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Anonfilly Thread - Howdy Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>292891 →
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Fillies are notorious hypocrites.
You act like purple isn’t one.

filli lov disemboddied tramsperant peenor
The ghost of her former dick
Is that gay?
312914 312922 312925 312928
is it gay to suck your own dick?
Then yes, it's gay.
Is it gay to give yourself a handjob?
312936 312937
no, that's just standard masturbation
>thats just standard masturbation
>Its not sucking a dick, its chad-tier masturbation
312938 312941
Then how come sucking one’s own d*ck isn’t?
312942 312991
It’s not gay to get your dick sucked, but it is gay to suck a dick.
It's gay for any man to touch dick sexually, even if it's a man touching his own dick sexually. Masturbation is degenerate. But if a natural futa pony waifu existed, touching her dick would only be gay if you believed the penis outweighed everything that makes her female.
Reddit is down the street
How is that degenerate?
>not posting a weenie hut jr meme
have you never seen spongebob
Fuck off Nigel.
Would you want a long bearded man geezer with missing teeth going to town on your dick? No! That's gay.

Sucking your own dick is also like seeing a woman eat her own pussy.
>Do you want dick in your mouth?
No. Then it's gay.
>If you had a clone right next to you would you suck his dick?
No. That's gay, but is also you so you'll have to talk it over to see if you want to continue sucking dick.
So some reasons why you might be TEMPTED.
>For the sake of a loved one to spice up the love making.
If you take another man's dick you're exhibiting faggotry.

The simple test is this if it's yes you have the gay.
Do you want to be stuffed with cocks?
Do you enjoy having ANY meat rod inside you?
Do you enjoy being hit, slapped, ejaculated on by the same sex as you?
If you had the choice to take dick would you?
Would you want to do it again and why?

If you answer no you may have the gay mental virus structure.
Does the futaniari have a natural Vagina?
Were you cooersed into doing an activity?
On a futa would you prefer to service the pussy or dick?

The thing is most of it is about safe sex, and making sure to avoid ruining lives of others.
Do those things and you'll be okay. Just keep in mind there is a valid reason why many degenerates slip into being a tool to destroy the nations, communities, and peoples.
Mental infections have a tendency to attract more and more and to spread as far and wide as possible.
Keep your mind healthy and ready to automatically dismantle hostile thought structures (that includes addictions).
Anonfilly - Am I Being Detained.png

Yes you are


Oh Come on Anon,Don't be a "Horses ass"

Damn, it's like every half-assed filly edit I make ends up getting posted. Fuck.
313390 313580 313601 313602
Sorry this is late as fuck, got busy and then forgot about it for a bit but I try to be a man of my word.
"Hey, Twilight."
>"Oh my Celestia, what?"
"Did you know that the griffins can utilize the tree of life to influence real-world events with force of will?"
>Ever since Twilight finally got hooked up to the internet again, you've been hooked.
>So many alternate versions of your favorite things to catch up on, many of them now starring ponies instead of humans.
>Who would've thought that Escape From New York could be improved by Snake being a badass mare?
>In any case, you've figured out that something like 4chan exists here.
>It's a bit hard to track down, but Twist, being the lonely young mare she is, told you how (likely in exchange for your friendship).
>There are only a few boards and the domain name is fucking gibberish, but it feels a lot like home.
>From what you can tell it's mostly fillies and mares, since a lot of the threads devolve into endless posting about stallions during heat season, lmao.
>Since the only three boards right now are /n/ (Neighponese culture) /b/ (Self-explanatory) and /r/ (Raid), most of the political discussion takes place on the OPG (Outerlands Politics General).
>But all acronyms and shorthand (shorthoof?) aside, your eyes have been opened to the Griffins.
>They're like the jews of your world, but even more physically dangerous due to their imposing talons and sharp beaks.
>Apparently they're currently crippled economically due to their inherent greed being of a self-destructive nature to their society when there's a shortage of wealth, and so a good bit of the discussion currently is how to get rid of them.
>You've spent many nights detailing how some sort of "solid-fuel firework cannon" could funtion to throw metal projectiles a long distance and obliterate any griffin where they stand.
>In O&O, of course.
>Twilight continues walking without another word.
>You follow her into a building, not paying much attention to where it is until you see other ponies sitting in a waiting room.
"Uh, Purple? Where are we?"
>"We're going to get you psychologically evaluated. You've been exhibiting various non-equine personality traits lately and we need to remedy that."
"I'm not a pony though..."
>Clearly done with dealing with you, her horn shines and you feel your eyes droop as she forces you to sleep.
>When you wake up, you've been secured to a table and you see wires running to your head, most likely electrodes.
>An unfamiliar voice calmly speaks in your ear.
>"Just think naturally. Let your thoughts come to you as they would in everyday life."
>Oh god, a mind reader.
>Of course, as soon as you're told to think calmly you have no idea how to direct your thoughts.
>The griffins did this, they're going to take you away because you know too much.
>And they'll lobotomize you, and...
>"I've seen enough."
>It's Twilight's voice this time.
"M-mom, I'm-"
>"I'll see you in a month to see how your rehabilitation is going.
>Your pupils shrink and you hang your fuzzy head.
"I-I didn't do anything wrong..."
>Your bindings are released, but you feel powerful magic holding your legs in place now.
>"It isn't what you did, it's what you thought. It's a good thing we identified your dangerous thought patterns before they could hurt anycreature."
>A griffin wearing a stethoscope removes the electrode-like devices from your forehead.
>As Twilight carries you out of the room and into the hallway that must lead further into the asylum, you can hear the griffin barely audibly say something aloud:
>"The Equum know."
medium (1).png
Excellent green.
>Thought crimes
>The (((Griffons))) know! OY VEY!

filly cute.jpg

313510 313568

Thanks frends. Glad they were enjoyed.
And ditto on the apology for the late reply.

I'll take four. For some fun group activities such as sucking at videia because of mystery hooves. Unless that's false in which case it might be a challenge.
Fantastic read. Thank you lone, it’s amazing.
>not just repeatedly screaming inside your head "I KNOW MY RIGHTS! I KNOW MY RIGHTS! I KNOW MY RIGHTS!"
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video)
File (hide): 018B6009FCB577F9BF50FB4DB1B19859-4023457.webm (3.8 MB, Resolution:960x540 Length:00:00:12, 1574828832000.webm) [play once] [loop]
File (hide): CF621F6980A82C60AE6A32838EC3A2D1-739287.webm (722.0 KB, Resolution:334x360 Length:00:00:16, jockelder.webm) [play once] [loop]
File (hide): A5DE59DACF3E17D323A3AB918B42B5D4-1493014.webm (1.4 MB, Resolution:774x380 Length:00:01:18, 2332010__tbc_placeholder.webm) [play once] [loop]
>tfw your mind starts up all the memes and music and sound effects
>here is a very small sample
>You're still determined to be mentally unstable
Anonfilly poster rape.png

313830 313846

Ask if he like pone Lewis and the news
reminder that this thread is a fraction of what it once was both here and back on 4chan, and zero effort is being made to reconnect
Content is king.
313837 313845 313846
This artist always was so zebradom positive. I really wonder how many zebradom pic he have hidden in his stash
Filly maden.png

There's literally two pictures before that that could be zebra dom before I did that low effort change to big Mac. One of the two was just anonfilly as a zebra. Unless you're talking about the Zala pictures but those are more like the opposite of zigger dom. Unless you want me to make more low effort edits to past drawings to be zigged.
If anything I've drawn to much griffin and filly.
>whole first page are just zebras and different fillies
Lmao, he is going pretty hard with that
no necc.png
To be honest I would be more worried about the filly neck above anything else
Half, half is apple horse.
And all of those are low effort variations of the same picture to have different fillies. The first zeeb was for shitposting the others was just my autistic need for completeness.
>tfw tendies get stuck in filly's tiny throat and she gets sent to the doctor
It's okay Harvey, we still love your art.
fancy anon.png


Yeah, my pussy is pretty cool. Thanks bro.

