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Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake
>This was theory was originally written by several anons on /x/ & wizardchan.
>TLDR: Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.
>Hello. I would like to talk, or rather tell you about certain suspicions, hunches and experiences I've had and I'm sure some of you as well. Similar themes have been written about across imageboards quite a few times so I know I'm not alone in this.
>My background is that of an oldfag. I've seen it all. I started going on 4chan in 2006, and followed all the natural roads this implies. I'm in my thirties and I remember when 4chan had a /l/ board, when /co/ was a trial board shunned by basically everyone, when #34 porn was an obscure interest with very few good artists and when moot changed the frontpage to that web 2.0 bullshit 4chan has to this very day. I was also among the first right wingers who were such before it was cool, and I've seen /pol/ rise and fall. I was there when it mattered, but rather than saying these things out of masturbatory pleasure I wish to stress that I've acquired a set of observational skills which other genuine oldfags share. I'm aware you have no reason to trust my "credentials" but I hope you'll read this in good faith.
>Much of this falls squarely in the fringe territory with a healthy dosage of /x/ and conspiracy theory up the ass. My goal by posting this seemingly jumbled mess is to... how can I put it? I want you to think, I want you to be aware, to digest all this. Because on a basic level I love you all. I feel like we're all in this together, this dangerous game we did not choose to play and which I think is kicking into high gear. I do not hold many answers and don't have all the pieces of the puzzle, but I AM aware there is a puzzle. Please feel free to go wild with all of this. Post it wherever you want, on whatever site you want or use. I am a nobody like you, and what matters to me is only that this reaches you and as many people as possible. At worst you'll be entertained or kill time.
>I tried to break this mess into points for brevity and because I touch upon many subjects. I imply more than I explain because if >I go too deep this'll turn into an even bigger wall of text.
>The Internet feels empty and devoid of people. It is also devoid of content. Compared to the Internet of say 2007 (and beyond) the Internet of today is entirely sterile. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, see, read or experience anymore. It all imploded into a handful of normalfag sites and these empty husks we inhabit. Yes, the Internet may seem gigantic, but it's like a hot air balloon with nothing inside. Some of this is absolutely the fault of corporations and government entities. However! That doesn't explain the following:
Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wqS5o9wYNiI7/
Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4XukZxTIIQ74/
Yes, especially on social networks, most are bots, for RT and favs, or produced in farms of fake accounts with fake photos.
Concileo, a company I worked with in IT does recruits on campus to fake opinions and flood forums with all kind of woke, SJW bullshit. It is supposed to be a moderation company.
The goal of iot is propaganda.
When someone adds you on FB acts friendly, start telling you normies this or that is problematic, that's their goal.

AI is dumb, programmed logic. Bunch of databases and a botnet will create outrage.

I dox people. I doxed many of those fake accounts from cities I checked. Address etc. Nothing, I even encountered office buildings or demolished places, or apartments without a trace
This is more of a /cyb/ topic, but certainly interesting. I don't find it that hard to believe, especially with social media which is documented to be incredibly astroturfed.
They dont make mares like they used to.jpg
>Dead Internet Theory
Sorry, to be a stick in the mud but I don't believein this. I think the explanation is simple. There are more npcs on the internet now, therefore it's as sterile as public relations is in real life.
And while bots are probably utilized for corporations to inflate things in a similar vein as review bombing their own products and so on I genuinely believe it's just that normal people [read: women] are that, I lack a good word for it, but kills genuine discussion essentially.

But discuss away, I don't know everything so maybe there's more to this theory.
Part of the issue is user error, other part is (((malicious))) behaviors, and another is series of events.
Knowing the structure and how and why it works means where the things are and how to reach it if possible effectively makes it a more mundane problem. DNS servers cost money, and search engines, and servers and sites and storage. Money (payments and taxes) and effort to safeguard what is there from the multitude of bullshit.

Lot of people conflate bots and scripts with AI (or General Artificial Intelligence, being at least a close peer mentally or better). That said the potential for an AI and not just a neural network to arise or be created is possible.
What also occurs is lack of effort to keep certain things in the forefront and also a push for certain ones to be made readily available.

Other part is the vast majority of people.
Another part is the phenomena of two or more people coming up with the same idea across the world without any contact.
One more part is physical hostile forces, shills, psy-ops, glowniggers, ect.
The other part is the brainwashed (slightly different than NPCs but not much).
Then we get into the paranormal supernatural spirits and entities that exist in 'the 'net'.


Demons in the 'Net
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 10:26:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joseph Maxx.555
cc: AutonomatriX e-list
Subject: Re: for thee psybersphere, psychosphere, noosphere, chaosphere (fwd)

Phillip Farber -- late as usual...

The participants in the TIAMAT list created a "psychosphere" working back in 1994 (two years before the copyright date on this posting.) In fact the effects were astounding.

The idea was simply to summon and then "banish" whatever Internet "demons" were in existence. As there was no research on the nature of such demons available, it was a rather open ended experiment.

It was devised by myself and Ashton (whom some old hands here might remember) and based on a banishing rite out of Simon's Necronomicon.

Particpants were "stationed" around the globe: western US, Australia, Greece, England, eastern US and central US as I recall. In this way we sent an incantation "around" the earth seven times: each "relay station" forwarded the incantation to the next, adding a line of the spell in the process. Each station also forwarded each portion to a randomly chosen Usenet group.

As the spell neared completion, the Internet suffered serious "breakdowns", including a crash of the main ISP service in Australia and a massive -- and still unexplained -- power failure in Califronia that knocked out both the UC Berkeley-based UUCP backbone AND the Netcom ISP. It also caused my ISP service, who's Sysop happened to monitor what we were doing one evening, to pull my service account for "abuse of the service contract." (I got another account and continued the working...)

We theorized that our working "disturbed" the demons of the Internet and they reacted like any other entity that is being slowly tortured to death -- violently trying to stop us from what we were doing.

If anyone can find Ashton these days, he archived the postings and a synopsis of the results.

I suppose I'm somewhat dismissive of Mr. Farber and his published works, but everything I've read by him has been disappointing. His "Future Magick" was touted unendingly in Usenet postings and upon reading it it turns out to be nothing more than that same old Thelemic/Hermetic rituals and paradigms given a few fancy new labels. Not that the article posted by Aloas doesn't have a few useful ideas...

...but it's been done!

- J:.M:.555

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made
a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as
being a bad move.....

-- Douglas Adams

>This is more of a /cyb/ topic
You're are right and I'm fine with the idea.
Would the MOD move this bread to /cyb/?
What a strange idea. But one that,to me at least. Has a large amount of merit. The internet does feel very empty, very corporatitized.
>What a strange idea.
Actually it is a fact. The results are clipped and curated to cater the normieville crowd.
jew - glowing 3d.gif
Here an example from Metapedia, the supposedly right-wing competition of the bolshevik Wikipedia.
In 2019 there was plenty of information about Dr. Pierce with hundreds of links to many thousands URLs, no kidding.
In November 2021, that information has been clipped to just no more than half a dozen, just to keep appearances.
The nose has attacked again.
Pics 1 and 2 shows a partial sample of what Metapedia was; pic 3 shows the only info offered today.
>Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go?
Most unapproved knowledge is gone.

It was real all along.