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File: 1518331397119-0.png (1.18 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats.png)

d71ab No.2738[View All]

Let’s play a game /mlpol/. We create a parliament and create board rules and make other things regarding the board.

>How does it work.

Step one, we need some political parties. For a party to exist you need to write up a party manifesto make a logo and chose a color. The manifesto must also state where you lie on political issues, this can be super broad or very specific, but the more people that understand what you stand for the easier it'll be to get anons to vote for your party. It also might be helpful to name/tripfag if you create a party. Here an example:
Party Party Not a real party as of now
1. /mlpol/ is a fun board.
2. /mlpol/ is a nice board.
3. Being no fun will not be allowed. If you are not fun, you'll be BANNED!
4. If you’re a commie you’re not fun.
5. On Sunday you need to post horse pussy at least once or you’re not being fun.
Stance on issues is conservative center left. Distributism is good if effective. But destroying traditions is no fun!

As soon as we get two parties up and running the two parties will get one seat each seat and all parties that join will also get two seats. There is a 10-party cap so that we don't have a terribly large amount of anons making parties that are very similar.

After the parties are formed we can get to the meat of it which is anons voting. The votes here will work differently. Say which party you want to join and the party will be given an extra seat. Your vote can also be used to remove a seat from a political party. Everyone including party founders get three votes with their ID for max chaos. The game will continue till we reach 23, and as soon as its hit voting is over.

Once voting is over we can go full LARP and each party leader, or the person who made the party and wrote the manifesto, will chose anons who loyally voted for him to become members of parliament. Here we will draft legislation and make arbitrary rules based on the manifesto. All which will be non-binding unless, say the mods for whatever reason don't veto it when it leaves the lower house of parliament.

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adcef No.3230

File: 1519181535601.jpeg (141.82 KB, 900x600, 526FF2B7-2B05-47C4-95F9-F….jpeg)

>family member had heart attack
Is everything ok now? You said the chaos is settling down, but forgot to mention if the person is ok now. I hope the recovery is going smoothly.

I feel like a jerk now that I have to disagree with you on these points. Just don’t take it personally.

>two separate anons must vote to allow into general election

I might be the only anon interested in my party and thus will be kept from the voting. Of course I can’t support this, my party would be signing itself to irrelevance!

>parliament can give autonomy and take it away

Nice try! If the Confederacy has statehood, it can’t be recalled without bloodshed. Our right to be a conscience supporter of this endeavor with the ability to withdraw should certain (((corruption))) come to power shall not be limited, let alone removed!

ef62a No.3231

File: 1519182508799.png (47.24 KB, 330x400, NotanArgumentLeslieFaire.png)

>further explanation
Each of the six provinces would have semi-separate elections conducted simultaneously. Once concluded each province would have votes tallied for each candidate. The percentage would then be calculated by dividing the total: V/n. This proportion of seats then goes to the candidate from the region's total. Each party can have up to six candidates and with ten parties there can therefore be almost sixty anons directly involved in the election process (but twenty would be the ideal number for efficiency.

The idea of splitting party power among "candidates" across regions who each hold seats is to balance power. If the party president does something execrable then his affiliates can vote against him if they think it necessary. It is also less chaotic than simply assigning a vote to every anon.

Districts are aesthetic but provinces are less so. By splitting power concentration a party, rather than trying to win through sheer number of votes, could attempt to skim as many votes as possible across the map or seek dominance in a particular region. This system enabling strategy has more F.U.N. levels than a pure popularity contest.

>Single leadership not necessary

Someone still needs to keep the seat count accurate and update the pictures. We can debate on the official powers that are necessary; I consider the "call into order" necessary only when the Parliament cannot agree on what to debate (as does happen). Also, it is more convenient for everyone to have a handy list of proposals to vote for rather than respond to individual posts.

>family member had heart attack
I hope your relative has a speedy recovery. I don't know if its worse to have sole responsibility over the person having a heart attack or to find out after the fact through correspondence with another family member.