Filly needs heavy petting.
H.P. in H.P. Lovecraft means hoers pussy
"I don't think I like being the filly anymore no sir not at all."
>That gastly voice erks out.
>That's why you have closed your eyes and try as best you can to stay still.
>"But Anon I thought this is what you wanted?"
"It was until the world became a horror show."
>Nope, nope, nope not thinking about it nope nope nope.
>The slow dissolving of the cheerful world once you've turned to a filly entering pony school wasn't at all expected.
"I now fully understand H.P. Lovecraft with his vibrant constant terror, see Twilight I love you really do as a friend can. But you see whatever has happened has put such a punch into the fabric of reality as I know it that all I see and feel is disgust and mostly mortal fear."
"I don't know how much longer I can deal with this Twilight, resting barely helps, eating is sickening, and I'm barely aware of what really is going on."
"I'm awful at painting and writing but once I show you this small part of what I now see I hope there is a cure. If this spreads to you, then..."
"I've been working on it for months now. It doesn't quite have all the nuance this forsaken mind whammy reality has."
>"Anon, somepony just used poison joke as a prank in the school months ago. We have a bath ready here."
>This is all a joke?
>Wait it's over! Yes!
>You rush over to the bath, unveiling your works.
>Twilight Sparkle screams.
>pic related

>mfw no face
314632 314635

>Gay shit
>Canadian flag
Checks out.
Is this the shitpost bot?
>weak deflection
>canadian flag
cope seethe sneed chuck nigger nigger suck my dick bitch baby
Shadow is pic related
314639 314673
and here I was thinking it was this
you know what, fug it
/r/ing filly chilling with Gondola somewhere
314675 314676
I forgot this image existed, but I love it all the same!


314709 314712 314811
File (hide): 7824569A8D95D700D70E0B9024CE8661-176227.webm (172.1 KB, Resolution:480x360 Length:00:00:06, 2670642.webm) [play once] [loop]

Thicc plush
Cum on plushie
first, is there a canonical look for anon's(human) mom and dad?
if so, could i request them ponyfied?
i've tried to request it on (3^1.261859507144)chan's /mlp/, but its been ignored(although perhaps it was because i called for "this man's(anonfilly) mom and dad ponified", and the said that their names could be anonmilf and anondilf, but eh)
>poof tf
>not glorious slow transformation starting with her hindhooves so she can cry and plead and beg to no avail, as merciless Twilight with glowing horn looks down on her
>Your little horse body feels like shit.
>You got the gAids.
>Actually just huffed a can of Celestia-Os for industrial radiation proofing.
>Should have made you immune to the wrathful sun butt, but alas instead it feels like you're trying to dig your own grave with a te spoon, and it's incessantly talking about the gay boner it has for the token rainbow reject.
>You feel like you've been ran over a couple of times with a drunk bender.
"Twi ya fugni gunna give em the right foee what yeah here punk kid munk yeh you's poosrr."
>"Anon. Shut up."
"Like my anusus bag you suspicious pissious produced pickle barrle!"
>"I swear on Celestia's mum Anon I'll give you another lobotomy!"
"Wet and gushy in your phorsey Purple Twilight."
>"For crimes against the glorious Equestrian language I cast retardation."
>Unfortunately for Twilight magic is part radiation.
>As the beam bounces around the room after hitting Anon in the noggin, it stops once it is lodged into the exit of a tea cup.
>Reality is now falling apart.
>Chile us the new radish.
>You're now the Anon Filly with a vacant stare a mile wide and just as dumb as the analogy.
"Clearly thank you dearest Sparkle my good lass, have another cuppa on the house of horse."
>"Me no speak fagit."
"Yes, cheerio purp-purp my fag. Pep it up Purple my glaring weakness for undetermined faggotry is still unknown."
>Purple then hits you with a stick.
>Because you're not actually Anonymous but a changing spy.
>Called Anthraqkz.
>It was supposed to be easy impersonating the local retard, but live and learn.
>Mostly learn because Twilight Sparkle is beating the love out of you.

>Anonymous wakes up as a human on Earth once again
>A man who's black offers two choices.
>All that is seen now is green.
>"Anon! You're alive!"
"Nuh-uh. Too loud bookest hores."
>Jingle too the tune of four quarters plays out as the classic Marecharachi band.
>Reality is a sandwhich.
>Twilight stares up and out over the whorizone to gasp at Sun Butt's glistening ponut in the shy.
>The moral of the story is wear protection.
>Because both Anon and Twilight suffer from third degree burns and a seared indentation no matter where they look.
>Which is how the Ponish guide stones turned to a cliff hanger for a different story.
No canon. I just assume Dadnon would be a normal anon with a beard and maybe a bit bulky
Mom would be older milf femanon.
Dadnon would be a bulky orange Anon with a horseshoe mustache.
Rip >rape filly anon
>You're Anon, Filly Anon.
>You miss your willy.
>Twilight Sparkle is a foal fiddler.
>If you have Twilight fuck the filly out out of the Anon you get everything back plus an autograph from Rainbow Dash.
>It was in your pocket at the time.
"Lewd me Purple fag!"
>"Later! I'm trying to find the changling so and so and the Trixie."
>Just one of many games you play with Twilight over the years.
>Not getting anything done.
"It's been over twelve years since you even observed the time spell-"
>"Twleve hundred actually."
"Fuck you."
>"You wish."
"I'll do the thing again!"
>Over the past millennia you've gotten pretty good with the super sonic Reeeeeees.
>"Do your worst, it's not like I'm keeping this timeline for anything."
315360 315431 315432 315687
>Be filly or young mare.
>You watch the sunlight glitter in the tiny ripples in the pool.
>You drag one of your green hooves over your full-body swimsuit.
>Why are you wearing a swimsuit when you're naked all the time otherwise?
>You don't know?
>Ponies are crazy.
>The stallions that created the sport were appearently perverts soooo they made females wear more clothes?!
>You sit up in the stand all alone.
>You swipe your hoof across your smart phone and enter a message conversation with a contact named Purple.
>Her latest messages say, "You can still stop you know? There are plenty of other sports that are more fitting the physic of a pretty and young unicorn mare such as yourself, that also includes water. Ever heard of water horse polo?"
>"Us unicorn mares are a bit smaller than pegasi and earth ponies but that's fine and you shouldn't feel bad about that. We can do magic afterall, ;^P I'm just afraid you'll embarrass yourself."
>"Can't you call? Let us just talk about this? I know you have trained but I think you need to be rational. I worry about you, sweetie<3<3<3"
>You shake your head and shut your phone's screen off.
>With your magic you dump your phone in your bag and walk down the stand.
>You navigate into the mares' locker room.
>As you turn a corner, you find two other young mares your age in the room.
>One was a pegasus, she lays on the ground struggling to force herself and her coconut-sized teats into a similar looking marine-blue swimsuit as yours.
>The other mare is already dressed in her swimsuit.
>She giggles into her chocolate-brown hoof as she watched the other mare struggle.
>She is turned away from you.
>You feel a small blush appear on your face and for a moment before your face harden.
>This mare...
>You had been training since early adolesence when you first became a filly.
>Of course in the begining it was in an attempt to regain your male human body.
>But the last year, after you had accepted that this is your life now, you trained for the entrance exams to the Canterlot Keijo school.
>You had put so much sweat, blood, calories, and tears into your toned and thick plot that you were twice the size of an average unicorn.
>Still though, your current body is that of a unicorn and they neither get the fat flanks of earth ponies and big teats of pegasus mares.
>This earth pony mare, who probably has not trained as harsh as you had, was trice the average unicorn if not a bit more.
>You clench your teeth briefly.
>The only upside, if you could call it that, was that her ass had more flab to it than your toned one had.
>Still there were clear muscle behind that layer of fat.
>Your locker door screetch as you open it and you can sense the pair turn their eyes towards you.
>You toss your bag inside and then lock the locker by spining the wheels on the padlock.
>You're about to leave when someone speaks up next to you.
>"Excuse me."
>You turn and see that the brown mare standing next to you.
>She is just an inch taller than you but you stand proud.
>She seems self-concious so she start to fiddle with her front hooves.
>"Ehh, I'm sorry to tell you this but pool's closed due to Keijo. Canterlot's Keijo academy has booked this time for their entrance exams."
>You give her a glare.
"I know. Why do you think I'm wearing this," you say and gesture to your swimsuit.
>She blinks a few times and peeks up at your horn as if she wondering if she might have imagined it.
>You spin on the spot.
>You have half a mind to swat her with you black tail but you decide against it.
>You will show them on the land, that was the plan from the begining afterall.
>You exit the locker room and move up the stand again.
>A group of more mature mares have gathered near the edge of the pool.
>They have brought with them a whiteboard.
>You're warming up and doing mobility excerise along with stretches up in your place in the stand.
>The two mares or well techincally old fillies walked along the pool and towards the whiteboard.
>Your gaze follow the brown pony for a little while.
>Every time a new filly your age appears out at the edge of the pool, you, despite yourself, look if they're a unicorn.
>Soon a whole crowd of ponies have gathered around the whiteboard, doing similar exercises as you but no a single one of them is a unicorn filly.
>You're the only one here.
315432 315608
315439 315608
Come on, Anon! Show those oversized children how it's done!
>The desire to say "That'a filly." Increases.
>"That'a filly."
Although she's still blank.
Thanks for the rad art.
I plan to continue but we'll see.
If that happens.
It will.
>ywn tickle the qt filly

