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Archived thread

Aol punters
I don't know how old you guys are but my family got aol when it first came out. When 2.0 came out there was a way to knock users offline or punting them by sending them codes through instant message. Besides me , did anyone else use these proggies?
i have to say that i for one have never got to witness such joys my family had little to no computer skills and myself during that time was still figuring out the magic behind aol. I do however remember Pm bombing was quite popular when icq, msn and yahoo chat was quite popular.

did you know the voice chat function worked with a headset using the left earphone. it blew my mind discovering that i could shit talk adults in chats as a kid.
I remember my Dad signed us up for CompuServe pretty early on but I wasn't allowed to use it because it literally charged you by the minute.