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Biotech Revoltion
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Biotechnology is advancing at a rapid pace and could soon usher in a new industrial and medical revolution. With promises of on demand organs, better treatments for disease and cancer, designer babies, cognitive enhancement, increased longevity, greener and safer industrial processes, more productive crops and many others biotech could completely change our society. How do you think technology like CRISPR, artificial wombs, electrical brain stimulation, organ printing, and other advances in biotechnology will effect society, /mlpol/?
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>tfw no genetically-engineered Nazipone gf
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Artificial womb might lead to even faster society defragmentation. People are gonna be ordered, like pizza. Family will become obsolete. On the other hand, organ printing mightbsave countless lives. I see such future as full of selfish beings, without any deeper emotions. Heh, not even pills will be needed, like in Equilibrium.
We have cyborg robo ponies. Give it time and it will get on bio level.
I disagree about the artificial womb. Most leftist fucks do not want children in the first place. The artificial womb will only be used by those of us that actually want children... provided the state doesn't take control of such technology.
Yeah, and remind me how most of technology beneficial for the humanity ended? There's that. Plus a price of such techmology might be a barrier for most of society.
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Biotechnology has a long history of benefiting humanity. Vaccines, antiseptics, antibiotics, bio remediation, increased food production, ect. on the whole advances in biology have been a net benefit to mankind. Also the price is continuing to drop. I don't think that will be a limiting factor for too long.
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I agree. But look how many of those is currently either state or big corporations controlled. Try producing meds on your own, you will be hunted down faster than drug-dealer.
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>Try producing meds on your own, you will be hunted down faster than drug-dealer
Meds are drugs, almost by definition. Legal opiates used improperly kill more people than illegal opiates. I think there's a good reason for the government regulations.
If there is a large enough market someone will find away to get these technologies to the people. Hell look at how many people buy medication from over seas pharmacies, or the designer nootropic market, or the TDCS community. People will find away to share this technology.
Plenty of feminists hate artificial wombs too. I'm sure we've all seen the articles from clickbait sites like salon.
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>Oh, if only government could stop that madman, Pasteur!
Don't be a good goy...
I hope you are right on this one.
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I do too. There is definitely cause for concern though.
This man is Allan Snyder. He researches savants and Transcranial magnetic stimulation.

He has some interesting friends.
Do I need to go over why opiods are a real problem in the United States? Here's just a little taste taken from the wikipedia page:
>In the U.S., addiction and overdose victims are mostly white and working-class. Geographically, those living in rural areas of the country have been the hardest hit as a percentage of the national population,
>Prescription drug abuse has been increasing in teenagers, especially as 12- to 17-year-olds were one-third of all new abusers of prescription drugs in 2006. Teens abuse prescription drugs more than any illicit drug except marijuana, more than cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine combined
>In Palm Beach County, Florida, overdose deaths went from 149 in 2012 to 588 in 2016.
>In Middletown, Ohio, overdose deaths quadrupled in the 15 years since 2000
Trips of truth.
Opiates aren't a laughing matter. The average human psyche isn't prepared for that kind of chemical nightmare.

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That bit the end about how he wanted to build a "thinking cap" that would allow us to get rid of our prejudices... You think technology like that could be used to "cure" people like us?
It's a spooky thought...
Yeah especially when looking at who Allen associates with.
Both Mandela and Branson were part of this.
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(Limb/Organ replacement)
The first to have access to these opportunities will be of course the rich and powerful, but they wont be as stupid as to jump head first into a pit when they cant see the bottom, no, they will have plenty of test monkeys go first. These likely being low-class individuals and volunteers given scraps of cash to be their test gerbil, If it becomes safe enough for them to risk it then they will do so and do everything in their power to keep it secret until it can be moved into the public eye for profit. Once it gets to that point the price will slowly drop over time once more and more companies health facilities (etc etc) learn the process and it becomes more mainstream. At that point like anything that gives anyone even the tiniest edge over another individuals and military's will want in on the action (if they aren't already) so the artificial lung designed initially for someone to be able to breathe will be designed to make better use of the oxygen it stores thereby making the owner of the artificial lungs have more stable and longer lasting endurance than the natural one. This is just one example but you can see the impact already. As more and more artificial organs and limbs become more accessible to the public and the natural ones begin to rapidly fall short in comparison it will become almost necessary to have them to "fit in" with modern society. We already see this to an extent with weightloss and plastic surgery so it WILL happen at some point and there will be a divide between natural humans and "enhanced" ones. However the divide is resolved there will likely be a backlash, either a cutback on the technology or the outright banning of human enhancement to prevent the issue from coming back in the future, not to mention military uses and its political ramifications. (Geneva Convention II?)

