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File: 1545163160025.png (2.36 MB, 1500x2000, 216304__safe_artist-colon-….png)

f23d8 No.72927[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome back to Occupied Equestria, an RP set in a conquered Equestria, using D&D 3.5e mechanics, and based in large part on the My Little Pony mod for Hearts of iron 4, Equestria at War

The party has successfully stopped the Communists of Baltimare from importing guns and foreign advisers in preparation for a revolt. They have also raided a Griffin freighter involved in arms trafficking, and are prepared to leave and end their long night.

e528e No.72931

File: 1545163344207-0.jpeg (190.25 KB, 912x876, 1880693__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

[Kirin noises]

98f09 No.72932

"we should head to the tavern."

98f09 No.72933

whats sister Ash's color scheme?

778e8 No.72934

"I will follow. Remember the agreement." Iron follows Dark Star.

e528e No.72935

… I hadn't decided….

e528e No.72936

Aren't we all still in the boat?

f23d8 No.72937

"You've been shot twice and stabbed, Shimmer has been shot, Brie has been shot, and Iron has been slashed, thrashed, and stabbed."

"Now what's that you've been carrying on your back?"

7a708 No.72938

>finally gets a chance to join the party
[Excited Fighter-Horse Noises]

778e8 No.72939

Yes, but if he decides to travel to the tavern, it is good.

778e8 No.72940

Iron looks away from Skies "I see your game. Fine, the chest should cover it."

98f09 No.72941

"Alcohol will help."

98f09 No.72942

"Heres your bits."
*Throws over 200 bits*

f23d8 No.72943

"So you want to take 30% of all of the Gold and say that is your '200 bits'?"

"You know this guy has gold on him, right?"

"No, you need a doctor"

Shit I'll get to you

778e8 No.72944

"Uh, thanks?" He catches it. "Well, I guess that is that." He turns to Skies. "I can share some of what is inside the chest if you want. Your terms are agreeable." He takes the 30% and stores it in his hide and passes the chest to Skies. "I guess an organization needs more of the gold than me."

f23d8 No.72945

She is not satisfied
"There are 6 of you and you claim 1/3?"

98f09 No.72946

"Gold? you Guys found it?"

f23d8 No.72947

"Iron and Shimmer must have found it"

778e8 No.72948

"Oh, sorry. I thought you wanted thr chest." He clearly is annoyed. "Shimmer did not take anything when we opened it, so he is out of the question. I do not know if Ash even needs it and Dark Star is supported by an entire organozation, let him use organization funds." Iron recollects. "Because I opened the chest to begin with, as well as the suitcases you wanted me to open it, I should take a bigger share."

f23d8 No.72949

"let me get this straight. You want an entire additional 10% share of the gold because you opened a couple suitcases and the chests? And while we're on the subject, did you bother to ask Ash if she had any use for it rather than just assuming? Did you bother to ask Dark Star how much he is getting from his organization?"

778e8 No.72950

First, Iron turns to Ash. "Do you need some of this gold, Ash? I feel like you will not tell me unless I ask you directly."

e528e No.72951

"Why don't we open it first?"

98f09 No.72952

"I havent gotten any money from them."

e528e No.72953

>I'm nearly died for free
Sister Ash gives him a quizical expression at this statement.

778e8 No.72954

Iron shakes his head. "It is not necessary. There are 10 pieces of gold." He makes some math. "Since you seem interested, we can go with 2 gold bars to you, 2 to Onyx, 2 to Dark Star, 2 to me and 2 to Skies. Not sure of Brie is here to even pick up the gold, so I could go for one more to me and one more for Ash."

778e8 No.72955

*Replace Brie with "the bat"

f23d8 No.72956

"How about one brick to each participant in the battle including the Bat, and the remainder to your Benefactors who sent you on this mission, and who will want their taxes anyways"

778e8 No.72957

"Before I agree, any estimation of the value of this gold?"

e528e No.72958

*Does some math*
That's about 2500 gp in total. 250 per brick
Taxation is theft.

e528e No.72959

A 5 pound brick of gold is worth 250 gp at market price. Gold is a trade good, so it can be sold for it's market price.
To put that in perspective: one set of mundane, nonmagical banded mail.

e528e No.72960

Or at least that's what the books say.
Roll to Appraise.

778e8 No.72961

"Fine. But I will hand out." He starts to hand out one piece of gold for each character present. He is left with 5 available gold pieces. "I shall safeguard the rest of the gold until everyone comes and retrieves it. You can tail me if you want to ensure your pieces."

f23d8 No.72962

Oh God, this will difficult to value. The way I figure it, the gold here was being transferred to the griffins as a payment or partial payment for some of the rifles. Maybe 30% of the value of the rifles. Which is a hell of a lot of money, and so it sort of makes sense why the Blackhooves want to cover up this operation as being a robbery done by insiders.

e528e No.72963

Did you see the encounter loot tables?

f23d8 No.72964

No, I was figuring out how many Karabiner 98ks you could fit on a truck, how much they cost, and trying to translate 1939 USD to bits. I'll do that now though….

e528e No.72965

A single set of full plate costs 1500 gp.
A +1 magic weapon costs a minimum of 1000 gp.
The total wealth level of a level 5 Player character starts at about 9000 gp (or 4,300, for an NPC).

e528e No.72966

Most humanoids drop Standard loot. Encounter loot yeilds are based on CR, and their treasures usually come in multiples of standard loot value.

e528e No.72967

USD to gp might not be completely smooth. Salt is worth its weight in silver, in d&d.

7a708 No.72968

That a lot more money than I thought we would start out with.

f23d8 No.72969

Calculating CR for this on its own will be difficult

Don't worry, most of the characters are not starting out with anywhere near that kind of money

e528e No.72970

Magic items are expensive.

e528e No.72971

Just estimate high.

7a708 No.72972

I mean, combining everything Silver has on him (equipment, weapons, armor, and Bits), he doesn't even have quite one thousand.

e528e No.72973

Also, healing potions and damage-reduction passing ammunition are essential.
Plus trail rations, but survival replaces those in the wilderness.

778e8 No.72974

I basically started with 0

e528e No.72975

I pretended I had normal lvl 5 gold, but gave it all away to the orphanage.

778e8 No.72976

Wonder how she got thw money in the first place.

5c6c5 No.72977

I explained that it was transferred from another monastary.
Besides, it's normal for an elite character of her level to have that much. An NPC would have about half though.

778e8 No.72978

Oh, sorry. Guess I wasn't paying attention,

7a708 No.72979

And here I thought having 1,000 to start with was going to be an issue.

f704a No.72980

Holds glass away from Dark Star.
"Well, I'm glad we are all debating on how much shiny stuff we are going to get and not what we do next. How has tonight changed our lives? Are we cleared of this by the government, or are we going to be on the run now?"

f23d8 No.72981

"Baltimare police is going to want you. But Baltimare police won't be running this investigation, the Governate will. The robbery will be considered less important in the public investigation than the arms trafficking that the robbery targeted. Gotta stop that gun violence, after all. Both the arms trafficking and the robbery will be blamed - publicly - on the Waterfront gang and rogue elements within it, which the Baltimare police will use as an excuse to crack down. Secretly, the Blackhooves will be investigating the role of foriegn governments in this. With luck, the Communists will think that they got away with this free."

e528e No.72982

"I still have children to find. The government seems to be less than enthusiastic to do anything about that."

f23d8 No.72983

Blue Skies stares at Ash. I don't believe the two have spoken to each other since Ash tried to burn her by raising all of the metal equipment on her above boiling point

98f09 No.72984

"You Should Give me a sip of that."

298d1 No.72985

"I can help you find it if you need it. Just say the word." Iron stands by Ash's side.

e528e No.72986

*Glances back awkwardly*

e528e No.72987

"… Really?"

f23d8 No.72988

"You need a doctor"

*glares back*

f704a No.72989

"So are the police going to be hunting us after they grow tired of going after this gang?"
"After we get to safety and get them to stop fighting over metals, then I will try to help you out with that."
"Sorry, but you can't drink Tipsy."

98f09 No.72990

"You Named your drink?"

298d1 No.72991

"Of course. A stallion should always help a mare in need ." Iron strokes her mane. "Especially one as cute as you."

e528e No.72992

File: 1545170069861-0.jpg (21.04 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)

It must have hurt

f704a No.72993

I hold it closer to myself.

98f09 No.72994

"Unicorns sure are strange."

e528e No.72995

"..Th-thank you…"

f23d8 No.72996

"The Governate can hie evidence as needed. Well, except for one little problem. There were several survivors of this incident. All of them will be detained by the Governate for at least some time, and some may never be released. But if any of them get free, they could report seeing you to the Communists, the Gang, or even Baltimare PD."

She breaks the silence
"I take it you didn't take a vow of Chastity"

e528e No.72997

I don't have that feat.
Sister Ash looks over, still awkwardly.
"..No.. I haven't.."

98f09 No.72998

"Do you know how to drive a boat?"

f704a No.72999

"So… we need to book it out of town soon? How are we going to get out of this one?"

f23d8 No.73000

"That reminds me"
She starts the engine, and now guides the boat away from the ship. Slowly

"Looks like this plantation boy made quite the score tonight"

"There are a few options, but it's not an immediate problem. Don't expect any of these ponies to be released yet"

298d1 No.73001

Iron laughs. "No need to thank me for stating facts. But I will want to get my wounds patched up, and get some gear, but the latter can wait."
Iron thinks. "Do you think you can patch up my wounds, Ash?"

Iron laughs. "No need to be jealous, Skies, I am sure Star can take you on a date. Unless you want me of course."

e528e No.73002

Whips, I thought she said "break" not "take".

e528e No.73003

I was implying that she had followed one.

e528e No.73004

Which was implied partly back at the Abby where she said as part of her training she had "learned to live without love".

e528e No.73005

This comment is misleading.

f23d8 No.73006

Well, this leaves her speechless

Iron has taken a shit load of damage, so a full recovery will require either a professional doctor/equal alternative, or a 20 from Ash. A reasonable dice roll from ash will allow at least 10 HP recovery between the end of the night and the next morning

e528e No.73007

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5


e528e No.73008

298d1 No.73009

"Sorry, sorry. I went a bit far there." Iron giggles a little.

98f09 No.73010

f23d8 No.73011

She whispers "No one has asked me" and then tries to take a drink from a non-existent container

a0f69 No.73012

File: 1545171498933.gif (778.81 KB, 1280x720, 1840661__safe_artist-colon….gif)

f23d8 No.73013

"There you are, juggernaut. Want some gold?"

a0f69 No.73014

"Well, sure. If you're offerings

298d1 No.73015

Iron leans closer and whispers to Dark Star about how she purrs when touched somehow. "I am sure she will not mind that you do it too."

298d1 No.73016

Iron gives him a piece of gold. "I would give you more for your amazing prowess but the employer needs to give most of the gold to the organization."

298d1 No.73017

5 gold pieces left.

a0f69 No.73018

Onyx is obviously sick and tired of having nothing to his name.

298d1 No.73019

"I feel you. Talk to Skies about it. It is kind of valuable. It is a gold brick, after all."

a0f69 No.73020

Oh a brick, not a coin.
Well this changes things completely.
"Hey, skies! Can I have a few of these?"

f23d8 No.73021

"We haven't heard from everyone on the subject, but at the moment it looks like each is taking one. Not to say that two is out of the question"

a0f69 No.73022

"Oh I'd be happy with two…"
Onyx looks at the gold like a starving man looks at food
"More than happy…."

298d1 No.73023

"I am sure Shimmer would give it to you if you ask him nicely. Said he did not care about the gold brick"

f704a No.73024

"I'm wondering if ponies would grow suspicious at our new found wealth. We may want to keep the gold more of a secret than what you guys are suggesting."

298d1 No.73025

"I am a literal nobody. I should be fine with ponies looking at me funny." Iron leans on Shimmer. "If you want, I can safeguard your piece indefinetly."

f704a No.73026

"Don't worry. I don't need any share of the gold. I wasn't even being paid to be here."

a0f69 No.73027

"I have nothing though. This'll help a lot."
He then turns to Skies
"If there's more of this waiting for me occasionally I'll gladly sign up for your group"

f23d8 No.73028

"It varies job by job, but sometimes, the subversives are loaded"

298d1 No.73029

"I take it as mine, then." Iron pockets Shimmer's piece. There are now 6 bricks available.

a0f69 No.73030

"Got the forms?"

a0f69 No.73031

Onyx takes two of the six, making his total three.

298d1 No.73032

Iron shrugs. "If Skies allows it." 4 pieces available.

f23d8 No.73033

"What kind of work are you looking for specifically?"

"The devil will have her cut, and we haven't heard from Brie, Ash, or Dark Star. Put that back"

a0f69 No.73034

"Work in general. I'm just a veteran with nothing to his name."
He then looks Skies dead in the eyes and only puts one back.

f23d8 No.73035

Stares right back

298d1 No.73036

"Well, you are bold." If Ash, Dark Star and Brie have no been given their pieces, 7 pieces available.

98f09 No.73037

*Dark Star Stares at Iron for a moment*
*Then He Kisses Blue*

e528e No.73038

I want a few.

298d1 No.73039

"What is the matter, Skies. Are you going to let him do that?" Iron is skeptical about this.

f23d8 No.73040

Surprised, then she wraps her wings around Dark Star and kisses right back

Her mouth is full of Dark Star's at the moment

a0f69 No.73041

>Waits for DarkStar to get laid out on the floor
Well then

298d1 No.73042

Iron gives only one brick to the mare. "Like I said, only one each. Talk fo Skies to increase if you can."

a0f69 No.73043

Onyx takes the third back while Skies is busy trading spit.

298d1 No.73044


"I knew it." He stares at Onyx. "I say you give it back. Do not ruin the moment."

e528e No.73045

Sorry. I've been in and out. I was just given a whole bunch of work to do.

f704a No.73046

I take it from the bartender and put it back. "Just ask for it from the nun."

298d1 No.73047

'While I do respect you, you are robbing me too. Place it back right now and take two if you want, not three."

a0f69 No.73048

Onyx looks at the two.
"I don't think you understand how much I don't have"

f23d8 No.73049

She breaks mouth contact for a moment
"Put both back or a bullet will fly through your skull as you sleep. We'll negotiate on you getting more than one after the others have claimed their bricks" She goes back to Dark Star

"If he doesn't put it back, I will personally pay you to punch him" Skies is irritated that she has to use her mouth to speak these words and not for kissing

f704a No.73050

"I might have an idea…"

a0f69 No.73051

"Shit, I'll pay him to punch me. I haven't had jack-shit in a couple years."

f23d8 No.73052

Suffice it to say that she likes the affection. Next actions?

298d1 No.73053

"Save me your sob story. With your strength, you could live with nature pretty easily. The only reason you believe you need it is because you are scared of losing the comfort of the city. Am I wrong?"

98f09 No.73054

*Dark star reaches over annd drags a bar to him*
>tfw gold is heavy
>tfw 7 str

a0f69 No.73055

"No, it's the fact that Changelings burned everything I had to my name before taking me prisoner"

f23d8 No.73056

Blue skies places her hoof on his, to help lift the heavy bar with her 9 strength

New Mareland are the ones who took him prisoner. If he were a changeling prisoner, he'd be in a pod right now with magical extractors plugged into him

298d1 No.73057

6 pieces left
"Nevermind the reason. Put the pieces back or you will have to pick up your teeth from the floor, or worse"

f704a No.73058

"Just be content with what you can get from this one mission. I'm even forfeiting any take so you can have more."

a0f69 No.73059

Onyx snorts before dropping it on the ground.

98f09 No.73060

"Dont make me shoot you. i like the way you serve Whiskey."

298d1 No.73061

"Good. Keep one of them." 6 pieces left.

298d1 No.73062

Iron smiles at the scene. "This is great. Finally the mare feels some love."

a0f69 No.73063

"Nope, I'm keeping two. You get the third"

298d1 No.73064

"Come on, Onyx. You are pushing the boundaries of trust here. Keep in mind there are 4 of us against one of you. If you act nice maybe Skies will reconsider."

298d1 No.73065

*Reconsidet giving you two gold bricks

7a708 No.73066

>decide to take a break for dinner
>come back to 64 new posts
So…did I miss anything?

a0f69 No.73067


298d1 No.73068


a0f69 No.73069


298d1 No.73070

"I will not say again. Drop the second brick. I am sure Skies will reconsider giving you two if you obey." Iron places his forehead against Onyx's forehead. "One"

a0f69 No.73071

"Make me"

98f09 No.73072

Fires my revolver into the water close to oynx

a0f69 No.73073


98f09 No.73074

"Do you have a death wish?"

f23d8 No.73075

No hug or hoof hold? No long talk about past, present or future?

"I Swear to the Duke, to Halcyon Shores, and to the Great Mother, that I may have certified you as 'not a changeling' yesterday, but I will turn this ship back to store and tell the guards that you have been replaced by a spy"

a0f69 No.73076

"Maybe, I do. But I'm not walking off of the boat with less than two"
"Pffft, like you know me to say this is out of character"

98f09 No.73077

*Points my revolver at oynx*
"Are you sure this is the road you want to take bartender?"

