͅȟ̸̨ỉ̵͕s̶̝̍,̸̪̍ ̷͙̍t̴̛̮h̴͔̚ë̸̞́ ̵̀͜p̵̜̄u̸͓͐r̵͙̐p̸̧͠l̸͓̿e̴͇͐ ̸͕̍ö̴̳́n̶͚̓e̴̺͊ ̷͈̍h̵̳͐a̵̢͆š̷̰ ̶̥̋ḏ̴͛e̷̠̓c̶̰̆i̴̙̓d̵̬̽e̶̻͋d̸̮͊ ̷̥͠t̶̗̍o̷̙̓ ̴͔͆b̵͔͛r̶̺̓ï̸̭ṋ̷̃g̸̛̯ ̴͇̓h̸̙̾ê̷͍r̸͈͊ ̸̹͘o̷̻͂v̷̧͒e̷̻̾r̴̼͗l̷̪̉ó̶͔ř̸̢d̵͍̕ ̴͕̀i̵̻̓n̴̘͛t̵̙͋ǫ̷̑ ̴͓̔t̶͇̿h̷̬͊ï̶̗s̶͚̄ ̴͎̈n̸̢̈́ȍ̴̪w̵̞̆!̶̟͘
Celestia's coming to see you?
>N̴̖̑o̶̝̕t̵̹̾ ̸̙͌ň̴͕o̸̗͠w̷̦̔,̶̮̐ ̶͙͘s̸̖̿o̷͙͋m̸͇͆ę̶̾t̸̺̎h̷̭̀î̴̪n̸̬͐g̵̦̓ ̶̟̕t̴̟̀ö̷͕́ ̸̮̎d̵̳̑o̷̫̍ ̵̪̿w̶̛̲i̸͖̋ț̵͛h̶̹͠ ̷̦̃t̴̜͠h̸̛̫e̴̹͊ ̸͈̃w̸̡͠i̷͚̓n̶̠̎ṭ̴͋ḛ̸̏r̷̹̾ ̴̩͌s̵̤̄o̶͓̽l̴̻͋s̶͍̏t̶͖͌i̸͚̽c̶̢͒ḙ̸̊ ̷͉͊ò̴̮ȑ̴͔ ̶̪͠w̷͖̄h̷͔͝a̵͍͛t̷̨͝ḛ̴͌ṽ̵͕e̵̹͆r̴͕̉ ̸́͜c̷̠̎ë̴̡l̵͙͋ḙ̶̑b̶͖̀r̸̗͝a̴̦͆t̴̗͂ī̶͖o̷͕͠n̸̛̲ ̸̞̃y̶͍̆ö̵̡́ų̴͝ ̸͖͗h̶͉̐ä̵̪́v̶͖̑e̴͍͝ ̵̥̒f̶͎̆ő̵͖r̶̝̎ ̵͎̌í̷̤t̵̜͒.̴̤͑
>Oh yeah, Hearth's Warming is coming up
>Good thing Astra doesn't expect a gift!
You still have a month, you're fine
>Í̵̭m̴̡̉à̵̠g̸̛̼i̸̞̚ñ̴͎e̵̾ͅ ̸̤͗s̶̬̓o̶̰̓m̶͙̑e̶͙͝o̶̥̒ń̵͔e̴͚͛ ̵̯̍t̵͚̆o̴̡̕l̶̲̀d̷̙͊ ̸̣̓y̶̪̽ǒ̵͙u̵͉̿ ̶̣̊t̶̘͠ḩ̵̎ǎ̷̙t̵͑͜ ̵̼̄ỵ̶͒ŏ̷͔ũ̸͓ ̵̛̫o̶̥͂n̷̍͜ḽ̷̑ȳ̴̻ ̶̖͋h̴͇̍ạ̴̅v̵̩́e̸͍͆ ̴̹͌a̸̗̾ ̷͖̚m̸͜͠ǐ̷̘n̸͓̆u̸̫͊ṫ̷̜e̴̯͘ ̷̛̲û̴̼n̶̢̅t̷̮̚į̸͆l̸̩̕ ̴̮͊y̴̝̾ơ̴̻u̵̖̓ ̴̙̃f̴̩̂å̵ͅć̶̞ȅ̴̫ ̴͚̈a̷̛̮n̸̺̑ñ̷̳i̸̧͘h̵̗̒ĩ̷̺l̷͉̑ã̷̬t̷̟̀i̷͓̇o̶͈̎n̷̬̈.̷͇͆
She's not gonna kill you, you've come too far for that to happen!
>Y̶̲͐e̴̻̽t̶͖͒ ̶̻̽w̴̖̑e̶͉̒ ̸͇̄h̷̰́a̴̩͐v̵͉̅e̷͇͆n̷̥͌'̷̡͐t̵͖́ ̸̠̽m̴̥̓a̴͖̽n̵̨̉å̴͔g̸͎̏e̵̛͉d̸̬̈́ ̷̍ͅẗ̷̺́ò̵͚ ̶͎̏d̵͉̊i̵͝ͅs̵͇̅p̴̞͂ŏ̸͕s̷̹̀e̸̞̋ ̸̭͛o̴̧͝f̶̩̎ ̵̫͗t̶̟̓h̵̹͆e̴̹͋ ̸̱̈́p̴̳̕ȕ̶̢r̵̥̈p̷͇̀l̵͙͆e̶̛̪ ̶͎̽ö̷̻́ń̸̮ȩ̶̄!̷͓͛ ̸̬̎H̵̳̏ò̸̮ẅ̶͚́ ̶̺̄a̸͍̕r̴̨͛ḙ̴̎ ̵͈͝ẅ̷̦́e̴͚͛ ̷̙͑s̷̛̻ū̴̼p̸̝͌p̸̣̏ǒ̸̗s̴̺͋e̵̱̎d̶̬́ ̸͉̕t̷͈͝ó̸̳ ̵̦̃f̵̮̀e̷̥̍ĭ̸͈g̴͎̎ṇ̵̍ ̵̨̂s̴̭͠ủ̴̻c̵̩̔c̷͉͑e̸̞͠s̴̲͝š̶̨ ̶̬̋a̴͙͋n̵͎̏d̷̠̑ ̵̱͝s̶̖͝u̵͍̽ṛ̸̀v̸̝̄i̷̙̕v̴̜̕é̴͖ ̶̫̈u̸̙̍n̴̤͛l̸͔͠e̴̤͋s̴͚̕s̴̥̚ ̶̦͆w̷̠͠e̴̫͐ ̶̤͝c̷͔̓ỏ̴͕ņ̴̌t̷̖̉r̵̀͜o̸̧͘l̴͓̑ ̶̡͂t̷̤͋ḧ̷̻́e̷͈͗ ̸̹̏m̴̫͗e̷͓̊ḁ̸̂ṇ̷̌s̴̖̕ ̷̰́ô̷̮f̸̢̏ ̷͈̈́o̶̘͂u̸̲̇r̴̮̽ ̸͍̈s̷̡̓u̶͍͑r̴̪̍v̸̜͑i̶͔̇v̴̙͋ą̸̄l̵͔̽?̵̯͗
One, you're not killing Twilight because that's the wrong thing to do. Two, you're not killing Twilight because doing so would definitely get Celestia to kill you. Three, you're not killing Twilight because she knows everything there is to know about you and she has a very good habit of preparing for literally every eventuality. Four, that's not what I meant by you coming too far.
>You feel a slight ping of confusion from Astra's general direction, followed by a long silence
>After the silence concludes, it does so through an echoing screech that you're pretty sure Pinkie could've "heard"
>T̷̘͑ö̶͙́ ̴̘͑t̶͙́ẖ̶͐ì̶͈n̵̖͛k̵͉̂,̷͓͝ ̸͈̈́a̵̤̕l̵̪̉l̶̻͐ ̷͚̈́ț̴̒h̵͖́ï̶̳s̴̱̽ ̶͙̀ţ̷͆i̴̇ͅm̶̛̙e̶̡͑ ̸̙̈W̵̓ͅẺ̸̮ ̵̇͜h̴͓͑a̵͙͊v̶̾ͅe̶͆͜ ̸̙̓b̵̡̅e̴͙̓é̸͙n̶̗̋ ̸̢̋ť̶͚h̸̛̙e̶̪̅ ̸̓ͅo̷̧̕n̵̗̾ȩ̶̈́ ̴̝̇p̶̰̽l̸͎̃a̵̛ͅy̵͖̾ẹ̶͆d̴͇̓ ̸̻͐f̷̹̃o̸͙͐r̶̲̆ ̵͔̎f̴̩͒o̶͎̔o̵̪͘ľ̷̢s̶̽ͅ!̸͌ͅ ̴̯̈T̷̮̏h̷̭͐e̷̫͝ ̵̦̀Ỉ̷͔N̶̺͋S̸͍͆O̷͈͛L̴̤̈́E̵̢̊N̴͔͒C̴̤̊E̶̚ͅ!̵̠́ ̸̹̈́D̴̞͐Ò̸̼ ̸̙̀T̷͍̂H̷͔̒Ȩ̴͛Ỷ̷̩ ̶̼͠N̵̜̕Ó̸͉T̸̺̄ ̶̜̓K̶̠̇N̶̡̛Ō̶̹Ẃ̶̥ ̶͓̐W̷̬̑H̴͇͘Ő̴͕ ̵͎͒W̶͈̿E̸͎͆ ̶̦̇A̷̭̿Ṟ̸̚Ȅ̸̝!̸͓͒?̶̣̑
That's the thing, Twilight knows exactly who you are and that's exactly why she's managed to do this.
>Another screech is telegraphed into your mind, followed by a wave of resignation
>Knowing better than to get in the way of Astra's tantrums, you instead opt to check the time
Placeholder, the Returned """King"""
309326 309349 309365 309415

