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/cyb/ - Cyberpunk Fiction and Fact

Cyberpunk is the idea that technology will condemn us to a future of totalitarian nightmares here you can discuss recent events and how technology has been used to facilitate greater control by the elites, or works of fiction
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File: 1504227469191.jpg (51.25 KB, 615x409, Sex-robot.jpg)


This thread is all about robo horse waifus. What would be the major technological challenges? How close is current technology? What would you want in your robowaifu?

biopone discussion goes here >>236


8chan has an entire board for robowaifu discussion if any of you are autistic enough to try and build one.


If all you want is a sex doll that moves, looks your waifu, and talks then we already have the technology for that, but if you want one that would actually be capable of loving you I think we are a pretty long ways off.


File: 1504235484820.png (3.3 MB, 1710x958, no fapping.png)






File: 1504286322088.jpg (62.6 KB, 334x338, image.jpg)

Now that I think of it, there should be just a few resources needed for creating roboponies.
>basic programming skills (anyone can tinker with a raspberry/arduino)
>chassis, step motors and aestethic coating (maybe using a robotics starting kit or modifiable products)
>a 3D printer for all or most repair needs
>autism and a information/resource sharing network

Any other ideas?


Mah nigga!
The first priority would be to make a list of the basic things we want the roboponies to do, then work to fill those needs in order of importance.


>wanting to fuck robot horses instead of producing white children
I know where I am, but still, you guys are fucking degenerates.


This, desu. Get a wife.
I'm just into robotics.


Artitificial wombs are our only chance. Women are ruined.


Pone robowaifus might actually be cheaper than conventional robowaifus because they wouldn't need as much silicone skin for their exteriors.


Society is ruined. Women are the same as they've ever been.
I see your point though.


Women have been tainted by society. Even more so than men.


Women are just more susceptible to social pressure than men.
You could say that their vulnerability to Stockholm syndrome may stem from the same instinct: in the past, it made them adaptable and able to survive being abused and traded like resources; in the modern day though, that "go with the flow" mentality caused them to embrace Jewish subversion.


>being this much of an MGTOW cuck
I'm sorry Stacy rejected you when you asked her to Prom.

Women are children. They follow the strongest ideology present, just like they follow the strongest man in the room. Women are fucked up as a result of society becoming fucked up. You don't randomly find a girl on the street who matches your ideologies and beliefs perfectly. You find a relatively "normal" girl, and mold her beliefs to match your own, because you are a fucking man. Have you talked to a girl before? Why do I have to explain this?


A "normal" girl still cares what her friends think and can choose to take half your shit and the kids if she gets bored of you. A robo waifu won't steal half your shit or take/abort your children.


Yeah, you don't know how girls work. Try reading this part of my previous post again
>mold her beliefs to match your own, because you are a fucking man

Stop cucking yourself and find a girl.


I just got here but id like to discuss something related;
How do you get a good mother in today's world?
You can get a normal girl and make her believe in your beliefs but that doesn't mean she's gonna be a good mother for your children.
Maybe I am getting older but when I go out and see all the girls out there, I see none that gives me a good impression like "this girl is mother potential"
Id it even healthy to raise a child as a single father?
I'm pretty sure its not.


"normal" women are too far gone and too much of a risk. We can build something better WITH SCIENCE!


I'd like to tell you that artifical wombs are only being used for testing, and won't be used fr marketing purpses in the next fen years.


10 years is a lot of time.
10 years ago there where no smartphones, people used Orkut, MSN and made shitty flash movies for newgrounds, that at the time where great.


File: 1504368856457.gif (557.92 KB, 750x750, 724461.gif)

>list of the basic things we want the roboponies to do
cute things
sieg heiling once in a while


You have to go even more basic than that.
>Do you want it to be aware of it's surroundings?
>Do you want it to be able to recognize objects?
>Do you want it to be able to respond to you?


simple mode:
>activates from the charging station when you get in the house through a switch
>follows you by sensing a transponder/rfid you carry around, therefore no need for complicated/bulky ambient recognition sensors
>wi-fi link from the inner arduino to a computer holding the whole database, which will send "emote data" and a set of predetermined servomotor actions to the pone
>vocal input and specific orders through a phone mic/app

either this or the CHAD pone, equipped with quantum strong AI based off Tay and whole internet download capability.


File: 1506391431301-0.png (529.74 KB, 741x4229, 1506298027510.png)

Posting this, because this board is starving for content.


>some assembly required
>biological functions
do I even want to ask?


Idk how it was supposed to work, I just found the story to be touching, especially the irony at the end.