>Revised platform

I agree only with self-designating one's post as a vote. Everything else is a solid NAY.

363d1 No.3232

File: 1519184140299.png (1.06 MB, 928x700, 1496497678551.png)

>Is everything ok now?
Yep its everything is going well now.
>Of course I can’t support this, my party would be signing itself to irrelevance!
I doubt that two other anons wouldn't show interest in voting for a neo-confederacy party. This is moreover a safeguard against too many political parties or bad political parties entering into government.
>Confederacy has statehood, it can’t be recalled without bloodshed.
Unitary systems allow regions to have more autonomy including in legislatures but also must be given the ability to take it away if they so chose, otherwise its a federalized system which I'm 100% against and will not vote for. I also will not vote for any proposal that Starts with parliament having pre-planned districts or autonomous regions. If a region wants to become autonomous 1 they need to prove to us all that they are different enough from /mlpol/ in general that they deserve it, and 2 that it can somehow have its own elections separate from ours. But we must have the option to re-integrate them when they're culture begins to reflect that of our own again. This is where I'm willing to compromise if you wish to take a hardline stance on it then we'll have to wait on others to agree instead.
>I agree only with self-designating one's post as a vote.
I'd honestly like having a seat filled by someone else if it seemed possible but at the moment it does not.
>Everything else is a solid NAY

9f753 No.3233

>I'd mainly agree with your ideas in practice but codifying them as such would seem a bit arbitrary would it not?
I don't think so since we don't practice them in reality, nor is the structure present. Nonetheless, you have shown interest, so I will back down and save the revised proposal for later. My concern is for 3 anon rule, and I suggest shortening it into 2. Otherwise, with leniency, I am giving your reform an AYE.

f1260 No.3234

Done! Revised bill.

1. Voting can be called on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by the governing coalition or plurality party.
2. In order for your vote to be counted you need to type V in the subject line.
3. Every anon will have 2 votes he can use to vote separately for a party and 1 against.
4. When an anon votes he must cast all his ballets at once or forfeit his ability to cast it for others later.
5. Unlimited amounts of parties can enter into the election but they must have 2 separate anons other then the party founder state that the party should be allowed into the general election.
6. Make the total number of seats in the parliament at 27 instead of 23.
7. Make the parliament a percentage proportional representation system.
8. Regions can vote for more autonomy and be given special status elections of their choice if parliament passes a law allowing such. But this can also be taken away. Parliament needs at least 2/3 of the legislature to give a region autonomy and 2/3 to have it taken away.

62377 No.3235

It has been over a week since Parliament has last been called into session. We still have two or three highly disparate electoral reform bills.

What are the opinions of the minor parties?

76c2f No.3236

Gas the kikes.

7ae40 No.3237

File: 1520040633120-0.png (740.1 KB, 1280x720, Gleaming Shield Gift wrapp….png)

File: 1520040633121-1.png (698.22 KB, 821x1024, Sunset Horsefucker11.png)

File: 1520040633121-2.png (2.86 MB, 2500x2500, Poprocks - Scootaloo.png)

I've been skimming over this thread, and I'm seeing a lot of good autism going on, but…

Where's my Horse Pucci Party?

>1. Ponies not infringed

>2. Suffer not the (((Shills))) to live.
>3. Defense budget spent on R&D for Horse Pucci grenades.

Who here best supports my values? I am a concerned citizen that glows in the dark.

>Clarify stances on race mixing. Are zebras a good fuck that should be sterilized, or do they get reproductive rights?

9f753 No.3238

>horse pucci party
>no horse pussy posted in sight
>only anthro
Fake party.

I now claim de facto dictatorship.

