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Dystopian hate thread
Anyone else hate when dystopian authoritarian shit is presented as "the nice good thing" in science fiction? This is a social credit system. For it to operate it would require constant surveilance on your personal private life, and it would disproportionately reward sociopaths who figure out how to game the system.

This is from Endless Space 2. In this game this is the power of putting Pacifists in power. The power of putting warmongers in power? Jingoist Joy: Your people love you for starting wars instead of hating you for it. Despite how hard the tooltip tries calling your people armed banner-waving loons, it is the nicer, freer option. Does anyone involved in this game see the irony?
Yeah, I hate it, but it's not exactly a new thing. In The Republic Plato calls for rather dystopian measures as a way to enforce "virtue." Rather disappointed that the developers of Endless Space 2 subscribe to this view, but there are quite a few people out there who see the world only in labels.