>Oh, shit, you need to leave!
I'm just gonna let you sort through the rest of this yourself, feel free to call me if you need me though. I'm off to work!
>You run out the door mid-transformation as Astra dejectedly lifts a tendril to wave you off
>Thanks to your infinite stamina, you manage to make it to the train station with a minute to spare!
>Alright, punch in, and get to work!
>Right on time in multiple ways, it seems, as another train rolls into the station right as you take your place
>You and your team crack open the cargo hold of the car before you, breaking it up into sections for you all to handle
>In particular, you get stuck with the heaviest looking section (as usual, by now)
>Oh well, you've never been bested by cargo yet!
>And by that you mean that you haven't had to ask for help, cargo has definitely bested you at times
>Particularly an unexpectedly heavy bag that you chipped a tooth trying to lift up
>Good thing tooth chips are small and don't draw much attention when they suddenly "gget cleaned up" or "get fixed at the dentist's"
>Either way, you're not letting yourself get beaten by boxes and bags and you're intent on keeping it that way!
>Oh good, this flashback has lasted long enough for you to clear out your part
>Now we just wait for the next load to show up!
>And while you sit and watch the clock, one of your coworkers walks up to you
>A cream mare by the name of Fork Lift, somepony you've become loose friends with
>"So, Verde, how are you tonight?"
"Oh you know, same stuff different day. You?"
>"Not much. Wanna know something kind of interesting that I saw today?"
"Do tell!"
>"Well, I was going out to run some errands this afternoon and I thought I saw you on the way, but it was just some filly. The odd thing about her though was that she was the spitting image of you!"
>Well, this was bound to happen at some point
>Luckily, you've thought about this for ages with your infinite wakefulness and steadily growing paranoia regarding your condition!
>Unfortunately, your growing desire to test your abilities has lead you to a solution that may backfire horribly
>Who are you to shy away from a challenge, though?
"Yeah, I have a little sister."
>"Really? That seems like something that would come up more often, if you ask me."
"Yeah, but she's really good at staying under the radar and when she can't, I'm not the kind of pony to air out her dirty laundry in public."
>"Wow, I wish you had been my sister. Mine wouldn't hesitate to say anything and everything about my screwups back when I still lived with them, but that's a story for another day."
"Agreed. On an unrelated note, I think that's the load coming over."
>You gesture towards an incoming trolley full of luggage
>"Yeah, we should probably get to that. Pick this up again later?"
>Now with a purpose again, both you and Fork Lift get back to your jobs
>And that's how the shift for tonight goes
>Load something, chat for a while, unload something, chat some more, and so on
>Finally, your shift closes off about an hour before the sun rises
>Punch out, and go home
>You would feel exhausted were you a normal pony, but again, infinite stamina
>Once you finish your leisurely stroll home, you find Astra not having moved from its usual perch of choice
Placeholder, the Returned """King"""
309327 309349 309365 309415

>A̴̧̓n̸͙̋d̷̞̋ ̶̎͜h̴̟́o̸̧͝w̴̭͗ ̸͍̈w̵̖̒a̴͎̓s̴̻͑ ̵̣̋ý̶̮o̵̘͊u̷̟͒ȓ̵͚ ̸̤̄ń̸̥i̵͒͜g̵̰̚h̸͎͋t̴͐ͅ ̵̞̔o̸̮̒f̴͕͋ ̶̲̿p̷̜͗u̴̦͋s̵̹̑h̴̞̓ḯ̷̘n̷͇̍g̴̢͊ ̸̉͜b̶̨̕ȏ̶͔x̴̙̀e̶̦͘s̵̬͒?̸̖̾
Not bad, glad to see that you've gotten over your feelings from earlier.
>You get no response besides a dejected grumble
>You'll take that as a 'no'
By the way, I suppose I should tell you that I made some plans with a work friend for next week and she thinks that I have a sister-
>Ẃ̵̯e̶̪̓ ̵̣̐a̷̭̽r̶͈̍e̶͓̋ṅ̷͖'̶͖̒t̸̨̎ ̴̙̊c̷̬̐ọ̷̄v̴̹̈́ē̸̥r̶̜͆ĩ̵͖n̴̬͑g̸̪͋ ̴̤̌f̶̪̎o̴̯͆r̶̪͊ ̴̱̌y̵͈̆o̷̦͆ú̵̩r̶̗̍ ̷̻͌m̸͖̓i̵̮͊s̷̭͝ẗ̶̲a̶̟͠k̶͈͝è̵̢.̸̰̂
-not that I expected you to. Anyway, just letting you know so you don't blow my cover.
>A̴̛͕n̴͚͌d̴͓̎ ̷̗̐h̴͉̉o̷̻͠ẃ̵̬ ̷̣̉ḑ̴̆ȍ̷̯ ̶̦͘y̴͍̌o̵͆͜u̸͈̚ ̶͎̑ë̷̫́x̸̲̏p̸͜͝ẹ̸̏c̷̝͘t̵̯̅ ̷̦̈́t̷͔̐ǫ̸̾ ̴̜͒h̶͉͑o̴̻̅l̴̡͛ḓ̷͗ ̴͖̎t̵̻̕h̵̯͝i̴̛͍s̶̺̊ ̸̥̓l̶̬̐i̶̢̾e̶̡̍ ̸͈̀t̵͇͑o̴̘͑g̷͙̿e̸̦͋ț̷̈h̴̙̓e̴̢̔r̵̥͝?̵͉̊
Simple. I use a power that I know I have thanks to you to create a duplicate of myself to play the part!
>You see the amorphous form on the couch begin to congeal together into two separate blobs, both of them solidifying into a pony form
>Astra's now two bodies slip off the couch together and walk to either side of you, staring you down intently as they move in perfect synchronization
>"Looking to master more of your body, are you?" the right body purrs
>"But we're not sure if you can handle it yet." the left chides in response
>"You haven't learned to think as we have, the sum total of billions of minds in one or more bodies." the right elaborates
>"And yet... You have managed to get this far through our guidance." the left debates
>Both Astras begin to circle you deliberately, looking you up and down as they move and seemingly daring you to move yourself
>After a few more tense moments, both bodies slide together and reshape themselves back into one Astra
>"We will help you to learn this as best you can, but we will not guarantee you success. It is... Rare for a condition like yours to arise, and rarer still that one such as you gets full mastery of their form without doing what's necessary to make these attributes work for them. However, this world has so far spat in the face of everything we thought we knew, so you very well may be able to."
"So you'll help me?"
>"Yes. If, of course, you help me survive this 'Celestia' being and its visit to us."
"Like I said before, you'll be fine!"
>"Yet the purple one explicitly told me that 'Celestia' would be looking for any excuse possible to remove me from existence."
>You remember back to Astra's news of Twilight's letter those months ago
>There could be a small problem, now that you think on it
"I'm not helping you kill or assimilate anyone."
>"And we have yet to develop a plan that will allow that to happen. All we ask for right now is survival."
>You take a deep breath and let it back out in a sigh
"Fine. You have a deal."
Placeholder, the Returned """King"""
309356 309415 309423
And that's all I have written for now. Hope it lives up to whatever your expectations are or surpasses them, but I'll just be happy knowing that you all know I haven't abandoned you. As always, feedback is much appreciated and have a nice day!

no, I'm not seb. Equally retarded, but (hopefully) much more self aware.
The pacing is nice. The text glows nicely. Take these (you)s but don't eat them all at once!
Really happy to see you back and writing. Got a problem where I like Thing pony stories but always feel bad when she's assimilating ponies but you got a clever twist on it. I recall a green with the same general scenario of Anon being assimilated and turned into Anonfilly Thing but even with the important ponies knowing about Anon and Astra got a delicate balance of needing to keep this a seceret from the general population and keeping Astra in check.

