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The Techno-Political Implications Of Human Taskmasters Behind "AI" services
As you might've heard by now, Amazon's "Grocery A.I" was operated by 1000 people in India:

This isn't the first time an "AI" service has been revealed to be done by human taskmasters in some third world shithole being paid $2 an hour to do things that clients were told a machine was doing. Part of it is the all-too-common "fake it till you make it" attitude in the tech industry, as tech firms hope to eventually replace these workers with machines. Part of it is also a ruse for outsourcing tech jobs to foreign countries, without pissing off citizens, governments, or shareholders who might be alarmed by it.

What are the technological/political implications of so many "AI" services actually being maintained by underpaid, poorly-trained, human taskmasters in Asia and the Pacific Islands? How much of AI is fake? Could it be that some of these technologies that claim to be replacing tech-oriented labor in developed countries are simply outsourcing labor to cheaper places elsewhere?