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File: 1491555462713.jpeg (182.1 KB, 989x707, 6gorillion.jpeg)

fb660 No.40

Alright, this is starting to get out of hand, so I have compiled a list of all the /mlpol/ boards that I am aware of and am posting this thread. I am going to post this exact same thread on every board on this list in hopes that we can actively maintain a list of boards.

Whoever owns this board, if you could please sticky this at the top I think it would help everyone. Ideally every /mlpol/ board should have a list of all active boards stickied at the top until we figure out where our main board is going to be.

If you know of any others please post them in this thread.

>Current list of all boards (including this one):


>No longer active:


We need to keep ourselves organized, we are getting spread too far apart.

Mod edit: Updated the lists

4d742 No.41

Agreed. Until which one is the best on becomes clear at least.

5d893 No.42

i like it here, but if the admin can't get the spam under control, i'll have to go elsewhere. i don't like endchan or 8ch though.
as for the mlpg board, there's pretty much nobody there except me, the admin of that site, and a nip.

4d742 No.43

New board growing pains m8. People are allowed to make mistakes so long as they learn from them, rather than double down.

If it becomes the standard then you're right, but one unwise ban is not the end of the world.

fb660 No.44

File: 1491556927110.png (449.53 KB, 1280x1280, 1491426254424.png)


I feel like this one and endchan are pretty much the big two at this point so I put them at the top, however I want to include all active boards. Agreed that the spam here is terrible, hopefully we can get it under control. One small suggestion I have for the admin is you might consider retitling this board from /b/ Random to simpy /mlpol/. It probably isn't a huge deal since this is the only board here, but I worry if we end up here a while people might start to think of this as a regular /b/ board and we'll end up with a lot of the same cancer we had before on our respective boards.

I also feel like maybe the various board admins should find a way to get together and coordinate a little too, if that's possible. If moderation is an issue maybe we could pool together contact info somewhere for anons willing to be mods on the various boards. In fact if it was the same group of people acting as mods on all boards it would probably go a long way toward cohesion and we could probably start getting better organized.

Personally I'm willing to volunteer, I haven't been this excited about a 4chan related thing in years.

fb660 No.45


Also, if we had a dedicated moderation team for ourselves and could demonstrate that we're able to keep our board(s) organized and on-topic without outside help it might go quite a way towards convincing gookmoot that we're serious about this and not just a bunch of anons whining because our funny April Fools Day board was taken away.

f07a7 No.46

The mods should include all those who took the time to create different boards for us. It is very nice the amount of effort people have put in. Obviously it will be their choice if they want to do it. Mods should also reflect the two starting points of mlp and pol but I don`t care who does it as long as they can moderate without an agenda or their own.

f07a7 No.47

The mods should learn how to sticky.

fb660 No.48

Agreed, I am quite appreciative of the effort that people have put in to make this work. Hard to believe it's only been 4 days since the original board froze. Whoever the mods end up being I think it's important that they all communicate with each other so as to be on the same page, and listen to feedback from users so we don't end up like the rest of 4chan. Having representation from both parent boards would be helpful as well, since those people would know what sort of problems befell their own boards and how those could be fixed.

I really think we have the potential to become a great board. We're gonna be YUUGE.

850c3 No.49

File: 1491564182481.jpg (46.36 KB, 960x622, 95wH1fX.jpg)

wer all gunna make it polnies

322c9 No.50

Admin of https://mlpg.co/ here joining forces with samcadmium to make this a better place. Also pinned.

6c19b No.51

So we've already blobbed one board, I think endchan is the most populaf behind this one. Gotta keep consolidating the diaspora.

867b2 No.52

I keep my eyes on this one and the endchan one. Wherever it ends up being decided on, I will join you guys.

they just froze /qa/ on 4chan, mlpol style, lol. Theyre probably purging everybody.

6ca59 No.53

File: 1491570887225.png (295.4 KB, 2308x2000, 1491148522827.png)

Looks like we will be expanding then. :)

4chan is setting itself up for trouble (again).

I really don't understand not riding cultural trends, it's self defeating.

Unless the 4chan pass buyers (Hi C1A, 5hare8lue) are trying to ruin us…. then it makes sense.

850c3 No.54

File: 1491571041967.png (257.94 KB, 444x1010, Hiroyuki Nishimura mlpol t….png)


4chan is owned and governed by a corporate criminal who sells user data, he has no idea how to really profit from his site. he will get bankrupts some time in the future.

Hiro is a pathological liar, dont believe anything he ever says.

f07a7 No.55

Hiro is a typical Japanese man. He does not give a shit about anything unless it causes him personal problems. However he is not running 4chan. It appears the alphabets are. Plus a large amount of new users who see it on the t.v. news and don`t really follow they are being caught and gutted each day by hate bait.

f4de7 No.56

He cartainly has some shady history

e35c4 No.57

Redpill me on this website, is it jewed?