>be anonfilly
>miss having a dick
>thrust your tail into mares
>prehensile hair fisting action
>Be Dark Chocolate.
>Feel bad pepe.
>You spoke before you thought.
>Your best girl: Scarlet Whirlwind is there supporting you, though<3
>”Stop looking so down already. It's a completely valid mistake to make,” she says as she combines a stretch for her legs with her massaging her teats.
>”I thought the same as you did.” She continues as she stands up and lightly flaps her wings. ”I mean there are literally no unicorn keijo players who play in Zero-splash.”
>You nod as you stretch like a cat.
”That's true. Still, though, she looked hurt when I said it, hope she isn't...”
>You look around.
>A whole crowd of ponies of your peers had gathered by now and you just assumed she would be among them.
>However, on closer inspection you can't find her anywhere.
”Where is she anyway? We're starting soon,” you say.
>”Maybe she just wanted to make us feel guilty for making evil assumptions,” says Scarlet and makes air qoutes with her wings. ”She might actually had come here for swiming and then left after we told her the pool was booked.”
>You shrug.
”I don't know but I don't think so.”
>You hear one of the mature mares call you to gather.
>You gather in a half-circle around the instructors and their whiteboard.
>”Okay, listen up ladies. Although you were informed of what we'll do today, we'll do a recap so everyone is on the same page,” a podgy, yellow mare says.
>A purple headband holds her orange puffy mane in place.
>”I'm your head-instructor for today, Adagio Dazzle. Nice to meet you all.”
>She smiles and looks over the crowd.
>”This is the entrance exam for Canterlot's keijo school, also known as CKS. So to clear up the most common misunderstanding, no you don't have to worry, you have all been accepted into CKS. The entrance exams are not to see who will get accepted but in which class we should put you in depending on your skillset."
Filly and humanon check
Before continuing existing tell
>how are you feeling today and why
>would you rather be a humanon or filly
>what's for dinner

I am good, thanks for asking me
Any is fine
I don't know yet but I'm sure it's soup of some kind
>Be the filly.
>The Anonfilly.
>You listen to Adagio Dazzle talk.
>You're half-listening since you actually read the letter the school sent out.
>You're going to compete in six races with ten participants in each.
>Everypony here would do six races unless they were fine with getting a lower overall score.
>Depending on how well you do in one race you're put in a group with players who did about as well you in the previous race.
>From these matches you're judged and placed in either the elite class or the common class.
>You're eyes narrows; you would place in elite.
>”I'll say your name and you pick one of the notes in this bowel. Show that note to Sonata, over there,” Adagio says and gestures with a hoof towards to a blue mare in a white swimsuit.
>Such a white swimsuit that shows that she is an instructor.
>”Anonymous Filly!”
>Ah right.
>Your name does start with the first letter in the alphabet, doesn't it.
>You emerge from the crowd and walk up to Adagio.
>Next to her on a table stands a bowl with folded notes in it.
>Green magic emerges from your horn like gas from a poisionous mushroom.
>One of the papers in the bowl is covered in your magicks and is pulled up to your face.
>What you haven't noticed while taking your piece of paper is that the crowd and the instructors are staring at you.
>”Oh, you're a unicorn,”states Adagio in a surprized voice.
”Yes, I am,” you say while holding back you annoyance in your voice as you turn to face her.
>She blinks a few times.
>She almost seems dumbstruck for a moment.
>You shut your eyes for a moment before speaking up.
”Yes, what about it?”
>”Nothing. Uhh, do you have your protection gear for your horn ready?”
Aaaa what?”
>”I pretty sure it was included in the letter we sent out. Unicorn keijo players have to wear a special protection for their horns while playing. It's like a small cushion around the tip as to avoid other ponies to get their behinds pierced.”
>You read that paper fucking trice.
>They didn't include that whatsoever.
”Well, I read the letter several times. There was nothing about that in the whole letter. I don't have something like that. Does that mean I won't be able to participate?”
>Anger could be heard in the tone of your voice as you spoke your last question.
>Was this a consipracy?
>Was this how they remove unicorns from play? You wondered.
>Adagio makes a dipping motion with her hoof.
>”No, don't you worry about it. I'll find something...” She looks off. ”You just prepare yourself for the upcomming race, I'll fix this. Aria, take over for me.”
>A purple pegasus mare in a white swimsuit nods and takes Adagio's place.
>Adagio then walks in a quick pace towards a nearby building.
>You follow Adagio with your eyes for a moment.
>You're a bit surprised that she would bother to help you but than again.
>Perhaps, she just wants to look like she cares.
>”Move along,” says Aria and motions with a hoof towards Sonata that waves at you with one of her hooves.
>That mare looks genuinely happy though.
>You nod and walk over to Sonata.
>Apparently, you are in group F.
Good fillies use the box
>be anonfilly
>wake up in Ojama Country
pixel filly.png

>call Ojama Lime a faggot
>refuses to elaborate further

Bald filler



>good fillies use the box
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>You're Anonfilly
>And this is your little friend.
<You're Fillyanon
<Tulpaed, just missing ponks and Mr Chan.
>When Twilight found out about your friend first thing she did is ask more.
<The look on her face as she realizes not only could she have a friend or more with her all the time
>potentially forever.
<but you see Twilight has a plethora of magic spells, and now enough magicness power to do some crazy things.
>Luna though started to stalk us in our dreams due to the nature of what's going on.
<Only then did Anon's faggotry abide and where the story finally begins.

"Fillyanon took the cookie from the cookie jar."
<This plan is so stupid.
>The mental filly leaning on the jar simply sighs after her words.
>Twilight looks distraught at the idea that we'd both have to be punished together.
>"Anon, Filly."
>"You know you can have cookies whenever you want?"
>Twilight however perks up
<and clops her hooves.
>"You know what this means?"
>Our stunned silence says everything.
>"The slide show, and the notecards. Eeeee, this is going to be so fun for everypony!"
>Overwhelmed your flank crashes to the floor.
<Twilight dragging you by the tail head to the Twilight Lecture of Doom.
>F for Fillyanon
<F for Anonfilly
318095 318096

Babby is to much for filly
Anon you glorious bastard filly.

Speaking of filly, offshoot Movie night is on.
318156 318158 318192 320336
So this story is based on the premise of: "What if filly was found and taken care of by a banished Sunset Shimmer living in the Everfree and plotting revenge."