7a708 No.73078

>But I'm not walking off of the boat with less than two
INB4: everyone works together to carry him off the boat with his allotted one gold brick.

a0f69 No.73079

Don't you dare start giving them ideas

f704a No.73080

"Stop this all of you!"
I take a gold bar.
"I claim my share and give it to the bartender. There! Happy?"
I toss the bar at Onyx.

f23d8 No.73081

"Are you sure this guy isn't a changeling?"

"You already gave a share to Iron"

a0f69 No.73082

"So you're giving me three?"
Onyx eyes the two bars to his side and the one in front of him confusedly

a0f69 No.73083

Wait wait everyone hold the fuck up.
If Iron had one, and the magic hoers gave him one….
Doesn't that make two?

e528e No.73084

It's gonna be a while until I can RP effectively.

7a708 No.73085

You know, I used to be on this one pony RP forum, and it was surprisingly similar to how this game is currently.

98f09 No.73086

"I'm starting to suspect it more."
"The State gets its Tax."

f23d8 No.73087

Iron has two


"We didn't say you could never have two, we said we haven't alloted it yet"

Well, that's almost certainly not a compliment

298d1 No.73088

"I am only holding the pieces to distribute. I have only taken one officially. Now stop this nonsense and give back the piece you owe."

f704a No.73089

“Forget it. I’m done with this group. All you can think about is this shit.”
I storm off.
“How can ponies think like this under these desperate times?”

e528e No.73090

I want two tho ^_^

a0f69 No.73091

These metal names really are confusing me
really sorry I have to be this difficult
"Two, or I'm walking out"

f23d8 No.73092

Shimmer finds that he is on a small boat in a bay, and options to storm off are limited

98f09 No.73093

"Wait come back."

298d1 No.73094

It's fine, if I had the same health as you, I would do the same
"Then walk out! Stop acting like a colt already!"

a0f69 No.73095

Dice rollRolled 14 + 4

Dice rollRolled 15 + 12

Onyx takes off the armor, sets down the halberd, and put his jump ranks to use.
The +12 is his jump towards the shore, the +4 is the swim check

98f09 No.73096

"my whole family was murdered and you dont see me crying about not having 2gold bars"

7a708 No.73097

I mean, it's not your fault, it's just what happens occasionally.

298d1 No.73098

Dice rollRolled 6 + 7

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

Iron sighs. He passes the all the gold bricks to Skies. "Hold this for me, leave what you want for me." He then mimicks the actions of Onyx.

e528e No.73099

98f09 No.73100

>1 on swim
oh shit

298d1 No.73101

Onyx confirmed Atlas in disguise.

7a708 No.73102

…I'm just gonna leave this F here to pay my respects.
Is it 1 on the swim or 1 on the jump?

a0f69 No.73103

Dice rollRolled 2

Are you kidding me, I've gotta-
Onyx sees the flailing Iron and turns back around to help him.
No swim bonus cause carrying another horse.

e528e No.73104

a0f69 No.73105


7a708 No.73106

And now they're both going to drown.

298d1 No.73107

Dice rollRolled 8

While Onyx was acting childish, Iron acknowledges his attempt to save him. Therefore he has to do the same to him.

98f09 No.73108

Just as God intended.

298d1 No.73109

Is that enough?

7a708 No.73110

Dice rollRolled 18

I'm not even a part of this encounter, I'm just going to make a roll to see if the dice just hates us now, or if they're just memeing.

7a708 No.73111

No, they're just memeing.

298d1 No.73112


98f09 No.73113

File: 1545176328573.png (45.92 KB, 375x375, _Check.png)

>trps confirm

a0f69 No.73114

Friendship ended with email dice.
Now square bracket dice are my friend.
1d20[ 1d20 = 18 ]

a0f69 No.73115

Oh you motherfucking rng

f23d8 No.73116

A panel of the roof in Silver's room falls loose, causing a pouch of bits long hidden up there to fall to the ground before him

Blue Skies stops the boat, and places a hoof on her face

a0f69 No.73117

Lucky bastard.
Onyx tries again, still tugging the other horse
1d20[ 1d20 = 8 ]

98f09 No.73118

"We- We should stop them from drowning."

e528e No.73119

I give up my Obscurring Mist slot to summon a dolphin that rescues them both.
It can take 10 on swim checks.

298d1 No.73120

"At least I gave you the gold and a coltfriend, right Skies?" Iron coughs up some water. He turns to Onyx. "If you are going to act suicidal, at least do it with guaranteed profit."

f704a No.73121

“And ruin the metaphor of their greed? I suppose…”

f23d8 No.73122

Blue Skies sighs, and takes flight, to try to grab onto Iron

a0f69 No.73123

"Hey, I was swimming fine until I had to save your flank"

7a708 No.73124

Oh, hey, the random meme dice roll actually did something. Neat.
He slowly gazes up at the newfound hole in his ceiling, wondering A.) if this used to be a smuggler's den, and B.) if he can patch it up without Glass noticing.

e528e No.73125

File: 1545176779271-0.jpg (2.16 MB, 3008x2256, mainart3.jpg)


a0f69 No.73126

Hey Patrick, how the >dolphin noises are ya?

f23d8 No.73127

Whether this was a stash of stolen bits that was placed there to hide it, or someone's stash that was left behind is not immediately determinable. The wooden roof panels can be placed back as they were by standing on a stool…. or Unicorn magic

298d1 No.73128

Iron laughs. "Sure, but for how long before they would have caught you? Trust me, you would have died before actually feeling the rewards." Iron shakes his head. "Even after you had confirmed further payments. Give me a break."
Iron grabs onto the dolphin.
"While I thank you for your efforts, I do not think you can pick me up."

f23d8 No.73129

Dice rollRolled 19 - 1

She pulls anyways

98f09 No.73130

Dark Star drives the boat close to iron

f23d8 No.73131


98f09 No.73132

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7


a0f69 No.73133

"Till who caught me?"
Onyx grabs the dolphin, looking a bit shinier than he did when arguing.

298d1 No.73134

Iron is lifted by Skies. "Wow, I can feel the power of love already." Iron laughs

a0f69 No.73135

I hate this fucking timeline tbh.
What the fuck, how do we get good rolls now that they won't die,.

298d1 No.73136

"Do not act so coy, you did not have a plan. The fact that you jumped out of a boat like that proves that."

a0f69 No.73137

Onyx shrugs
"I don't remember jumping out the boat. I just remembered getting mad, then appearing in the water."

7a708 No.73138

"…" He firmly plants a hoof in his face before realigning the panels oh so gently with levitation. "Hmm. Might need to keep this in mind. Could be decent hiding spot."

298d1 No.73139

Iron looks at Onyx a bit funny. "Sure. Whatever you say."

98f09 No.73140


298d1 No.73141

"If you want to get rid of your anger, we can spar it out, hoof to hoof if you want."

0f924 No.73142

File: 1545177495801.png (72.72 KB, 214x250, 126D5CE8-347A-4539-B84E-3D….png)

“Dark Star wanted to save you”
She swiftly beats her wings and drops Iron onto the boat

a0f69 No.73143

If Onyx notices the dripping sarcasm or confused looks he doesn't acknowledge it.
"So… Where exactly is the boat right now?"

298d1 No.73144

"I guess I gave him some guidance that paid off, huh?" Iron has a shit-eating grin.

98f09 No.73145

Dice rollRolled 11 + 7

Drives closer to oynx and the Dolphin thaat appered

e528e No.73146

Dice rollRolled 10 + 2


298d1 No.73147

Iron turns to Ash "Do not think I did not notice your attempt to save me." Iron strokes her mane. "Sorry for that little scene. I will still help you if you need it."

0f924 No.73148

File: 1545178096261.jpeg (47.53 KB, 640x1136, EEAC771C-AC68-4C98-B794-A….jpeg)

I am away from my keyboard, so I am not going to be able to respond very effectively

“And now you are learning. What’s that old expression? ‘You can catch more changelings with niceness than rudeness”
Now she is left trying to think
“No, that’s not how that saying goes”

It is so

“A location on the shore north where we could drive to a doctor that won’t ask questions”

The area above the panel is at least six inches deep, and two feet by two feet

a0f69 No.73149

"You catch more Changelings with honey than you do with vinegar." Onyx comments as he flops on the deck.
"Am I allowed to nap?"

7a708 No.73150

"Yes. This could work." He makes a mental note of this. He then makes a mental note to get a notepad so he doesn't have to keep so many mental notes.

298d1 No.73151

Iron nods, smiling. "Anytime, Skies."

e528e No.73152

I'm sorry. I'm really busy and won't be available for quite a while.

298d1 No.73153

"Do not forget to give the second brick back to Skies." Iron has a serious expression. "Do not perform the same stunt."

0f924 No.73154

File: 1545180204971.png (577.82 KB, 1280x1142, 13C527E3-5CC6-44E6-81D8-3B….png)

Well he certainly has enough money to buy a notepad now

“I was going to tell you not to risk bleeding out. But you’re not injured”

tfw I want to have her say changelings don’t care for honey, but I am not certain about that part of Changeling lore

Blue skies goes up next to Dark Star

298d1 No.73155

"Hey Skies. Question. Is the medical care paid for us?" Iron tilts his head, somewhat confused as to why she isn't trying to take the second brick back from Onyx.

a0f69 No.73156

"Oh yeah… It's quite fucking paid for around here"
Onyx looks angrier than he did before.

98f09 No.73157

"my gun shot hurts."

a0f69 No.73158

Oh, she's probably not taking it cause Onyx isn't next to them and claiming possession.
"Well, gunshots do tend to do that"

298d1 No.73159

"Well, you have a marefriend now. I say it is a victory if you ask me."

298d1 No.73160

I fite u 4 dat gold boi, don't test me

a0f69 No.73161

U wot m8, 1v1 irl. I'll bash ye mum

0f924 No.73162

File: 1545181305411.png (168.66 KB, 550x600, 0C284DCE-0299-42C7-AD79-14….png)

The boat approaches a small dock near the north shore

“Getting a bullet removed is free courtesy of the taxpayers. Getting a bullet removed without the police being notified is a bit costlier. I can secure a payment from our benefactors”

“We will get you to a hospital soon enough. Be proud, for with your pain you have bought the entire province perhaps an entire month of freedom from the Changelings”

298d1 No.73163

"I know. Does that mean you will pay for the expenses?" Iron is tilting his head at Onyx, clearly trying to tell her something.

e528e No.73164

"I can remove bullets."

e528e No.73165

"I'll do it for free."

e528e No.73166

I put in enough ranks to take 10. All she needs is a quiet spot to do it.

298d1 No.73167

Iron ruffles her mane. "That is very nice of you."

e528e No.73168

>Is ruffled
"It's just what I do…"

98f09 No.73169

Dark Star puts His leg around blue
"im not gonna bleed to death before we get there are we?"

e528e No.73170

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

"Hold still.."

298d1 No.73171

Iron strokes his chin. "Why are you dressed in those… remains of cloth?" Iron ponders "They seen special for some reason."

e528e No.73172

Dice rollRolled 4 + 5

"Oopsie. Let's try that again."

e528e No.73173

Dice rollRolled 9 + 5

"Jeebuz, it really is deep in there.."

e528e No.73174

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

"Almost got it.."

298d1 No.73175

This is the part where Ash shows her true colors, amputating the wrong leg of Dark Star, pretending to extract a bullet.

e528e No.73176

>Lots of painful pulling later
"Haha!" She declares, with the bloody piece of lead between her hooves.

298d1 No.73177

Iron nods in approval.

0f924 No.73178

File: 1545183332438.png (1.36 MB, 1700x744, D31391F3-78FE-43DF-A33B-DB….png)

“No, you will be fine.” She presses down a rag on his wound

She seems to have sealed the wound. Only after cutting a hole into the wrong leg.

Blue Skies takes interest

98f09 No.73179

"uggggghhhhhhhh this is worse than being shot."

98f09 No.73180

Dark Star ruffles blues mane
"i really need a drink after that."

e528e No.73181

"I would advise against it. You've lost a lot of blood, and your kidneys could fail."

ce21d No.73182

Iron smirks at the interaction. Star is learning.

0f924 No.73183

File: 1545183981961.png (1.91 MB, 680x611, 4375AE46-81AB-4D2F-8C3A-64….png)

Blue seems to like the display of affection.
“We can go to the tavern after you are safe. Reporting back to headquarters can wait until the morning”

Blue seems a bit angered by this statement

ce21d No.73184

"Hey Ash, what is with the charred clothing on you? I know you told me that you were on a journey of sorts, but you never told me much about it."

a0f69 No.73185

"Luckily one of us is a bartender"

e528e No.73186

"You should drink some water. Like, a gallon."

98f09 No.73187

"i have 2."

e528e No.73188

"… It used to be a nun's habit…" She says sadly
"I was volunteering at the orphanage on the hill."

e528e No.73189

She just shakes her head in disapproval.

ce21d No.73190

"Ohr-fa-naj"? What is that?" Iron ponders for a bit. "What is a nah-n?

98f09 No.73191

Where are we currently?

e528e No.73192

"I'll what the clergy devotees call themselves in this country."

ce21d No.73193

"Ah, so you are an elder? They were the ones who speak to the gods, though I have never heard of female elders."

98f09 No.73194

"Yea Hydration is important."
rubs her wings
"im glad i didnt have to shoot you."

0f924 No.73195

File: 1545184644502.jpeg (106.55 KB, 714x960, F4FD6FF3-2273-4CA2-AC7C-8….jpeg)

“We’re here.”

The boat stops at a dock. There is a truck waiting.
“Who here needs a doctor?”

She gives a cute smile, and a sort of purring sound

98f09 No.73196

"i think i might."

f704a No.73197

"I could use one when the rest are fixed up."

ce21d No.73198

Iron perks his ears up and proceeds to step down from the boat to the docks. He offers a hoof to help Ash to climb down.

e528e No.73199

"Well, not in this country.. I joined to help the poor, and to learn more about the Equestrian clergy."

e528e No.73200

"Thank you."

a0f69 No.73202

"I think everyone but me needs a doctor"

ce21d No.73203

"My pleasure." Iron thinks for a bit. "It is noble to help ponies who are disadvantaged, just do not coddle them too much or they will become independent of you." Iron motions to follow. "What have you learned so far on the religion?"

e528e No.73204

>19 on lore check
"Quite a bit, actually."

e528e No.73205

Dice rollRolled 8 + 13

Also, rolling knowledge (nature) to see if I know what color changeling blood is.

ce21d No.73206

Iron nods. "I suppose you have your reasons." Iron ponders "Any good experiences with animals?"

0f924 No.73207

File: 1545185762928.jpeg (23.22 KB, 236x349, C119D800-2371-4DFE-BB3A-D….jpeg)

I’m not sure if I want to include Changelings under Nature, when they are sort of mysterious creatures

e528e No.73208

[]I roll for this, because I assume Changelings, being arthropods) vermin, would have blue/green/yellow blood. I want Ash to know in advance in case she ever needs to prove she's not a changeling.
Knowledge (nature) applies to vermin as well as monstrous humanoids.

e528e No.73209

What creature subtype do they fall under?
Nature cover monstrous humanoids, fey, fairies, giants, animals, magical beasts, vermin, seasons, weather, and plants.

e528e No.73210

"I have a bot of experience."

e528e No.73211

e528e No.73212

Also, she watched a changeling get squished in front of her own eyes.
Was it green and icky?

e528e No.73213

Dromites are monstrous humanoids, and they're basically bug-people.

ce21d No.73214

"Come on, there must be some special moment of joy when interacting with one." Iron thinks. "I remember many of my tribe told me there was this small tiger cub one of the tribesmen brought back when I was not born. It was named "Claw". They told me that he was a playful rascal, snuck off during the night, stole food and hunted mice."

e528e No.73215

"That sounds like quite a bit of fun."

0f924 No.73216

File: 1545186656732.jpeg (740.4 KB, 1155x893, 27E1F411-DE6C-4B79-A382-F….jpeg)

“Alright everypony, get in the back of the truck. We will go to a doctor first”

I am still away from my laptop
The dead Changeling she saw had green gooey blood. Also note that Ash has gone through one of the Changeling tests before. (She passed)

ce21d No.73217

"They always told me it was fun playing with it. Claw was energetic, pouncing on everyone to start playing. He had to leave later on as his pounces became too strong for the tribesponies."

f704a No.73218

The sorcerer gets in the back of the truck.

ce21d No.73219

Iron starts the trek to get inside the truck.

98f09 No.73220

Dark Star helps Blue onto the truck

e528e No.73221

Noted for future reference.

e528e No.73222

"That's just how it is sometimes." She says with a sigh.

e528e No.73223

"Does anybody else need a bullet removed?" Sister Ash says, levitating a pair of pliars she founds out of nowhere

ce21d No.73224

"Some ponies say that he still lingers around our tribe, acting as protection against other predators. I personally do not believe it."

f704a No.73225

Looks a little nervous.
"I think I will wait for the doctor."

e528e No.73226

"Hmmmmmmmm.. interesting." She says with a smile
"They can get clingly."

ce21d No.73227

"I do not have bullet wounds, but thank you."

e528e No.73228

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

"And get blood poisoning?! No time."
*Tries to grab bullet out of wound*

e528e No.73229

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

"I'm sorry, I'm so clumsy.."

ce21d No.73230

Iron nods. "Maybe it is true, then/"

0f924 No.73231

File: 1545187280784.jpeg (209.22 KB, 700x514, 9CB6AE1C-FF71-4376-A0D0-C….jpeg)

She likes this
“D’aww, thank you, but I have things to get from the boat”

It’s a military style, with seats on the back

e528e No.73232

*Finally yanks out bullet*

f704a No.73233

The pain… the torture…>>73232
"Ow… thanks?"
Covered in blood now…

ce21d No.73234

Iron looks at the doctor inside the truck. "I hope you can treat slashes from a machete."

e528e No.73235

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

"Hold still.."
*Grabs some suspicious herbs out of spell components sack*
"This is going to sting, a lot."