Excited to see the hyjinks Anon gets up to if she can master the duplication. Should be a source of much hyjinks. Plus with Celestia coming it'll be a good chance for comedy and/or drama.
>You're Anonymous the Ex-Filly on a job for Twilight Sparkle, Sparkle Extraordinaire.
>The land is practically all crystal and not a living thing around.
"What do I do with these wires?"
>"Just move the wires, over there wire mover."
"Sure thing. Jackass."
>It's been a few dozen years after season whatever the fuck, but that's not the problem.
>"Well asshole we're about to open the gate to an alternate time line that has fewer faggots milling about."
>The pocket taser being one of the few things that keep the damned beings at bay gives a whine and whirr.
"Good thing too, Zeus-Lite caught the aids."
>Wires coiled, the guts of dead crystal things arranged in a psychopathic display of dominance.
>Twilight does frown at my comment in a rare display of genuine emotion.
"Kinda like your b— pussy."
>She settles back to her mask, it'll keep them off our track a little longer.
>"That's what you get for dicking with it."
>In a clap of cheeks and thunder the portal opens.
>Hopefuly this time you'll teach yourself the secret to finding the Cli-Torus earlier.
>You hug Twilight for the last time, as the only proof of this time being herself and your letters.
>She breaks first throwing herself through the portal.
>You follow suit, the magical filly body and temporal worm hole get along like a house on fire.
>A 70 Giga-Hoof radius is gone into seemingly nothing.
>Twilight catches what remains of you.
>The most important bits.
>Luckily as planned.
>The perfect name for this shitshow comes as an idle thought.
>Ghost Stories: Mare Bits edition.
This is the most refreshing green in a looooooooong time.
File (hide): D05381D60E9ECF7DA6A90EA18515CAA7-943674.mp4 (921.6 KB, Resolution:1280x1252 Length:00:00:10, Take_it.mp4) [play once] [loop]

Fucking love the whole splitting bit.
All looks good for this one, glad to have you back. Thanks for continuing this after all this time, brings a smile to my face.
Just a reminder that I am your god now. Worship me.
>the power surge
Taken and checked.
309423 309426
>Be Fertile Wind.
>You've been studying for hours, but you can't take a break now.
>Even though you aren't really able to cram any more information into your head at this point, the exam is in just a few days.
>A knock comes at the door.
"Go away, mom."
>"I-I have something for you."
>It's Evergreen again.
>Better see what she wants, it's only polite.
>You open the door a crack and look at her, dried tears on her face.
>"M-mom wants to take us to the movies."
"I'm busy."
>She sounds like she's about to cry again as she reaches a hoof through the cracked door.
>You push it back.
>She smiles and wraps her hoof around yours with a bit of finesse.
>"N-now you're gonna get pregnant, faggot."
>Your mom doesn't want you to say it around the youngest one in case she's not like the rest of you (fat fucking chance) so you haven't heard it in quite a while.
>All of the time you spent online comes flooding back to you.
>Your robust folder of reaction images.
>Your slick top of the line gaming PC that you mostly just used for Mongolian Basketweaving discussion.
>And what was it all for?
>It was all for fun, right?
>You wouldn't have kept going back day after day if it weren't fun, right?
>You feel a tear slide down your muzzle.
"Y-yeah, let's see the movie as long as it isn't some gay shit."
>Her grin is practically ear to ear despite her sorry appearance.
>"S-she's mom, do you think she'd pick gay shit?"
"Good point."
Whatever this feel inside is... it's very nice.
Anonfilly - hugging pillow.png
Thanks poner.
Now I can go to sleep.
Someone huck me an invite to the discord server :(

>5 day suspension from ponytown for harassment
I will be back.
Yo zigga, I got b&. I'm not sure it is even there anymore. Discord is gay n e way, but I think I got rekt for being a part of the Aryanne server or something.
Nah I haven't been banned, those cunts from discord just disabled my account for "glorifying or promoting physical or sexual violence." This wont stop me, however, I have already created a new account and am in all the servers I was in before except for the anonfilly and related servers. I know they browse this place occasionally.

>Discord is gay n e way
I know but I can't stop shitposting
are you going to bother posting content to the anonfilly thread or are you just going to be a bunch of discord tranny faggots
Are you?



