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It's time to make /1ntr/ great again, but we need YOUR help! No more being the dead server, today is the day we make a stand for real! IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE.


File: 1504191418607.jpg (47.46 KB, 405x410, IMG_0151.JPG)

is this going to finally be the day /1ntr/ makes yet another comeback from the grave?


File: 1504192490791.jpg (78.77 KB, 1358x759, Captura24.jpg)

Yes! This time we will not return to it!Knock down that gravestone, fill in the hole, we will LIVE.


/mlpol/ had an anime thread the other day and they wanted to move it here, perhaps a good start would be to make this a designated /a/ for them?


the best course of action would be to give up the delusion that one day we will have our old Ngrs back, now its about finding new anons and molding them into Ngrs. Sadly /mlpol/ does not get us, it wont be easy but Its better than sitting back and watching us slowly dwindle away.


I've been lurking to learn if that helps
Compromise and only allow anime of a certain age with a cap so it's not modern animes?


File: 1504197709085.jpg (98.16 KB, 600x432, IMG_9986.JPG)

it truly does help, we enjoy visitors.

As for old anime talk, I like that idea; it would also be nice to talk about the newer series as well. Im sure a balance would eventually be found, but old anime is pretty great and is completely forgotten on /a/ its a good idea


File: 1504198367789.jpg (98.04 KB, 839x1024, 1493443150217.jpg)

Starting out with some classics from the 80s might be a good in between, maybe hold a movie night for them? Then pick a series to watch before moving on to more modern?
>I want you guys to grow, I should post more here tbh


i think the lack of a solid topic may be one of the issues.


File: 1504201487009.png (192.26 KB, 902x885, 130.png)

So much this. I have been around /1ntr/ since it came to mlpol, and I still do not understand its topics at all. It's called "Internets" but what does that mean? I hear something about old memes, but I see anime everywhere, and the new banners are anime. So how does anime play into this? I suggested an old meme I remembered fondly from the internet in the mid 2000s, but I was told that was "normie" and that it's more about "old 4chan memes." So is it limited to old 4chan memes, and for some reason there is anime? Later, I hear it is a "random" board. And now in this thread, I see that not all anime is within the purview of 1ntr. So I am lost as to what 1ntr is about, and what is topical.


True. Although generals are not allowed on mlpol -Golden rule for /sg/- nothing is against that for here. For the time, could always have a general to help explain to us Anons your history, such as epic moments and all? It would give us a solid place to discuss and learn more. I know at the start it was somewhat discussed but we have much more traffic now


I can answer a few of these the reason you see the old theme is because most of internets consisted of weebs ranging from early to late 20's.

internets started off as a containment group for trolls that came from different anime forums, and imageboards, around 2013 internets was cleaned up and legitimized purging a ton of the toxic trolls we used to have.

Internets is an old term used on the internet in the early 2000's broken english was pretty popular to ironicly use back then. Most of our conversation were pretty much old farts missing the old times, we eventually came to 8ch in hopes of finding likeminded anons.

We never had a topic or goal, we use old memes because its pretty much what is left of what we used to know the internet as, -and we thought it was going to shit in 2013- we could not imagine it would get this bad in 2017.

And here we are now, learning that as much as it is nice to look back at the old days, that the internet is evolving and the past is being buried and forgotten. its sad but we eventually will need to adapt with the times or slowly die like we have been.


What was >>500 ?


duplicate post


File: 1504205881660.png (169.16 KB, 873x716, MuDJxn0.png)

I'm open to allowing this to be like /a/, as long as we're allowed to also be random


That could be a good tbh. At the same time, i'd rather we of mlpol try to learn your ways first. From what I can tell, pretty much stuff up to 07 of the net is what your after, mainly based of old4chan, yes? It could improve traffic here tho, allowing /a/ and would give us animu likers a place to post other then the every-so-often threads. Hmm.


File: 1504216362398.jpg (46.19 KB, 500x660, bf0e8dc1cd2eb4c3b6463cd586….jpg)



indeed, it would be tough for anyone to figure /1ntr/ out from the outside without knowing the history, unless they came from the founding groups, then again /1ntr/ has made quite a few drastic changes over the years. for example when Ngrs - how /1ntr/ refers to anons from the board- refer to "old internets" its usually in relation to the troll pool /1ntr/ used to be.

but what is best is not to go the same route as desuchan, who pretty much did not adapt the the times and eventually withered away.

its high time we figure something new out to help maintain a future for /1ntr/.


I'm not a /mlpol/ user, but I bookmarked this board once upon a time because I found it interesting.
I don't know what you guys were expecting. You made an old internet board on a site that contains nothing but the new internet that people like us have come to despise. You want to have fun again, but you share your space with a srs bisness activist platform with users that weren't even on the internet for the times you're nostalgic for.
Spread your wings. There are communities out there and they need more users.


>weren't even on
Speak for yourself faggot. I bet you've never booted windows from DOS.


File: 1504220729177.jpg (63.52 KB, 422x422, welcome to die!.jpg)

This is the song that plays in my head when i visit this board.



I miss the days of tweaking autoexec.bat and config.sys to get enough memory freed to run different games. You were more in control over every aspect of the system back then. And I miss seeing ANSI art, the main reason to create your own BBS (for me).


The best part was how computer illiterate the whole fucking world was. I once uploaded a nintendo emulator to my work computer (security) and spent 2 weeks playing through Ultima Avatar on the clock, simply by zipping and renaming the file to a readme


File: 1504221803024.png (1.48 KB, 320x200, lsl1_078-320x200.png)

Lol. It truly was a fun times.
>boss mode


File: 1504242526913.png (583.84 KB, 1173x780, bdc.png)

Tfw I wasn't on the internet at the time period that we're nostalgic about but I'm still nostalgic about it


I like internets but I'm never sure what to do on this board


File: 1504243356869.jpg (9.8 KB, 236x236, 32c262471cd446ede7ccf4efae….jpg)

Do whatever man. Random board is random, only with a nostalgic feel


Who ia thia anime girl? Shes niiice


I still have not seen this anime that is being Avatarfagged. not that im against it.


File: 1504652893184.jpg (21.9 KB, 508x287, 3-48.jpg)

Guri-chan from Love Tyrant <3

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