0f924 No.73236

File: 1545187594327.jpeg (75.48 KB, 724x719, B2874C5E-ED7B-4B01-982F-2….jpeg)

Blue retrieves a briefcase, a suitcase, some documents, and a partly burned flak jacket from the boat, and places iron the cabin of the truck. Then, she gets the gold, and tries to place it in the back of the truck

Oh if only
“This is just our ride”

e528e No.73237

[Witchdoctor noises]

ce21d No.73238

Iron is a bit surprised that Ash jumped inside the truck and smeared him with herbs but he felt better. "Thank you." He pets Ash's mane.

ce21d No.73239

"Where is the doctor, then?"

e528e No.73240

*purrs happily*

98f09 No.73241

*lifts self onto the truck

98f09 No.73242

*Dark star helps her on first*

0f924 No.73243

File: 1545188049040.png (151.93 KB, 2016x1736, E295E47E-B92C-4CF6-BBB2-40….png)

Blue is like a cat wanting be fed

“ Doctor is a short drive away”

Which she likes, and any help with the gold

07d3f No.73244

Iron nods. He decides to pass time stroking Ash's mane and coat unless she decides to heal another of them.

98f09 No.73245

e528e No.73246

Everyone can be healed 1d4 hit points.
After that, it's potions, unless you want to wait until tomorrow morning.

98f09 No.73247

pats blue

0f924 No.73248

File: 1545188794197.png (53.83 KB, 200x247, 5D8005B8-ABE2-46DD-9EFC-E7….png)

The truck drives very smoothly to what seems to be a clinic. Blue asks for a certain pony then directs the others to go in. They go to the back and a door is locked. The doctor is s unicorn, dressed normally, who is a bit rude. He takes the most interest in Iron’s wounds, because he is the most wounded. “That’s not how you’re supposed to use a lawnmower.”

07d3f No.73249

"Yes, you are real funny." Iron steps near the doctor. "Can you heal these wounds or not?"

0f924 No.73250

File: 1545189316487.png (320.38 KB, 1280x720, 6B1EF8E2-56CA-42D9-8C6D-03….png)

He doesn’t say anything, only gives a look of contempt as he works his magic. Literal magic, besides disinfectants, aneasthetics, and stitches

“You’ll be fine by the morning. Fine-ish. Don’t wrestle anymore industrial propellers”

Blue Skies moves her head up into the hoof when so touched, in an adorable fashion

Next, the doctor goes to Dark Star. “Argument with your marefriend I see.”
He applies anaesthic, pulls the bullets out, and stitches up the wound before applying magic.” You’ll be fine
“Disagreement with

07d3f No.73251

Iron inspects Ash to see if she has any wounds on her.

a0f69 No.73252

Onyx considers napping

e528e No.73253

Dice rollRolled 12 + 10

>Literal magic
Spellcraft check

0f924 No.73254

File: 1545189664472.png (377.04 KB, 1280x720, 77E230F8-2878-49CD-8742-ED….png)

He goes to shimmer, and does much the same as he did to Dark Star
“Your wound is the most normal”

And with that, I think the injured ponies have been treated

She was not wounded

The seats in the waiting room are not that comfortable, but maybe if you lay across a few…

e528e No.73255

Nothing but her clothes, which are charred to ruins.
"Scales.. They help."

a0f69 No.73256

Onyx lays across a few chairs

98f09 No.73257

"oh yea she got me real good doc."

07d3f No.73258

Iron is a bit embarrased by Ash knowing he was checking her for wounds. Iron moves his head a bit up, looking slightly to the left.

e528e No.73259


07d3f No.73260

Iron cracks a smile.

f704a No.73261

"Thank you."
I return to the others in the waiting room.

f23d8 No.73262


Blue Skies: "I know that look"

She is scalier than most mares

He can nod off, but eventually they wake him to go

"Alright, we've done that. Now, we can take you to where ever you want to go. Just, if you have wounds, try to cover them"

e528e No.73263

Was my spellcraft check successful in identifying the doctor's spell?

a0f69 No.73264

Good enough, he just needs a nap after the battle

f704a No.73265


"Is there any for me now that the mission is over?"

07d3f No.73266

"Question. How do I cover all these slashes all across my body?"

e528e No.73267

"I can fix those in the morning."

f23d8 No.73268

Oh yes. It's an arcane permutation of a divine healing spell. Cure wounds

"You want us to take you back to the Tavern?"

"With your animal hides, for instance"

"Any what?"

a0f69 No.73269

"If you'd be kind enough"

f704a No.73270

any need*

07d3f No.73271

Iron smiles. "Thank you, Ash."
He is skeptical about it, but he guesses it's his best shot.

e528e No.73272

>Arcane healing spell
Really? Huh.
What level?

e528e No.73273

Is he a Magewright?

f23d8 No.73274

Ash Can't do anything that the doctor hasn't already done


"You've been awfully silent most of the time I've been around you."

High enough to justify medical school and residency

e528e No.73275

When I say level, I mean spell level.
>Tfw no knowledge Arcana so can't identify his class

e528e No.73276

It's just an orison.

07d3f No.73277

Iron still believes that Ash can do it, even though the doctor was very skilled and did everything he could. He strokes her mane some more.

e528e No.73278

*purrs faintly*

f23d8 No.73279

"You can go where you please"

Cure Moderate Wounds

98f09 No.73280

"Whats the HQ Like? is every pony there nice?"

e528e No.73281

"Ummm, can I use your restroom?"

e528e No.73282

e528e No.73283

Just checking, what time is it?

07d3f No.73284

If I had to guess, I'd say midnight (12PM) to early morning (3:00 AM)

e528e No.73285

Fuck. It's a good thing Divine casters don't need 8 hours rest to recover their spells, like Arcane casters do.

f23d8 No.73286

"Didn't you go there? We're still working out of the Grand Baltimare Hotel, which can make interrogation rooms… a bit less than fully suited for purpose. Most of the administration are New Marelanders who have been disabled from injuries sustained in battle. They are pretty nice mostly, though many are cynical. We have a few Manehattaners. They vary in how nice they are. They are definitely nicer to me than those back home"

The doctor points to the back

By this time, at least midnight. 1:00 AM feels most appropriate, but I don't want to discourage going to the tavern if that is so desired

98f09 No.73287

"yea i did but i only talked to sea breeze."

e528e No.73288

I'm just checking, so I know when to pray for my spells again.
Also, Sister Ash wants to rip out her stitches and Wild Shape to avoid scars.

07d3f No.73289

Iron leans in near Skies and whispers. "Hey, remember the bricks."

f23d8 No.73290

"He is a deputy director, reasonably high ranked. You could say that he is my handler. He does his duty as well as he can. And we are offering you a ride to wherever you want to go"

It's not going to scar with the properly applied medicines. Stahp.

"Of course I remember the bricks."

e528e No.73291

I still want to do it…

f704a No.73292

"I don't have anywhere left."

f23d8 No.73293

File: 1545191475301.png (2.96 MB, 2600x3200, 4d9.png)

If you must, please do it in private so I don't have to go through this

7a708 No.73294

My sleep schedule is fucked nine ways to Sunday.

ca15a No.73295


That's why she asked about the restroom.

98f09 No.73296

>we are offering you a ride to wherever you want to go
"i really need to go south."

f23d8 No.73297

*pats him*

Mine too

"I meant tonight… Why do you need to go south?"

98f09 No.73298

"oh uh its kinda a long story. Do you really want to know? its kind of sad."

f23d8 No.73299

Dice rollRolled 16 + 7

She places a hoof on his hind leg
"Of course"

And sense motive: how interested is he in her?

e528e No.73300

>we are offering you a ride to wherever you want to go"
"… The cannery… On the East bank.."

07d3f No.73301

Iron cocks his head. "I suppose I will follow." He leans on Ash and whispers "This is for the foal, right?"

e528e No.73302


07d3f No.73303

Iron nods and awaits movement from Ash, intending to follow when she moves.

e528e No.73304

>the character needs sleep, but don't know where to sleep, since it's the city
Is there a forest nearby or something?>>73303

f23d8 No.73305

"I have a feeling you don't intend on sleeping there tonight"

07d3f No.73306

I'll take this moment of respite to change up some of the feats I wanted to do.

Removed Toughness x2, reducing health to 42
Added weapon focus and specialization for unarmed, as well as great cleave.

e528e No.73307

"… Is there a forest nearby?"

07d3f No.73308

Also removed Improved Overrun

98f09 No.73309

"Well it starts when i was 9 and my father died a war. so my mom raised me and my brother all on her on. untill when i was 15 when she was murdered by a griffion named "Scar" and princess celestia was alerted but she never looked into it."

07d3f No.73310

"I hope you do not follow us to see what we are up to. You have your own coltfriend to play with now." Iron grins.

f23d8 No.73311

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

"There's been a great many injustices in this world that have never been corrected. Were you left homeless thereafter? Why don't we go somewhere together to discuss this?" She looks at him with a caring smile, and places a hoof near his inner thigh

"I have a feeling"
Sense motive to see if he was serious when he implied he would date her

"A few south and West of the City, yes"

07d3f No.73312

*remove "own"

a0f69 No.73313

Onyx yawns

e528e No.73314

"Take me south then." She says
"Does anybody have a quil?"

07d3f No.73315

Iron indeed does want to date her. That is why he follows her at the moment. Iron is also expecting Skies to throw herself at Star when no one's around.

07d3f No.73316

"Ask the unicorn bookworm, he may have one."

f23d8 No.73317

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

I wrote that wrong
Did he have an interest in Skies?

"Alright then, onwards"

"You're next stop"

a0f69 No.73318

"Good to hear"

07d3f No.73319

Oh wow, r00d, kinda ruined the moment there chief

While he indeeds finds her attractive, he dislikes her mannerisms brought upon by her tragic past so she is being outclassed by Ash in terms of date potential.

f23d8 No.73320

Alright, it looks like the characters are dropped off at their respective locations

f704a No.73321

The sorcerer has been dropped off in the void of nowhere.

f23d8 No.73322

An interesting location to make a residence

e528e No.73323

Sister Ash takes 10 on her survival checks (with a modified 22) to find shelter in the wilderness and avoid hazards/creatures.

98f09 No.73324

the ranger has ben dropped off on tatooine.

a0f69 No.73325

07d3f No.73326

I guess Iron follows her.

f23d8 No.73327

You cannot "take 10" without ten ranks in a skill, and that is impossible at level 5

>Not continuing a conversation with or going home with Blue Skies

7a708 No.73328

Dammit, Dark Star, you could have had it made!

e528e No.73329

File: 1545193887255.png (1.05 MB, 1885x2048, Screenshot_20181218-233010.png)

Dice rollRolled 12 + 12

Then she sleeps.
I only need to roll a 3 to succeed.

07d3f No.73330

Poor Blue Skies. Dark Star is just toying with her.

Inb4 the plantation boi constructs a damn harem

07d3f No.73331

Iron sleeps around her vicinity on the grass.

e528e No.73332

Well, her modified 24 was enough to provide for 8 people, so he's welcome to tag along.

e528e No.73333

File: 1545194086365-0.jpg (98.77 KB, 640x799, Crcn01G_d.jpg)


07d3f No.73334


Iron sleeps on the same camp as Ash's, a small distance away.

f23d8 No.73335

File: 1545194094273.png (297.29 KB, 1072x1024, 2f4b7ca6d13cc7f7102e21175d….png)

Pic so very related

e528e No.73336

Poor Derpy

98f09 No.73337

Goes with blue skies to the eastside tavern

7a708 No.73338

Your football has been checked.
I would've figured she would look for a dive.

98f09 No.73339

e528e No.73340

Do I really need to have 10 skill ranks to take 10, or just a modifier of more than 10?
I distributed most of my skills in such a way that I should be able to take 10 on them in non-combat scenarios.

f23d8 No.73341

This, she likes
"So, where do you want to go from here? When we analyze what we found today, we'll be able to hunt down more communist cells"

Oh fine

Look for a dive?

7a708 No.73342

Another name for a bar, pretty much.

98f09 No.73343

Dark Star smiles at this
"I love it! hunting them feels great."

a0f69 No.73344

>He doesn't know diners, drive-ins, and dives

f23d8 No.73345

This thrills her
"I know right? We got something like 12 of them tonight, and another half dozen alive. They were going to send those guns and the advisers to safe houses. We'll track those down soon enough.

With what you've accomplished tonight, I think they will let you be a full agent. After just 36 hours. That's quite an accomplishment"

Is that like a New York City term or something?

e528e No.73346

File: 1545194784941-0.png (213.35 KB, 1000x750, 1799548__safe_artist-colon….png)

*builds makeshift tent*
*Makes a bed of grass*
*Avoids direwolves*
*Finds something edible*
*Lights campfire*
"~Ah.. What more could a pony need?"

Pic unrelated

f23d8 No.73347

>Avoids Direwolves
Roll a 1d20

a0f69 No.73348

07d3f No.73349

"That is the truth, Ash." Iron pipes up. "The absolute truth."

e528e No.73350

Oh bother…
Can I add my survival mod?

e528e No.73351

Dice rollRolled 1

Survival mode is +12….

e528e No.73352


07d3f No.73353

Good think I'm with you… I think.

98f09 No.73354

"I Didnt Do it alone,you were a big help."

7a708 No.73355

Have we confirmed yet if Atlas is controlling the dice or not? This many meme rolls is too much just to be mere coincidence.

f23d8 No.73356

A pair of yellow eyes appear in the night. Then another, then another, then another, then another

She blushes
"Those fuckers ran me out of my second home. I am not about to lose this one to them as well. Your team did pretty well. All of the major objectives were accomplished"

a0f69 No.73357

Alas I hardly knew ye
Trust me, he is…

e528e No.73358

File: 1545195189182.jpg (68.62 KB, 600x800, DiceShaming-07.jpg)

And *this* is why I'd prefer to take 10 on survival checks…

98f09 No.73359

"Yea Especially the bartender he was untouchable."

e528e No.73360

Well, I can fly away, idk about you though…

7a708 No.73361

Dice rollRolled 4

Rolling to check the extent of Altas' influence.

e528e No.73362

How many?

07d3f No.73363

I can climb the trees. I have +7 for it.

7a708 No.73364

Not sure how to take that result.

98f09 No.73365

File: 1545195546050.jpg (16.85 KB, 660x660, _hmmmmmmmmmm hit or miss.jpg)

f23d8 No.73366

"He was certainly a killing machine.

The official story tomorrow will read that an explosion happened on the docks, police responded, two police officers were killed by an assailant with a machine gun, with some suspicion of a changeling being involved, and so MPs were dispatched to secure the area… Only to find that an illegal weapons transaction had evidently gone sour.

There will be those who think that the Black Hooves knew all along and murdered them. What the Communists don't know that we know, is that they have plants in our reserve soldiery. Remember Red Feathers? He didn't show up at the meeting tonight. He also didn't show up to work on time. He finally arrived on a different shift with evident injuries to his right eye. He was placed in the group that responded. He and another plant will report to the communists that they were not scrambled to respond until after shots had been fired, after the fire, and arrived on scene to hear gunshots. And he will tell them that he found corpses of creatures killed in all sorts of ways - stabbed in both eyes, impaled, flame. They know we only use bullets. They will not believe it was us"

At least 4 in front of her

e528e No.73367

…. Do I recognize any of them?

f23d8 No.73368

Why yes, Jimbo from school, Bob from summer camp, Rosestein who she sees at Temple…. Hell no she doesn't recognize any of them

07d3f No.73369

I think she meant that she could find the dire wolf that attacked her and the civvies.

e528e No.73370

f23d8 No.73371

That individual was a sole survivor

07d3f No.73372

That won't work then. Do I have tall trees to climb and escape their reach?

f23d8 No.73373

Roll a 1d20

07d3f No.73374

Dice rollRolled 11


e528e No.73375

>Not the one from this morning
Sister Ash stands up with her broom, looking rather flustered with her bed-mane, and looks towards the wolves quizically
>"Oh what now?"

98f09 No.73376

"Glad i could help."

f23d8 No.73377

Trees are of moderate height, reaching maybe 30 feet in height and 1 foot in diameter

She looks at Dark Star with a look of uncertainty. "Any plans for tomorrow? Or tonight?"

07d3f No.73378

Dice rollRolled 12

Can I stand on them with that diameter?

98f09 No.73379

"Recover from my injures, maybe drink a little,maybe look for a bounty."

07d3f No.73380

Disregard the dice. I misrolled.

f23d8 No.73381

"Should I leave you alone to that?"