310142 310148 310154 310257
>In the icecream joint a gaggle of fillies walk in toward a red booth only thing missing is a jukebox.
>The Cutie Mark crusaders, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and you Anonfilly.
>Commonly known as that one fag who forgot how to walk every so often. Well the murmurs were pretty hush hush, so it might be something else.
>A whisper a change of bits and everyone, except Apple Bloom is seated.
>She's chatting up the proprieter.
>Not long the treats arrive courtesy of Apple Bloom, Diamond Tiara paying for yours this time.
>Not having bits and being in a legal grey zone does have some down sides.
>The milkshake that Diamond Tiara gave is exactly what you needed after today.
>At least these ponies care. They're your friends after everything is said and done.
>Tastes like vanilla, looks like neon strawberry.
>"Well Anon, after crusading we still don't know what your cutie mark means."
"You tried."
>Word smithing has failed frowning fillies increases.
>They have you facing them in the circular booth.
"Hey this vanilla is pretty good."
>Their frown deepens more.
>This is maybe some of the best ice cream you've ever had.
>"Disapearing pretty fast, I'll get another."
>Your cheeks heat up, but this time for some reason you can't deny that would be nice.
>They smile just a little.
>Three more shakes in, and everything is a little better. A little bit brighter neon ice cream.
>Starting to match the red booths you all sit at.
>Even the fillies are smiling.
>Your smile mirrors them.
>They take your hoof, how lewd.
>"Hey Anon, could you do me a favor and rub my filly bits?"
>A̸n̵y̸t̷h̵i̷n̸g̸ ̵f̸o̵r̶ ̷t̴h̶e̸m̸.
>Your hoof moves gently to Apple Bloom.
>Soft and supple.
>"Told ya'll it'll work."
>"So she'll do anything?"
>"MNF, nah~ it's more like oohh! Like bypassing all barriers, passing along your intent, and m-making it a priority. So mnn-mostly anything."
>Wet with pleasure.
>"Twilight was right having Anon do things for us will be awesome."
>"O-ohkay Anon stop rubbing me."
>Your hoof is rather cool in the ice cream shop with it being all wet.
>But it would be rude to just wipe it off...
>Then again she did make quite the mess.
>Whatever not your problem.
>"So what now? We already hazed her into membership."
>You nod your head. Nothing wrong with them doing that.
>Why... if it wasn't them you'd probably be furious. Maybe not, sort of hard to tell at the moment.
>"Now? Having Anon be a bit more pony-like and loosen up. Look at this virgin pristine pussy and ponut."
>"Yeah, and have to make sure Anon still is... Anon. Or else what's the whole point besides the ummm side benefits."
>You do like being Anon.
>"Oh! I can just tell this is going to be a friendship cause worthy of the princess of Friendship herself."
Ooops, I just saw your green.
>>310142 is right, keep going poner.
b u e n o
>Be anonymous
>You're the only Anon that made it to Equestria as a man
>All of the others were turned into fillies as they arrived, either through sheer force of will or bad luck you remained
>At first you wished you were the filly as well but slowly they started to regress
>According to Twilight their memories were slowly being erased by their new body and brain, the longer they were exposed to the chemicals of a new form and magic the worse it would get
>The weaker willed lost major memories of the old world in months while the stronger ones focused more on preserving their minds
>It was rather sad to watch but you've tried your best just to make the fillies that have regressed comfy and happy
>Without parents there was no one to raise them but Twilight and yourself
>The ones that lost everything were put up for adoption in the hopes of living normal lives if they wanted that over living with the fillies in Twilights house
>part of the library in Twilight's tree house was made into a sleeping area for the dozens of small green fillies
>Not wanting to take up more space than you had to your bed was a pull out couch in the living room
>Honestly it was the nicest couch you had slept on in your life, horses have a much nicer standard for what's comfy
>Caring for all the stranded fillies was tough at times but it felt wrong to ditch your fellow bros turned tiny green filly
>Working as a pair both Twilight and yourself would take care of them, today was your day to take some of the fillies who did their home work to the park
>Keeping them in line was rather difficult, you thought about using a leash but it just made you think of the people who put their kids on leashes so you elected to just be a better pseudo dad and keep them in line with discipline
>It was also nice to have some of the more aware fillies there to keep the simpler minded ones from wandering off
>You chuckle to yourself as the image of you as a sheep herder pops into your mind
>Guiding your "flock" through the streets with a switch ready to tap the "sheep" that try to stray away
>As you walk the fillies all talk amongst themselves about what they are gonna do at the park
>Whos gonna get what place on the swings or who gets to be pushed on them
>One filly brags about how she can swing the highest out of all of them
>Another calls bullshit and you swat her for the rude language
>The whole thing is rather comical and while the other fillies giggle you can see some of the townsponies watching, you just tilt your straw hat and wave
>It was tempting to have some overalls made so you could get more in character but you didn't wanna be too much of a stereotype as you shepherded your flock around town
>You attention is grabbed by a little unicorn filly tugging at your pant leg, she wants upsies and stands on her rear hooves
>With a smile you scoop her up and cradle her in your arms, gently tickling her soft green belly and making her squirm
>You chuckle to yourself as the image of you as a sheep herder pops into your mind
>Guiding your "flock" through the streets with a switch ready to tap the "sheep" that try to stray away
>As you walk the fillies all talk amongst themselves about what they are gonna do at the park
>Whos gonna get what place on the swings or who gets to be pushed on them
>One filly brags about how she can swing the highest out of all of them
>Another calls bullshit and you swat her for the rude language
>The whole thing is rather comical and while the other fillies giggle you can see some of the townsponies watching, you just tilt your straw hat and wave
>It was tempting to have some overalls made so you could get more in character but you didn't wanna be too much of a stereotype as you shepherded your flock around town
>You attention is grabbed by a little unicorn filly tugging at your pant leg, she wants upsies and stands on her rear hooves
>With a smile you scoop her up and craddle her in your arms, gently tickling her soft green belly and making her squirm
>It felt weird to baby them knowing that they used to be dudes but when a tiny green filly begs to be held it's hard to deny them
>This one was probably your favorite of the bunch, rather small even for a filly and the only unicorn of the group
>She was the first to lose her memories of the old world but unlike the others she didn't want to leave and instead formed a strong bond with you
>Once you tried to ask her why she chose to stay and she simply stated that you were her family
>You never saw yourself as a father, you were a burnout in every way on earth but here you could be anything and dang it if you aren't gonna raise these fillies right
>As the park comes into view your sheep run to the various pieces of equipment, a veritable green flood descending on the park and swallowing it in a flood of laughter and potential mischief
>The filly in your arms squirms and you let her loose to join the masses while you take up a seat with some of the mares who had the unfortunate timing to bring their kids to the park at the same time
>Tipping your hat to Ms.hooves who was currently supplying water to her child you take up a seat next to her
>She was one of the nicer mares you had met and she was full of parenting advice though not all of it very sound
>You look out at your flock as they play, watching as multiple pegafillies attempt to lift an earth filly up onto the jungle gym with some effort
>It was nice to see them interacting with foals other than themselves, something in your mind told you it couldn't be all that healthy spending time with a copy of yourself all day
>As you relax in the shade of a tree, the warm summer breeze brings sweet smells to your nose
>One thing you had come to notice was how nice Equestria smelled, everything just felt so much cleaner
>It was nice not hearing cars everyday, the wailing of sirens or construction just nature and the little horses that lived in it
Neon Icecream 2
>"It's getting kinda late, and Twilight said not to bring Anon back till he's all pony like..."
>Scootaloo off handedly remarked, and it's a good point Twilight wasn't physically abusive or anything... I guess. Or even emotionally abusive, but she's like a scalpel or better yet an always on lawnmower.
>She's a danger to herself and others. Kind of like every other pony.
>Just don't touch the spinny blades.
"Why are you all staring at me?"
>"Rainbow Dash is more like a cloud near by than a lawnmower."
>Ah said that out loud.
>"Applejack still has the grudge when Anon fixed the water."
"She has a grudge?"
>"Annoyed that the well had to be changed."
"Oh, her grandparents made that well. It was a pretty damn good well all things considered."
>"My sister Rarity would like Anon over, but you know how she gets. She'd do something weird because Anon is... older kind of."
>"True she put needles into Spike, how about you Scoots?"
>"Nuh-uh my aunts are coming over so not this time. Don't want them to get any weird ideas either."
>"Daddy is hosting a little get togther rather dry, but Anon might be mistaken for uh 'entertainment'."
>Yep pones are scary.
>"Silver Spoon?"
>"My parents don't let me have anypony over."
>"Darn, hey I know Zecora! She could look after Anon for a while."
"It'll be too late in the Everfree then everyone's guardians are going to have their jimmies rustled."
>"Hmmm it's too cold to be in the club house for the night, right then. It's a tie between Rarity and Applejack."
>"What about Fluttershy?"
>"It's Wednesday."
>"Ohhhh, that would be bad."
>"Applejack would not be happy about Anon just waltzing in. Granny Smith would extend the old rights of hospitality, but that means having the basics down. And winter is almost over and the work is going to start. Anon might be an Earth Pony, but she isn't an Earth Pony yet."
>"Sorry Anon, let's hope Rarity doesn't try anything too much with you."
>In moments you're at the boutique, each of the crusaders saying good bye and well wishes.
>"Sweetie would you like to freshen up Spike and I are about to make dinner."
>Spike is here?
>"Hey Sweetie I hope you don't mind— oh hello Anon."
>"Did you say Anon Spikeywikey."
>"Looks like we have a guest."
>"We're helping Anon be more pony like, so uhhh Twilight said ummm it'll be just fine."
>"Yes, indeed Sweetie how about you head upstairs while we talk with Anon."
>Sweetie Belle shoots you a look: 'sorry, better you than me, and good luck.'
>"Don't be like that darling why it's thanks you Spike and yourself for that nightmare incident we've harnessed that creature."
>She tilts her head slightly as though listening to something.
>She grins, a psycho Twilight grin.
>Just for a moment and you can't be sure if it even happened.
>"Spike, Anon is all dosed up to do Anything we say isn't that right?"
"Well, not quite more like the crusaders, but-"
>"That's easily rectified, Sweetie should Anon follow my orders like they are your own?"
>"Sure what ever just keep it down and make sure Anon is still Anon."
>"And stays a virgin we have plans!"
>"Thank you Sweetie!"
>"Now then Anon kiss my hoof."
>A̸n̵y̸t̷h̵i̷n̸g̸ ̵f̸o̵r̶ ̷t̴h̶e̸m̸.
>She barely has time to raise it when your lips meet the white fur.
>"Oh darling, now go lick Spike's wing blades."
>Whatever fag it's not like it's gay or anything, just like a massage. Ponies do everything with their mouth, a massage is a massage.
>"Right that's enough. What were your thoughts about that? Did you like it?"
"It's whatever I didn't particularly like it."
>"Oh well, I am a mare of my word after all. So once my sister and her friends do her work, vist me sometime and we'll show you the luscious underbelly of Equestria again from your new perspective."
"Maybe, and thanks for offering again."
>"Please darling we are friends if such a fate befell me I know you would take care of me—perhaps not like how Spikey could, but the genuine heart would be there."
>Spike however is snapped out of the dopey daze.
>"The Spinach Puffs!"
>So dinner is had.
>Bedtime duties, for brushing teeth and cozy pajamas, next to a cute poner.
>And nothing lewd happened.
>Until the very next day.


Dang that was a cute and sad one. Always one of the more terrifying prospects for the HiE stories having your mind slowly erased. Not only losing your memories but having the body of a young filly so the massive gaps in memory and the vauge knowledge you lost those important things could drive them to depression or insanity without a caretaker like Twilight and Anon to help them out.

Could picture Anon and Twilight maybe helping fillies who want it to write down the memories they still have so eventually when they lose them all they have a place to look back to. Wonder how the fillies might react if one is still in Twilight's care but another filly they were close friends with lost all their memories and moved out and how it might affect them. Not sure if you plan to continue since this works really well as a one off but got a good amount of material that can be mined from this!
Little league is a bad influence on anon


Neon Icecream 3
310698 310699 310703
<part of the inspiration also abusive sorta Purple stories ponepaste.org/1107