>Be Anonfilly.
>On your back lays a bouquet of azure flowers.
>Their pedals overlap one another like a rose but unlike a rose the flower's shape is like that of a thine and pointy egg.
>Some of them have moving blue light inside of them.
>The source of the light isn't blue however, it's just how the petal colors the light from the fireflies that are buzzing around inside the flowers.
>Every time you pull your hooves out of the mud you're wading through you suddenly fall forward and must catch your balance in order of not falling straight into the mess.
>It's raining and it's dark.
>The wind makes the tree crowns dance and provides a constant backdrop of sounds,
>As you push the leaves of some plant out of your way, you hear the noise of another flying insect.
>You know it's not another firefly.
>It's buzzing is louder and sounds like it was made by somepony while they held their nose shut.
>You turn towards the sound and you see it comming towards you in it's regular way; it looks like it's traveling on invisible rails and on different stories of hight which it skips between.
>You almost doubt that it would have helped that much if the wings hadn't been transparent, because the light reflecting of them is to you spread over a pair of qaurter discs.
>The wings are neither at their highest point nor their lowest when you look.
>They are across their whole wingspan.

I might continue. You know how it is with responsibility and us black guys.
I am intrigued.
>and us black guys
Filly understands.
"Let me sing you the song of my people. Again! in Motor Oil River Rundown, Five: Festive F Jamboree."
>The empty concert hall said nothing, but on wednesday or horsefuckday it would be packed.
"Rat Shit, Bat Shit, Dirty Old Twat, sixty nine assholes tied in a knot."
"Hooraaaay! Lizard Shit! FUCK!"
>You'll have time to recover your voice.
>Hammering the fucks and pieces of shit with the intoned time aligned.
"Wow you all are excited! Here we go again in Here We Go Again."
>Right about now you'll be hit by spotlights and it's going to be blinding.
>Due to the cosmetic shades.
"Piss monkey, that's for you yellow paper rags! Anon Wants My Yellow and Blue!"
>Yeah Anon is going to pay you back for this little stunt.
>It's all a friendly rivalry.
>Probably going to release the dress up pics on a lost dare.
"My surprise date rape drug can't be this illegal!"
>Okay the tease should be done by now.
>So what this means the fan favorite song, Making Shit up as You Go.
>Even got them an all one-mail. MMMM fact...
>The empty bin .
"Lastly for tonight'sTitts out and out. ".
"By the expert Doc Anon."
>The empty room feels a bit less empty now.
>Let's show them what we got as a duet.
>You have one thing to say.
>Goodnighy night everypony and everyone else."
318193 318206 320336
>Imagine the sound of thunder.
>It kinda sounds like a shout being fired with reverberation.
>That sound but quieter than for a real lightningbolt is made when you snap your horn and in the next moment a rope made of electricity whips the bug.
>It's burnt corpse falls down into the mud.
>The mud is so thick that only the giant mosguito's body sinks a bit while the needle-like legs do not.
>The smell slithers up and pushes itself into your face like a fluffy tail but your nostrils tell you it stinks.

Thought I post in smaller packages but more often.
>The bridge of your snout rise like a cat's who hisses.
>You leave the disgusting smell with haste as evoking lightning takes a lot of energy, go figure, and where one dread mosguito is there are more.
>Everytime you pull you're hoof out of the mud, there's this sound like a huge toad quack.
>After walking through the moat of mud, you finally walk up on solid ground.
>Still not dry with the rain and all that but you don't have to worry about tripping as much.


>You, Fluttershy, could hardly believe the mouth of this poor filly.
>The green filly huffs once again.
>You need to do something and Anon always said if the solution you came up with didn't work rape would.
>Or violence...
>Or sometimes friendship...
>But rape is tried and true!
>Why Angel Bunny toned down being rude.
>This is the same situation here, and Anon your trusted friend would have done the same.
>Because if you work together to rape its using friendship and rape!
>If you're a bit rough that means violence also is used and whatever problem should be resolved.
"P-please watch your languag-"
>"Go jump off a bridge."
"Umm if you don't mind I'm going to have to rape you for that."
>Her face scrunches in confusion.
>Okay Fluttershy just do what Anon would do if somepony hurt one of his friends.
>Maybe not, if somepony just pissed in his cereal...
>maybe not that either...
>Oh sometimes he says this and it seems to work most of the time.
"Surprise butt secks motherbucker."
>"Wait whaaaa~ noooooo."

Gang rape is better.
>gang rape
Rape reality Anonmare/ Anonfilly, while you eat at a picnic. AI creation.
318752 318927 318931
Back with another continuation of the Futa Moondancer and Anonfilly series. This time it's an alternate timeline where Anonfilly actually already sucked the curse out of her. Cept not really.

>The memory of having MoonDick's cock being shoved balls deep down your throat and cumming directly down your stomach is still fresh in your mind.
>You ended up spilling out your insides down a toilet bowl because your stomach couldn't handle the volume of her spunk.
>The bitter aftertaste of stomach acid and cum is still fresh in your mind and your throat is still sore as hell.
>At least it was over, and her cock disappeared right afterwards.
>The experience was overall pretty horrible afterwards and you told the nerd that it was a one-time-thing you did as a friend and that she owes you.
>Moon Ex-Dick has been much happier and friendlier since, but you still get those longing stares from her from across the library.
>You're sure it's just because of what happened last time.

>A week later you see Moondork coming up to you in the Canterlot library all flutter-shy like.
>"Hey, Green?"
>You we're about to greet her until you're met with an intimately familiar throbbing sight.
>"It... came back."
>MoonDick was back and you immediately tighten your lips.

>"I know you said it was a one time thing and-"
"Nuh-ah. Nope!"
>You turn right around to leave.
>But you're stopped in your tracks with levitation.
>Fucking wot?
>You cannot move, but you must scream.
>"I'm sorry Green, but you're the only pony I can rely on for this."
>You try to respond, but she immediately notices you can't and release your head.
"Let me go! I already said no."
>She levitates you closer to her, closer to her member. It's right in your face and you can smell it's musk wafting off of it.
>It was right against your muzzle, precum was already starting to dripple out of it.
>Looking back up to glade at her, you could tell she wasn't in the right mind. Her eyes were hazy with lust and longing. She was panting heavily.
>You should have seen this coming to be honest.
>Yet despite that you sealed your mouth shut.

>"I see, then I guess I'm left with no choice then."
>You could see those eyes weren't of one of mercy. Fear immediately grips you as her horn glows again, and you could feel something weird happening inside your mouth.
>A small magical circle swirls open in front of MoonDouche as she steps back a bit.
>You felt fresh air reaching the insides of your mouth along with a strange tang of magic.
>"I'm sorry Green, but I need this. You made me like this. This is all your fault."
>She starts then aiming her shaft at the opening and pushing its length in and releasing a groan.
>It was only then you realized what was happening as you felt her familiar member slide down your throat unwillingly.
>You tried to squirm and writhe your body, but you were still held in place.
>You couldn't even bite down on it, as it's length protruded from the inside of your mouth behind your teeth.
>"Fuck... yes..."
>Her entire length was down your throat without you even opening your jaws, and you were helpless to do anything about it as Moondancer picked up the pace.
>It was painful, as you weren't mentally prepared for it.
>All you could do was take it as she rammed her member in and out your throat.
>She occasionally pulled out to allow you to breath, as you couldn't breathe through your nose this way.
>Eventually as she repeatedly rammed your filly throat you gave up and stopped keeping your mouth shut.
>Moondancer took notice of this and pulled out her cock out of her portal.

>You inhaled a desperate gasp of air as your lungs were no longer obscured.
>As she approaches you, her magic releases you as you collapse on the ground.
>"Finally gave up? That's good..."
>She held your head in her hooves as she pushed you towards her lap.
>Her throbbing member was in front of your muzzle again, pressing hard against your lips.
>You immediately obeyed and parted them, allowing her to enter you as she holds your head in place, bobbing you up and down as she moans in pleasure.