Perhaps. Roll dice

e528e No.73382

Dice rollRolled 18 + 7

Sister Ash prepares a readied action to spring away as soon as they attack.
>"Could you all, like.. not?"

e528e No.73383

>Wild Empathy

07d3f No.73384

Take the twelve if you want a 1d20 roll.

f23d8 No.73385

Dice rollRolled 5, 16, 3, 3, 13, 5 = 45

They ponder this course of action. Add +6 to the dice

f23d8 No.73386


e528e No.73387

>"~Thankyou ^_^ "

98f09 No.73388

"Feels free to accompany me i would love it."

e528e No.73389

>Fight = Averted
"Ah, nice to know the locals around here are a bit more reasonable." She says with a yawn
Sister Ash tosses all of her foraged rations towards the wolves as compensation, before she goes back to sleep on her makeshift grassbed.

And with that, I bid you all goodnight.

f704a No.73390


7a708 No.73391

See you tomorrow. Sleep well.

e528e No.73392


f23d8 No.73393

She moves around to his side of the table and lays on him, in a cuddling fashion, with one leg over him, and a wing in part behind him

This they take

07d3f No.73394

Iron, glad that the wolves did not attack them and bit their hides off, sleeps on the grass near the makeshift grassbed, not before taking off his hide armor (which is only the wolf armor.)

Night everyone as well

7a708 No.73395

They're already at the tavern, I take it.

f23d8 No.73396

Yes. The same tavern

98f09 No.73397

Dark Star Cuddless back

7a708 No.73398

Got it.

98f09 No.73399

Anyone interesting in the bar?

f23d8 No.73400

File: 1545198344114.png (577.04 KB, 1280x1102, 1501124706335.png)

The mare purrs, and has a definite happiness to her

At the moment I don't believe so

98f09 No.73401

*dark Star smiles*

f23d8 No.73402

"I know I am not waifu material, but it feels good to be held"

98f09 No.73403

"Of course you're waifu material blue."

7a708 No.73404

Fuck it.
With a small sigh, Silver sits down on the side of his bed, looking at the sack of Bits he's acquired, contemplating it a bit more with his thoughts. After a couple minutes of silent consideration, he peeks inside to see exactly how much he's added to his funds.

f23d8 No.73405

File: 1545199147341.jpg (20.91 KB, 519x617, 824.jpg)

"Are you sure? I know how I come across"

300 bits

98f09 No.73406

"I like how you come across."

f23d8 No.73407

"How do I come across to you?"

7a708 No.73408

He considers it one final time, before getting up from the bed. "Fuck it. I'm thirsty." He has a good stretch, popping a few joints in the process, and wanders down to the bar to see if it's even open at this hour.

f23d8 No.73409

Its auxiliary bartender is gone, that I can tell you right now. But yes, last call is not until 2:00 AM

98f09 No.73410

"Like a wonderful pony."

7a708 No.73411

He sighs once more, sitting down at the counter. "One more drink, then I am off to bed."

f23d8 No.73412

She slightly laughs
"I can safely say I've never been called that before"

f23d8 No.73413

The over worked bartender comes up to him. "And here I thought you had gone to sleep. What can I get for you?"

98f09 No.73414

"i also think you are a great fighter."

7a708 No.73415

"Could not sleep." He looks over at the drinks menu, giving his decision a couple seconds to be made. "Do you have any of that blackjack from Skyfall left?"

f23d8 No.73417

"D'aww, thanks. I trained to be among the phalanx when I was a filie. I passed a set of trials they call the agoge, which emphasized both strength and stealth. Now I specialize in shooting people in the back"

"Sure, it's pretty expensive though"

98f09 No.73418

"What is the phalanx?"

7a708 No.73419

He nods, placing down the fairly hefty number of Bits needed for the drink. "Yes. But I have heard it is worth it."

f23d8 No.73420

"Over in the east, way over in the East, the ponies there were in constant threat of invasion from the griffons. But the Phalanx, strong Pegasi warriors, held the line against the Griffins. We drove them back many a time, sometimes outnumbered 10 or more to 1"

Okay, just to be clear, the stuff is expensive because it is illegal to import, not because it is particularly old. Something like cuban cigars. So don't expect it to be the best ever

"And here you go goodsir"
He fills the glass with the Blackjack Whiskey

7a708 No.73421

I know, but that doesn't mean it isn't of good quality, either.
He takes a sip, intending to enjoy his drink before he heads off to bed. In the meantime, he glances back to the old recruitment poster he saw coming into the tavern. "I am surprised they let you keep that up."

f23d8 No.73422

It has a pretty powerful kick to it.

"They don't really bother to check every building. I keep it up as reminder of the days when we stood united as one"

98f09 No.73423

"Where in the east?"

f23d8 No.73424

She gets up a little and sort of leans over the table
"I was raised in Nimbusia, in an Aristocratic family"

7a708 No.73425

The drink makes him shiver a bit. "Perfect." Outside of his thoughts, he looks back at the barkeeper. "It is good reminder. Brings back good memories."

f23d8 No.73426

"Where were you during the war?"

98f09 No.73427

"oh wow youre royalty? im just a commoner."

f23d8 No.73428

"No, no… The homioi were aristocracy in a sense. The sense that the Pegasi warriors were at the top of society. But truly, we were citizens, all equal o each other."

98f09 No.73429


7a708 No.73430

He scratches his chin as he gathers his thoughts. "I was too old to be drafted. Too old to volunteer. So, I did what I had been doing for long time: mercenary work. Mostly operated behind enemy lines, gathering intel, taking out VIPs, running messages. Rarely was I on front lines. Decent work. Hard, dirty at times, but decent."

f23d8 No.73431

"We had all proven ourselves through the trials. We were the warrior class who were the guardian protectors of the eastern ponies against the griffins. We were free - no one's slaves."

"Damn. Those changelings must have been tough to deal with with their disguises"

7a708 No.73432

"General rule when fighting changelings: avoid other ponies whenever possible." He takes another sip. "It helps to operate in their own lands. They get confident. Cocky. They do not think they will get attacked, so they do not bother with disguises. But in enemy lands? Different story."

98f09 No.73433

"ah ok i see, i thought you meant equality in a different since."

f23d8 No.73434

"Which enemy lands, may I ask?"

"Oh hell no. I've seen what those communists have attempted. No respect for tradition, the family. For any sense of the natural order of things. They are why I had to come here"

98f09 No.73435

"why What Happend"

7a708 No.73436

He seems a bit confused by the question. "You mean their enemies' lands, where they use disguises?"

f23d8 No.73437

"After I left Nimbusia I tried a new home. But they started to adopt communism. A forced integration into one system, one way of doing things. Quotas and regulations. The village I stayed with did not comply. Elders were replaced, the military replaced. Anyone of the conservative order hanged"

"Oh yes, I see. I am too old to have fought, but damn it is a shame"

98f09 No.73438

"Thats awful. those ponies need to be gassed"

f23d8 No.73439

"Indeed, someone crack out the insecticide"

7a708 No.73440

He is still confused by the wording of the question, but tries his best to answer as far as he understands it. "Changelings only feel safe to trot around undisguised when surrounded by other changelings. Usually, that is when they are in their hives, marching in their armies, or when in Changeling Lands themselves. When surrounded by non-changelings, or in foreign lands, even if there is no one around, they will take all measures to stick to their disguise."

f23d8 No.73441

"As I figured. I can't even begin to imagine what the other half of Equestria is experiencing

7a708 No.73442

"It was…not pretty, even in beginning of war, when they overran places like Vanhoover."

f23d8 No.73443

"I take it you were active the whole war then"

7a708 No.73444

He nods, and takes another sip of his whiskey. "Nearly. From loss of Vanhoover to Equestria's capitulation."

f23d8 No.73445

"I spent the whole war right here in this bar. Quite a bit away from the front lines. Until the front lines came to us"

Um, Dark Star. May I ask you a question?"

98f09 No.73446

"yea sure what Do you want to know?"

7a708 No.73447

"New Mareland…" His voice adopts the tiniest bit of venom upon uttering the words.

f23d8 No.73448

And now, she blushes, too embarrassed to ask

f23d8 No.73449

"Came right into the center of the city"

98f09 No.73450

"Ah come on you have to tell me now."

7a708 No.73451

"Stabbed us in back. In our greatest time of struggle and need. Took away only home I knew. Only home we had." He glances back at the old recruitment poster, his glass shaking slightly in the grasp of his magic. "And is now trying to destroy it further."

f23d8 No.73452

And now she's too embarrassed
"Well, it's not what I was going to ask you… but will you buy me a drink?"

He pauses
"It's only going to get worse from here"

7a708 No.73453

After a couple seconds, he lets out a sigh. His glass slowly stops shaking as he takes another sip. "I do not like thinking of Great War, much. Makes me angry. I try to focus on here and now, and how to make all…this…" he gestures all around him, "…work."

98f09 No.73454

"BarColt a maretini for my mare friend here, and get me some apple whiskey"

f23d8 No.73455

"Here in Baltimare especially it can be hard to make things work. We don't have quite the industry of the more northerly cities. Certainly not the culture."
He moves over to take the order of another pony

Bartender: "Coming right up"

Blue: "You consider me your marefriend?

7a708 No.73456

He looks back at the pony who ordered, pausing as he sees Dark Star, and the mare with him. "…Is that…?"

f23d8 No.73457

She waves

98f09 No.73458

"yea i do."

7a708 No.73459

He waves back slowly, before turning back around to face the bar.

f23d8 No.73460

"So then, would you take me home tonight? Or treat me to a nice hotel room?"

"Careful, that guy will argue with you for hours about politics if you want to bring up the Great War"

7a708 No.73461

He chuckles. "Noted. But, I also heard he was in here earlier with that same mare, throwing around Bits like they were made of paper."

f23d8 No.73462

"Oh yes, he will do that"

7a708 No.73463

"Heard he hired pony right here for decent sum. To do what, I do not know."

f23d8 No.73464

"For that much money, it was either illegal, something noponyelse could do, or both"

98f09 No.73465

"Hmmmm i dont know. maybe if you're good."
"it was for a math camp."

f23d8 No.73466

"I haven't really been known to be a good girl"

7a708 No.73467

He turns around to look at Dark Star at the interruption, speaking with his trademark Stalliongrader accent. "…Math camp? What is this 'math camp'?"

f23d8 No.73468

7a708 No.73469

The heck does that mean?

f23d8 No.73470

Blue Skies made a hissing sound at Silver after he spoke

7a708 No.73471

Okay, now I understand.
He looks taken aback at her sudden hiss. "…Is there problem?"

98f09 No.73472

"Even better, Good Girls arent really my type."
"well,they volunteered at the camp to help Little ponys get better at math."

f23d8 No.73473

"You tell me, Communist"

7a708 No.73474

He partially listens to Dark Star's explanation, instead focused on Blue Skies' reaction. "Oh, right. Accent." He just sounds tired of the reaction, as if it's not nearly the first time he's heard it. "I am not Communist as you say. I was just born in Severyana."

f23d8 No.73475

She takes a drink
"What are you doing down here?"
She, too, has an accent, harder to place

7a708 No.73476

"Looking for employment." He matches her drink, while trying to place the accent. As far as he knows, it's not one common to Equestria.

f23d8 No.73477

"Not enough on the collective farms?"

7a708 No.73478

"Seemed like city rich with opportunity." He lowers his eyes a little, but it's more part of the growing look of confusion on his face as her accent stumps him.

f23d8 No.73479

He eventually starts to think that it may be a hybrid
"What kind of employer are you looking for?"

7a708 No.73480

This opens up an entirely new level of fuckery for his mental faculties. "Something suiting my…talents."

f23d8 No.73481

"What kind of talents?" She asks

7a708 No.73482

"In word: fighting."

f23d8 No.73483

She takes interest
"For whom, and what kind of fighting?"

7a708 No.73484

"For whoever hires me. For what kind…I see myself as being like tank."

f23d8 No.73485

"Hmmmm…. What's your experience?"

7a708 No.73486

"I have been fighting for well on 50 years, now, since I was still young milk-drinker."

f23d8 No.73487

File: 1545210098442.png (Spoiler Image, 99.91 KB, 499x492, 755105__safe_artist-colon-….png)

And now she's a bit surprised
"I don't think even my dad, er, stepdad is that old. You sure you still have it?"

Her coat is an ice-blue, almost white, with a blue mane. Her cutie mark is a sword between a pair of yellow wings. Her belly is slender, though she widens at the thighs. Her eyes are blue green

Fucking hell, I just realized that if you switch Tracy Cage's mane and coat colors, you've got more or less Blue Skies' color scheme, if a slightly darker mane

f23d8 No.73488

File: 1545210498777.jpg (62.28 KB, 400x366, 940484.jpg)

Alright, I am going to sleep. For those of you just reading in the morning, here's what you missed:

No one died
No one got laid
No one got a job or money

Onyx and Spark both went to sleep
Ash and iron hate walls for some reason, and so both went to sleep in a forest in a non-sexual way. Things seemed like they were going to get very interesting when Ash rolled a 1, and 4 to 6 dire wolves approached them. However, they were persuaded to back away.

Blue Skies and Dark Star went to the tavern and began to talk and sort of cuddle. This seemed to escalate until Blue made a very explicit proposition - and was rebuffed.

Silver decided to go down to the tavern and talk. Dark Star and the rebuffed Blue started to talk to him, and it seems Blue was unsuccessful in exposing Silver to be a communist. And Silver, for his part, is still unemployed despite talks

Actually, the color scheme thing is kind of true of Trixie as well, just with one color on the mane

7a708 No.73489

He gives her a firm nod, a shimmer of his resolve showing through his eyes. "These old bones may creak from time to time, but it has not stopped me once from performing my best, and it has not once caused me to fail in my duties."

His coat is a light grey with a single dark grey dorsal stripe running along the back, while his short-cut mane and tail have been almost completely turned silver from age, leaving only a few dark grey streaks here and there. His cutie mark is a sword in mid-swing. A few scars on his muscular body are deep enough and big enough to have avoided fur regrowing over them. His eyes are a deep blue.
Sleep well. It was great actually being able to do something this time.

07d3f No.73490

I don't think Ash would even let herself get laid even I help her with that child problem she has, but I might be able to fish for a kiss after that. If I pushed too hard, I might break her innocence, and I don't want that. Besides, having sex on the first date is not a good sign for Iron, it just signals that the mare is not to keep.

Most degenerate thing I might do is hoofholding

e528e No.73491


7a708 No.73492

That's just too lewd, Iron, DELET.

07d3f No.73493

Don't try to deny that you like it, sicko.
If I hold your hoof will you die?

07d3f No.73494

7a708 No.73495

I mean, I'm not denying it…

07d3f No.73496

Sick bastard. I bet you hoofhold your mother

e528e No.73497

>Light blue female pony rogue
Really makes you think…

7a708 No.73498

You're the one who made me like this!

07d3f No.73499

While I'm not going to pretend I experienced the mare in question… I can see that Silver will be knife-happy.

07d3f No.73500

*replace silver with "that mare

98f09 No.73501

>explicit proposition

07d3f No.73502

You remember you told her you were his marefriend? I think it's that.

98f09 No.73503

in my Defense i wasnt thinking and was falling asleep at that time.

07d3f No.73504

It's hilarious from a player's perspective.
>Be Blue Skies
>The plantation boy got you a coltfriend
>A gentleman, maybe he needs some "reward" for his boldness at the boat
>She gives many hints to get down and fuck
>"Say we can go to a hotel and spend time there."
>Star, the oblivious bastard, takes up on her offer and when they get there, he lays on the bed, snoring

Holy heck, if this was IRL, it would be depressing.

98f09 No.73505

File: 1545234585192.jpg (52.8 KB, 371x433, _agony.jpg)

e528e No.73506

File: 1545234671373-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.79 MB, 400x300, 395286__safe_screencap_pin….gif)

Still kind of funny through a screen though.

e528e No.73507

Also, divine casters are underrated.
Arcane casters take up lots of time, because they need 8 hours of rest minimum to regain spells. Sister Ash doesn't have that kind of time, but she'll still be able to regain her spells upon sunrise?
Is it too late to say I wanted to use my prepared Animal Messenger spell to send a letter to the orphanage? I reserved it all the way through combat just so she'd be able to do it in the evening.
Sister Ash just wants to let them know that she hasn't gotten herself killed, and that she's working to find the foals.

07d3f No.73508


98f09 No.73509

AshXIron when?

07d3f No.73510

Only time will tell.

I guess it could happen after the child rescuing. Not sure if it will even happen, judging by the circumstances.

e528e No.73511

I wrote her as a virgin, fyi.
Was going to take the Vow of Chastity feat, but I didn't have the space, so who knows.

07d3f No.73512

Seems like it is just for roleplaying purposes, I'm guessing.

98f09 No.73513

>Was going to take the Vow of Chastity feat, but I didn't have the space, so who knows.
Lucky Iron

07d3f No.73514

Don't jump the shark just yet. Iron still needs to coax and woo Ash into doing it first. She's not a tramp, after all.

7a708 No.73515

You need to woo the kirin, Iron.

98f09 No.73516

File: 1545236806463.png (Spoiler Image, 20.38 KB, 1800x1800, thinking filly.png)

> She's not a tramp, after all.

f23d8 No.73517

If the set of dialogue had kept up, Blue would have tried to ply out of Silver more or less what he told the bartender. That is, she wanted to hear about experience with Changelings and when they try to be sneaky. But the statement he made to the bartender about hating New Mareland would have been all she needed to know to know this wouldn't be the best agent to hire

And thus she exits stage left

07d3f No.73518

Huh, that's strange.

