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DIY bio
Biotechnology is rapidly advancing and becoming cheaper and easier to use. Genetic engineering once required a well funded research lab. Now genetic modification can be done as an undergraduate lab or even at home. There are many things that can all be done at home if you have know how and the right equipment, but if you are just starting out you will need:

>An incubator
You can find a used one on ebay for under $100 (be careful if you go on ebay some seller won't sell to the general public and others will sell broken goods) but you can find pretty good ones new for around $300-500 if you are just looking for something basic. You could also make one yourself there are lots of simple incubator designs online.

>A pressure cooker or autoclave
A pressure cooker will work for many applications at home, but if you really need something sterile you will need an autoclave. A good autoclave will cost you a couple hundred dollars.

You can buy specialty made plastic plates online or you can use a container made of polypropylene. (The container will be marked with a 5 in a recycle symbol) Polypropylene will survive an autoclave or a pressure cooker

>agar and/or nutrient broth
Different organisms will require different nutrients. So you will need different growth media for different projects. You can find different recipes here. https://wiki.bugwood.org/Diagnosticians_cookbook Please keep in mind that 99% of bacteria are considered "unculturalable" and many may require special conditions to survive on a culture.

>A microscope
Now depending on what you want to culture you will need a different microscope. If you are fine with just culturing fungi and other eukaryotes then you are fine with just a 400x microscope. If you want to culture prokaryotes (bacteria and archea) then you will need a microscope with at least 1000x magnification. A GOOD new brightfield microscope will run you about $300. I recommend a brightfield microscope for beginners as they are easy to use. You may need an oil immersion lense to see bacteria. If you get one of these becareful with it as the lense alone will cost between $50-100 and it can easily be scratched so you will need special whipes for it. You will need immersion oil to use it, but you might be able to get away with coconut oil. (https://lpulaguna.edu.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/1-COCONUT-OIL-AS-AN-ALTERNATIVE-FOR-IMMERSION-OIL.pdf) No matte what you use make sure to clean it after every use.

In order to see bacteria or improve the viability of some cells you will need a stain. You can use malachite green or methyline blue for simple stains and they can be found either at a pharmacy or an aquarium supply store. Other staining reagents will have to be purchased online. Stains can be very helpful in identifying your organism. You can find many of them on amazon. Here is a small list of stains: https://bio.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/Ancillary_Materials/Laboratory_Experiments/Microbiology_Labs/Book%3A_Laboratory_Exercises_in_Microbiology_(McLaughlin_and_Petersen)/03%3A_Preparation_of_Bacterial_Smears_and_Introduction_to_Staining/3.04%3A_Summary_of_Common_Bacterial_Staining_Techniques
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Just a couple of notes I forgot to include in the OP. The DIYbio and biohacker communities are full of trannies and as you would expect the communities are pozzed as hell. So just be aware of that.

For anyone here concerned about bioterrorism. The vast majority of microbes are not pathogenic, and their are plenty of peaceful purposes for microbes. Most pathogens require special labs and techniques to culture anyways. Cosmetics, biopolymers, fertilizer, probiotics, fuelcells, biofuels, bioremediation just to name a few. Please do not use this thread for anything illegal that includes the production of medicine or diagnosis of diseases without a medical license. I'm not going to argue on the ethics of those laws, but you can get in a lot of trouble for that shit. Supplements on the other hand you are free to discuss.
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OP, I think you missed the target, this is a board where NEETs meet to enjoy ponies and shitposting. Nothing so sophisticated as bio knowledge.
Do you like football?
But this is /cyb/...
There are also several companies that do DNA custom genesplicing as well.
>The DIYbio and biohacker communities are full of trannies and as you would expect the communities are pozzed as hell.
Yes. Keep an eye open when something is funky.
Someone like this has some good information, but the politics and world understanding is lacking.
It's also worth mentioning that many larger organisms reject foreign DNA to an extent.
It's nice to know more about the world.
Dont fret anon. While anon's enthusiasm for Football is right and proper, as it first began when John Elway first uttered the most Football and important word of Football: "Football", this is precisely the board for this thread, and thank you for posting it