>You couldn't tell what was happening anymore as your sense of time starts to get muddled.
>You just wanted this to be over, but you also know what's going to happen before then.
>Moondancer continues to throat fuck you as you allow your tongue to slip out, relaxing your body to accept as much of her as you can.
>Your throat burned with friction, the throbbing member leaking it's precum down your throat, the taste of bitter marecum staining your insides.
>It was too much, far too much for you to handle. There was just so much.
>"I'm so close Green, this is for you."
>You felt her hooves push down on your head hard as you're forced to go balls deep on her, passing her ring.
>"F-Fuck I'm cumming!"
>You felt her warm crotch pressing on your lips, as her balls tensed up and hip trusted into you.
>You felt waves pulsating from her member as waves of spunk being poured directly into your stomach.
>Everything continued pouring into you endlessly, her rod filled completely.
>A splurge of cum exceeded the amount you could handle and erupted up from her cock and out your nostrils.
>Burning hot cum and stomach acid stained your senses as you cried.

>One week later you're at home in your bed.
>You haven't talked to MoonCunt in that time.
>God damn it you've been raped.
>Probably should tell Twi, but she'd probably not believe you considering the shit you pulled on her.
>Also MoonDick's dick disappeared again, so you can't use that as evidence.
>MoonCunt also cleaned up her spunk out of you before you could leave, no evidence you guess.
>Your throat is still sore.
>You just wanted to suck mare dick, but not like this.
>You finally close your eyes to drift to sleep.
>Yfw you feel a familiar magic shimmer appear in your mouth.


Added to the doc.



>Be Anonfilly.
>Be carried on zebra back in a zebra pack your mane is back in black?
>Anyway, the zebra pack isn't just bringing you along but is also carrying another filly.
>She has a light clementine colored fur with a sky blue mane and white cap.
>One the cap is pink heart with the name, 'Anon,' written on it.
>The zebra's stop as they encounter a group of changelings and start conversing with them.
>The zebra's have been carrying you across a mostly flat and desolate countryside with only grass and boulders.
Don't know the Little League mythos but Anon needed a companion so here she is.
>Sniff sniff.
>"What is it? What do you smell?" one of the zebra's asks the other zebra who sniffed the air.
>"Mare-flesh. They pick up on our trail."
>The zebras and changelings begin to gallop.

>Far away from this pack, you're a purple pony with a broken horn: Tempest Shadow.
>You hold one ear flat to the rock beneath you.
"They must have sensed us. They picked up their pace."
>A brown pegasus looks off into the horizon.
"Daring Doo. What does your pegasus eyes see?"
>"They're taking the taking the fillies to ice-n-gaurd."

