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Let's have a thread about mangoes worth reading, I'll start:

Sci-fi with detailed political themes, action packed with great art and writing

Imperial Guards
Short but amazingly written war story, old school Japanese soldiers with saber tooth tigers

Inspiring martial arts story, street fighting and philosophy of life


There was once this really cool manga with numerous versions called Maoyu. It had a lot of interesting world elements and had things like economics and shit. Don't watch the anime though, it was garbage.


this: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Maoyuu-Maou-Yuusha ?
I'll check it out I'm always fond of detailed world building especially if it involves economics/politics and is done well


Yeah. It's been a while but that is the manga. If that particular manga doesn't jive with you there are several variants of the same manga out there for some reason.

Also, check out spice and wolf of you like economics/politics. The manga for that was good. I think they ceased publication, If the manga in the middle of the story, but the light novels are magnificent.


Tokyo Red Hood
loli, prostitute, cannibal, serial killer.


Fucking loved that one. Came here to post it.


i see you're also a man of refined tastes


File: 1510939886118-0.jpg (58.59 KB, 350x490, tokyo-akazukin-4083.jpg)

It's one of my personal favorites.


she's an absolutely top tier waifu for sure


if anyone likes wilderness survival i'd recommend cage of eden and dr.stone


Cage of Eden is pretty great. Never Tried Dr. Stone though.


it's fairly new but i'm enjoying it so far, would recommend


File: 1510961078706.jpg (21.71 KB, 301x267, f38b82037671f22a973bbd3afd….jpg)

if you are into cute, I would highly recommend Hajiotsu. there is a yandere/yuri known as Mercelago, best way to describe it is a blend of black lagoon, and Mirai nikki. If you like edo era action read Blade Of the Immortal. Its long as fuck but a great read.


If you like horror anything by Junji Ito will probably get your skin crawling

if you like slice of life stuff by Inio Asano is pretty interesting


damn, hajiotsu was freaking adorable. I like how it's a senien manga (target audience 18-25 year old men) japan knows what's up


File: 1511216193595.jpg (11.24 KB, 200x200, himari-chan.jpg)

oh yes, himari is the cutest of cutes, I hope for an adaptation in the future.

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