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(Cybernetics/Robotics) The above also applies to Cybernetics
The next step (if it hasn't started at the same time as this occurs) would be to use robots as we have already begun to use today or even baseline AI given a form/host. These AI again will start basic, little vacuums here, proper air controls for AC there, maybe it even manages crops and dives a harvester for farmers and other agriculture workers. Eventually life will become simple and humanity being the lazy beings we are, will come to rely on them for day to day life and 1st world countries will be almost entirely sustained by hordes of worker-bots and maintenance personnel. Now think about how reliant we are on electronics today, how many people go into a autistic rage when Dora the Explorer gets cut off due to a power outage, or their cellphone doesn't have service. multiply that by a hundred and you get the idea of what it will be like. In effect cyber-warfare will become far more crippling than anything we can imagine today. Only people will be in a far more desperate situation.

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Well remember that Cocaine, Heroine, and Morphine were at one point (and in some cases still are) used for medical purposes. Anything medical that "feels good" will always have a high demand on the black market. But give it a actual reason to exist and it succeeds at that well? It will be like producing gold. This field will always be for the best intention and turn into most profitable.

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(Bioengineered Food)
We already have this too, and from it we can get a good idea of what it will become in the future. Many Many fast food chains despite their claims don't use "real" meat or veggies, they use chemically created and mass produced versions. Anyone who has seen a Slaughterhouse knows what the animals are like there. Bred for death and unable to survive on their own. Cattle that cant even walk and chickens that have extra legs and wings that are overgrown and don't work. Essentially useless mutations in a controlled environment. This will only grow in availability and normality as it is easily the most cost effective and productive way to feed millions of people. Crops also have been changed drastically from what they used to be, the health effects of it however are considered worth it despite the chemicals and hormones added which have adverse effect on our health in the long term. If this improves the need for more specialized equipment will be necessary to properly care/cultivate the produce will need to advance with it. (see Robotics)

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(Artificial Wombs/Build-a-Baby)
This will be the first steps in making humanity a overall more attractive species It will create a sort of eugenics project even if it doesn't intend to, people will naturally want to make what is most attractive to them and they will want their babies to be as smart and healthy as possible, traits from all races will be selected and studied and we may finally be able to openly discuss differences between races both physically and mentally because of this. Even if it flops, it will be good for humanity to study something that actually will better them in the long run.
kek, got to love watching women cheering their own approaching obsolescence. As soon as artificial wombs and robo-waifus become practical men can produce and raise entire generations of genetically fine-tuned white offspring; we literally won't need them for anything anymore. Meanwhile the same technological advances will probably enable women to go the opposite route, completely sterilizing themselves so they can keep on being Jamal's cumrag without the inconvenience of reproduction. Eventually these pathetic used-up slags will die off, and a new generation of purebred superhumans will rise up and claim their place in the world.
Infecting humans with similar viruses or bacteria to prevent deaths from other diseases is a double edged sword: chickenpox was used to prevent outbreaks of smallpox. "But why is that bad?" Shingles. It is an extremely painful, debilitating outbreak of the dormant chickenpox virus.

Genetically modifying organisms to be as toxic as possible and to survive as many additional synthetic chemicals as possible in order to prevent fewer "pests" from consuming said organism because the other methods of preventing said pests are just too time consuming/hard, all while stripping necessary enzymes, vitamins, protein, etcetera from one's food is certainly a good thing goyim! Fuck that and fuck you. No country needs genetically modified organisms, what they need is to purge corporate ownership of land and be allowed to farm what they want without inadvertently poisoning everyone including themselves with thousands of common, cheap, synthetic, non-biodegradable toxins used as control measures.
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what people "need" and what people GET are two different things. Politics aside, profit and availability will always come ahead of what is best for people. I'm not saying this is the outcome id want I'm saying its the outcome we will likely get. Even if we get a National Socialist or Libertarian utopia as I'm sure many of us would enjoy I'm sticking with the glass half empty point of view, where profit/sustainability of individuals and governments outweigh what the people desire. If the time comes where my thoughts on it are proven to be whole incorrect I'll change my tone. Until then I stick to society advancing the same way it has for as long as I can remember.
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Nice pone.

I'd like to imagine this scenario as the one that will happen. It probably won't, but a man can dream.