7ae40 No.3239

File: 1520041047823-0.jpg (1.81 MB, 2049x1423, Alles Guter.jpg)

File: 1520041047823-1.gif (22.16 MB, 1227x1024, Bouncing Booty.gif)

File: 1520041047823-2.png (597.16 KB, 2071x2232, Annoyed dick boop anon fil….png)

File: 1520041047823-3.png (1.87 MB, 1280x1736, Cocoa panties2.png)

File: 1520041047823-4.png (1.18 MB, 2000x1287, Flick.png)

>No Horse Pucci
There's no need to drop McNukes when an assassination is fine.

363d1 No.3240

Yeah sorta just been waiting on the smaller parties. As soon as the motion passes by everyone approving the new measure or one of the ones currently up then we'll continue.
>I now claim de facto dictatorship.
I'd vote for that.

9351b No.3241

Did someone say McNukes?

38f70 No.3242

who hasn't voted

363d1 No.3243

Well I revised the old one so (you)

38f70 No.3244

if that is the case then i vote for property and freedoms party's reforms

9f753 No.3245

File: 1520046069921-0.png (311.62 KB, 552x550, unknown.png)

The first step in obtaining rule is stamping out dissidents.
That's three nukes for you every picture you post that doesn't show a proper horse pussy.

b677d No.3246

File: 1520048419532.gif (9.84 MB, 810x1080, 1513698917230-0.gif)

>no horsepussy
>pic #1 is a foursome (degenerate and gay)
>pic #2 features an asshole as big around as your fist (just disgusting-looking)
>pic #3 is zebra domination of a minor (degenerate as all hell)

Alright, turn in your Horsefucker badge, now. You don't deserve to savor the horsepussy.

7ae40 No.3247

File: 1520122971927-0.png (2.38 MB, 1468x7317, Lemming facts with Rockwel….png)

File: 1520122971928-1.png (386.04 KB, 990x990, Actual love before I brows….png)

File: 1520122971928-2.jpg (255.93 KB, 1280x1281, Aryanne for the emperor.jpg)

File: 1520122971928-3.jpg (31.38 KB, 451x467, Baking Cream Pies.jpg)

File: 1520122971928-4.gif (2.46 MB, 992x950, Buzzing while you twerk.gif)

>Ignoring my second post
I save the good stuff for myself. The masses are generally degenerate lemmings. You won't be able to change their minds with Horse Pucci Propaganda.

Only the truly righteous can appreciate the real thing - a loving, caring relationship, and a life with purpose.

>Purity spirals
There's no need to kill degenerates until they harm society by trying to make the world like themselves. They will be purged when they start doing the whole "gay pride parade" thing.

7ae40 No.3248

File: 1520124127629-0.png (827.44 KB, 1280x894, Cock worship2.png)

Thank you for your support, citizen!

I have not voted, however it appears the current seats have been filled. The Horse Pucci Party (HPP) will wait till the next election cycle to present its modest proposals for the advancement of the values we all hold dear:

1. Horse Pucci will not be infringed.
2. (((Shills))) get the rope/rake.
3. Studying better ways to expose people to our country, and identify the best immigrants possible (fishing R&D).

472e9 No.3249

>that pic

3ad22 No.3250




ha ha ha ha ha I win again!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

7ae40 No.3251

File: 1520125598123-0.png (1.03 MB, 1574x1530, Castration fetish ow.png)

Oh look, an internet badass over here…

Wrong thread to boot!

49384 No.3252

File: 1520126876848.gif (239.04 KB, 640x360, 5DD1D090-3C32-4780-99F3-5C….gif)

Do you know where to find the pic I need to see it ?

7ae40 No.3253

File: 1520126967353.png (455.6 KB, 453x373, Screaming in traumatized.png)

That's the only evidence I have of its existence. I was not in the thread. The most terrifying part…


7ae40 No.3254

File: 1520127343384.png (2.69 MB, 6500x3600, A Job Well Done.png)

Get fucked outsider. You're payment has been deposited in the usual way.

bc106 No.3255

File: 1520127707082.png (Spoiler Image, 700.61 KB, 1024x768, Deballing..png)

Found The image. It is as bad, if not worse than your wildest imaginings.