>Ponyville was wide awake with moans and meaty slaps, as you and Sweetie Belle head over to the club house.
>Her rundown of the situation summed it up.
>"That means you look like a frozen cunt, who can't and won't trust anyone."
>With impeccable timing you both enter the club house.
>Apparently they heard Sweetie Belle
>"Darn tootin!"
>Silver Spoon speaks up.
>"Your first time is important, usually it's your best friends at the time, or who you're going to marry, but if you don't have somepony like that the Princesses will do it with you too."
"What? They go out just so some pony loses their virginity?"
>Diamond Tiara explains further
>"Yeah it's so that everypony knows you're with us through thick and thin. Even when you or anypony makes a mistake."
>"And then it's make up sex later with cuddles."
"Right, right so it's a fuck fest."
>"Nuh uh that's after hearts and hooves day. And mayor Mare helps set it up."
"So it's important."
>A wave of nods and affirmative noises wash over you.
>"So what're gonna pick?"
>Groaning from all the fillies present barring yourself.
"Well I just can't decide which one."
>"Hey I have an idea."
>"Oh! Yeah I think I'm thinking what you're thinking."
>"Let's do all of the above!"
>"We should get Pinkie in on this. This'll be even better than we thought!"
>"Okay okay so we can get the princesses, and Anon's friends are mostly ponies in Ponyville, but who is Anon going to marry?"
>"Silly fillies, Anon doesn't know the traditional Earth pony way yet!"
>"Pinkie Pie!"
[cycle #f7b #f8b #f5a #f29 #f7b #fff]>"Yeperoonie! Come on Applebloom it's time for a training montage![/cycle]
>Ponk has you by the scruff
>In a flip hitting your bits of a pink Ponk, Applebloom tries to protest.
>"Youngest sisters take part of the slice you know! It's why my sweet baby sister Marble couldn't get a husband yet!"
>Applebloom running with all her mighty almost trips.
>"That's awful!"
>"Thankfully Princess Celestia came then so did Marble, this way Anon will learn Earth Pony ways and Marble teaches a youngster, and shares her slice of the Pie."
>This is all getting you hot and bothered even with the conversation going on.
>"You mean..."
>"Exactly! See you lateee-"
"Ponks, what the fuck."
>Pank's whole backside is slick and glistening paradoxically helping you stay on sometimes.
"Seriously what just happened."
>"Never mind that Anonny! Quick do a cartwheel!"
>Only the crusaders can-
>[cycle #000 #111 #000 #222 #000 #333 #fff]A̸n̵y̸t̷h̵i̷n̸g̸ ̵f̸o̵r̶ ̷t̴h̶e̸m̸[/cycle].
>Your first time doing a cartwheel on a speeding poner
>actually the first time doing a cartwheel as a pony at all.
>After all Ponks is cool no reason to not try something new with her.
>"Rarity is really generous. No time to waste.
>"Okay keep going back and forth from tip to tail!"
>From her rump to the tip of her mane, back to her tail.
>Terrifying seeing rocks and dust kicked up almost grazing your eyes and ears and filly face.
>Soon the Pie sisters, Marble and Lime Stone, see just what is going on.
>Maybe you'll be Pizza Pie.
>"Mama mia, Anon these are my sisters. Sisters this is my pisano Anonymous the Unexperianced Earth pony filly who used to be human but is now able to help Marble. Will you help Marble?"
>"Okay Anon do everything Limey and Marble tell and want you to do, and make sure you jeep your virginity till the big super popping party! Bye!
>You keep trying to do cartwheels but ponk is gone. Her saying bye was probably a dismissal.
>"Well that just happened. You're gonna get into the hole and Marble is going to use your mouth till you get the whole magic stuff down."
>Woah you're dizzy from nearly losing it all including your breakfast.
>"Come on we don't have all day get digging."
>A̸n̵y̸t̷h̵i̷n̸g̸ ̵f̸o̵r̶ ̷t̴h̶e̸m̸.
>Hoofs, doing your best to dig the dirt.
>"Not there, There! Whole you're at it look for a special stone just the right shape for you to edge while buried."
>She tosses a rock for you to use.
>To dig, the other stone is more special.
"Gotcha need to keep the Earth pony magic super secret cause it's extra lewd."
"Cause the world is going to be holding all of me especially my four filly hoofies."
>Marble gives a kind look, and you know when to shut it instead of making sure you got what she said.
>The secret parts are going to be happening under the rays of the sun and reflections of the moon.
>With expert direction, abating dizziness, filly folds dying out, and hard work a perfect hole is taking shape.
>A rock about the right size you could sit on.
>You almost feel like a plant, being tossed around all day to day.
>Ah, more like rare geode being aligned inside through careful tender care, or zap apple trees to make jam!
>It almost feels dirty being so dirty and tightly held.
>It's almost cold, but it's warm, but not quite.
>Then the Pie sister comes closer.
>You're facing each other while you're under the ground up to your mouth.
>Clit bopping you on the booper.
>And both your bodies are lighting up with pleasure imaginable.
>This is so hot you almost feel the ground melting away.
>Glowing wet and sticky as your rock almost moves on is own.
>For at least what seems like seven days and sevens nights.
>You drown in bliss and awareness.
>A̸n̵y̸t̷h̵i̷n̸g̸ ̵f̸o̵r̶ ̷t̴h̶e̸m̸.
>"Yeperoonie! Come on (You) it's time for a training montage!
Thanks poner. It's much needed.
>Be Anon the old filly
>You're laying is the horsepital bed with a catheter and nearly stripped of all dignity.
>Your friends just as old and wrinkly are here too along with the great grand foals.
>Even Twilight the Purple herself made it.
>You know this is the end, your organs are half toxic sludge from the medicine and magic, and half sheer will power.
>You already said what you wanted earlier, and set up your will.
"Adios faggets."
>And held two hooves up as if you had middle fingers.
>Your heart beating its last.
>Hold on, you do have middle fingers.
>You have a whole hand.
"The fuck."
>"It wasn't me faggot, you, just, UGH!"
>Be Anon the ultra healthy human male in peak condition.
>Muscles bulging from all your time as an Earth pony in your peak come back.
>"Well what did we expect, another Anon crisis is over."
>With some grumbles they still stick around and rib you about your kids.
>Also group hug because you were going to die a painful death.
>One at the industrial hazardous mystery liquid depardment.
>No, it wasn't semen
>"No excuses now to not be a write fag eh?"
>fug you forget what the hell all your plot points were.
>"Ah well just another day in Ponyville."
>fucked up filly vs human chad
I have to think about it.

Excerpts from a forgotten future
Anonymous (OP) 10 minutes ago No.7127020021
File (hide): DCIM_EQU5763.png (72 MB, 2000x1000)
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
>be me
>last month Purple opened up the permanent portal to bacon pone
>went over as part of the test cause Purple
>dog Spike has a real hard on for pones
>still pone
>oh shid
>Purple thought it was a good test and soon we're heading to the kennel.

Anonymous 2 minutes ago No.7127330321
File (hide): SmolDrawnCarlos.png (24 KB, 120x100)
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
[s]I did knot see this one coming![/s]

Anonymous 2 minutes ago No.7127330433
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
Hopefully you've kept up the exercises on the >>>/FÜBAR/ thread, or else Purple will stitch you back together.

Anonymous 10 seconds ago No.7127333321
[Purple] [wait] [Spirit of Chaos] [Tree of Harmony]
>Dog's Day thread
>Franken Filly thread
Insomnia Green
>You're back in school, pretending that you don't know everything about everything that's being taught until you have to read your history book.
>Cheerilee is cool at least you guess, she helped you get in an accelerated afterschool program with some older unicorns so you could hone your magic talents.
>You breeze through the final worksheet of the day and turn it in before waving goodbye and starting the walk over to the run-down old barn where the lessons take place.
>It's raining, reminds you of when you were a kid and rode horses.
>Circling around a big gross barn for a while trying to throw targets off horseback and failing because you're a clumsy autist.
>Even the literally retarded kid who you rode with was betterbthan you were.
>Was it any wonder you sucked so much ass at vidya?
>"Move, Seaweed."
>You roll your eyes at the jackass colt who thinks he's cooler than cool.
>Probably listens to Sum 41 instead of The Offspring.
>Imagine releasing an album with a song on it dedicated to complaining about the Orange man, lmao.
>Not that you liked the kike, but it got so tiring to hear brainless regurgitation about how evil he was that you started defending him in conversation just to piss liberals off.
>"I said, move."
>Probably thinks stiletto knives are hot shit.
>You owned one once, the spring mechanism was always getting fucked and you had to keep taking it apart to fix it.
>Not a bad price for ten bucks at a gas station.
>You get knocked out of your trip down memory lane by a hoof pushing you to the ground.
>You land on your muzzle, hard.
>Nothing feels broken, but confirmation that the blood vessels in your nose are weak again comes in the form of a hot trickle running down from your left nostril.
>Damn, you didn't think you'd need to start shit today.
"What the fuck was that, asswipe?"
>"What did you just call me?"
>It occurs to you that ponies don't need to wipe their asses and so your insult is invalid, but you have to roll with it.
"Ya'know, asswipe. Like what they're going to need to do to your rear for a good ten hours during surgery after I rip you a new anus if you don't apologize."
>He steps back and you can see something in his eyes that you're not sure about the origins of.
>"You really want to fuck with me kid? I'm the best combat mage at my school. I could burn you alive where you stand."
"Do it then, pussy."
>"I would, but I'm not going to kill a kid."
"Well, you had your chance."
>Time seems to slow to a standstill as you focus mental energy into the neurons in your horn.
>You breathe in deeply, feeling the ground go cold beneath your hooves as your body metabolizes low-quality energy into high-quality energy.
>You focus on a point in his rear.
>You took a look at the anatomy books Cheerilee has lying around, and know exactly where the colon resides.
>Making the shape of an icepick in your mind, you release your spell approximately one second after beginning the charge.
>Then, of course, you quickly step back.
>The jackass cries out in pain and humiliation as the feces stored in his bowels begins to take the path of least resistance - the big fuck hole you just drilled right below his asshole with no muscular resistance.
>You calmly walk home as he screams and mumbles incoherently.
>"You're home early. How were magic lessons?"
"Cancelled due to some idiot's magical mishap trying to drill a hole and positioning his y and z coordinates wrong."
>"Oh, dear. Was it funny to watch?"
>You smile.
>Praise cartoon physics making even deep puncture wounds non-life threatening.
>Maybe you'll visit him in the hospital in a few days and see if the sight of your face is enough to make him shit himself of his own power.
>He'll try to rat you out, but it was just the two of you there so it's just his word against yours.
>And who are parents more likely to trust, a tactless edgelord or a tactful edgelord in the body of a cute green filly?
>You nuzzle into Twilight's mane and kiss her cheek.
"Love you mom."
>"Love you too, Nonny."
311207 311504

Thus the beginning of the tale of Johnny Two Poos.


