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Coding Thread
im learning how to code -- starting with html, css and working my way up to stuff like JavaScript and jquery and all that esoteric bullshit. It'd be good to have some certifications under my belt just in case my prefferec career crashes and burns like the fucking hindenburg


these are my sources for introductory stuff and as i begin to do more projects I'll consult more books. Anyone have any other places I should check out? books i should read? thanks
Well I've done some online projects, and searching online for what you want to do, and the errors that show up can help you learn more about it.
Searching for specific html5/js commands can get you more information. Asking questions can bring you to what you need to know.

There are some weird edge cases that can appear when you try to do something out of the ordinary.
If you can get an html5 / js / css compiler that helps.
But not needed using any text editing thing will do the job. Oh god the times of editing shit in the terminal/console thankfully with VI or something similar...

Doing your project, and bashing your head into the proverbial brick wall untill it breaks down works. You have to take breaks, and take care of yourself, but it is possible despite all evidence pointing toward it not being able to.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY SAVE, AND SAVE IN MULTIPLE INSTANCES! Notes and hints, and changelogs are your friend nothing is worse than having everything reverting, or everything breaking due to a small tweak that shouldn't have done anything, but finding why everything is collapsing is nearly impossible. Making you do everything all over again.
completely noted thank you

I'm just now dipping my toes into this world and I'm glad to learn about it. I svae religiously on games, so it shouldnt be to hard to religiously make changelogs
While it's not as big as saving, changlogs are handy for any collaborative effort, and if you have to stop working on it for any length of time.
There's alot of stuff that is good to know, and a lot can be deduced with common sense, some practices seem really arbitrary but have a purpose behind it (some are actually arbitrary).
The conferences and expert talks from all walks of life are really helpful. This is one area (of many) that having a broad understanding of everything helps. inversely learming programming also provides a different way of thinking