7a708 No.73519

He finishes his drink and heads to bed, thinking he's at least got his hoof in the door somewhere.

98f09 No.73520

"Hey Blue The Real Reason i Dont take you back to my house is i dont have one… anymore. But i Have enough bits For a hotel room if you still want to go."

e528e No.73521

She doesn't lose her previous days spells until she prepares her new ones, so if it's too late to have sent the letter last night, she'll send them a bird with the message right before she prays.

e528e No.73522

Dice rollRolled 4 + 12

Last I knew it was going to be cloudy for this day and the next.
Rolling Survival to predict the whether for the next couple days (I'm picking my wether-dependant spells).

f23d8 No.73523

Why would that be weird?

07d3f No.73524

I dunno. Just felt weird when I read the post.

f23d8 No.73525

Think about it

Why keep up with Silver when he is politically opposed to the faction? Any agent you try to hire is a potential spy or leak of information, besides other more basic problems with motivation like a lack of loyalty. They hire foreigners because they don't have a dog in the fight, and they are indifferent to the old political order.

And she's definitely not going to press Dark Star, because "any mare that would have sex on a first date is not a mare to keep" and "a tramp." How much lower is one who presses for this?

When you have a losing hand, walking away from the table can be the best option

07d3f No.73526

The first paragraph is enough context to clarify. I had no idea that Silver was opposed to the Black Hooves. I don't know how to react to the second paragraph, while I do agree with what it's said. Thank you for the clarification nevertheless.

7a708 No.73527

It takes a lot to focus on a conversation someone else is having while having a conversation of your own.

e528e No.73528

>tfw no decent damage spells
Fug, I wish I had aready summoned that animal companion…

98f09 No.73529

>tfw a poorly timed joke stopped you from getting that sweet,sweet Horse pussy.

e528e No.73530

[sleepy kirin noises]
*Wakes up*

07d3f No.73531

Dice rollRolled 2

Iron wakes up 15 minutes later after Ash. He stretches his body, making popping noises. After this, he puts on the wolf hide armor and decides to search for some kind of food around the vicinity of the forest for him and Ash. Rolling survival to see what he finds.

7a708 No.73532

Must have been next to nothing. Or he found some poisonous berries.

159c1 No.73533

Pretty much.

Iron, not content with his round of scavenging, keeps searching the area for food.

159c1 No.73534

Dice rollRolled 12


f23d8 No.73535

File: 1545249211043.jpeg (114.74 KB, 1000x1000, AA74CF36-C42D-4EA2-AEF5-7….jpeg)

She who had learned to live without love received it anyways. She who could not live without, went without. Such is the way of the world, and an irony not lost on her.

“If you need to know a few places, I can help you.

You know we killed, I think a dozen of those communists. And what did we accomplish? There are a million communists out there. They dream of a world with no want, and no jealousy.. it’s a dream they will kill and die for, and however shaky their faith in the final result may be, they have more faith in it than the status quo. And we killed a hemchworker of Chrystalis. But there are another ten million, eager and ready to replace the one, because they still believe Chrystilis offers a better future.

I have to work tomorrow.”

e528e No.73536

Dice rollRolled 20 + 12

Let me try

7a708 No.73537

They'll be eating like kings.

e528e No.73538

File: 1545249717742-0.png (541.58 KB, 2152x2720, 1829933__safe_artist-colon….png)

Surviving like a boss.

159c1 No.73539

>Nat 20
Iron is astonished at her natural skills in surviving, judging by the food collected. He strokes her mane.

Going afk

e528e No.73540

See ya.

7a708 No.73541

I guess Silver is stuck on his own once again.

e528e No.73542

>She who had learned to live without love received it anyways. She who could not live without, went without. Such is the way of the world, and an irony not lost on her.

f704a No.73543

I think the rest of the gang will join you shortly.

f23d8 No.73544

File: 1545256435850.jpg (22.76 KB, 236x502, 5d5331411c18fa4d482a93a43e….jpg)

Indeed he is. He lives next to Onyx though, and Dark Star and Spark are probably close enough nearby

I guess in game it would be about time to begin Day 3. I'm still not quite certain of what the next quest will be. I have some ideas but I'm not sure what works best. I have a great many ideas for the South Junglelands, but I don't really want to leave the Baltimare setting quite yet.

7a708 No.73545

Well, you did set up something with the changelings infiltrating the ranks of the communist rebels.
Hopefully, though how remains to be seen.

e528e No.73546

Was Sister Ash able to send her letter, as mentioned in >>73507 >>73521 ?
Sister Ash's next priority would be to figure out what's going on in the cannery, and how to liberate the foals inside.

e528e No.73547

… Whatever happened to that gold..?

159c1 No.73548

Let's just pretend she has all 10 pieces for the time being. Also back

Iron is ready for action. He will follow you wherever you go.

e528e No.73549

Sister Ash will be spending the first hour or so of the day in meditation.
>Preparing spells

159c1 No.73550

He will follow Ash, I mean.

159c1 No.73551

Dice rollRolled 6

Iron focuses on finding more rocks for his rock pouch. Rolling survival yet again for success rate. Before that, he munches on some of the abundant food available.

f23d8 No.73552


It was distributed. Iron and Onyx, the greedy fuckers, got their two pieces each after all

>She has the gold
No, Ash does not have all ten pieces

It will be later in the morning than Ash started yesterday, with sleeping later than normal because of staying up later as well as time spent foraging. At least 9 AM by this time

159c1 No.73553

I meant Skies

159c1 No.73554

Oh, cool

7a708 No.73555

After a quick breakfast from his remaining provisions, Silver heads out into town, to both get a better idea of where everything is, and to find a decent place to restock his diminished store of supplies.

e528e No.73556

>It will be later in the morning than Ash started yesterday
Will I still have time to prepare my spells?

e528e No.73557


f23d8 No.73558

"I may be a 'tramp' and a cold-hearted bitch, but I am not avaricious. And I would feel disgusted to kill for money."

The money is distributed at the end of the night to avoid the need for the participants to have to come back to the Blackhooves to be paid later


Baltimare is not Manehattan, nor Canterlot, but almost anything a pony could want is available for purchase. What is he looking for?

07d3f No.73559

I never said Skies was a tramp in character or in the sense motive check. The second one is applicable though.

e528e No.73560

I gotta step out for dinner

7a708 No.73561

On his list are general provisions (namely 2 weeks worth both of canned food and water rations), a carton of cigarettes, a bottle of whiskey, a new bedroll, a 50 foot length of rope, fuel for his empty lighter, a new canteen to replace his damaged one, a map of Baltimare and the surrounding area, and a first-aid kit.

e528e No.73562

>but almost anything a pony could want is available for purchase
… Is there an armory?

07d3f No.73563

Iron inspects carefully the two gold bricks. Where could he exchange these bricks for currency? He puts them inside his hide armor. He may reconsider buying that nylon armor the vendor from Jungle Rush was offering there. He scratches his chin for a bit, deep in thought.

f23d8 No.73564

A trip to a single general store provides pretty much everything on this last. Canned food comes in the form of yams, corn, sweet potatoes, regular potatos, beans, green-beans, pears and apples. The storekeeper is a bit confused by your request to buy water. "Who the hell would buy or sell drinking water? Do you want it in like a can or something? He has a variety of flasks an containers, as well as disinfectant tablets for water. Contrary to the storekeep's implication, the store does have distilled water if you need pure water for something like steam ironing, and mineral water. Cigarettes are available in several brands. Old Guard cigarettes are the personal choice of princess Luna on her long nights, while the Fleetfoot brand is known for its smooth flavor and use by the Wonderbolts. Unfortunately, it appears the New Mareland government has stuck its hooves where they don't belong: the literally Fascists have levied a 1 bit tax on cigarettes based on some superstition that smoking is "bad for the body" or something. This puritanical fake science is the clearest sign of oppression you've seen thus far. Whiskey, thank Celestia, has not been taken away by the Fascists yet and thankfully Prohibition has been repealed in Equestria. The brands are mostly cheap and from the northern part of East Equestria. Naptha fuel for Silver's Hippo brand lighter is readily available. Hempen rope (or nylon) can be found as well. Canteens, you bet. A map of Baltimare is readily available, and you are glad to have bought one before wondering off into the forest with the hopes of later finding a building at an unknown location on the opposite side of the city. The otherside of the map shows the "state" of Baltimare, or this section of the Hayseed Forests. A bedroll and a first aid kit are available likewise. First aid kits come in many varieties, but since I doubt that this is the sort of thing he'd go cheap with, some include basic poison antidotes and even stronger painkillers.

There are several

>in character

>exchange bricks for currency
That is a bit of a dilemma. These bricks look like they are in the form that they were set in the mill, rather than Bank bullion. As stated before, they are marked with the signature of the Winding River mine in the East Forbidden Jungles

07d3f No.73565

Iron ponders for a bit. Maybe the criminal underworld would buy it. He may need Cauldron to hook him up, but is unsure if the gold bricks are practically their stolen property somehow.

e528e No.73566

I forget. Am I proffient in firearms?

07d3f No.73567

Guns, I think, are exotic weapons, so it's very unlikely.

e528e No.73568

Just checking.
I'm looking at modern and archaic weaponry atm.

7a708 No.73569

He looks at everything he has gathered for purchase thus far: 28 cans of food, split evenly between corn, beans, green beans, and apples, about half that in distilled water, a bottle of disinfectant tablets, a carton of Old Guard cigarettes, a bottle of whiskey, Naptha fuel for his lighter, hempen rope, a new canteen, a map of Baltimare, a bedroll, and a large, high-quality first-aid kit. His mouth contorts into a worried frown, not at the price or at the weight of it all, but at its shear volume. He looks around the store to see if they have a cheap cart for sale, to lighten the load of carrying everything back to his room.

e528e No.73570

I might want some dynamite…

e528e No.73571

I know what I'm putting my craft ranks in.

f23d8 No.73572

"You looking for a nice cart to haul around the family with?" Says the overly nice and enthusiastic Unicorn at the first cart dealership. "Whether it's work, taking the foals or grandfoals to hoofball practice, or for the fields, we have just the thing for ya"

7a708 No.73573

[Worried Fighter Horse Noises]

e528e No.73574

Do I have enough time to summon my Animal Companion before the evening?

f23d8 No.73575

I'm sorry, which character is this?

There is enough time for satanic witchcraft rituals, yes

7a708 No.73576

He seems confused by the demeanor of the cart salespony. It's a profession he's had very few dealings with, obviously. "…No, I do not have family anymore. At least, I do not think…" He awkwardly rubs the back of his neck. "I just want something to carry things with. For hauling."

f23d8 No.73577

"Well I'm quite sorry to hear that. Celestia rest their souls if they are dead. Or Celestia bless them if they are out of the house, or Celestia damn them if you are divorced. What do you want to haul? Lumber? Rocks? Trade goods? Dead bodies? Just kidding about that last part, although if you are looking for a hearse cart we have a nice selection in our Western location"

07d3f No.73578

Iron is waiting on Ash's readiness to start her personal quest.

e528e No.73579

I think I might summon a gorilla to lend me a hand for this mission.
Are there any armories that sell equiptment in minotaur sizes?

e528e No.73580

"I'm going to be busy for quite a bit. Go buy yourself some heavy armor and a tower shield, you'll need it."

07d3f No.73581

"Are you certain? We are quite far from the town, are we not?" Iron shakes his head. "Nevertheless, if I do not find you here, where will you be?"

7a708 No.73582

His confusion turns to worry as he wonders if there's something wrong upstairs in this pony's mind. "Uhhhh…trade goods, I think."

f23d8 No.73583

The minotaurs of the Blackhooves reservists have equipment, so clearly somepony has it. What is less sure is if civilians can acquire it

e528e No.73584

"I'm going to be right there for a couple hours."
She says, pointing her hoof to a chair-sized rock
"I would explain it, but I don't believe you'd understand.."

e528e No.73585

What about bulletproof vests?
Do I need to roll to know that?

f704a No.73586

The sorcerer awakes from the depths of nowhere, and takes a walk around the streets near the tavern he first arrived in.

07d3f No.73587

"I guess the god you seek will come to you… maybe." Iron turns around and starts heading to the Jungle Rush.

e528e No.73588

[Meditation noises]

f23d8 No.73589

Now where did they drop Iron off at, and what are the directions to the Jungle Rush from this location?

She can look for armor

There's a Bakery, for instance. Not many cars today, and thank Celestia because they clearly don't know how to drive on roads with slower moving carts. Nopony seems to be standing on a sope box or talking about the end of days, at least on this street

f704a No.73590

I check out the bakery. It would be nice to have a little something to eat after all of the madness last night.

07d3f No.73591

I tagged along with Ash, who said to travel south from the building we were healed. So that's as far as I know for location. Just travel north.

f23d8 No.73592

The bakery is a little busy, but they most definitely have bread. Not fancy or french bread though. It's not a whole foods

Hmmm, does Iron know how to find North?

e528e No.73593

I have 5 ranks in survival, so I automatically always know where north is.
"That way." She says, pointing him in the right direction

07d3f No.73594

Well, he did live in a jungle, so he should be able to travel out of the forest without much trouble to begin with. Do you want to settle it with some dice?

07d3f No.73595

Iron nods. He starts travelling towards the direction Ash pointed.

f704a No.73596

The sorcerer purchases a little bit of bread and enjoys it on the way out, continuing his stroll.

7a708 No.73597

[Shopping Horse Noises]

f23d8 No.73598

"Trade goods? How much are you hauling? We've got two-Wheelers, four wheels, 100 pounds, 300 pounds, 500 pounds. Open air, closed…"

It's actually kind of sunny today, for once. He is not harangued by anypony on the way

7a708 No.73599

He browses the prices on carts while he answers. "I am thinking 100 pounds will be enough. It is not much I will need to haul."

f23d8 No.73600

Going north leads him to farms, then single family houses, then commercial buildings. He isn't immediately sure of his location, however

"What is it you need then? Size? Watertight? Are you hauling liquids?"

f23d8 No.73601

File: 1545267343314.jpg (58.99 KB, 428x616, 8xFW2.jpg)

>out of character
>still a horse engaged in shopping

f704a No.73602

I just remembered that I didn't return the hoofgun to Blue Skies. I am now roaming around the city with an illegal weapon. I correct my course to the tavern and hope there is a member of the party there to help me return it before I am caught.

e528e No.73603

Actually, fug it. I'm not going to break character just because I like modern equiptment. Fug all these haram gunz and shieet.
I'm going to summon a Riding Dog (Huskie) as my Animal Companion for this mission. A domestic Animal should be appropriate for an urban encounter.
His third level feat will be Combat Reflexes, and his 4th level ability point will go into Dexterity. He gets a bonus trick, so he'll be trained for the general purpose of guarding.

07d3f No.73604

Iron decides to find someone to show him the way to the Jungle Rush since he feels lost.

7a708 No.73605

"Nothing too big. Good for one pony to trot around city streets. And it does not need to be watertight, no."

e528e No.73606

File: 1545267695901-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 2560x1600, siberian-husky-wallpaper-2….jpg)

>Lots of meditating later

f23d8 No.73607

File: 1545268061928.jpeg (126.73 KB, 510x644, C54A8D00-F747-452D-B6CC-C….jpeg)

Always be sure to comply with gun laws while not on secret missions. He can certainly go back to the tavern. Whether any pony will be there is another question

The first pony is kind of rude, the second one doesn’t know where that is. But the does third one, “I think it’s over there in southeastern district.” Three roads up find a long avenue named Mareton Hoofer, then when he finds East Main go up three blocks and it’s right there

They do actually have a reasonable selection. “Stylish? Rugged off-road?”

She can have a husky, but I don’t think a pony can ride one on its back

07d3f No.73608

Of course, Iron follows the direction of the third pony.

7a708 No.73609

"Rugged, if it pleases you."

e528e No.73610

Dice rollRolled 8 + 12

I didn't intend to ride him, I need someone for protection.
Also, so long as he's with me, I can track.
Rolling to find Iron.

e528e No.73611

I'm going to advance his HP as a standard monster (4 per level), giving him 40 hp.

f23d8 No.73612

"Whatever pleases you, pleases me"
A waterproof model with large and rugged wheels is made for use in the southern jungles.

She finds that he is not nearby

I feel so tempted to make you roll luck to see if the directions are good or if Iron followed them correctly
He is a little uncertain as to the definitions of blocks, but he sees the large steel roof of the Jungle Rush

>a dog having as much HP as a fighter of this level
I'll look into this later

e528e No.73613

He has 19 Constitution.

e528e No.73614

Dice rollRolled 19 + 13

Rolling to follow Iron's tracks.

7a708 No.73615

In Silver's mind, a cart like this would be perfect, should his travels take him into the forests near Baltimare. "How much for this cart?"

f704a No.73616

I suppose I just wait around until the bartender decides to come back to work, or Dark Star comes back in.

f23d8 No.73617

"30 Bits"

Muddy feet show he went North along an agricultural road, then a road that feeds into the city

If that is what you want to do, then sure

7a708 No.73618

"30 Bits? In that case, I will take it." He levitates the Bits out in a small pouch, intending to hand them over to the salespony.

f704a No.73619

Is there anypony else in the tavern today?

e528e No.73620

She disassembles her camp and follows the tracks until she catches up with him.