A world without backstabbing women, where men can be manly.
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Now, I wouldn't say the process of mass agriculture is all too bad. The prevention of disease, shortages, and increased yields being the biggest for pesticide. Even the case of bioengineering certain crops, like in the case of the banana which is disease immune (in the earlier centuries bananas suffered shortages due to diseased cultivars.) And, although the effect of chemicals in crops are harmful, the harmful effects are more pressing to those handling them. I will concede however that the cons may be more numerous than the advantages.
People still have the ability to go out and buy better food I suppose. I mean it won't be the rule (maybe some regulations could help), but the option is always there!
That is an interesting text you got there.
I recommend reading it for all who didn't read as they make quite interesting.
I will write a reply.lather when I got time
I dream of a world where genetically modified horse waifus for domestic ownership have made women obsolete.
Dont get you're hopes up, fucking guarantee it'll turn out as fluffies IRL
I remember being told this, "I think that if you were to engineer a sentient pony you would have to borrow some genes from humans. We have already created rat chimeras with human astrocytes in their brains." With grant money (or some investment), a lot of gene modification, selective breeding, and in several generations down the line it could happen. Hyper evolution as you will.
It could probably be done without outside funding if enough turbo autists with STEM degrees got together and pooled their knowledge and resources.
That's likely the only way to get funding besides embezzlement.

Or drugs...
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Robot Waifu.jpg

I see it as the natural progression of mankind. If we can improve live forms, we should. Yes, there will be accidents like the killerbees and perhaps Terminators, but what else are we supposed to do? Sit on our asses and do nothing while the brown people take over the west? Id rather work on the future or at the very least a kill switch in case things go sour.


Have patience Anon. I think we will have robots before clones.

"We do not care for what the citizens think they need. We are discussing what they shall get."

The above is a quote from a Bilderberg member. Little too convenient to pose a phrase close to the original.

Ever heard of this concept called 'insanity'? It means performing the same action over and over without correcting the attempt. Agricultural propaganda has advanced the definition of insanity by creating a line of dialogue that states: "A little bit won't hurt you, you'd have to eat (THIS MANY) in (THIS TIME PERIOD) just to get sick! Why, I eat (THIS MANY) every month and I feel great!" There are two processes, one called bioaccumulation, the other called mutagenesis, and when combined they are not on your side.
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you are one angry faggot. Do you have an opinion or idea on what society will do? I'd like to hear it.
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Ban the bots!
Superfoods should make food cheaper, but it won't.

Artificial wombs should allow white males to produce all the offspring they want without needing to luck out and find a woman the jews didn't already get to, maybe even take advantage of the "If you have no skills, you can have six kids and make raising them your full-time job" benefits system, but you and I both know its use will be heavily restricted and "LGBT Charities" will pay faggots to produce cucked offspring.

Electrical brain stimulation sextoys should be legalized and marketed at the """transhumanists""" faggots that find thinking about cyborg future ethics questions too hard and BRAG OPENLY about how they'd crawl into a robopussy "pleasure dome" VR fantasy chamber if they could.
Reading that made me cry.

If artificial wombs are made and white males aren't allowed to use them, we riot.
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Bio vs Robo.png
We will almost certainly have biopones before we have sentient robowaifus. Scientists are already investigating chimera's for human organ transplant and we have made mice produce "humanized" brain cells. It is only a matter of time.
>He used the template
Nice OC, m8.
>(((terms and conditions)))
Epic, might even bring it to 4mlp. Wonder what they would think about it.
My biggest fear with artificial wombs is that governments will use them to produce an obedient and easy to control populous. For the first time in our history man will have the power to change human nature and if the powers that be ever get control of that technology it would be over for the rest of mankind.
Of course I have an opinion, I would be completely insane if I didn't. Yet, name me one time where one angry bastard's opinion can change the course of human history? I've seen a complete nosedive straight into the worst possibilities of advanced technology. The propaganda loving ignorance of refusing to answer important questions such as "Why is this unsettling our colleagues?" or "Do you have any idea what the (cue phase) of dangers will be?" and "Is this a pet project to kiss someone's ass or are you simply saying 'Yes sir!' for a paycheck?" are thrown out in favor of "Advance! Advance! Advance! Forget the consequences, we can deal with those later so let's HAVE IT right now!" idiocy. Bioethics aren't even in the back seat anymore, they've been kicked out along with any sense of reasonable concern.
“Now that the technique is fully developed, we can take an ovary from a woman, and keep it growing in a suitable fluid for as long as twenty years, producing a fresh ovum each month, of which 90 per cent can be fertilized, and the embryos grown successfully for nine months, and then brought out into the air. Schwarz never got such good results, but the news of his first success caused an unprecedented sensation throughout the entire world, for the birthrate was already less than the death rate in most civilised countries. France was the first country to adopt ectogenesis officially, and by 1968 was producing 60,000 children annually by this method. In most countries the opposition was far stronger, and was intensified by the Papal Bull ``Nunquam prius audito'', and by the similar fetwa of the Khalif, both of which appeared in 1960. As we know ectogenesis is now universal, and in this country less than 30 per cent of children are now born of woman. The effect on human psychology and social life of the separation of sexual love and reproduction which was begun in the 19th century and completed in the 20th is by no means wholly satisfactory. The old family life had certainly a good deal to commend it, and although nowadays we bring on lactation in women by injection of placentin as a routine, and thus conserve much of what wasbest in the former instinctive cycle, we must admit that in certain respects our great grandparents had the advantage of us. On the other hand it is generally admitted that the effects of selection have more than counterbalanced these evils. The small proportion of men and women who are selected as ancestors for the next generation are so undoubtedly superior to the average that the advance in each generation in any single respect, from the increased output of first-class music to the decreased convictions for theft, is very startling. Had it not been for ectogenesis there can be little doubt that civilisation would have collapsed within a measurable time owing to the greater fertility of the less desirable members of the population in almost all countries.”