311029 311037
I think pic 3 has great rhythm.
311033 311037
>great rhythm
Mister sandman...
I got a fever
>Anon will never give you the succc
Why live?
From Anonfilly's sick meat beats comes sick meat beat Anonyfilly!
Bom bom bom bom bom bah!

With never before heard all natural track. With extended after effects.
Princess Luna - "I have dominion of the dreamscape. Not this Mister Sandman." 10/10
Prince Shining Armor - "Really provides great ambiance to dungeon adventures in O&O." 9/10
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza - "MMMNNNF." Yes/10
Princess Twilight Sparkle - "ANOOOOON!" (GOING TO BE DOING THE RAPING)/10
Princess Celestia - "Such an easy hard on to listen to this could be a contenteder for the day after Hearts and Hooves." 5/10

In store for a limited time!
311216 311228
Just need apogee and dyx to finish the squad
You don't need to spoiler porn here, m8.
>Race mixing
Thanks for the spoiler.

Story of Anon playing with hard things abridged
>"So Anon what do you want to do when you grow up."
>Silly Purple.
"Grow up? No way I'll just be a filly forever."
>Twilight has that look of someone who lost their last brewski to a random dust devil.
>Her wings strech up and out like a peacock.
>"So what will you do as a filly."
"Maybe something long and hard what's it to you fag."
>In a flash of magical energy you find your self infront of a large stone building.
>"Here's your long hard future."
>Purple leaves you with a looming building nothing else as far as the eye can see.
>All rocks, dirt, and gravel around.
>A really old pony opens the door.
>"A new student for their Rocktorate I see, come along then."
A lot better. Thanks poner.
311528 311529 311588
I haven't had much to do most nights after work except for vidya and watching old Adult Swim cartoons, gonna take writing requests.
Two rules:
1. No lewd at the moment as it's a bit of a pain in the ass to write.
2. Can be reasonably completed in about one post.
Ideally I'll do one a night until my nights are a bit busier again, provided enough responses.
311529 311538
I know it's a bit vauge but I tried reading the Chilly Filly story and while you said before how it was a CYOA when it was being written the scene that still sticks with me is Anon and her filly friend when they go to Twilight's castle and the thing with the golem happens. Not sure if there'd be a way to write a little scene with the two of them hanging out?
Pone(ses) boops Anon?
Oh that might be fun too.
311577 311680
Oh fuck, yeah I could do that.
>"Where are we?"
"To be honest I'm not entirely sure."
>"Are we dead?"
"No, death is... different."
>"You know what it's like to die?"
>You feel a pang in your chest as you recall the horrible sound that she made when she was crushed.
>You want to ask her why she doesn't know herself, but it's all so...
"It's complicated."
>You look at Peanut and smile, and she returns the favor.
"I don't know why you're here, but I'm really glad. I've missed you."
>"I've missed you too, where have you been?"
"All over the place, in different bodies, in different times and places in the polyverse..."
>"What's a polyverse?"
"A word I came up with just now because I'm tired of hearing reddit fag- ponies say multiverse. The gist of it is that there are a bunch of different versions of you, everyone you've ever known, and there are also deviations going back to the beginning of time that caused vastly different universes to form."
>"What's the last thing you remember?"
"Oh, I was going through another manufactured tear and I just kinda ended up here... you wouldn't happen to have any sort of light, would you?"
>"I swiped a match from one of the ponies that were..."
>She shudders in the dim light.
"I don't think a match is going to cut it, I guess we should stick together."
>You'd ask for your hoodie back because of the cold, but you don't have the heart to and she looks so cute in it.
>One of her damaged wings twitches a bit under it and your heart just wants to kill itself.
>You get to your hooves and nuzzle up next to her, feeling her soft facial fluff brush against yours.
>"That tickles, Clover!"
"Heh, not the bad sort though, right?"
>"N-no, it feels nice."
"Come on, let's see if there's a door here."
>"Why wouldn't there be a door?"
"You have a lot to learn about the kind of weird shit you encounter hopping between timelines."
>There thankfully was a door this time, so you didn't have to use the C-4 that Twilight helped you get ahold of.
>The two of you look over a beautiful mountainscape, but the first question that comes to your mind is what the hell the building you're in is.
>You feel a twinge of sadness as you look up and see one of the soaring pillars of Canterlot Castle toppled over into the mountain face.
>There's no sound here save the animals, you've found another dead world.
"The others can't be far, we should get moving."
>"Ooh! Clover! It's chocolate!"
"I'm sure it can't still be good Peanut, please don't eat-"
>"No, no! Look!"
>You trot over to the case that she found and see that it's prepper-grade chocolate.
"O-oh. Let's pick some up and get moving Peanut."
>"Y-yeah, I guess."
"What's wrong?"
>"I've never had chocolate before, and I kinda want to just appreciate it here with you. Before we meet whatever adventuring crew you're with these days..."
>Her talent of making your heart hurt really is incredible.
"Okay, let's sit down. Enjoy the view for a few minutes."
>"A-are you sure?"
"Yeah, I think we've both earned a bit of a nice rest."
>You don't even want to think about the last timeline with the living furries.
>After a few minutes, the two of you find some rocking chairs that the Royal Guard presumably used when they were off-duty and just sit enjoying the view.
>Trees stretch out as far as even your massive eyes can see, birds flitting over the mountains.
>You unwrap one of the chocolates and you and Peanut break it in half.
>You're reminded of her namesake as you bite down on the admittedly not very sweet bar, but she seems to be in heaven.
>As you continue to chew and observe a few birds flying overhead that you think might be hawks, Peanut rests her muzzle on your neck.
>"Thank you so much Clover. For everything."
>You're not crying, your eyes are just really really dry.
"Y-you too Peanut."
>Twilight will find you eventually, she put a tracking spell on you after all. You're just going to stay here for a while...

A cute
good stuff
311589 311664 313389
If you are still taking requests,Could you Do one about Anon Finding /ponepol/and then sperging about the griffins to everyone she knows untill she's sent to a mental hospital?
311590 311664
Those digits means the mental hospital is a coverup for the Princesses forces.
Fantastic idea
>You're Anon who's now a filly
>Hosers are flexible like a bendy straw
>lots of kinks when wiggled about and are designed for the mouth
"Long necc check."
>Oh dear Purple is rubbing off on you.
"Mirror check."
>The final frontier a place you've never gone before
"Emergency cleaning stuff check."
>Almost go time
"Licking the outside of the elbow check"
"S.S. Muff-In we're driving in-"
>pic related
>And that's how you found out ponies can get full body whiplash
That's why you use a friend
311666 311680
Maybe tomorrow, got a bit distracted and I still have things to do tonight.
Its all good
Sorry there for the late reply. Really liked the stuff with Anon exploring the dead worlds and got a somber mood but serene and cute to think of Peanut eating a stale bar of chocolate but for a pony like her it's a slice of heaven.
Hmmm I don't recall stories where Anon is extremely effected by heart song stuff. Basically puppet on strings.
Even bursting into song before the singing starts. I've seen the lack of effect in stories...
<Custom Human Battles: And the Anonpone!?
<Anon's seed spawns Anonfillies and the rare anoncolt.
311748 311752 311756 312023

