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/cyb/ - Cyberpunk Fiction and Fact

Cyberpunk is the idea that technology will condemn us to a future of totalitarian nightmares here you can discuss recent events and how technology has been used to facilitate greater control by the elites, or works of fiction
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How many layers of autism OPSEC are you on?

My router runs DD-WRT (Hardened), I use DNSCrypt, and I have a librebooted Dankpad running OpenBSD. (I use the thinkpad for things that require privacy) and I follow the obvious practices of OPSEC.

My main machine runs Debian GNU/Linux using only free software. I dual boot with windows server 2017

My home folder is encrypted using eCryptFS over in GNU/Linux land


I run my main on a windows 8 machine using the RTM that was leaked on /g/ a few years back, I install and immediately turn off updates, I then turn off the fire wall and install chrome without an anti virus
my login goes right to desktop without a password


nice meme


not a meme, that's actually my setup


Well, I'll give you some unironic advice.

>The RTM that was leaked on /g/ a while back

MyDigitalLife forums has unmodified MSDN ISOs that you can use. Verify the checksums on the MSDN download center yourself.

>I turn off updates

Don't. Just don't. That's one of the most retarded things you can do in terms of security.

>I then turn off the firewall

Well, most routers provide one anyway, but again, for what purpose?

>Install chrome

Install Pale Moon or Firefox ESR, along with uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere. Enable some filterlists.

>without an anti virus

Most people don't need an antivirus, unless they install shit from torrent sites regularly.

>my login goes right to the desktop without a password

set one


I'm using a VPN, am careful with letting Javascript and ads in and that's pretty much it.

Going to put together my fully encrypted workstation with separate VMs for everything Any Day Now, I'm just going to read one more greentext pastebin first though.


Nice. The community has a reputation for being full of raging autistic condescending assholes, but I've met a few guys in person and had a great time. Should probably try it out someday.

And their "put up or fuck off, idiot" attitude should at least keep SocJus entryists away from the project.


0 layers
I have given up
99% of security methods are not good enough
If i route everything through secure networks I'd be more suspicious
right now all i can do is attempt to fly under the radar of my near fascist government

My opinions are illegal
my vidya are illegal
my memes are illegal
my god damn memes are fucking illegal

I was raised to question things, be sceptical
There are a things in my country that being even slightly skeptical of will get me jailed for years, and heavily fined

I lost this war for freedom before I was even born


Are you German?




OPSEC is a meme. Software is nothing more than placebo when your hardware may potentially be compromised without your knowledge.


Big Brother isn't the only threat out there. There are countless weaker threats on the web that you can defeat with good security practices.

Just because you may not be able to defeat nation state level intelligence services that may have compromised hardware at a base level doesn't mean that you should give up on security. There are plenty of Chinese scammers, drunk Russian hackers, and the 400 pound basement man known as 4chan that you can stop.


Nigga you should consider moving to the U.S.

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