– DAEDALUS or Science and the Future: A paper read to the Heretics, Cambridge, February 4th, 1923 by J. B. S. Haldane
One thing I have noticed about life is that there are no perfect solutions. Every solution is the next problem. It seems that there is in fact no solutions, what you do instead is shift the problem to a distant place where it does not effect you for a while.
A simple example. Removing dust from your house is tedious work, therefore use a vacuum cleaner, it uses electricity, which leads to pollution. All we have done is shifted the problem.
Technology doesn't remove problems, it pushes them further out.
It's about trade offs. Some problems are better to have than others. I would rather worry about obesity than starvation. I would rather worry about pollution from heating my home than freezing to death in the winter. Technological progress does cause problems, but it is usually worth it.
Its funny to hear that as I have opposite views, I care more about not starving over the downsides of being fat, and I care more about having a warm home than the pollution it may cause.
>Artificial wombs
I still haven't even gotten past chapter 1, but aren't those what cause the decline of society in "Brave New World"?
>Jews Mass produce niggers programmed to vote for their agendas
>Libtards demand to give the brainless zombies all the same rights as humans.
Not out of sight...
Revolution and gamechangers everywhere you look
a question asked by nature and answered by death.png
iirc it was a drug called soma, the perfect narcotic. Instant escapism and happy thoughts in pill form, it made alcohol obsolete. The free love and artificial reproduction came after that.


I'm not sure a real-life horse waifu would outweigh the consequences of having a society where people are made to order.
But if it's going to happen anyway, might as well have someone in your life who actually loves you and you can love in return.
I doubt natural reproduction will go away, people enjoy the natural high sex gives them too much. There's bound to be some babies who slip past contraceptives. And if these technologies do push us into another industrial revolution, most people will be too poor to afford designer babies anyway. (Not that they aren't already.)
hehe, yeah.jpg
Dem 6 gorrilion updates.
>most people will be too poor to afford designer babies anyway.
A lot of the new technologies have potential to enhance cognition such transcranial electrical stimulation techniques, psychobiotics, and nootropics (smart drugs). Higher average IQ = Higher average income.
Technology and science is progressing so quickly that I can't even tell what will happen in a decade. Reality is going faster than science fiction and it amazes me and scares me at the same time.

It scares me because it goes against much of our preconceptions, for good or for worse. How much of our society behavior will be AI controlled in a couple of years and how much can it be altered just setting some variables. We always have had this control through the flow of information, and counter-culture often appeared when this information was interpreted in a different way: The Papacy controlled the way the Bible was interpreted until Martin Luther printed the Bible in local languages so everybody could read it, generating Protestantism; for example.

What scares me is that control based on the flow of information can be effectively be rendered obsolete these times, and using new technologies we can be reduced to an ant colony like behavior, with no possible way to get out.

In the right hands this technology can help us to achieve near perfect AI-assisted democracy and liberties through an AI that can gauge everybody's individual preferences (like the Helios ending in Deus Ex: Invisible War) or total control of the human race forever. The powers that be are going to do everything they can to assess that control.

However, in the former case, what would our goals be as humanity? What will human essence become, what hopes and dreams would push us forward? What will be left to us besides self-destruction?

I'm afraid in every scenario, both in one where the elites have absolute control, and the one where we become too advanced a society that we haven't any challenges left.