>That damnable purple whore!
>First I lose my humanity, then I lose my manhood, and now this!
>From your moist prison, you hear a very muffled voice asking about where you are just barely over the internal processes of Twilight's body
>You'd claw your way out through the way you came in, but unfortunately purple's got better control there than you'd expect given how many cobwebs you've found in here...
>No, you're going to go about this in a much more punishing and fun, albeit disturbing, way!
>. . .
>Be Twilight
>You're tired of Anonymous making passes at every mare and stallion she meets, so you've decided to give her enough pussy to last a lifetime
>Unfortunately, that means you now have to cover for everything she'd normally be doing, such as school and whatnot
>Simple enough, just tell Cheerilee she's sick and whenever Spike asks just say you don't know
>Now though, you have a few moments to relax!
>You go lay down in the library, making sure not to accidentally crush your precious cargo, and pull out a book you've been working on
>Now, where were you?
>You flip to your bookmark and-
>-And immediately drop the book due to the searing pain now making its way throughout your entire abdomen!
>You frantically try to find Anonymous inside you, but find that you can't due to your own magical interference!
>Also, much to your dismay, the pain is spreading throughout your entire torso now!
>With utmost haste, you teleport yourself to the hospital and report what's going on to the best of your ability, through excruciating pain held at bay purely through your own magical knowledge giving you spells to dull it
>Sensing the emergency at hand though, the nurse working the counter immediately has you brought in for treatment and calls in two doctors, gurney in tow
>From there, things start to become blurry as adrenaline shoots through your body and internal bleeding begin to chip away at the last of your mental discipline
>Eventually, despite your best efforts, you pass out
>. . .
>Be Doctor Examining Ray, but your colleagues call you X
>You and Doctor Scalpel have just gotten your patient to the operating theater to perform what you need
>From what your own preliminary scans can tell, there's definitely something inside this pony and that something is working its way out
>However, said something is making a mess of your patient's insides along the way
>Once the patient's prepped for the emergency removal of the foreign body though, you notice her abdomen bulging outwards near the solar plexus!
>You immediately tell an attending nurse to go and get another doctor and a parasite specialist, and mentally prepare yourself to observe what happens next
>Doctor Scalpel, for what it's worth, immediately takes a cutting implement and tries to dive in after the object but only aids in its apparent escape
>The offending site bursts open at the sudden relief of pressure, and what appears to be a very small pony soaked in blood crawls out of the hole!
>Both of you now being too stunned to act further, just watch as this... pony jumps off the patient, jumps down to the floor, and then immediately skitters into a nearby floor vent, leaving a crimson trail the whole way
>. . .
>Be Anonymous, a week later
>Twilight's making a recovery, thank goodness
>Nopony's revealed what happened that day either, thank God
>However, the two doctors that saved Twilight put in their two weeks' notice that same day and every time you visit her Twilight can't bring herself to look at or speak to you
>At the very least, she seems to have learned her lesson though


>Be filly.
>You stand on the top of a hill.
>Then you lie down.
>You start rolling down the slope.
>At the foot of the hill, you roll into a pair of purple hooves.
<"Ow! Anon! Why did you do that?" Purple asks.
>You look up at her with tired eyes.
"Why do I do anything anymore?" you asks.
<"Oh, Anon,"Twilight says and caresses your mane.
<"Do you want some ice-cream, mm?"
>You nod an then you go with Twi for some ice-cream and some huggles.
Short and tender.

>"Okay GreenHorny time to get some tenders... why are you crying?"
>Honestly you thought the rain just started pouring down.
"Discord! You idio-baka! Fix this!"
<But Discord was busy elsewhere with the personal stromboni

>so many fillies
Those arent fillies, those are plushy objects
>Be Anonfilly.
>You decide to wander in the Canterlot Library looking for Moon Dancer.
>You're already acquainted with her and proceed to go find her to discuss about research on humans.
>You don't see Moon Dancer at her usual spot. Strange.
"Moon Dancer? Where are you?"
>Your ears perk up to hear a furious schlicking sound. One that is vaguely familiar.
>Turning around the corner you see Moon Dancer sitting against a bookshelf with a throbbing wet cock in hoof.
>"G-Green?! I swear it's not what it looks like-"
"You have a cock?!"
>"It was an accident!"
"Since when was having a cock an accident!?"
>The smell is a little intoxicating. Both from the musk of her not properly showering in what you assume days and her leaking protruding member.
>"I-It's from a spell I found, that I used a while back."
"A while back?"
>"I-I may have used it... and wasn't able to undo it."
"That thing is permanent?"
>"N-Not exactly..."
"...What do you mean?"
>You take notice of the stream of precum leaking out of her member's flat surface.
"W-Well... it's an ancient spell. Used for reproduction when times were tough and there weren't any stallions around... and it doesn't go away until the caster c-cu.... ejaculates inside a mare..."
"......Does it matter where inside the mare you have to ejaculate?"
>"I-I don't know. I've never..."
>Moon Dancer's eyes widened upon the realization.
>"Wait, you're not offering..."
"It's just a hypothetical. And wow, what kind of sicko would think that a filly like me would offer that?"
>"I wasn't... I didn't mean to assume."
"Hah. I'm just pulling your leg. But still hypothetically, does it have to be a mare."
"Yes. Hypothetically."
>"Well, life expectancy wasn't exactly long back during those times. So it may be possible for a filly to... fulfill that role."
"Huh... well good luck with that."
>You proceed to leave, figuring to come back to ask about how research is going later.
>You pause in your tracks, turning around with a null expression.
>"I-It's just that... I had this problem for years... a-and every time I get close to a stallion they're weirded out or see me just as a friend. And whenever I get close to a mare, they get scared off, thinking I want to be more than just friends."
>Moon Dancer fidgets in place, standing against the bookshelf with both hooves trying to pull her sweater down.
>"It's hard..."
>Your eyes wander again to her protruding member, still leaking precum from her initial session.
"Yeah I can see that. What does this have to do with me though?"
>"It's just that... maybe you could..."
"That was a hypothetical. Besides this sounds like a 'you' issue, not mine."
>"Please don't make me beg."
"I'm not going to make you do anything. I don't want any part of this. You're on your own."
>As you walk away, your ears perk up as you hear a faint quiet sobbing from behind.
>You turn your neck back to see Moon Dancer sobbing quietly into her hooves.
"Are you seriously fucking crying?"
>"I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."
"Oh my god. You're crying."
>"W-What's god?"
"Somepony who shouldn't have allowed you to exist. I mean seriously. You used a spell you knew was pseudo-permanent. You didn't go to a doctor to ask for professional help. And now you're asking a filly to take care of a problem for you. How pathetic can you get?"
>You hear a quiet whimper from her as she tries to cover her eyes with her forehooves.
>"I-I'm sorry..."
>As she sobs, her erection is still throbbing consistently. It's even twitching a bit.
"Wait..... are you getting off to this?"
>"W-What? N-No I'm not..."
"Oh my god you are."
>"I-I'm not..."
>You let out a laugh, her cock twitches more so as Moon Dancer lowers her ears and covers her eyes in shame.
>"That's so pathetic. Not only did you fuck up massively, consider on doing something that would get you on a sex-offender registry, but you're also enjoying it."
>Moon Dancer sniffs as she wipes her tears under her wet glasses.
>"N-No I-I'm n-not..."
"Then explain why you're so horny."
>You casually point to her member that's leaking even more precum, without even touching it.
>"N-No... I'm not like that. I c-can't."
"You can't help it can you? Your cock is just begging for a release. I can tell."
>"I-I don't..."
>You smirk as you lay against the ground next to her.
"Well? Aren't you going to take care of it? That's what you were doing before weren't you?"
"Do it."
>Moon Dancer sniffs before wiping her eyes again, her hoof already soaked in salty tears as she slides down against the bookcase. She reluctantly wraps her forehoof, soaked in salty liquids, around her throbbing member.
>You hear long strokes as she schlicks her throbbing cock back and forth. The liquid streaming from the tip becoming its own lubricant as it mixes with her tears.
>You could hear panting moans in between her sobs as she obediently strokes herself.
"Do it."
>Her legs twitched in response as you urged her further. Her ears dropped down as she sniffed again, stroking it even faster.
"Come on. Show me how pathetic you are. To cum in front of a filly. Not even inside her, just wasting it all on the floor where it belongs. Show me what you've done multiple times before alone by yourself."
>Faint wet sobs are heard as Moon Dancer's hips trusted up in response. Her panting increasing further as tears continue streaming down her eyes.
>Eventually her entire body flexed itself as her hooves curled up, her hips rocking upwards. Her balls tensed as the flare tip flared up as a long stream of pouring shame erupted from the base.
>Much of the thick white liquid splattered shamefully on the floor tiles in front of her. Small waves of semen continuously bursted forth into a small dribble dripping from her member.
>Heavy panting came from Moon Dancer as you smirked, satisfied with seeing it all.
"Clean yourself up. You don't want anypony finding out what a mess you made."
>You turn to leave towards the door, only taking a small glance back at Moon Dancer, looking back at you with hazy eyes, longing for you.
>You snorted as you turned back to close the door behind you.
You are a real bab now!
>At an open air cafe
>You gots yur self a problem
>"Seriously Anon whatever a rape is that can't be possible."
>Several pones have repeatedly stated rape just isn't a thing.
>A conflict of interests at least in time management should arise some issues.
"What if you get fucked, and then miss your train! Hunh? What happens then Purple!"
>Saddly this isn't Twilight Sparkle, but Purple Heart former royal guard and the lastest who would put up with this shit talk.
>Also his friend Spunky who you asked last.
>"Yah wee spe' of thin' thin' a fu' 'ould stop me. Daft 'unt. Even if I wanna beina fu' and ma' it tuh the train the time holds still till yur fu'ing dun yeh."
>That's bullshit.
>"I'll show yeh."
>He throws the table up into the air toward you, drinks splashing out
>You feel something press against your folds.
"Stop! Don't do that!"
>Spunky is behind you rubbing the long throbbing horse meat of the law on the bait.
>The fucking table and crap stopped, mid air.
>Grass, wind, and other ponies are going about their day as normal.
>Only the table about to hit your face along with the drinks are stopped.
"What the fuck."
>Every once in a while everything loops back around.
>Every pony, and everything as if reality is a short aninated gif.
>You feel the rod pull away
>And your face is hit by a table.
Added to the doc, thank you.