07d3f No.73621

Iron enters the Jungle Rush.

I know, I feel the temptation too

f23d8 No.73622

"Glad to be of assistance"

The bartender, as always, a grey earthpony at the bar, a white female unicorn in a booth in the corner, and a few others. It's pretty early though, so it is not crowded

It appears as if Iron has traveled a further distance than Ash realized, for he is still not in view

"Goodday' mate. How's that animal hide holdin' out for ya?"

07d3f No.73623

Iron frowns. "It was not the best. Animals tore right through it." Iron ponders. "Say, do you have those hide armors that have… 'nai-lawn' on them?"

7a708 No.73624

With his purchases safely secured in his new cart, he makes his way back to his room, whistling an old marching song from his foalhood homeland along the way.

f704a No.73625

Can I overhear any conversations?

e528e No.73626

She keeps following, humming to herself.

f23d8 No.73627

After he is silent for a moment, he says "Well I'm sorry about that, but if you need something stronger we got a variety of options against harder opponents. A Nylon airmare's jacket is the strongest vest you can get that won't hold ya back much, and steel strips in it will give you some protection. If you're willing to sacrifice speed and mobility we have option with more and thicker steel"

A mare in the streets seems to admire this, and salutes

"I told you he wasn't that into you. He was more concerned about your status anyways. You'll do better"

"I tell you those new steam shovels can rip the top soil right off, not that there's much of that down there"

"Berry can't control the crime in this city. You hear about the gang fight that happened last night? They say like 17 dead and two building set on fire"

She could track him for a mile, but he's gone further than that

e528e No.73628

She keeps following until she eventually finds him.

f23d8 No.73629

The SRD says tracking has to be re-rolled every mile, and frankly I'm not sure how it's possible to track inside of a well-walked city

7a708 No.73630

He nods in her direction as he passes, taking it as little more than appreciation for the patriotic tune.

07d3f No.73631

Iron ponders some more. "I guess I can go for thick steel. Do you have any shields as well?"

e528e No.73632

Dice rollRolled 1 + 13

That's a 20 DC. I'll roll it.

e528e No.73633

Oh, good joy…

f23d8 No.73634

"That we do have. These suits have strips of steel that give them some resistance even to things like bullets, and I can't promise they won't slow you down but they are not bad protection. This cheaper one here allows you some mobility. This bigger one gives a little more but less mobility, while this set here offers the most protection and more mobility, but it's expensive. As for shields, we have some metal ones for use by police or if you are dealing with fire"
Now I'm wondering if he has enough currency to buy these things (at least 350 bits just from the loan sharking). The gold is certainly way more than enough, it's just a question of who will accept it without asking who he murdered to get it

What luck! There's a set of mud tracks and wolf hairs that could only have been made by Iron, heading east

e528e No.73635

>tfw not sure of this
She follows the tracks anyway…

f23d8 No.73636

There are still patriots out there it seems. Equestria is gone, but it is not forgotten

e528e No.73637

>inb4 another motherfucking wolf

07d3f No.73638

Dark Star did give me 400 bits, remember?
"I will go for the most protection. Mobility does not bother me."

7a708 No.73639

It brings a smile to his face, knowing Equestria's spirit lives on.

When he arrives, he takes very little time to move his supplies from his parked cart to his room. Once everything is moved, he unfolds the map of Baltimare, places it on his bed, and studies it to get a better idea of where everything is.

f23d8 No.73640

The hoofprints and hairs grow more sparse, but she's determined to find him. It appears he went into a residential neighborhood

"We have this set of steel plate that covers much of the body and has a ballistic nylon base. It has overlapping bands that move with the movements of the body, to a degree. Damned near looks like a knight, but the Griffins trust it for their elite soldiers. 1500 bits. We have another version that is less agile and is only 600 bits. It doesn't having overlapping plates but rather solid pieces, making it less friendly to wear and not quite as protective, but also cheaper. Titanium and Tungsten versions of the same can be ordered specially, but are far more expensive"

The city looks like it is built around a natural harbor and bay on its east side. There is a seaport with most industry besides it, and quite a bit of businesses and housing further west. The city center and the commercial center are past this, followed by bands of mostly lighter residential with scattered brick mills, cement plants and whatnot further west. There is still another coastline only a few miles to the north with another municipality, and some more residences. Also to the east and the north is a peninsula made by the bay that protrudes eastwards and provides cover from weather to the harbor from the north. This peninsula is not fully developed, has residences, a municipality and a lighthouse on the end of it. While water is to the north and the east, to the south is wilderness forest of the hayseed forests. To the west is agricultural fields, leading to the towns of the moonlight shores

07d3f No.73641

Iron nods. "What about those shields you offered?" He might need to find Cauldron sooner than later.

e528e No.73642

She follows the tracks dutifully.

a0f69 No.73643

Onyx wakes up at the bar.

Just the other side of the bar than most people expect to.
"I gotta stop falling asleep after my shift"

f704a No.73644

"Indeed. How are you today bartender?"

7a708 No.73645

With a greater understanding of the area, he begins to feel more confident in his ability to not get lost, and he closes the map back up.

Deciding to see if the bartender on duty has heard about any potential leads into lines of work, Silver makes his way down into the tavern itself.

a0f69 No.73646

"Hungover, but that's to be expected. How about you?"

f23d8 No.73647

"Sure. Steel ones are rather cheap. It's big enough to cover you if you need that, and while I don't know if I'd fight a tiger with it, it'll block some blows. You can also bash with them. This here is a police model, for civil unrest and such"

She arrives at a house that has a large fence. She sees a somewhat quirky looking older pony trying to wash a very very large chained wolf in a kiddie pool. The wolf is several times larger than he and barely can sit in the pool, is muzzled with steel, and chained to a large pole, trying to move. The wolf has barren - burnt? - patches on him where the fur has been burned away and hair is falling off.
"It's okay Rover, we'll get you fixed up"
The pony is trying to wash the spots with water, which causes pain to an already irritated animal

It looks like the alternate bartender is on duty. >>73646. Say something nice to him

f704a No.73648

"I'm doing surprisingly well. Not too sore considering last night. That doctor was alright."
I look into my glass.
"Do you think we got in over our heads though? We might be new go-to guys. And I don't know if I can keep doing this for free with the risk involved."

e528e No.73649

This is the dog I burned yesterday, isn't he?

07d3f No.73650

"I could take the police model. It is very large, so it will cover me a lot." Iron ponders. "Is the police letting you sell this?" He may be receptive to the gold if he's not allowed to sell these.

e528e No.73651

Sister Ash approaches the fence.
"Good morning, sir."

7a708 No.73652

Silver sits down at the bar. After a couple seconds of silence spent considering the alternate bartender, he nods at him. "Greetings."

a0f69 No.73653


7a708 No.73654

He puts some Bits on the counter. "A beer, if it pleases you."

f704a No.73655

I wave at the new pony.

f23d8 No.73656

"Good morning to you!" The dog whimpers and shakes

"It's just from the same manufacturer as what the police use, it's not illegal to sell in this jurisdiction"

7a708 No.73657

He waves back. "Hello. It is good to meet friendly face."

e528e No.73658

"That hound.." she starts up, with a bit of a sad tone
"Was it injured yesterday?"

07d3f No.73659

Iron is a bit dissapointed. "Alright, what is the cost for this?"

a0f69 No.73660

"Tap or bottle?"

7a708 No.73661


f704a No.73662

"I'm Shimmering Spark. It's good to meet you."
I nod to the bartender.
"And this is bartender. He likes to be called Onyx though."

a0f69 No.73663

Onyx gives the horse a bottle

f23d8 No.73664

“Yes, Rover here looks like he must have been struck by lightning, or struck by a burning branch. Or both”
The pony is pretty friendly and readily willing to talk about his new pet.
"I had been working in the eastern field when a friend drove up with Rover here in the back of his truck. He said that he had been working in the North-western track of lucky mills when he came across Rover here. He said this dog had been a part of pack there, but the mill gave him permission to hunt them for their hides. he had shot several of them with his manticore gun, and captured two of them in traps over the last month. He found this one in a trap this morning, said it was probably the last one. Normally the ones taken alive go to wealthy customers over seas, but this one he wasn't sure about because of the injuries. I told him 'well hell, I'll take this one for the money you owe me if you think this unlucky dog won't fetch full price for that damaged hide.' And so I took him home right then and there. Stopped what I was doing in the field"
Rover is unhappy
"You're lucky to be alive after being struck by lightning boy" the pony says to him as he washes sensitive burns

"Only 30 bits, it's a single piece of metal"

7a708 No.73665

He takes a drink from the bottle, smiling at Onyx. "Thank you." After another small drink, he turns towards Spark. "I am Silver Sword. Most call me Silver, though." With his other hoof he offers a hoofshake to each of them in turn.

07d3f No.73666

Iron nods. "I will take the shield for now." He passes 30 bits to the shopkeeper on the counter. "However, I will come back for the full plate suit. I have to do something before I am ready to buy the armor. Please keep it reserved for me."

f23d8 No.73667

"There'll be some on stock, don't worry"

07d3f No.73668

Iron nods. He walks out of the shop. He needs to find Cauldron. He remembers that the Watering Hole is somewhere nearby. He decides to look there, if he remembers where he is.

f704a No.73669

"What brings you to this city, Silver?"

e528e No.73670

"… How unfortunate.." Ash says, making awkward eye contact with the wolf
"… Say, I'm a bit of a veterinarian trainee. I would like to have a look at those burns, if you wouldn't mind."

7a708 No.73671

"Work. Or, search of it."

07d3f No.73672

I do have the shield on me, right?

f23d8 No.73673

Iron has a sense of where he is, as he has been here before, and East town is dominated by a few important avenues running straight north to South and East to West. He may go there

When as looks at rover, the wolf tries to bark, then whimpers, and moves its head away
"Hmmm, I'm not sure he likes you, but you can certainly take a look

The wolf definitely has room to move, which makes physical contact a bit difficult. There are three burned areas. There is significant swelling and skin that even looks like it has been charred. Some fur is burned right off, much has fallen off, some is loose, and some is falling off in the pool

f23d8 No.73674

If you want to carry around a big shield, I guess you can, it's just awkward

f704a No.73675

"I suppose I should be looking for the same. You have any leads yet?"

7a708 No.73676

The light grey unicorn laughs. "That is funny, I am actually here to ask bartender…er, Onyx…about leads, myself."

07d3f No.73677

Eh, he does not really care. As long as the shield has the police logo, it's ok

Iron, shield strapped on his back, goes to the Watering Hole to see if he can convince Cauldron to buy one of the gold bricks for the gang.

07d3f No.73678

*does not have

e528e No.73679

*Walks up to Rover*
*Pets wolf*
>"Now now, don't fret"
- she beams, rummaging through her spell components sack for herbs 'n shieet
She turns to the pony
"I can treat him, but it will take a while." she says to the poner

a0f69 No.73680

Onyx considers where he'd swap his bars for cash, and where he could use that cash to get what he wants.

f23d8 No.73681

He goes in, and it is kind of crowded. he doesn't see Cauldron there, and is about to give up. Then from behind him

"Iron!" the familiar voice exclaims, and the worried mare comes up to him. "You were at that event on the docks last night. I heard there was an explosion at the building we had been guarding after I left. Then somepony killed some police officers, and soldiers were called in. They say there was some sort of robbery there and more than a dozen were killed."

The exasperated mare hugs Iron
"I was worried you were dead. Thank goodness you're okay"

The wolf does not like the contact, whether because it is feral or because the area touched was sensitive

"Well, I don't know if I want to move him from here"

a0f69 No.73682

"You'd have to ask my boss, other than that I got nothing to help ya. Sorry"

7a708 No.73683

Silver turns to ask Onyx if he knows about any leads into work, but stops when he notices him deep in thought. "Something on your mind?"

7a708 No.73684

Figures I'd post at the same time you posted that.

07d3f No.73685

Iron hugs back. "There is no need to worry about me, Cauldron. I actually have something interesting you might just like. But it has to be a quiet place. Anyplace that fits the description?"

a0f69 No.73686

it's how the ball rolls… I just didn't see your post at first. Sorry

7a708 No.73687

It's fine. Let's just pretend Silver asked his second question after provided his response.

f23d8 No.73688

"Sure, there are rooms upstairs. The bar owner lets couples go up there at night for privacy."

As she goes with him, she says "They are blaming us for it, but I don't know anypony that would have done that. I think it was those Sunset police. They had a really vicious crackdown in Manehattan last month, they could do it here"

a0f69 No.73689

Works for me

07d3f No.73690

Iron stays silent until they both enter one of the rooms upstairs. "I know. Want to see what was stolen?" Iron leans closer to Cauldron, expecting an answer.

e528e No.73691

Dice rollRolled 5 + 9

Rolling to soothe the beast (+2 familiarity)

"Don't worry. I can take care of him right here." She replies
She casts Naturewatch to peer into the full extent of the animal's health and injuries

7a708 No.73692

"I see. Well, I suppose I will keep up search." He raises the beer bottle up to his mouth, but he slowly lowers it back down when he sees Onyx deep in thought. "Something on your mind?"

f23d8 No.73693

File: 1545276267633.png (381.32 KB, 683x708, 1498920799547.png)

She looks at him silently, then back away a little and sits down. He receives no answer, as the mare is left speechless

Rover is soothed in part. She can see that indeed the dog has both electrical and fire burns, some to the third degree into flesh

a0f69 No.73694

"Just money…"

f704a No.73695

"Is that all you think about?"

7a708 No.73696

He nods, and returns to his drink.

e528e No.73697

>"..Can't say I didn't warn you…."
She casts Cure Minor Wounds to regenerate a bit of the skin/fur.

"He's a big boi… Just what were you intending to do with him?"

a0f69 No.73698

Onyx shrugs
"It is when I need food."

07d3f No.73699

Iron cocks an eyebrow, but disregards it. "I have some stuff of great value here." He pulls out one of the gold bricks. "Got it by fighting through the crowd of ponies there. Ponies there had that same speech about equality and stuff at the bar. It was hidden in a chest on the ship, as well as a lot of guns."

f704a No.73700

"Yeah… all that food… but if you find anything Silver, we would be glad to help you out. I'm sure bartender here would want at least 50% of the cut though… if not more."

f23d8 No.73701

The spell does more than nothing, regenerating some of the more severely damaged flesh and muscle. But that is not readily apparent from the outside, where the animal is still visibly burned - though not nearly as critically

"I was going to keep him as a pet. I had a big dog when I was younger. I figured rover here might be worth trying to domesticate. It's not like he'll make a great coat with this kind of damage anyways"

"But the gunfight. The robbery. Many ponies died"

7a708 No.73702

"…" He looks from Spark, to Onyx, and back to Spark. "…It is joke, right? More than 50% for one pony?"

e528e No.73703

>"…. Really..?"
"Dire Wolves aren't so easy to train as large dogs.. I hope you have experience in handling large animals."

07d3f No.73704

Iron shrugs. "I was very beaten after that onslaught. I visited a doctor afterwards. Told me I almost died, and was very lucky that I even survived." Iron waves the gold brick around some more. "So, I have this and I want to give it out for some bits."

f704a No.73705

"Nope. I bet you he would. Though some might argue he does earn it. This guy is ridiculously strong."

7a708 No.73706

He looks back at Onyx, trying to see if he can get a good idea of how strong he is just by looking at him.

f23d8 No.73707

"Oh I know that. I was looking for a challenge. When I was younger I would break horses, make them listen to commands. That was when i was a drill instructor in the Army"

She's still a little concerned
"Y-you're lucky to get out alive" She takes the brick. "That's a lot of gold you have there. Worth many bits. No wonder they" She pauses at the third person plural, 'they.' "They wanted to kill for it"

7a708 No.73708

>ponies breaking horses

07d3f No.73709

Iron scratches his side. "So, what do you think? How much is that thing?"

e528e No.73710

>I would break horses, make them listen to commands.
>I would break horses
Sister Ash's jaw drops to the ground, and she takes several steps back
"Y-you what?!"

07d3f No.73711

Do you want to fight a possible slaver or something?

e528e No.73712


f23d8 No.73713

She holds it in her hoof, moving it up and down as if weighing it
"I don't think this is a bankmare's bullion brick. Looks like it's straight from a mine. the luster is definitely right for gold. Of course I can't tell you that there isn't just lead in the center. But this looks like at least 3000-5000 bits depending on the purity of the gold and the exact weight

"Breaking a horse" means training a horse. That's all the phrase means. To take a horse that otherwise would not listen, and make it able to be ridden or pull carts. When Ash asked about animal training, horses were the first thing that came to mind. But I realized that in this world, horses wouldn't work. Then I thought Buffalo, but that also doesn't work in the My Little Pony world. Then i thought cows, but those were sapient in an episode as well. So I thought fuck it, i will make a joke about training horses, but what he is referring to isn't like agricultural work, he's R Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket, but retired. He used to discipline new recruits and train them to be fit soldiers. It was a bad joke, mea culpa

07d3f No.73714

Iron placed a hoof on his chin. "Do you know where I can sell this thing?"

e528e No.73715

And here I was getting ready to roll initiative..

f704a No.73716

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think the bartender fell back asleep at his job.