850c3 No.58

File: 1491589324073.jpg (255.52 KB, 1024x1513, IFiERQd.jpg)


the admin has no experience with maintaining a chan board, but overall technical experience. I can not judge his character fully yet. He seems a little easy to troll, but he gets support from competent people like Pineapple, who runs a 5 year old mayor pony community. Out of all the replacement /mlpol/ i have visited so far, this one gets my most of trust.

11092 No.59

The cement is still drying but it appears to be a solid bunker.

Some have called the owner out for deleting threads and a ban last night though, so only time will tell if it's stable

e35c4 No.60

Degenerate weeb pone reeee
Im polack, explain to me who those dudes are and the community behind them please
>tripcode this early
Good omen or bad? Are mlp trips chill?

dab43 No.61

Posted the original /qa/ when there were 3 threads here, am chill just helping ppl get comfy so admin can focus on bigger issues

e35c4 No.62

62b6c No.63

I think that this board is ok.
We really need more mods though. I spotted some people flooding the board with off topic discussion (ie BBC threads or something else)

f9c7e No.64

do we even want to go back to 4chan at this point?
i mean if we go through all the trouble of setting up a community here, why not just stay here?

f41aa No.65

We shall see. 4chan is a place of common background for most people here. At the very least, it's where we can recruit for talent if things get stale.

>do we even want to go back to 4chan…

People just have a hard time leaving home.


f41aa No.66

Is there a way to imbed that?

6e21e No.67

Board is looking BEAUTIFUL by the way props to the admin and anyone else who helped out. Is there a way I could apply to be a moderator? I'm a newfaggot but I'd love to do my part to make this board a better place

e97b4 No.68

I feel like I should delete my inactive /mlpol/ on my site, to further prevent splitting up the community

6e21e No.69

File: 1491603970324.png (230.9 KB, 497x387, Hitler hug.png)

Consolidating would indeed be the best way to move forward.

916d0 No.70

Tell whomever is on your website to come here first, dont leave friends stranded
I do hold the principle that we should fight for omes homeland, but considering how we cant overthrow the mods and admins there, its best to hang out here. Hopefully we can stay blacklisted

f9c7e No.71

post a redirect to this board and leave it up for a few days first, give anons plenty of time to migrate before pulling the plug

e97b4 No.72

File: 1491612453478.png (21.85 KB, 1329x315, dead on arrival.png)

Nobody really used mine /mlpol/, but I'll put a redirect pointing here regardless

6c19b No.73

Someone should tell these guys about this place


I would, but I'm banned again and my router is a massive pain in the arse to reset.

a2911 No.74

I'll add a link. We have a link up in the other mlpol thread in /trash/ also.

bb53d No.75

The Endchan board just 404'ed.

867b2 No.76

can confirm, it is gone
It was very dead over there today. I checked it throughout the day and it barely moved at all.

cc852 No.77

o shit

d36dd No.78

Yeah, it's gone.
I didn't really like it, layout was clunky and shit to work with. Post marking (click the "No.") was broken and they didn't have backlinks either.

Here we've got quick reply, nice looking catalog, image hover, and backlinks.

867b2 No.79

heres hoping the others will find their way here, I mean so far so good. It feels like the original mlpol as time goes on, and I have yet to see anything really fucky happen around here.

f9c7e No.80

sad to see them gone, we become fewer by the hour.
I hope they all found their way to another bunker, even if it isn't this one. we must stay together and support each other if we have any hope of surviving this

f07a7 No.81

endchan gone and mlpg basically working here the above list needs trimming. 8 or .net is not a contest. Today this looks a lot better and is working. Plus once established we can move in on the real target and get a proper 4chan. THX to all those people working hard to make this happen.

f0de9 No.82

File: 1491623479943.jpeg (60.47 KB, 438x438, 0b4fccfd6a663f63e83d9774b….jpeg)

e062b No.83

File: 1491624290933.png (59.65 KB, 578x540, 0zVxEbN.png)

Even though it was being raided by weebs today there was only like a handful of posts and they were all shit.

Not surprised - it was only supposed to be temporary anyways. The only thing of value that may have been lost was some of the banners that were posted there.

e0e38 No.84

We need to create a way to preserve put memes during this turbulent time.
It is the responsibility of every poster to save as much content as they can so that wherever we end up we have some culture to draw from.
Remember all of the OC generated in just 2 days?
It scares me to think just how much of that is gone already

e062b No.85

Just checked the banner thread here and I'm seeing now that most of the good ones I saw on endchan were already posted. And /mlpol/ was archived by 4plebs when it froze.

74e7b No.86

sorry to hear that, anon

850c3 No.87

File: 1491692687498.jpg (275.31 KB, 797x718, kawaii gaben.jpg)

f07a7 No.88

Please Update this sticky. Things have moved for example 8ch.pl is now 8ch.net

4fec7 No.89

>We shall see. 4chan is a place of common background for most people here. At the very least, it's where we can recruit for talent if things get stale.