So I been watchin' the Lord of the rings lately. So yeah this is complete trash. Don't know what compelled me to post it. I'm sorry.
Purple is shivering.
320335 320347
>Be Anonfilly.
>You're just chillaxing or is that normalfag speech?
>Regardless, you aren't much for shenanigans right now.
>There's nothing wrong with being comfy in-between shitposting.
>Well, actually you never shitpost and you don't need to somepony else fills that quota.
>Unfortunely, and speaking of...
>A teal filly jumps up next to you on the sofa.
"Not now, sis. Don't you see that I'm reading?" you say and tap the cover of the book your holding without looking up.
>"Whatever nerd. Look what I got, bro," she says.
>You just continue reading.
"It's not bro. We're both female now. It's time you accepted that."
>"Whatever fag. Just look." She pulls down you book and pushes something in your face.
>It's glass jar filled with brown bicuits with chocolate bar pieces baked into it.
>You roll your eyes and shift your position so your view of the text won't be obscured by the cookie-jar.
"We're both adults, Nonny. Who cares about cookies?"
>"No, I'm a filly and as a filly it's fine if I get excited about cookies." She opens the jar and you catch a whiff of chocolate. "Do you want one?"
>You feel something nudge your cheek and you turn your head.
>Your teal sis is holding a cookie in her mouth.
>You blush as she brings the cookie closer to you lips.
>You part them and she sticks it in.
>You don't bite off and she continues.
>Then your lips met.
>Then she twist her jaw and the cookie breaks in half.
>You chew each part of it as look at each other an inch apart.
>After you shallow, you feel those lips upon you again but this time bare.
>A tongue slips in and starts to conquer your mouth.
>"What in the darkest part of Nightmare Moon are you doing?!" a voice behind you shouts.
>The two of you both jump away from each other and snap you heads towards the sound.
>There stands purple with a furious grimace on her face.
"It's not what it looks like," you begin.
>"Isn't it?" she roars. "Then why is the cookiejar open, hmmm?"
Yeah, you probably saw that coming.
>"You two will be eating nothing but soap for the rest of the afternoon for this," she says and carries the jar out the room with magic.
>You blink a few times.
>The teal filly turns to you and says, "Should we try doing the samething with did with the cookie but with a bar of soap?"
~"Nothing lasts forever, aids never ends."
So I decided to continue this.
>There're less trees here but there's one tall as four-story building.
>The thick trunk is bare for several feets.
>All branches have been cut off a long time ago.
>You walk up to it's base and look up.
>A rope is coiled around a branch higher up.
>With you magic, you unwrap the rope and throw it down to yourself.
>With your front hooves, you squeeze the rope and pull the rest of you body from the ground.
>Then you move both your hindlegs to the left side of the rope.
>Then you extend your right back hoof and then use your left back hoof to pull the rope around the right one and then squeeze the rope bwteen them.
>After this, you begin to climb.
>You pull yourself up a new length with your forehooves and then follow suit with your back hooves.
>You climb pass a bunch of boards cobbled together so they look like a floor and swing off onto it.
>She put the rope back again with a wave of her horn.
>On the floor she stood on was a tree house the size of a real house.
>It was hard to see from below due to the leaves of the tree crown blocking the view.
>Your horn glow green as you start to mumble words.
>A circular plate is on the door.
>The inscriptions on it begin to fill with green light as you chant.
>You hear a click.
>You immediately push the the door open with your snout.
>Inside is mostly dark with the exception of a few candles here and there.
>You step inside, close the door, dry your hooves off with a nearby towel, and navigate the house with ease.
>You enter a room and found who you were looking for: Your mom.
"Mother," you say with a shaky voice.
>A mustard furred mare turns from a table cluttered with open books and gives you a scrutinizing look.
>"Yes?" she asks with eyes that signals to you that she already suspect what you will tell her.
Stop it! It'll be fine.
"I searched over the whole hill but I didn't find any Tomb-rose seed," you say.
>You look at the floor as you speak and you scratch one of your front hooves with the other.
>That's all the sound you need to start to tense up and hold your breath.
>"Which hill did you look over? Describe it for me."
>You take just a brief moment to think over what to say.
"Well, uhh... The one you told me to look over."
>Your head remains hanging but your eyes peer up and face the most scary thing in the entirety of the Everfree: Your mom's disappointed face.
>"Which was?"
"Uhm, you told me to go through the mud moat passed the gnarrly log and take left after the breezy mushrooms, right?"
>Her face becomes softer.
>"Yes, that's exactly right. Go on."
"Then I just walked straight for a like forever and I saw that phoniex nest and even a phoneix landing in it. From there, I saw it right behind that nest."
>You shut one eye and make a gesture to give the idea of a line.
>It's similar to that military 'go in' gesture.
I didn't get it at first but that's a pretty good joke.
Mmmm, cosy.
>Be Red filly.
>Vomit and Shrek won't leave you alone.
>The green one bites hold of your tail, nom!, and the other one is blephing constantly in front of your face.
>Your glower at the orange filly, which she clearly sees, is only obstructed by the need to blink.
"Look guys, I just wanna go to the toilet in peace," you say.
>"Yeah, but we're all girls-" the orange one begins but is interupted by the green one.
>"Fillies." After that correction she goes back to munching on your tail.
>"Fair enough, My point is, as the female members of the this world's dominate species it's our sworn duty to keep up tradition."
>You heighten one of your eyebrows.
"And that tradition is?" you ask.
>"To visit bathrooms together." She gestures away towards the horizon even though your inside your own house.
>Green nods to her statement.
>You feel your bladder telling you it needs release so you sigh.
"Okay, fine. But don't do anything weird."
>"Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a cupcake in my eye," she chants the pinkie promise and does the motions.
>You look behind you.
>As green sees your gaze, she also start doing the motions while mumbling the words through your tail.
>This satisfy you.
>This is Pinkie and Purple's domain.
>It had been evident since you got here that they were the successors of Princess Celestia's and Discord's dynamic of being physical representations of chaos and order in this world.
>A Pinkie promise was probably better than any contract written by a griffin lawyer with the most chutzpah in all of Equestria.
>You nod to orange and move passed her as green is dragged along by you.
>You enter the bathroom with your entourage.
>"So what do you wanna do first?" the orange filly asks as she gives you a bright smile.
>"Ooh, so it's to the toilet then?"
"...Yeah." You shake you head as you speak but you do it so little and fast that's more looks like you tremble from side to side.
>You walk across the bathroom rug and push up the lid of the toilet before sitting down on its seat.
>This time you don't have to hold your tail so it doesn't get wet by dipping into the toilet bowl, because someone else is munching on it.
>You feel that your bladder really needs to be drained but you have two pairs of cheerful eyes on you with a hint of anticipation.
>You cough in your hoof.
>"Could you turn around, please. I can't really do it with you... well, looking at me."
>"Do you need some help. How about I turn the tap," orange say and move towards it.
>Soon the sound of running water can be heard comming from Orange.
>"Which is most inspiring? This," orange asks and turn on the faucet to basically full-throttle or this, "or this." She turn the small chrome wheel and a thine but stll whole string of water gives off a sizzling sound as it hit the drain of the basin.
>You shut your eyes and massage your templates.
"Please, stop. You know well enough that that's not what I asked for. I want you two," you say and look over to the green filly, "to stop looking at me while peeing."
>The orange filly blinks.
>She looks a bit disappointed.
>She titls her head to the side and asks, "But what if you need help?"
>You stare at her with wide eyes, your mouth opens but no sounds come out, and you shake your head slowly.
"I think I can pee on my own," you say while keeping your facial expression but changing your head's motion into a rapid nod that again almost resembled trembling with direction.
>"B-but... I'm helping you by holding tour tail," the green filly says as you feel it swing down at the toilet's exterior as she drops it. "Without me, it could have fallen into the toilet."
"First off," you hold a hoof in the air, "the water is clean. Secondly, I'm quite capable of taking care of this myself. I have done so ever since I got here."
>The green minature horse walks up to you.
>"But I'd just wanna help youuu," she wails.
>She climb up on you with her front hooves placeed on your hindlegs and begin to nuzzle you profusly.
>Be Anonfilly.
>Be in Rustling Pages, a bookstore in Canterlot.
>With your nose, you flip some hardcovered books out of the way in the fantasy section pile.
'The Floating Discs of the Hightlands by Alley Gust', 'The Forbidden School of Magic by Young Tree', and 'Zappie Snappy and The Gnarly Black Tree of Silence by J.K. Yearling'; you read the titles in your head.
Wait, isn't J.K. Yearling that Daring Doo author?
>You looked at the cover.
>A blue pegasus with a red and yellow mane tried to fly out of reach from some black branches that seemed to grab after her like tentacles.
>It certainly looked like Daring Doo cover.
>You had actually read the first book of Daring Doo, your mom being a huge fan and all that.
>Speaking of which, the pegaus in the image was kinda light blue now that you thought of it.
>She also head pink eyes and...
>Yeah, Daring Doo had written a fantasy story with Rainbow Dash as the main character.
>Did she know?
>Only one way to find out.
>With your wing, you open your saddlebag and pull out a feather pen, an ink bottle, and a paper.
>After dipping your pen into the ink, you scribble down a message for your mom.
>You roll it into a scroll.
>You look around; Where is that unicorn?
Maybe in the romance section, you think.
>You pack back your stuff into you bag and bring the book under one wing and the scroll under the other as you walk off to the romance section.
>You smile as you find who you're looking for.
>A yellow unicorn's face has dived into a book that she hold up with her blue magic.
>You hear the small giggles here and there.
>She seems to become self-aware and combs some of her blue bangs of her mane behind one of her ears.
>She looks around to see if anypony is staring at her; she finds one: You.
>She recognice the knowing sly smile on your lip, blush a little, and look away.
>You walk up to her and tries to peek at what she is reading but she pulls the book out of your view.
>Your gazes meet.
>"Go read your adventure books, will you? Shoo," she says and waves you away with a hoof but she can't help but to grin a little.
"What can't I read it? You seemed to enjoy yourself? Maybe, I'd like it too," you say with a shit-eating grin.
>"Hm-mm. I was but-" She shakes her head but the playful smile is plastered on her face. "-you only want to read it to make fun of me."
>She pokes you with a hoof in your green fluff.
>Your grin somehow does the impossible and stretch even further and you look to the side.
"Nah, would I do that to a friend? We- Haha. All like diff-Ha-"
>"See, you can't even finish it. So no, you're not gonna get to read it."
>You see her slide the book into a plastic bag.
>You make a bluff attempt to reach for the book with your wing by stretching it over her back and stick it into the plastic bag.
>She just hoist it to the ceiling.
"Oh, you wanna go? You think I won't fly up there and get it?" You playfully flap your wings but carefully as not to drop what they're carrying.
>She rolls her eyes to begin with but then sees the book in your wing and look puzzled.
>She points to the book in your wing.
>"You find something you liked? That's unusual," she says.
>You reveal the contents of both your wings and hold them up to your friend.
"Do you remember that I told you that my mom is friends with J.K. Yearling?" you ask.
>"Yeah," she says and nods as she looks over at the book.
>Her eyes go wide and her mouth creates a solid, 'o' shape.
>"Ooh, wait," she turn to you, "You mean to tell me that. That's so cool!"
>She smiles at you and you blush.
"I mean I think the resemblance is quite striking, don't you?" you say.
>"So you learned about this now?" she asks somewhat surprized.
>You nod.
"Yeah, I've not heard anything about this from mom that's why I came to you. I need you to send this scroll to my mom," you say and nudge your head towards the scroll.
>Be Anonfilly.
>"H...Py. Bir.. Day. Hap.. Birth..." you barely hear the words.
>You roll over in your sleep.
>You feel something wet on your cheek.
>Your eyes flutter a bit but you decide to snooze.
>"Come on, sweetie. Don't you want cake?" a singsong voice asks.
>You recognice that voice.
"P-purple," you mumble.
>You hear a sigh followed by a throaty giggle.
>You feel the tip of your ear being slightly pinched between two rows of teeth.
>With half-lidded eyes, you glance up at your assailant.
>A pair of purple irises meets you with only love in them and a face covered in short but thick horse fur.
>A blue bang from her mane drags against your horn, an appendage that she shares.
>"Wwas mmmy reeeal nnnaaamme, hmm?" she says as continues to nibble your ear.
>You look at her, puzzled, as you wipe the crust out of your eyes.
"What? Purplesma-" you say but stop yourself.
>You blush and look down.
>Purple begin to pull in your ear as the corners of her lips digs small holes in her cheeks.
>She gives you a look that says, 'What was that?'
"Twi-Twilight Sparkle," you call out as you feel little pain from having you ear pulled.
>She looks at you with a faux glare and releases your now wet eartip.
>She shakes her head and snakes her hooves under your body before pulling you into a tight embrace.
>You feel her cosy fur on yours and feel her beating heart.
>"What's my name?" she whispers into your ear.
>You blink at her and she concedes to give you a clue.
>"What am I to you?" she asks.
"My..." Your eyes widen in realization, then your top row of teeth drags over your lower lip as you smile.
"You're my... Purplesmart."
>She smiles back at you, completely understanding that you understood what she wanted you to say.
>She pushes you back so you fall on your back in the bed and then proceeds to blow raspberries on your stomach.
>It tickles like mad and you start laughing as if you are mad.
>You tire to push her head away from you but Purple is too stronk.
"Haha- Okay okay. I'll say it. Just stop," you say as you try to curl into a ball, more or less, to give Purple's lips a smaller stomach area to haress; the strategy was unsuccessful.
>But she does stop and look up but remain an inch above your belly.
>She place her chin on your bellybutton, which horses have..? It appears they do.
>"Say it."
>You breath in and out.
>Purple dives like a hungry lionness.
>You roar with laughter.
"Ha- Okay. *Hiccup* Mom. Mommy. Whatever you want. *Hiccup*"
>"That's better."
>With her pair of front hooves, she hooks your haunches and pull you down before lying down ontop of you.
>She nuzzles your neck.
>"That's right. Who's your mommy?" she whipsers into your ear.
>You nuzzle her back and with a smile on your face, you whisper back into her ear, "You are. You're the best mommy for a michevious filly such as myself."
>She pulls away from you and look at you with a funny smile.
>"Well, the first step is to admit one has a problem, though, make sure you don't become too obediant, alright? I'll feel old." She winks at you.
"That I can promise. Where there is an Anon there is shenanigans."
>You just gaze upon each other for a while in love.
>Then you speak up,
"So what's up with the wake up, Pur-mom." You quickly correct yourself as you see Twilight's face.
>"Don't you know which day it is today?" she asks.
"No, is something speci-" You stop yourself as you see a plate with slice of cake on your bedside table.
>She follows you gaze and says, "Pinkie baked it for you."
>A silver spoon with a handle decoratively desgined to look like a flower surrouned by grass blades is lifted by a purple veil of magic.
>The spoon scopes up a spoonful amount of the cake and hovers over to your mouth.
>"Say, 'ahh'," Twilight says.
>She sticks the spoon in your mouth and you close it.
>Strawberry cream, with whipped cream, sugary bread bottom, green almond paste mix in your mouth and their flavours caress your tongue as they melt ontop of it.
>You swallow after a bit of chewing.
"Thanks mom that was really tasty."
>You're about to say something more but another spoon of cake pokes your lips and Twilight opens her mouth again, "Ahh."
>You comply and let yourself be feed.
>Purple wanted to feed you herself and so she did until the whole cake was consumed.
>When the cake is finally gone, Purple sits up and takes the plate with her as she leaves your room,