7a708 No.73717

Fancy apology in Lingua Latina accepted.
He chuckles a bit. "He sure does seem very…preoccupied, with money."

f704a No.73718

"Have you been here long?"

e528e No.73719

Sister Ash snaps out of her momentary paranoid confusion.
"Oh, that's fine then…"

e528e No.73720

Dice rollRolled 3 + 7

Also, heal check on the dog

e528e No.73721

07d3f No.73722

>Minimal trust with the dog. Gone to zero.

f23d8 No.73723

File: 1545278594015.gif (1.29 MB, 640x360, 1266396__safe_screencap_th….gif)

Because she isn't quite sure if Iron was a a part of a group that killed a dozen creatures, or if he is claiming that he was just there, and managed to grab the money in the confusion, she is still reacting as if Iron had released an unrestrained Changeling in the room before her

"I think I know a few who will do it, no questions asked"


Ash hits a sore area of the dog, causing it to whimper in pain

07d3f No.73724

Iron smiles. "Great. You think I can meet with them? I want to sell this. It has no value in this current state and I want to increase my defense after that shit on the docks."

7a708 No.73725

"No, I only got here yesterday. You?"

f23d8 No.73726


e528e No.73727

f704a No.73730

"About the same. This place is mad I tell you. Everypony wants somepony dead. It's crazy. Just keep an eye out if you try and go out alone."

07d3f No.73731

Iron nods. "Alright, do you mind showing me the way? I surely can compensate." Iron leans closer, touching coats with the zebra. "It does not need to be just bits."

f23d8 No.73732

She's still just a little bit uncomfortable, and she walks past him, out of the room, and downstairs, then outside. Evidently she is complying

7a708 No.73733

He nods. "Tensions are high here. Communist rebels, Restorationist sympathizers, New Mareland occupiers. It is powder keg." He finishes off his beer with one last drink. "It has been long time since I was part of group. But I may just have to, if I am to survive."

07d3f No.73734

Iron follows.

f23d8 No.73735

She whispers
"Are the police going to be coming after you?"

e528e No.73736

Dice rollRolled 19 + 7

"Sorry, boy. This is going to sting."

f704a No.73737

"I am in the same boat. I may know a group… but it may not be ideal for you."

f23d8 No.73738

And though it may sting, Ash is able to clean the wounds, as the pony had attempted earlier, then treat them with cream, and then patch them as necessary

7a708 No.73739

He raises an eyebrow and leans in towards him, interested in what he has to say.

e528e No.73740

*Pets wolf*
>"..Good boy.."

07d3f No.73741

Iron shrugs and whispers. "I do not know. Maybe." Iron then notices her uncomfortable expression. "Like I said, you do not need to worry." Iron strokes her mane. "I will not be detained even if they send all of the city on me."

e528e No.73742

"It's sad that these big fellas keep running into ponies so often.. They're endangered you know."

07d3f No.73743

Hey GM, what's the racial bonus of a zebra for this game?

e528e No.73744

Probably +2 to alchemy, like gnomes.

f704a No.73745

I lower my voice as to not have anypony else hear in. "I know this new recruit to the Blackhooves Party around here. He loves to hire help and is very generous with bits. I'm not fond of the occupation, don't get me wrong, but their targets so far are worse then they are."

7a708 No.73746

Hearing that it's work from the Black Hooves gives him pause for a few seconds, but he eventually nods, keeping his voice low like Spark's. "I may not like these Black Hooves all that much, but as long as my contract is fulfilled, I will remain loyal to it."

f704a No.73748

"Glad to hear it. I'll make sure it is worth your while. I gave up my pay to get this lazy bartender his demanded share. I'll do it again if they don't get you a fair share."

7a708 No.73749

"Hmm. Well, if you can put word in with this recruit, I will certainly consider this offer."

f23d8 No.73750

File: 1545280397612.png (1.19 MB, 1106x1080, 1517311597957.png)

"You think you could fight them all off?"
She looks concerned

Because no player has asked to play a zebra, I never made a racial template. Same with Changelings. I think they would have something similar to Earth Ponies, probably with benefits to alchemy.

The wolf is still a little concerned by Ash

07d3f No.73751

lolno, you gave it to me.

f23d8 No.73752

He gave the exact same piece of gold away twice to two separate ponies. He's like a Native American selling things

f704a No.73753

"I was hoping he would be here by now."
Both of you took it.

e528e No.73754

Dice rollRolled 6 + 9

>"..What is it now?"

e528e No.73755

>Empathy check

07d3f No.73756

"If not that, I can always just leave the city, let the heat blow off with time, and come back." Iron is still smiling. "But I am sure that I can handle these puny ponies after some upgrades on my person. If you want, I wil tell you when I leave if you are so worried about me."

7a708 No.73757

"Who is this recruit you speak of, anyhow?"

f704a No.73758

"Well, it's best if you meet him. And he has quite the marefriend too. Lucky devil. They will fill you in better than I can."

7a708 No.73759

He nods, wondering if this recruit and his marefriend are the ponies he met in the bar late last night.

f23d8 No.73760

He just doesn't like Ash, and will take some time to be more friendly

"It's not that…"
She looks away for a moment
"I joined the gang because I wanted the camaraderie, and because my brother's business wasn't making enough money to support us. I've broken many legs. I've hit beaten many ponies. I've seen a storekeeper shot, but…" She looks at him
"Twenty… twenty four dead. That's a whole elementary school class."

e528e No.73761

"Woof?" says the doggo (still unnamed)

f23d8 No.73762

"Woof woof!" says Rover

e528e No.73763

File: 1545281357686-0.jpg (2.13 MB, 3024x4032, idpzs9eclvg01.jpg)

*Ducks down playfully*
"Woof, ruff, woof!"

f23d8 No.73764

"Ruff ruff!" Rover ducks down in kind

07d3f No.73765

Iron cocks an eyebrow. "That is a quite specific image. I understand how you feel. No mare should ever witness such a battlefield." Iron watches forward. "You joined your group because of… camaraderie? What do you mean by that?"

f704a No.73766

"So, how has life been treating you lately?"

e528e No.73767

Doggo starts chasing his tail.

f23d8 No.73768

"I mean it's a sense of belonging. Of friendship. You get to know many of the ponies you work with in the gang, and it's a good feeling to know that many would go to jail for you, and you'd do the same for them"

Rover tries to chase his own tail…. but is caught by his chain

e528e No.73769

"Awww.. a bug boi like you shouldn't be chained up like that.." Sister Ash says, sympathetically

e528e No.73770

*Big boi

7a708 No.73771

"I am here. New city, new beginning. It is something."

07d3f No.73772

Iron smiles. "I see. It seems your gang is honorable… at least many of them are. Are you sure you can trust every single one? I basically got the job with you because I intimidated the capo into submission."

f704a No.73773

"New beginning huh? Was your old life something to escape, or was it taken from you?"

f23d8 No.73774

>bug boy
I am so tempted to have the dog say "how the fuck did you know I was a Changeling

*whimpering sounds*

"Well… many of them do more, shall we say…. "dirty" work than just gambling or high interest loans. But I don't think they would they would sell us out to the DA, if that is what you are asking"

7a708 No.73775

"Little of both. Had no home after Great War. Had no path. I have been out there since, surviving day by day, looking for new path." He sighs sadly. "I hope I can find one."

f704a No.73776

"Did you have anything before the war?"

07d3f No.73777

Iron shakes his head. "I do not know if camaraderie is that. Nevertheless, I have not come to judge the gang you are in. How far until we reach the meeting spot?"

e528e No.73778

*Pets doggo*

Okay, i'm going to have to go to bed now. I worked all day, and I'm exhausted. I'll continue the dialogue some other time.

7a708 No.73779

"I had home."

f23d8 No.73780

"But you are in it too now."
And now she grows suspicious, and stops
"Are you working for the police?"

07d3f No.73781

"No." Iron says flatly. "Why should I tie myself up with the law of this place?"

f704a No.73782

"Well, I'm not sure about setting up a home here if you are looking to do that, but maybe you can find that new path here. I hope it will lead you somewhere you would like to go."

f23d8 No.73783

She must be satisfied with this answer, because she continues walking
"In answer to your earlier question, there are several places to sell gold for money. Technically you could even exchange it for paper at a bank. But under the circumstances…. There is only one place I trust not to report it to the police. Down here"
She walks now to a location somewhat near the docks a part of the seaport decently south of the events of the night before. There is a griffin outside
"We have something to sell" Cauldron says

07d3f No.73784

Iron just stands next to her, looking at the door.

f23d8 No.73785

The griffin responds in a very heavy accent. "And what have you to sell."

"Gold ingots"
Alight, this way. They go inside the building, which must be a shop of some sort, and a white griffin sits at a table

Cauldron says to Iron: "Alright, show him what you want to sell"

7a708 No.73786

He smiles, thankful for some pleasant company to chat with. "As do I."

07d3f No.73787

Iron takes out the two gold bricks from his hide armor.

f23d8 No.73788

The griffin takes it right out of his hand, and looks at it under a magnifying glass. Then he takes the ingot and weights it, and then places it in a water displacement. The griffin says something in some foreign language to the first griffin.

"He says it is real gold, and the measurements on the bricks are accurate. We will give you 4000 for each ingot"

07d3f No.73789

Iron prods Cauldron on her side and whispers. "Hey, think you can increase the price? Your skills with loansharking should increase the profit of these bars."

f704a No.73790

Well, Dark Star was supposed to be here by now… I was kind of relying on him to give us something to do…

f23d8 No.73791

She whispers super damned softly into Iron's ear. "Gold is one of those items where every brick is more or less the same as any other. Gold is gold.. The price is basically set by the government, because they base their money off of it. I suspect this brick is worth 4200 bits at a bank. The price difference is because these griffins know it is stolen and they know we can't just waltz into a bank with this. What they haven't guessed is where it was stolen from. If they knew that, the price would drop real quick"

07d3f No.73792

Iron nods, understanding the situation. "Very well, I accept the payment." He says to the griffon.

f23d8 No.73793

The griffin counts out money, and hands it to Iron
"8000 bits in Paper Gold certificates for both ingots, here you go"

07d3f No.73794

Does he give me the normal bit payment or am I being given some check or something?

f23d8 No.73795

"Gold certificate" is what paper money is called in a system that uses a gold standard. "Silver Certificate" is the name if the paper money is backed by silver, "bank note" if the bank itself is backing it, and "federal reserve note" is the technical term for United States paper money. It's just paper money

07d3f No.73796

Iron takes the Paper Gold certificates and motions Cauldron to follow. He then exits the building.

f23d8 No.73797

And thus she follows. Where to now?

07d3f No.73798

Iron turns to Cauldron. "Where do I even go with these things and turn them into actual bits?"

f23d8 No.73799

"That's money. You can pay it anywhere. If you prefer coins, you can exchange them at a bank"

07d3f No.73800

Iron stares intently at the money. "I guess." Iron then separates some of the money and passes the equivalent fo 1500 bits to Cauldron. "Here. You earned it." The rest he stores it in his bit pouch.

07d3f No.73801

f23d8 No.73802

She takes the money, with great surprise on her face
"Why… Thank you"

07d3f No.73803

"I told you I would compensate for your troubles." Iron plants one of his forelegs around Cauldron's back. "You are a good mare, Cauldron. I will be going to Jungle Rush to buy that armor. If you want, you can follow. Maybe end things at one of the rooms of the bar if you so please."

f23d8 No.73804

"I guess I can help yo with your… sporting goods shopping" she laughs

07d3f No.73805

"Alright." Iron starts going to the Jungle Rush.

f23d8 No.73806

"What are you buying equipment for?"

07d3f No.73807

"I plan on being a little more threatening to ponies. Maybe I can actually get away with pushing around rival gangs and stealing their goods." Iron laughs, then points at the shield on his back. "In combination with this and maybe some adjustments to my hide armor Meaning turning from hide armor (medium) to leather (light) I could probably walk in a police station and take all their guns while they cannot do anything about it." Iron laughs harder, then ponders. "If you need some pony to rough up, I will be there. You do not have to pay me, but it is appreciated."

f23d8 No.73808

She looks at him
"What is it you want to get out of all of this? I mean your time here, in the city?"

07d3f No.73809

"I simply seek riches and renown. That is why I am here and not where my tribe is." He simply states. "It is the process of maturity everypony in my tribe has to do to participate in important decisions for the tribe. You make a name of yourself here and brings all the goods you can carry back to the tribe and you will be respected."

07d3f No.73810


f23d8 No.73811

"Well, the gang is where a lot of ponies go to seek riches and renown. There's something special in being a 'made mare.' ponies will talk to you different, give you free things. But do understand, not all of us are here because we wanted to get ahead in life. For some of us, we didn't have much other choice"

07d3f No.73812

"That is what every single pony says in this town so far. I guess it is fair for you since you seem to take care of your father, which I assume is very old to take care of himself, but for some ponies, they just do not want to go out with just their hooves and explore the world around them, out of the safety of their houses, where even then they feel threatened most of the time by others anyways." Iron looks at Cauldron. "They are afraid to seek opportunity elsewhere. Remember those ponies at a bar? They seemed competent enough to venture out and gain the riches they want, but they decide to just stand there, complaining about their lives and how unfair it is for them." Iron shakes his head. "If they only knew the true freedom that they have out of these walls."

f23d8 No.73813

"I think those ponies wanted to over throw the government or something…. Well, I'm glad that you are out doing something with your life. Trying to put your special talents to use. I… Well, loansharking is fine work. It certainly pays well, and I like it well enough. But I'd rather work with chemicals"

07d3f No.73814

Iron smiles "I still remember that tonic you did for me. It was kind of you and made me feel better." Iron ponders for a bit. "Why do you not open up a shop to sell whatever chemicals you create?"

f23d8 No.73815

"Well, you need to pay rent, make sure you have enough customers to cover expenses, probably hire help. And then there is the city with its regulations. And gangs want 'protection money'… I help my brother when I can"

07d3f No.73817

"So the city is weighting you down." Iron is somewhat saddened by this. "It is quite bad in here for quality work to be sold what they are owed." Iron shakes his head. "What did your brother do again? I think you told me at the doctor after our job, but I do not seem to remember."

f23d8 No.73818

"My brother operates the family business of a restaurant. We make food in the traditional Zebrican style. My dad set it up after he retired from the Merchant Marine. He's a little old now. I will do cooking sometimes, helping with sauces especially. Business is sort of so so. Quite a few ponies are curious about foreign tastes, and the Zebras like the reminder of home. But there are many restaurants, and often many expenses"

07d3f No.73819

"I see. Maybe I could go there sometime." Iron looks ahead, seeing how far they are from Jungle Rush. "But I need some directions to get there. This place is like a maze to me."

f23d8 No.73820

"But don't you see? We're here"

As they talked, they edged closer to the Jungle Rush
"Back I see" says the yellow Earth pony at the counter with his thick New Mareland accent

07d3f No.73821

Iron furrows his brow. "I meant the restaurant," he says to Cauldron. He turns to the earth pony. "I am back for that full armor you were selling. Any information about the special variants?"

f23d8 No.73822

She laughs. "I'll take you there some time"

The stallion says "We have the full set of banded steel for 1500. 1650 if you want a slightly more agile set. We have those in Titanium and Tungsten, which make them lighter and tougher respectively, but that's put you over 10,000 bits. Depending on your tastes, I might recommend a single titanium plate for your chest with ballistic nylon sleeves and under armor. Enchant it with some magic, and it'll cost you 5200 bits, but it won't be slowing you down in battle, and it'll give you almost the protection of the banded steel"

Okay, seriously. Look at the https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Armor list. Those are the ACs, pay attention to speed, and if you click on types of armor, you can see what the permutations cost

07d3f No.73823

"What magic enchantment are we talking about here?" Iron seems confused.

f23d8 No.73824

"Just a basic strengthening spell, permanently added to the plate to make it a bit tougher. Not that other options don't exist, depending on what you're looking for"

07d3f No.73825

Could you explain me in terms of armors on this wiki the options available? Give me just simple comparisons. I guess Mithryl and Adamanatine and Titanium and Tungsten respectively and the single titanium plate is actually the half-plate or the banded mail, but I want to be sure statwise.


f23d8 No.73826

Pretty much anything on the wiki is an option, in basically any combination. Anything you can get your character that he can actually afford, I will transform into a setting appropriate form. The titanium plate is actually Breastplate, which is the most advanced medium armor. If you take it in Mithryl, then Breastplate is a light armor, which means that it allows you to keep the full 30ft per round and not just 20ft. I guess that would mean more if you were playing a class limited to light armor like a rogue. Or if your character needed to retain the ability to fly.