There are still many nor/mlpol/nies who never left.
Besides the "Aryanne is best pony" generals
/mlp/ constantly has a flag thread, a red pill meme except with ponies thread, etc etc
Questioning what is up on various boards ("why is /qa/ frozen and filled with My Little POL: Political Incorectness is Magic?").

People will still keep trickling in from 4chan if they find out this site is here. It is where people start looking.

409d6 No.90

I tried to hold out and see if anything a 4chan popped up again, but it was dead as a dodo. I tried to stay at /pol/ but there was so much shit to wade through that I just couldn't bare it. It looks like this has become a comfy place to be so I am happy staying here.

798c8 No.91

File: 1491706118301.png (344.21 KB, 878x900, 8XK4KKk.png)

We raided /po/ briefly an hour or two ago but the mods clamped down on us quite fast.

Dont go back to /pol/. Not our home anymore. Going to /pol/ will result in t_d finding this place. Our largest presense on 4chan at this point is in /trash/ and for now it should stay that way.

Remember rules 1 and 2 everyone.

409d6 No.92

I will always adhere to rule 1 and 2. People who were in /mlpol/ should know about this place; it was mentioned enough times before the freeze.

f07a7 No.93

Fuck the rules. People are not here to be told what to do. People can decide themselves. Rule 1+2 are jokes and nothing more. Advertise, don`t advertise is the choice of the individual and not yours. Plus anyone who uses t_d is fucking cancerous. You show yourself for what you truly are with you writing style.

798c8 No.94

>someone got angry and acutally wrote this

f07a7 No.95

I am always angry when some cunt tells me what I can and can not do. Who made you chief? No one. Don`t think you are any better than anyone else. If you want a kingdom go build it yourself and carry on with your onanarisms.

798c8 No.96

Calm down, I never said you had to do anything.
You misinterpret my tone. Now look, I'm just repeating what I've seen 10 other people say. I agree with the idea and I'm choosing to follow it.

Norway could see the reasoning and agreed just now. It's not an order.
You are free to do as you wish.

798c8 No.97

File: 1491708110226.png (473.8 KB, 2500x3235, Cxmbc8d.png)

Here, have an Aryanne and let's be friends.
This is just a misunderstanding

f07a7 No.98

File: 1491708120539.png (301.5 KB, 1600x667, Mmm.png)

100% zero traction from doing this.

409d6 No.99

File: 1491709054342.gif (898.51 KB, 500x280, 1351718229716.gif)

5d893 No.100

we must secure the future for aryan puppers

f07a7 No.101

File: 1491713782941.png (297.42 KB, 1600x781, Bans.png)

Someone was watching. I not state a post will get 0.001% traction.

f41aa No.102

To be fair, rules 1 and 2 are designed so that a hidden board doesn't get flooded by griefers.

At the very least, don't advertise to a hostile audience. It would hurt more than it would help.

409d6 No.103

A bit off topic, but I promised to help them as they helped us while /qa/ was still running.
When /mlpol/ is up and running and stable I just wanted to mention to the admins that if they are thinking of or planning to expand that /vint/ wanted a home. This is just for the consideration of the admins and those who know the user base better as I am not sure how big the potential user base is and how many actually want it.

322c9 No.104

I am all for helping out others, but I am not part of either of the communities that made up /vint/

Big boss man seems into the idea!

b411b No.105


It's a good idea, but I don't know if the site could handle it. Once we have better servers maybe ?
Once 4/qa/ is unfrozen we might ask them.

89b18 No.106

I'm willing to do it provided they understand that they are guests in our land, our server can handle another board of this size, though I will need to upgrade at one point

8864d No.107

Mod from the former vichan board and current infinity chan board here, willing to become a mod here too to help coordinate us better

cd0f0 No.108

you ok with starting out as a janitor?

a6644 No.109

we need janitors and mods getting to work. seems we've been found.

409d6 No.110

Looks like there is only one soul spamming at the moment.

6fa69 No.111

Yeah, janitor is fine

cd0f0 No.112

email me a short resume and login credentials at mlpolOwner@gmail.com

8e894 No.113

Would it be possible to extend the amount of threads shown on the first page? Because those four stickies clutter it up something fierce.

5b5cd No.114

You can contact me at accidentalcreampie@gmail.com

cd0f0 No.115

sorry mate, lemmie look into it

a6644 No.116

different ID each post…

409d6 No.117

If you need a janitor I am up for it thou I have no idea what I would be embarking on.

5b5cd No.118

I'm at school mate, switching between devices and wifi/data

cd0f0 No.119

BurgerBot? the one that's been filling the fucking site with
>lol drumpf
yeah im burning through everything I can, it's pissing me off, im five seconds away from banning the whole damn city he's posting from

a6644 No.120

yeah it was.

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