Red Filly has an fat ass.
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Oh god this gives me a headache, is there an original version?
There is.
>Be Anonfilly
>You're horny but have no hole.
>Doing the most basic of tasks is a challenge now.
>You tried ignoring it for a while.
>Ducking magic censuring everything.
"Twilight! Twilight! You have to help me!"
>A burning desire that is has been building for months
>"Anon if it's to give you your weird flesh thing bad there's no way."
"Twilight I'm fbucking in heat I need some release!"
>Your vision is starting to swim a bit more and the floor body slams you.
>"A-anon! It'll be okay! SPIKE! Everything will be fine! Just stay calm and-"

>Be Twilight Sparkle
>Anon is glowing after her fall.
>She said something about heat.
>Cooling her down until she gets help is ideal.
>After all you do have personal guards.
"It'll be okay!"
>Despite tossing her into a cold bath it's steaming up like a sauna.
>She's hot even to your magic.
>The tub is starting to melt.
>You, Twilight Sparkle, are starting to feel a little hot yourself.
>As if compelled by mind magics you writhe on top of your Anon filly licking and touching all that you can.
>A white hot blaze is set in your hearts and in your manes.

>Princess Celestia watching over the country side sees Twilight's tree castle.
>It's now on fire.
>And moaning.
Harvey, I am in need of this image. I can't find it and desu nuked it.
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>pic related
>What does filly do next?
She calls Aryanne to put that little reptile in his place.
Politely decline, aka:
>"Ew, faggot!"
Thank you.
No problem
File (hide): 73C560F1BB903E41B9FA462290E4893E-53301436.m4v (50.8 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:03:22, MLP FIM Pinkie Pie Smile Song Acapella HD.mp4) [play once] [loop]
MLP FIM Pinkie Pie Smile Song Acapella HD.mp4
>You're Anon now a filly.
>You turn to book horse to explain the madness.
"Pst Twilight why is everybody marching in the streets and bouncing on roofs?"
>She gestures waving her hoof sweeping across one side to the other.
>"Anon it's everypony and can't you hear the music?"
>You listen to the synchronized steping of hooves
>The Ponies singing to some unknown tune
"You're not fucking with me are you Sparkle?"
>Suddenly Twilight grabs you and sings loudly in your ears
>"This little friend of mine!"
>Then everything stops
>Waiting for your cue
>But you're choking on spaghetti
>What comes out is a quiet murmur.
"Uhhh big friend of mine?"
>And everypont cheers
>Actually cheers mimicking a bass
>Fucking discount horse land doesn't even have proper musical numbers.
>You feel a chill down your spine as if some force took great offense to that thought.
>Whatever, time to find something to do.
Tell me about the rabbits, Twiggy.
File (hide): 3F4763C2CC8BD3CAF0A31316743DDDED-15774209.m4v (15.0 MB, Resolution:1440x1080 Length:00:05:47, Spoilered) [play once] [loop]
A little flat field for the rabbits-

Of 'mous and Men. But is that really the tale that is to be told?
Twilight looks down at the dead stallion, broken, just like everything Filly touches. The old mare looks stunned. Were she a lesser mare the elder pony would have collapsed.
Twilight pacing desperately.
"We'll have to tell them. Maybe they won't hurt Filly." The wisened mare rebuts.
"His herd will want blood."
"Maybe if I say-"
"You know as well as I do what you have to do."
So they steeped in silence.

Pinkie with her broken hoof, held the rifle and rallied the ponies to action.

Finding Filly in the brush, Luger pressing against the Alicorn's fur, a reminder along with the search party.
"How'd I do Twilight I waited for you I did."
"Well Filly I want you to sit down and we're going to ralk about our dream."
"Oh- oh boy!"

"I really see it Twilight! I see it! I-"
Twilight slowly slumps on the nearby tree.
"What a fuckin' sad end Purple Book Read." Anonfolly turns around in perfect health.
"F-Filly? B-but I shot you?" Twilight looks uncomprehending.
"Somebody Sunbutt sized would have died from that. You know what happened? You missed because I'm not a giant mare I'm a filly." A spark jumos to Twilight Sparkle a confused look spreads.
"Whatever fine I'll pretend to be dead."

>You slide up to Rarity on the Ponyvillain streets.
"Marshmellow cane you teach me how to be bretty?" you ask like a chadminihorse.
>And she's like, "Darling darling darling..."

>Later at Rarity's boutique.
>You're black mane is now tied by several hairrolls.
>You'll probably look similar to Cozy Glow after you're done but with a black mane.
>"Darling darling darling. I make dresses."
>You try on several dresses.but then you hear a knock on the door.
>"Darling darling dfarling." Rarity opens the door.
>Outside is Applejack.
>When she sees you in a frillly dress she starts shouting, "Apples apples apples!"
>She begins to drag you out the door.
>"No need to bretty things that don't need brettying."
>Rarity bites hold of you tail, trying to counterdrag,
>"Darling, Filly make own decision."
>"Filly mah filly.." applejack argues.
>Rarity loses her grip ans earth pony master race is triumphent.
>Rarity gets mumcucked abd you get a spanking for not being apples apples apples.
"Nonny! Nonny! It's time for breakfeast. You don't wanna be late for the race today," Purple shouts outside your room.
>Another day with the match maker.
"I'm commin Purple," you shout back as you groggily step out of bed.
>After getting ready, you enter the dinner hall of this crystal tree.
"What were you talking about earlier? Race? What race?" you ask the supreme ruler of Equesria.
>You sit down and start to dig into some horse food.
>Your mom, Princess Twilight Sparkle, is already at the table with a plate fill with horefood.
>There's also spike who's eating gems.
>"Oh, I didn't tell you?" Purple grins sheepishly at you as she waves a hoof in the air.
>Between chewing a on your daffodil sandwich you ask, "Tell me. *chews* About what? *Shallows*"
>"Today is the annual running of the leaves. I applied you to the little running of the leaves race, the one for fillies and colts."
>You sigh and roll you eyes.
"So let me guess. Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scotoloo will be there. What a coincidence."
>"Well, heh heh." She puts her hooves together. "They usually run in it so..."
>You rock you head from side to side.
"Can I ignore them?" you asks with a sarcastic tone.
>Twilight frowns a bit.
>"Well, you probably could but it would be very impolite. But I don't like your tone, Nonny."
"Ahh is that so. What's wrong with it, mom?"
>"You agression. You're right to suspect that I want you to hang out with them but that's because I'm worried about you, you know?"
Based Bombadil.