07d3f No.73827

"I would like to take the full armor plate made of simple steel. Before I give you the money, I ask two questions: Can I upgrade my steel into Tungsten later on and can you lighten my hide armor? I do not mind if you need to trim a lot of it, just make it lighter."

f23d8 No.73828

"You'll need to get basically a new suit if you want to replace the steel with Tungsten. As for the hide armor, well, it won't be much use over the plate, but you can have it as an aesthetic, or as a sort of shock absorber under the armor"

07d3f No.73829

Iron huffs in dissapointment. "I cannot do that. I need something lighter to absorb the hits when the full plate is not enough. If not, it'll drain my stamina. While I do not mind short term, it is going to cause problems in the long run when I need every bit of strength I get." Maybe leather should do it? *wink wink* Also, I'm being this way because it will become medium load,
and it's not good I think

07d3f No.73830

*it will

f23d8 No.73831

"just don't wear the hide, and wear the overlapping plates with a standard nylon under armor"

07d3f No.73832

"I will take one of those under armors then as well as the full plate. Name the cost and it will be paid." Iron ponders for a bit. "Maybe cut the hide so I can adorn the headplate with the wolf's head for aesthetic reasons." Which I hope it doesn't add more than 1lbs maximum

f23d8 No.73833

"Well, it's all a part of the same suit, but we can do so, 1500 for the suit. 1650 if you want a slightly more agile version"

07d3f No.73834

Iron gives the bits necessary for the fullplate (which I guess that is from +8 to +10) and the wolf head decoration for his helmet.

07d3f No.73835

*standard fullplate

f23d8 No.73836

It is so. the stallion was able to trim the Wolf's head and have it sewn on

07d3f No.73837

Iron, satisfied, puts on his fullplate, to feel inside the armor, see how much it protects him. aka what is the AC of the fullplate exactly "What do you think, Cauldron? You think the animals will run away when they see me?"

f23d8 No.73838

"Well, if they don't, you won't be needing to run away from them"

07d3f No.73839

"True" Iron laughs. "Well, do you want to go to the Watering Hole for some last drinks? I picked up some work while we did not see eachother."

Alright, just respond to the request and leave to bed. I'll go to sleep after your response

f23d8 No.73840

"We could, certainly, and you can tell me all about it. Though you should try my brother's restaurant some time. He makes a nice sourdough bread"

07d3f No.73841

"Sure thing. I am looking forward to it." Iron starts walking towards the Watering Hole, Cauldron in tow.

Ok, for real, I'm going to sleep. Night

e528e No.73843

File: 1545318384709-0.png (128.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1906160__safe_artist-colon….png)

How much money is a wounded, untrained Dire wolf worth?

9640d No.73844

How is this a rebuff? It looks to me like playful banter.

e528e No.73845

I think I might want to buy this wolf off and bring him to the pack down South. He's an endangered species, and I kind of feel bad for hitting him with lightning.
Also a good excuse to return to the place in the forest where I was supposed to meet Iron.

e528e No.73846

I was practicing creature advancement, so I made a Timbur Wolf. Pls r8.

Size/Type:Large Plant (Augmented Animal)

Hit Dice:6d8+25 (67 hp)


Speed:50 ft. (10 squares)

Armor Class: 21 (–1 size, +3 Dex, +9 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 18

Base Attack/Grapple:+4/+19

Attack:Bite +14 melee (1d8+15)

Full Attack:Bite +14 melee (1d8+15)

Space/Reach:10 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks:Trip, Spell-like abilities

Special Qualities:Low-light vision, scent, Fast Healing 3, Damage Reduction 10/Magic and Slashing, Grapple Bonus, Plant Traits, Cold Resistance 10, Electricity Resistance 10, Tremorsense

Saves:Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +6

Abilities:Str 31, Dex 17, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 14

Skills:Hide +1, Listen +7, Move Silently +5, Spot +7, Survival +2*

Feats:Alertness, Run, TrackB, Weapon Focus (bite)

Environment: Everfree Forest

Organization:Solitary or pack (5–8)

Challenge Rating: 5

Treasure: Standard

Alignment: Usually neutral

Advancement:7–18 HD (Large)

Level Adjustment: +8 (cohort)

A Timbur Wolf's natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Trip (Ex): A timbur wolf that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip its opponent (+14 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the timbur wolf.

Grapple Bonus (Ex): The thorny hooks on a Timber Wolf's teeth, body and claws grant it a +4 bonus on grapple checks.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will - entangle, pass without trace, speak with plants; 1/day - wall of thorns. Caster level equals Timbur Wolf Hit Dice; save DC 10 + spell level + Timbur Wolf's Charisma modifier.

Tremorsense (Ex): Timbur Wolf can automatically sense the location of anything within 60 feet that is in contact with the ground.

Plant Traits:
Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning.
Not subject to critical hits.

Skills: *A Timbur Wolf creature gains a +16 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks made in forested areas.

A Timbur Wolf has a +2 racial bonus on Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot checks.
*It also has a +4 racial bonus on Survival checks when tracking by scent.

abad3 No.73847

It smells a bit OP, but maybe I'm wrong.

e528e No.73848

That's actually supposed to have 54 hp…

I had another one that had a base CR of 6, for the alpha version. This was actually my original plan. It's only CR 6 because I didn't increase the hit dice, but it can be advanced pretty simply after this point.

Size/Type:Large Plant (Augmented Animal)

Hit Dice:6d8+42 (66 hp)


Speed:50 ft. (10 squares)

Armor Class: 26 (–1 size, +3 Dex, +14 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 18

Base Attack/Grapple:+4/+19

Attack:Bite +14 melee (2d6+15 plus 1d6 Acid)

Full Attack:Bite +14 melee (2d6+15 plus 1d6 Acid)

Space/Reach:10 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks:Trip, Spell-like abilities

Special Qualities:Low-light vision, scent, Fast Healing 3, Damage Reduction 10/Magic and Slashing, Grapple Bonus, Plant Traits, Cold Resistance 10, Electricity Resistance 10, Tremorsense, Immunity to Acid

Saves:Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +6

Abilities:Str 31, Dex 17, Con 25, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 14

Skills:Hide +1, Listen +7, Move Silently +5, Spot +7, Survival +2*

Feats:Alertness, Run, TrackB, Weapon Focus (bite), Improved Natural Attack (bite)

Environment:Temperate forests

Organization:Solitary or pack (5–8)

Challenge Rating: 6

Treasure: Standard

Alignment:Always neutral

Advancement:7–18 HD (Large)

Level Adjustment: +8 (cohort)

A Timbur Wolf's natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Trip (Ex): A timbur wolf that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip its opponent (+14 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the timbur wolf.

Acidic Attack (Ex): An Alpha Timber Wolf's bite attack deals an extra 1d6 points of acid damage per 4 HD of the alpha (maximum 5d6).

Grapple Bonus (Ex): The thorny hooks on a Timber Wolf's teeth, body and claws grant it a +4 bonus on grapple checks.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will - entangle, pass without trace, speak with plants; 1/day - wall of thorns. Caster level equals Timbur Wolf Hit Dice; save DC 10 + spell level + Timbur Wolf's Charisma modifier.

Ill-Tempered (Ex): Handle Animal checks involving a an Alpha Timbur Wolf take a –4 penalty, since Timber Wolves are more difficult to control than normal animals or even dire animals.

Improved Natural Healing (Ex): A Timber Wolf's body heals naturally at three times the normal rate, recovering 3 hit points per Hit Die with a full night’s rest. (Remember when AJ smashed them, but they just reassembled after she left?)

Tremorsense (Ex): Timbur Wolf can automatically sense the location of anything within 60 feet that is in contact with the ground.

Plant Traits:
Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning.
Not subject to critical hits.

Skills: *A Timbur Wolf gains a +16 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks made in forested areas.

A Timbur Wolf has a +2 racial bonus on Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot checks.
*It also has a +4 racial bonus on Survival checks when tracking by scent.

e528e No.73849

File: 1545328634323-0.jpg (56.3 KB, 750x600, f9bfb9a7b0860975c6ec1f758c….jpg)

Idk, I didn't think it was that powerful compared to Winter Wolves and similar creatures. I think the CR adjustment was appropriate.
The monster detailed in >>73848 is actually a creature that should probably have a few hit dice added to it to advance it for later game.
My ideal for advancement was something similar to a Nessian Warhound, only with recovery abilities instead of the breath weapon, and an acidic bite instead of fire.
It's actually the result of the application of two popular templates, with CR adjustment taken into account.
Pic related.

abad3 No.73850

Well, it seems to be viable.

7a708 No.73851

Did I miss anything while I was out?

e528e No.73852

File: 1545329662601-0.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080, 411055__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1545329662601-1.png (694.96 KB, 850x1200, 1304332__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1545329662601-2.png (1.76 MB, 1600x865, 737345__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1545329662601-3.png (1.05 MB, 1000x904, 198219__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1545329662601-4.jpg (319.55 KB, 1440x1120, 350046__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

I guess the Damage Reduction being trumped by slashing weapons and the relatively High AC make it a pretty difficult encounter, since bullets simply wouldn't work on it (it is made of logs though, so what would you expect?), but none of those features should raise it's AC past 6.
Your best bet to fight one would be to get the Fighter a +1 sword/axe, or just fuck it up with fire spells.

Timber Wolves are one of the most badass monsters in the mlp universe, imo. Making them a 6-and-up encounter feels justified.
Also, the utter lack of plant type creature in the 1st monster manual so is boring. The other two manuals added a few though, they even included the green bound template, which was the basis for the timber wolf.

e528e No.73853

*Nothing to raise it's CR past 6

abad3 No.73854

I sold my two gold ingots for 8000 bits and am currently going to the bar with Cauldron. (No not the bar you are. The Watering Hole, at the docks.)

7a708 No.73855

>8000 Bits
…It might actually have been worthwhile to explore that ship.

abad3 No.73856

Keep in mind I had two because Onyx and I were greedy fucks. One of them is just 4000 bits.

7a708 No.73857

I know, but 4000 is still a shitton.

abad3 No.73858

If I were lucky, I would have taken like 4 of those bricks and buy the tungsten fullplate armor. It's just so tempting to do that, but there will be next time.

e528e No.73859

It's okay for a lvl 5 character.
Most of the monsters you'd face are now going to have special attacks and damage reduction. You want a magick weapon, armor, and as many healing potions as you can carry.

7a708 No.73860

>It's okay
The more you talk about the way the economy works in these kinds of games, the more I feel like they're unbalanced to hell and back.

e528e No.73861

Oh, tell me about it.
I've played an Artificer: I know very well how fucking absurdly expensive magical equiptment is at every level.
(which is partly why I wanted to be ascetic in this run, since keeping inventory was a pain and a half)

abad3 No.73862

Does the common fighter also suffer in terms of spending for gear?

e528e No.73863

No, actually. Wizards and the like spend considerably more for their spell components, even moreso if they're responsible for creating items for the party.
Most fighter equiptment boils down to weapons, armor, and potions, along with miscellaneous stat-boosting items.

abad3 No.73864

Oh, I guess it's easier to manage or buy my stuff. Would you save a lot of money if you picked Eschew materials?

e528e No.73865

No. Eschew materials only helps with components that do not have a specific cost. Retrieving a stored item is a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity, so mages can get skullfucked when reaching into their fanny packs for herbs 'n shieet.

abad3 No.73866

Oh. Well, is it at least good for potion brewers?

e528e No.73867

Potions have a set price.
Certain feats, like Extrordinary Artisan, may reduce the costs of item creation just slightly.

abad3 No.73868

Well that sucks. And here I thought it was decent. Well, what do you plan to do with that timberwolf template? You can't just magic the wolf you summoned out of existence for the timberwolf without recharging.

e528e No.73869

I only made the timber wolf as a practice.
If you have the Green bound Summoner fest though, you can summon animals with that template (which I want to take, because it goes so well with Ashbound).

abad3 No.73870

>Green bound Summoner fest
You mean Greenbound summoning? I think you need to have a level 4 casting ability for that to work. Unless you don't want them to be plant types.

84b6f No.73871

It only requires creatures to be able to cast Summon Nature's Ally.

abad3 No.73872

Oh ok. Say, what do you plan to do with that dog who you burned as Ash apart from simple healing?

84b6f No.73873

Buy it off and relocate it the pack in the south.

abad3 No.73874

Coolsies. I wonder where will the GM take us. Maybe we will do shady stuff to test our good and evil allegiances before we go to more isolated areas.

84b6f No.73875

I still have to liberate those foals trapped in the cannery, find Ollie, donate this gold, and part ways with the abby.

abad3 No.73876

Right. Don't forget to seek me. I don't think I can find you if I had to look for you. Maybe I could ask the town folk if it's impossible.

e528e No.73877


7a708 No.73878

Well, there's still communists about, and Iron, Ash, and all of their party knows now that the changelings have infiltrated the Baltimare communists to at least some degree.

abad3 No.73879

That's what it seems, anyways. Who knows? Maybe we find out that the changelings themselves are the ones who created the commie movement to cause strife on griffon colonies.

7a708 No.73880

As far as I know, in the actual mod, there's a communist movement in Baltimare in the same vein as Stalliongrad, with the goal of establishing an independent "Mare Republic" and eventually founding the South Equestrian Socialist Republics after taking control of the southern forests and jungles.

7a708 No.73881

Forgot to add in the name field.

7a708 No.73882

Is it just me, or are the posts from this thread on showing up in the latest posts list?

abad3 No.73883

That's what it should show. We are more active than most other threads due to the nature of this thread.

7a708 No.73884

I can't see a single post on the list from this thread.

abad3 No.73885

Oh. Well, if I had to guess, mlpol is the main board and every thread has many people who wish to participate. Let me check after this is posted if I can screenshot that we can appear on latest posts.

abad3 No.73886

Strange, you're right. I can't see my answer even if I refreshed about 5-6 times.

7a708 No.73887

Yeah, it's weird.

abad3 No.73888

Well, I guess I can do a rolecall.
Who is here at the moment?

7a708 No.73889

Me, obviously. Also checked.

f704a No.73890

I’m here. Also checked.

e528e No.73891

7a708 No.73892

I'll probably have dinner here in a few minutes, if I end up disappearing on you guys.

abad3 No.73893

Peculiar, the GM hasn't responded. Strange. He may be thinking some mission to pair us up again.

f23d8 No.73894

Alright, and thus they go

I'll be sure to throw a pack at the party

Nothing New in the West. Iron bought some armor, Ash found a guy who has a new dog

Well, it's not a yes, and looked like a "I don't really want to do that with you now, maybe after I know you better"

abad3 No.73895

Iron walks to the Watering Hole with Cauldron, his shield and fullplate armor clanking as he goes. "This thing is loud. Good thing I do not want subtlety." Iron laughs.

f23d8 No.73896

"You may want to rethink that philosophy," says the sleek and slender Black Cauldron. "Better to go unnoticed than to attract the wrong attention"

The bar is fairly crowded, but there is space for two

abad3 No.73897

Iron goes to the space available and sits there. "For you it is true. But like I said, I look for renown. And renown does not come with subtlety."

f23d8 No.73898

"Then you came to the right place. This is one of the few places left where a strong individual can get ahead by force and brutality alone" She sits next to him

abad3 No.73899

"Order what you drink. I can handle it." Iron lays back slightly. "My new mission is a bit… contradictory with the job we did together. It is not shaking people down for money, but for information. I am currently going to storm a 'cah-neh-rie', whatever that is, to find a lost child. The pay is meager, but storming a place full of ponies is bound to attract attention, which I want for further contact opportunities."

f23d8 No.73900

She seems uncertain about the offer at first, but orders a beer
"You are looking for a lost child?" she says

abad3 No.73901

"Yes. I do not know any more details other than that." Iron takes a sip and grimaces a bit. "The only other thing I know is that me and the employer are going to a 'cah-neh-rie' where she thinks the foal is located. I have not gathered much info. Figured it is an easy but loud job."

f23d8 No.73902


abad3 No.73903

"It is the kind of job that spreads around as a rumor. Ponies will gossip about how this pony cladden in armor with a wolf head on its helmet found a child that was previously lost to them. That is what I mean." Iron sips the beer again, a little more than before.

f23d8 No.73904

She stares for a moment, then says, "you want to be like a fairy tale knight, don't you? Something the parents tell the children to give them a sense of wonder"

abad3 No.73905

Iron chuckles. "I know. It sounds corny. But I think there is something bigger the employer is not telling me. After all, she picked me for my strength, not for charm or way with words." Iron sips again. "Ugh, I swear these ponies serve poison in here."

f704a No.73906

That's why it is for holding and not drinking.

f23d8 No.73907

"Nopony ever accused the Watering Hole of serving great alcohol."

She turns to him and places a hoof over his shoulder. "So…. what can you tell me about this job or this employer?"

98f09 No.73908

>"I don't really want to do that with you now, maybe after I know you better"
thats not what it was at all.

f23d8 No.73909

Well, she may have gone home that night, but she hasn't died or left the city

98f09 No.73910

abad3 No.73911

"The job I already told you. I go to a 'cah-neh-rie' and fetch some colt or filly or whatever. The employer is quite an oddity. It is a soft-spoken mare that has some features of dragons and tigers like scales and a thick hides around the neck." Iron ponders. "I remember she called herself a 'kee-reen' and was part of a religious group. She is so sweet and gentle too. Makes me remember of the mares back at the tribe." Iron giggles, a bit lightheaded. He downs the drink fully, not leaving a drop. "I told you I could handle the drink. But do not order another, the taste is horrible."

f23d8 No.73912

Alright, Dark Star may speak to her or act as she leaves the Tavern after she comes to the conclusion that Silver is a loyalty risk. I would have RPed all of that if it weren't 4:00 AM at the time and the information she was seeking from Silver wasn't exactly the same as he told the bartender

98f09 No.73913

Can it wait a bit? i need to go take some cough Syrup and a warm shower.