Super QT.
312250 313797
>"Hey Anonfilly I'll have to be out for a long while, this is your foalsitter. My little filly is very independent and intelligent. I'm sure you'll both get along great!"
immediately find the nearest set of repeating numbers and ask him to check it out for me, AKA the only correct thing.
312277 312896


Fillies are notorious hypocrites.
You act like purple isn’t one.

filli lov disemboddied tramsperant peenor
The ghost of her former dick
Is that gay?
312914 312922 312925 312928
is it gay to suck your own dick?
Then yes, it's gay.
Is it gay to give yourself a handjob?
312936 312937
no, that's just standard masturbation
>thats just standard masturbation
>Its not sucking a dick, its chad-tier masturbation
312938 312941
Then how come sucking one’s own d*ck isn’t?
312942 312991
It’s not gay to get your dick sucked, but it is gay to suck a dick.
It's gay for any man to touch dick sexually, even if it's a man touching his own dick sexually. Masturbation is degenerate. But if a natural futa pony waifu existed, touching her dick would only be gay if you believed the penis outweighed everything that makes her female.
Reddit is down the street
How is that degenerate?
>not posting a weenie hut jr meme
have you never seen spongebob
Fuck off Nigel.
Would you want a long bearded man geezer with missing teeth going to town on your dick? No! That's gay.

Sucking your own dick is also like seeing a woman eat her own pussy.
>Do you want dick in your mouth?
No. Then it's gay.
>If you had a clone right next to you would you suck his dick?
No. That's gay, but is also you so you'll have to talk it over to see if you want to continue sucking dick.
So some reasons why you might be TEMPTED.
>For the sake of a loved one to spice up the love making.
If you take another man's dick you're exhibiting faggotry.

The simple test is this if it's yes you have the gay.
Do you want to be stuffed with cocks?
Do you enjoy having ANY meat rod inside you?
Do you enjoy being hit, slapped, ejaculated on by the same sex as you?
If you had the choice to take dick would you?
Would you want to do it again and why?

If you answer no you may have the gay mental virus structure.
Does the futaniari have a natural Vagina?
Were you cooersed into doing an activity?
On a futa would you prefer to service the pussy or dick?

The thing is most of it is about safe sex, and making sure to avoid ruining lives of others.
Do those things and you'll be okay. Just keep in mind there is a valid reason why many degenerates slip into being a tool to destroy the nations, communities, and peoples.
Mental infections have a tendency to attract more and more and to spread as far and wide as possible.
Keep your mind healthy and ready to automatically dismantle hostile thought structures (that includes addictions).
Anonfilly - Am I Being Detained.png

Yes you are


Oh Come on Anon,Don't be a "Horses ass"

Damn, it's like every half-assed filly edit I make ends up getting posted. Fuck.
313390 313580 313601 313602
Sorry this is late as fuck, got busy and then forgot about it for a bit but I try to be a man of my word.
"Hey, Twilight."
>"Oh my Celestia, what?"
"Did you know that the griffins can utilize the tree of life to influence real-world events with force of will?"
>Ever since Twilight finally got hooked up to the internet again, you've been hooked.
>So many alternate versions of your favorite things to catch up on, many of them now starring ponies instead of humans.
>Who would've thought that Escape From New York could be improved by Snake being a badass mare?
>In any case, you've figured out that something like 4chan exists here.
>It's a bit hard to track down, but Twist, being the lonely young mare she is, told you how (likely in exchange for your friendship).
>There are only a few boards and the domain name is fucking gibberish, but it feels a lot like home.
>From what you can tell it's mostly fillies and mares, since a lot of the threads devolve into endless posting about stallions during heat season, lmao.
>Since the only three boards right now are /n/ (Neighponese culture) /b/ (Self-explanatory) and /r/ (Raid), most of the political discussion takes place on the OPG (Outerlands Politics General).
>But all acronyms and shorthand (shorthoof?) aside, your eyes have been opened to the Griffins.
>They're like the jews of your world, but even more physically dangerous due to their imposing talons and sharp beaks.
>Apparently they're currently crippled economically due to their inherent greed being of a self-destructive nature to their society when there's a shortage of wealth, and so a good bit of the discussion currently is how to get rid of them.
>You've spent many nights detailing how some sort of "solid-fuel firework cannon" could funtion to throw metal projectiles a long distance and obliterate any griffin where they stand.
>In O&O, of course.
>Twilight continues walking without another word.
>You follow her into a building, not paying much attention to where it is until you see other ponies sitting in a waiting room.
"Uh, Purple? Where are we?"
>"We're going to get you psychologically evaluated. You've been exhibiting various non-equine personality traits lately and we need to remedy that."
"I'm not a pony though..."
>Clearly done with dealing with you, her horn shines and you feel your eyes droop as she forces you to sleep.
>When you wake up, you've been secured to a table and you see wires running to your head, most likely electrodes.
>An unfamiliar voice calmly speaks in your ear.
>"Just think naturally. Let your thoughts come to you as they would in everyday life."
>Oh god, a mind reader.
>Of course, as soon as you're told to think calmly you have no idea how to direct your thoughts.
>The griffins did this, they're going to take you away because you know too much.
>And they'll lobotomize you, and...
>"I've seen enough."
>It's Twilight's voice this time.
"M-mom, I'm-"
>"I'll see you in a month to see how your rehabilitation is going.
>Your pupils shrink and you hang your fuzzy head.
"I-I didn't do anything wrong..."
>Your bindings are released, but you feel powerful magic holding your legs in place now.
>"It isn't what you did, it's what you thought. It's a good thing we identified your dangerous thought patterns before they could hurt anycreature."
>A griffin wearing a stethoscope removes the electrode-like devices from your forehead.
>As Twilight carries you out of the room and into the hallway that must lead further into the asylum, you can hear the griffin barely audibly say something aloud:
>"The Equum know."
medium (1).png
Excellent green.
>Thought crimes
>The (((Griffons))) know! OY VEY!

filly cute.jpg

313510 313568

Thanks frends. Glad they were enjoyed.
And ditto on the apology for the late reply.

I'll take four. For some fun group activities such as sucking at videia because of mystery hooves. Unless that's false in which case it might be a challenge.
Fantastic read. Thank you lone, it’s amazing.
>not just repeatedly screaming inside your head "I KNOW MY RIGHTS! I KNOW MY RIGHTS! I KNOW MY RIGHTS!"
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video)
File (hide): 018B6009FCB577F9BF50FB4DB1B19859-4023457.webm (3.8 MB, Resolution:960x540 Length:00:00:12, 1574828832000.webm) [play once] [loop]
File (hide): CF621F6980A82C60AE6A32838EC3A2D1-739287.webm (722.0 KB, Resolution:334x360 Length:00:00:16, jockelder.webm) [play once] [loop]
File (hide): A5DE59DACF3E17D323A3AB918B42B5D4-1493014.webm (1.4 MB, Resolution:774x380 Length:00:01:18, 2332010__tbc_placeholder.webm) [play once] [loop]
>tfw your mind starts up all the memes and music and sound effects
>here is a very small sample
>You're still determined to be mentally unstable
Anonfilly poster rape.png

313830 313846

Ask if he like pone Lewis and the news
reminder that this thread is a fraction of what it once was both here and back on 4chan, and zero effort is being made to reconnect
Content is king.
313837 313845 313846
This artist always was so zebradom positive. I really wonder how many zebradom pic he have hidden in his stash
Filly maden.png

There's literally two pictures before that that could be zebra dom before I did that low effort change to big Mac. One of the two was just anonfilly as a zebra. Unless you're talking about the Zala pictures but those are more like the opposite of zigger dom. Unless you want me to make more low effort edits to past drawings to be zigged.
If anything I've drawn to much griffin and filly.
>whole first page are just zebras and different fillies
Lmao, he is going pretty hard with that
no necc.png
To be honest I would be more worried about the filly neck above anything else
Half, half is apple horse.
And all of those are low effort variations of the same picture to have different fillies. The first zeeb was for shitposting the others was just my autistic need for completeness.
>tfw tendies get stuck in filly's tiny throat and she gets sent to the doctor