472e9 No.3256


37864 No.3257

Meh, not as bad as that screencap hyped up.
There's not even blood in the pic.

bc106 No.3258

7ae40 No.3259

File: 1520127946860.png (188.51 KB, 600x449, Gouging out my eyes.png)

You are a stronger anon than I.
"Sweetie, be patient a little longer. I am almost finished."

At least, that's from the other picture.

472e9 No.3260

Poor shining armor. i bet a kike drew that.

37864 No.3261

He didn't do a good job with the pic.
Now, if the hook was going through the balls, and there was blood spurting everywhere, it would be a good gore image.

7ae40 No.3262



There are more pictures out there.

472e9 No.3263

Yea but shining is a white horse though. And yea the gore could be better.

bc106 No.3264

File: 1520128402739-0.jpg (128.23 KB, 544x713, 1433261956316.jpg)

File: 1520128402739-1.png (390.46 KB, 1024x768, 1448855582088.png)

File: 1520128402739-2.png (811.21 KB, 1273x900, 1448855781474.png)

File: 1520128402739-3.jpg (9.15 KB, 250x214, 1448523090662.jpg)

The thread is less gore and more cringe. Here are the rest of his images the anon posted.

7ae40 No.3265

Ah. Considering the material, I was expecting White Kitten.

37864 No.3266

File: 1520128599651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.08 KB, 450x355, 1519309092610.jpg)

That anon did not know what true cringe is.

7ae40 No.3267

File: 1520128663903.png (361.4 KB, 1200x1139, A sign to stop.png)

Stop. We are getting off topic. This is parliament thread.

bc106 No.3268

File: 1520128719124.gif (819.71 KB, 640x480, I Cringed.gif)

I felt that in my eye when I saw that. Holy shit.

472e9 No.3269

Damn that looks like it hurts.

92e47 No.3270

*checks scout manual
"In case of a person being pierced by a fishing hook, push the hook through the skin, snip off the barb, then retract the remainder of the hook through the entrance wound"
Yer fucked mate.

e2a06 No.3271

File: 1520133183746.png (103.2 KB, 934x832, NervousSweatyTwilight.png)

As much as I love anarchy this is the wrong thread for that. If you're going to have such pictures please have a parliament building as the setting or background.

You'd better hope his mate is capable at eye surgery in the field.

92e47 No.3272

honestly that's the sort of injury that warrants exfiltration, the eye is a very sensitive and valuable organ.

37864 No.3273

File: 1520138821273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.69 KB, 450x355, 1519309092611.jpg)

>If you're going to have such pictures please have a parliament building as the setting or background.

b677d No.3274

Somehow, that still doesn't make it any better.

9f753 No.3275

File: 1520227521262.png (455.01 KB, 2287x1476, 1474424236242.png)

>this entire post
What? Not only is the logic circular, it's downright contradictory.

5067a No.3276

>creates a Horse Pucci Party
>doesn't post horsepussy
>"I save the good stuff for myself."

Anon, your second post does nothing to refute what you posted.

7ae40 No.3277

File: 1520510690142.png (7.8 MB, 3399x3300, Like what you see.png)


Horse Pucci is meant to:
1. Drive away shills
2. Attract the attention of mods, like T-cells for White blood cells

>Doesn't post horsepucci

I corrected that in the second post to show that I do in fact have it. It's kind of a given for this board.

I guess in the future I'll just post pure stuff to keep you happy. I apologize if somehow the message got lost because you weren't face deep in ass pie.

>Circular logic

How so? Degeneracy doesn't really matter until it metestasizes. Until that point it is benign. Benign tumors are still good to remove, but unless they become aggressive, there is no real threat, and it's just cosmetic surgery.

In other words, leave the anthro alone. It's not that big of a deal.