I wasn't sure whether or not to put it in the bio thread…


good read, thanks!


File: 1506403576987.png (200.54 KB, 900x803, 1506226912802-1.png)

So, some friends and I have been having this debate. What do you think will come sooner, robopones or biopones? Which is better?


where we are now, we're definitely closer to robopones with all the stigma around genetic engineering, and I personally like the idea of robopones better.


Depends on what you want out of your artificial waifu. If you just want realistic sex then robowaifus for sure. If you actually want a sapient waifu then I think the technology for bioponez is closer. That being said unless you get an army of autists with STEM degrees together I don't think you are going to bioponez anytime soon because of "muh ethics".


Why is it that the "people" seem to care the most about this stuff are the fucking feminist retards who are afraid of them? I've seen dozens of articles by feminists screeching about the looming thread of sexual robotics.


because sexbots will replace hideous women with horrible personalities.


but will they replace gorgeous women with great personalities?


That's exactly what the feminists are afraid of: having to compete with their personalities.


File: 1506797976447.jpg (45.26 KB, 600x600, 0c799dc3fa162f7a288bd73d50….jpg)

a sexrobo can never replace pic related


File: 1506799164151-0.png (136.29 KB, 451x412, 1515032__safe_thorax_tripl….png)


File: 1506799392188.png (367.97 KB, 725x830, 1104241__fluttershy_semi-d….png)

do you feel in charge?


She will get old, she will get annoying, she will become ugly and you will always have to take her into consideration and set aside your own happiness for the sake of your happiness as a couple.
And there's no guarantee she will always be yours.
Now a robot, it's just perfect and when we get to the point a robot and a human are so similar you cannot tell who is who.
Then you will understand that it is just better for women and men to date robots programmed however they may like.

Everyone will be happy, how do you even know of all the person's you know, no one of them is a really complex robot being tested?
How do you even tell a robot apart from a human, a human is too a machine made of meat and bone, if we made robots from meat, bone organs and a brain, all grown in a laboratory, would that be a robot or a human?


File: 1506799579038-0.png (803.93 KB, 3271x5000, 1519341__safe_artist-colon….png)

Why do you ask?


it would be a robot.


File: 1506806157482-0.jpg (308.1 KB, 796x1200, Techno Barbarian 01.jpg)

Is it you again, adeptus mechanicus? Don't you know this will just plunge us into age of strife?


unironically this.


How far away is the technology required to make a robot avatar?


File: 1507033374712.jpg (13.44 KB, 470x313, images (22).jpg)

>dyed hair
Literally looks like the type that would cuck you. I'm afraid I agree. Robo wombs are the future to make a utopia.


I was hoping there wouldn't be any Anzufags here…


File: 1507044312637.jpg (112.62 KB, 746x820, IMG_20171002_192251.jpg)

Funny thing I had a gf with blue hair and she did try to cuck me.
I dropped her instantly, she may be starving somewhere now since I payed the bills.

Is this a thing? Dyed hair and cucks?


File: 1507083818391.jpg (241.06 KB, 1023x1208, 217edb4c4f9caab92856edaef6….jpg)


File: 1507112123595.jpg (107.41 KB, 782x960, 19554708_278292139355709_3….jpg)

Well that is an interesting Wikipedia article, but can this actually be applicable on women?
I mean we are indeed animals but it's kind of an unrelated thing, look at the peacock for example.
I mean, there must be a better explaination or something..Right?


It's just a coincidence, but a funny one.
On that other note, a peacock is brightly colored for the sake of inviting all the hens to fuck him.


Those pictures… heavy special snowflake syndrome. Women's solution to personal shortcomings: more style. Not reflecting and changing. Rather trying to make the look work more (which fails because if you're the problem you've got to fix that…).

I know many people fail at personal change where it's necessary but only women try to make the look work and if that doesn't work out everybody but themselves is to blame for whatever doesn't fit into their personal view of the world.
On top of that it's often a guessing what's wrong or what they refer to as they constantly avoid to clearly point at or name an issue. All part of the "you don't understand" victim role and to make their special logic work because if you neither know what they're refering to nor what's the issue with it you can't get on the argumentative level with them. It's nerve-racking.


A robot avatar?


File: 1548221302829.png (1.24 MB, 1625x1498, 1539614756355.png)

Master of the four ejaculations, the cock bender, the semen connoisseur
It is the roboavatar


that screencap is cancer.
>women can be free to fuck chad
Nah dude thats fucking gay, they must be shown their place. and then everything else will start to fall in place. this is the only way to the space reich.

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