>Twilight 'Purplecus Bookus' Sparkle, Fillified nightmare beings, and Nyx stand pretending to be ashamed on the couch while Twilight continues her existence as a chef.
>By grilling.
>"Anonymous, Dyx, Nyx, why I-"
"Twilight! There's no way for me to do that with her."
>Purple the magic uni-horse unlike this topcunt waits patiently for the pregnant delivery.
"I'd be dead by drinking that much alcohol!"
>Twilight is a fan of slapstick drama it's why she uses it so much.

>After the jumping incident we headed down to Manehatten for royal business, we came long like a leech because like a leech on Twilight coming alone was out of the question since the hotel was so far from home.
>"Okay fillies stay right here I forgot the milk needed for the presentation."
>Twilight pops in twinkling teleportation.
>"Abandoned agin hunh."
>"N-n-n-no? She'll be right back."
"If this were a story this would be the call to adventure or the backstory about the god empress of ponykind. My money is on the second."
>Just as that moment passes without fanfare ponies wearing silky dark robe like outfits with colored belts.
>"Wha-ta-ta-cha! Secret Pony Dojo grand seasonal opening! Half off for matching mane braids."
"I knew it."
>Joining worked out perfectly, except when the Sparkle division of the royal guard burst through the walls.
>That's how Twilight usually got her Tuesday milk.
>She even brought the slapstick pre-emptively this time.
Filly wants to play.
anonfilly - cute or Not cute.gif

Haha, laugh at this smol faggot. So smol!
This is probably the best place to say it
Thank you for not being faggots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJp7X87WYy8
Thanks... This is /MLPOL/.

I disagree. I think it would be better to put it in getting it off your chest thread in /üb/, with >> back here saying, "Glad Filly Anon isn't a flaming homo" or make one in /sp/.
Whatever I'm glad you didn't link something else which would be worse off or a wall of text.

The reason why is Anon Filly isn't a general otherwise it would be /Filly Anon General/

Don't kid yourself. This is a general thread by every metric except litterally having the word "general" in the title.
I thought of a joke

basically something scary or dangerous happens in a story and Pinkie says "I want my mommy"

and then anonfilly says "I want your mommy too"

comedy gold, I know
anonfilly - possessed autistic screeching.png

anonfilly - upset angel.png

anon and filly sharing lunch.png

322474 322476
Anonfilly would be the perfect VTuber, think about it
>a cute with high-pitched voice
>mature sense of humor, understands fans
>loves vidya
>no one would be angry if some wizard turned out to be the little filly, because that's the whole point

Only problem is finding a streaming platform where you can say "faggot" whenever you want.
If only gab.ai had a twitch-knockoff.
Or maybe if OBS had the option to bypass twitch and directly upload a stream other fans with OBS can tune into
OBS does have that option though
You need a someplace to stream it to IE a server (you can make your own, or any of the live stream sites) to distribute the content.
>Anonfilly plays herself as a little filly avatar
322603 322617 322618
It's nice to be back on this site, despite life circumstances. I'll write some stuff before I go to sleep. Can't promise I'll be here after this post for a day or two; library is closed, don't have much money left to order and loiter at a McD, and I am preparing for some really tough times.

>a swirl of voices fills your ears, but around you is complete blackness
>you try to focus your ears to understand them, and immediately regret it
>"You're how old? Jesus christ man, get ahold of yourself."
>"Do a flip already. Nobody wants to hear it."
>"Anon, have you considered accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior? You know that redemption isn't in your control."
>"OP can't get enough of the taste of cock tonight. Sage in all fields."
>Welcome to filly space. You've been here for as long as you can remember.
>you awaken in the inner sanctum you were granted by the purple one
>the castle bedroom is not overly posh, but certainly well furnished; your room is well kept only because your domineering foster-mother pushes you to pick up after yourself
>you roll out of bed and immediately get to making it, taking care to fluff up the pillow and flip it over
>your daily rituals are a quick and painless measure, after so many years of being the filly
>by the time you finish brushing, bathing, and generally preparing for the day ahead of you, right on cue, purplecunt knocks at your door
>...and then immediately opens it, defeating the purpose of the courtesy knock
>you fucking horse...
>"Good morning, Anon! I see you've already prettied yourself up before 8. You're doing a great job."
"It's whatever. Didn't like getting knots in my hair anyway..."
>"Anyways, I wanted to let you know that that Germane filly you like to chat with so much stopped by. She was kind enough to offer a batch of sweets for you, if you'd like to have some before you go out today."
>you nod eagerly, quickly following her out of your room and toward the Royal Dinner Table(TM) for orange juice and whole-grain cereal
>since becoming the filly, everything tastes so wonderful, even the things that you take for granted tasting bland or unappetizing like plain rice, grains, and crackers
>but like all things, breakfast has to end eventually; you wouldn't want to mess up your figure anyway
>as they say, a second on the lips, forever on the hips
>something doesn't seem right about that thought
>you shake your head slightly after a moment, just in time to see a doggy bag with four caramel-chocolate stroopwafels inside placed in front of you
>"Well, Anon, I'll let you run along now. Stay safe out there, and make sure to share your sweets with your friends!"

>you nibble on one 'wafel as you exit the outskirts of Ponyville and start walking the streets
>you make your way to the Hoofler residence pretty quickly, and approach the front door just in time for the pony in question to peek out her window and spot you
>"Ah! Guten morgen, meine freund! I was hoping to see you!"
"Well, obviously I was gonna come by and thank you for the stroopwafels at the very least."
>she gives the most heart-melting smile, her baby blue eyes shining with a wholesome energy you can't help but smile back at
>"Ja, I suppose you are right, Anon. But du hast nicht need to come by so soon!"
"No, no, really. It's alright. I wanted to get out anyway. Gotta get my exercise! At least that's what purplesmart keeps telling me."
>her tittering laugh is music to your ears
>the sun reaches the perfect height to allow both a gentle chill in the air and a soothing warmth in the light
>in this moment you are euphoric, and this time, at least in part, you can thank a god (or goddess) for that
>thanks, sunbutt.
>maybe next time Twiggles invites her over, you could banter around a bit with her again...

>you feel sunlight hitting your eyes
>every part of you aches
>you reach up to rub your eyes and prepare them to open; the crust is thick and scratches the skin around your eyesockets
>as you open your eyes, you are greeted with pale grey fabric
>no more than two feet above your face is the ceiling
>to your left, gently pressing against your thigh, is your door
>just above your legs, a wheel
>and in the passenger seat, a handle of orange Jack Daniel's
>the air inside your car is humid, yet also suffocating due to the greenhouse effect
>the temperature is just above 80 degrees and it's only just past sunrise
>outside your car is an asphalt parking lot
>Wal-Mart never really gave much of a shit about people parking overnight, and with overnight surveillance you were less likely to get mugged
>your stomach aches, so you quickly get your socks and shoes on, and reach into your trunk for food
>pretzels, peanut butter, granola, ramen...
>fuck it, you'll have the pretzels this time
>you reach into your cooler, pulling out a can of diet soda and cracking it open
>you sit back in the car, eating your "breakfast" and driving toward the local gym for your daily shower
>today is Monday, and you want to be prepared for any possible job interviews
>even if you're wearing these jeans and this grey shirt for the third day in a row
>today's the day, right?
322617 322619
I was gonna come up with more but, between life circumstances and not wanting to completely ruin this thread, I'll just keep it to myself..you fillies stay safe. I can't promise the same.
I'm sorry Anon, I hope things get better for you soon. It was a good green, I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner but I'm so damn busy with school these days... it feels like the entire fucking world has gone mad. I miss the days when I would just hop on here and write greens and people would read them and cheer me on despite the fact that I kinda sucked... it was a lot simpler.
Never know when a faggot of herd of fillies might attack.
>Spoopy scary skellington
>Your a filly but just the bones