9f753 No.3278

File: 1520584575055.gif (Spoiler Image, 71.23 KB, 517x396, 1465253642291.gif)

>Benign tumors are still good to remove, but unless they become aggressive, there is no real threat, and it's just cosmetic surgery.
Fuck you. My father had benign tumours near his spine, and had crippling back pain until surgery, then some more a year plus a half after that. Your comparison not only falls out of your favour, but strengthens my position because of first hand experience with that shit. You think that bullshit can save you?
I find it funny that you would paint the "masses {as} generally degenerate lemmings", yet post anthro, upload zebra cuck porn, even pose the question if zebras should get reproductive rights (they shouldn't be allowed in the country!), and even defend degeneracy to an extent as long as it didn't cause harm. Actually, I never even see this type of degeneracy even in the porn thread! Almost as though you are the degenerate. No everyone else, nor a significantly broad portion. Anyways, at the time of my response to the initial post, you had continued to deny any wrongdoing posting anthro. Until now you dismissed it with sly remarks, which I still hold you to fault even if you did later do right on your part.
Also, you fail to understand my criticism. It's simple:
>you posted anthro under the horsepucci name
>false advertising
Go ahead and like bad porn all you like, you can have shit taste. It's not an issue to me, but using the defence of degeneracy gets you into a sticky situation. The mention itself is irrelevant. You tried to pull it off though by circular reasoning by; calling the masses degenerate as an insult, defending degeneracy, then saying that anthro is okay because degeneracy is okay more or less. Degeneracy by definition is harmful; as degeneration of order. Like a slippery slope (gays for example being the causation of gay pride parades.) This line of thinking contradicts itself as I said.

7ae40 No.3279

File: 1520693690625.png (617.65 KB, 756x1024, Aces for Ponytown.png)

Well, first off:
>Definition of benign: (of a disease) not harmful in effect.
>Benign tumors are still good to remove

Clearly, if a tumor is being harmful, it is not benign, and should be removed. I'm not advocating keeping around aggressive or abrasive cultures. By and large, most are - being an asshole tends to keep you alive when surrounded by assholes. That is just how survival works. However, hunting down every last degenerate faggot is pointless. Being able to state the goals, aims, and ideals of the society is far more important - this way, society at large can identify 'bad' behavior and self-police.

>Reproductive rights =/= race mixing

There's a difference between allowing a people to exist and have their own children vs. sterilizing them and genociding them. Sure, if that's the way you want to go, that's fine, just don't be surprised when you run into resistance. Even if you just want to kick people out into a different country, have fun trying to explain that to the poor country you are pushing them into. They just might arm those 'refugees,' and you'll create a bigger fucking problem. Better to think of something that suppresses a people without killing them…like porn.


>Defending degeneracy
Most people ARE lemmings/normies/whatever you want to call them. They do degenerate things. Killing them all pulls you into a purity spiral, wherein there is no society left to protect. You will have killed them all. If you want fascism to work, you can't do that - you have to treat those degenerates like family. Would you kill your brother for being a fag? No. You would talk him out of it, knock any ideas of cutting his dick off out of his head, and in general just try to teach and show true compassion for his well being. If your brother just can't knock it off with the faggotry then you get him to do that shit on the down low, and not as a flaming disgrace to the family.

Allowing degeneracy to exist =/= Defending degeneracy. Degenerate things exist. Society should be against those degenerate things. That doesn't mean you burn everyone at the stake for it. America tried that with prohibition, and it didn't work.

>Slippery slope

Sure. Degeneracy IS harmful. You going to kill everyone at the top of the cliff? You will not only kill everyone around you, chances are good you will have to kill yourself eventually. No one is perfect.

Not even God prevented degeneracy completely - He just lets people live with the consequences of their actions (diseases, suffering, relationship problems, etc.).

>Go ahead and like bad porn all you like, you can have shit taste

That's basically the attitude you have to have towards degeneracy, or you're going to go to some very, very dark places.

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