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Radios and alternate telecommunication systems
A tech I keep preciously for an eventual SHTF situation and alternate ways of communication outside internet remains radio, IDK how many others have like, a Retevis or a Baofeng, but I'm glad to have these small, handled talkies.

I have a thing for that UV-K5, the reception range makes it more a scanner than just a talkie, especially with hacked firmware, which is starting to be a thing now, plus the radio is under 20 bucks on ali.
I'd be into these things, but I honestly don't know who I would call with them. Is there a community I can reach out to?
Always wanted to get one of the cheep Boafeng radios just to have it in case. But never gotten around to buy one as there is som many choices.
But I will look into it and take the leap. Better to have one than not.
Always wanted to get an cheep Boafeng, but never taken the leap to actually order one. But I probably should. Better to have one than not having one.
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HAMradio, even if they will be like «YoU nEeD a LoiCeNsE» but there's many people like me who DGAF, just use it for the PMR446 frequencies to communicate locally, and DXing ( reception, scanning of all things like aircraft conversations, ham radios, long distance comms, finding weird signals, autisms and geek shit, etc ) but most importantly it's a prepper logic, as an IT I know how fragile the current networks are, and having alternate means of communications that don't rely on a single infrastructure is neat. ( like government control, attacks, sabotage or whatever)

of course I also carry one in my car since I live in the countryside and many times I find out I have zero network coverage, so the first thing I generally do with any radio is to save these frequencies that could be useful. No need for a license if it's an emergency, normally these channels remains monitored.

IMHO, I don't think Baofengs aren't the "best" available, it's why I opted for that UV-K5, which once flashed has a lot more of functions that baofengs don't have, and the custom firmwares really make it an intresting thing.
there's a video about the existing mods on it, and the spectrum analyzer is a neat touch, and can decode most analog stuff depending if it's AM,FM or SSB signals.
Also the idea of having a serial cable could also make it useful for like, data transmission with some X25 protocol over a virtual UART. I'm thinking of experimenting this further. along with a few other hardware mods, like a better speaker.

Also the firmware mods available on this radio can lower the transmission power on FRS/PMR446 with 0,5w and MURS normally is up to 2w in transmission, which is rather kino, and at worse even in mobile i doubt the FCC will send in the helicopters on your approximate location.

not really interested by ham radios since the only topics allowed are technical, it's just a thing to have for a SHTF event. not a big fan of the idea of charging via USB, perhaps the next science i'll do to this thing will be to add a serial-to-USB chip and program it/use it as a modem directly with my phone or PC and ditch the baofeng programming cable.

Otherwise the Retevis/Anysecu/TYT ( all the same brand really ) are well made, more pro.
Nice. Thanks for info and recommendation. Looks really good.
tbh it could look much better, but hey that's more a thing that is fun, and has an utility.
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I hope to be able to shit post with all of you during the happening.
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So basically as long as I use the radio under 2W it's legal?
What do you think about other packet-radio protocols such as LoRaWAN(proprietary) or DASH7(more open)? AMPRNet requires one to register ones callsign to optain an IP address so that falls mostly out of the question.
LoRa is pretty cool pretty sure anything over HAM requires a callsign in the U.S. Someone should really challenge that in court.
After todays events everyone should buy at least two of these.
yes that's the big idea, of having a wireless, long distance network to at least exchange text and some jpeg with the adequate protocol, mostly x.25 or maybe even IP addressing as if it was a 56K modem behind. then it's a story of bandwidth, we had to make one like this in EE college as part of the test, that was a loong time ago. Now you can find ardunios for almost nothing.

it depends so much on the regions, here the anfr allows the 446MHz PMR for free with 18channels but at 0,5w and iirc, 466 in the US/canada so if you go with a boofwang and stay mobile away, don't get caught transmitting above one watt, and if really all coms are down, jump on the VHF/ham frequencies as a last resort, scan the frequencies, listen and ask politely, it's not /b/. don't saturate things unless they are the enemy, then you can plug in some mp3 player and rickroll away.

the whole thing about transmission should be covered by free speech, and i wish we had some free VHF channels to transmit on, this is more useful than just having a kilometre range of transmission with the 446.