Video related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fr4aAu_Ryc
Oh I know just the thing for you, the genocide bingo.
Give it a watch, it's more entertaining than reading my post.
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In any modern society, the working class constitutes most of the population. This is not a bad thing, but the natural consequence of economics.
Consider that these technologies will be prohibitively expensive, especially in their early stages.
Hence, barring a complete saturation of the market like we saw with computers, most people will not be able to afford brain upgrades or designer babies - and this is not likely to change, considering the current state of the healthcare and insurance industries.

Even assuming that these technologies work as intended, without any horrific drawbacks, the above would not change in the slightest. True, IQ is correlated to higher income, but this does not mean greater prosperity in the economic sense for two reasons:

1. If the working class does not benefit from these advances in technology, then we wouldn't be working with our current system, but one where the middle and upper classes push even further away from the current average.
2. Even if the working class benefits, then we're talking about raising a baseline. Income may be higher, but the change on effective income, i.e. purchasing power, would be negligible at best, harmful to those without upgrades at worst.

Local policy and the job market would require major changes if an increase in the standard of living across the board is desired, and the mentality of the non-working poor would need to be completely overhauled to encourage workforce participation. The technologies surrounding this process will likely not have any significant effect on the human psyche, or be enough to provide sufficient incentives on their own.

I don't advocate gommunism, but I sincerely hope that these technologies don't push us into the disparities seen in the 1870s-1920s. The middle and working classes need to have some influence against the elite, otherwise we will have solved none of the problems we see today.
I think the working class will benefit. Not all of these new technologies will be prohibitively expensive to produce. Even if pharmaceutical companies decide to jack up the price then someone else will find a way to provide the enhancements legally or not. You are absolutely right about this being bad for anyone who is not enhanced though, but natural humans won't be able to compete with machines anyways. At least we have a chance to compete with the upgrades.
I can't see why nationalised eugenics has not been mentioned.
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Screencap my predictions.

>Intelligence-enhancers mean more intelligent political opinions amongst normies and less libtard cucks
>Black communities will notice more intelligent niggers act less naturally-niggerish and reject the enhancers and shun any who take them.
>Black communities will call intelligence enhancers racist and how much control SJWs have by then decides how much of a future intelligence-enhancers have
>Space colonization becomes something people want
>Space mining becomes something people and corporations want
>Internet freedom is obtained and the jewish influence is contained or destroyed, or absolute jewish control of all media including internet is obtained and white influence is contained and eventually destroyed.
>On a world without whites, niggers or muslims use nukes and destroy the world "For Allah/Mugabe".
>On a world dominated by powerful and shameless whites, a hopeful future is possible and secured.
Eugenics becomes obsolete when you can enhance anyone.
I'm kind of worried about some of the advancements we've made already. Especially with psychiatric drugs over half the population is on pills already and more people start taking them every day. These drugs are only going to get more advanced and governments will start using them for control if they aren't already.
>or muslims use nukes and destroy the world "For Allah/Mugabe".
This is the only even remotely reasonable merit to the U.S. staying in Afghanistan: the prospect of the Taliban spreading-into and taking-over a nuclear-armed Pakistan is worrying.
>Intelligence-enhancers mean more intelligent political opinions amongst normies and less libtard cucks
consumerist cattle will alwais be more profitable. Expect fake drugs or neuron-burning chemicals to be added in the mix.
After all, these nootropics only have to make you "feel" you've become temporarily smarter. And there's a lot of chemicals that can simulate a state of "open mindedness", "enlightment" or "self confidence" while completely fucking you up.
>consumerist cattle will always be more profitable
Bullshit. A nation with a higher national IQ will have a higher GDP. The (((elites))) will probably keep the best nootropics for themselves though.
>The (((elites))) will probably keep the best nootropics for themselves though
exactly. Only a small part of the population needs to be "talented" and "aware" to keep the circus going, see Pareto distribution.
The rest can starve and descend into chemically powered delusional idiocracy
They will still give the rest of the population some form of cognitive enhancement. A population with an average IQ of 115 is not much of a threat to elites with IQs of 180+.
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if a 108IQ average batch of shitposters can bring down the liberal establishment via memes, even a slight power-up would be catastrophic (for them)
>for them
By "them", did you mean (((them)))?
439 440
who else

now that I think of it, has there ever been a kike pone?
Like in the show?
1028346__safe_artist-colon-hetalianderpy_oc_israel_nation ponies_ponified.jpeg
>kike pone
I just found these Israeli "ponies" on the booru.
stupid goy.jpg
Twist looks pretty fucking Semitic to me..
We would get a slight power up and (((they))) would get a major boost and don't forget the good goy pills are also getting much more effective. They could have a population with an average IQ of 115 and have them completely pacified on psychiatric drugs.