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File: 1538585380864.gif (1.86 MB, 650x404, Ponyvania-order-of-equestr….gif)

7c09c No.67341

So apparently there is a Castlevania game but with poners. Is it any good? They came out with the beta just last year so there might be hope it gets completed.

7c09c No.67342

abce2 No.67343

Going by the Gif it looks like it could be a fun game. I probably have to set aside some time and try it out.

e87e2 No.67344

Just started playing. Its a Symphony of the Night conversion. When making a character, once you're done customizing don't press done, there's an issue with the mouse tracking. When you've got it how you want, press [enter]. Also, as SOON as you start playing, configure the controls (again [enter]). From there, you should be good, there's plenty of tutorial and explanation. Will report again when I know more.
Oh, the story is, Discord is breaking out and you have to stop him. Same setup as SOTN, where you start off with uberest weapons and your shit gets stolen and you have to start from scratch.

f0180 No.67352

Just booted it up and set my controls. Preset resolution's not too great but at least it's not permanently set to fullscreen and fucking with my resolution like some other games have done. That's the worst, jumbling all my desktop icons around when I turn it off. I'm gonna do a flutterrun for funsies, here's the template for any fellow faggots who need help working those RGB bars.

f0180 No.67353

File: 1538687009441.png (10.25 KB, 249x379, My job is done uwu.png)

Oops, no image. I'm getting too used to simply pasting images.

f0180 No.67354

So far it's alright. Nothing huuuugely special, since it seems to be very linear and combat-oriented. That being said, movement speed is pretty slow and static outside special movement skills, and the spear's attack interrupts and cancels when you land….a bit annoying but manageable. I liked the Gilda fight although the feather attack's kind of unreasonable to avoid.

e87e2 No.67355

It is limited in its genre and gameplay. If one doesn't have a preexisting fancy for Castevania or Ponies, let alone old-school gaming systems it probably won't be that great. I however have all of the above.
Its WAY better than I expected! The first 2/3 of the game is somewhat simple and aside from Manehattan, can be completed with little/no difficulty. The last 1/3 however is where it really shines.
The game its self is largely a mod of SOTN, but the artwork was carefully selected and the dialogue (except for Trixie, who uses excessive 3rd person) and characterization is authentic.
There's several main weapon types depending on one's preference: Whips, Swords, Spears, Bashing (hammers and stuff), Books (magic-ish), and Clubs. I assume particular weapons and armor choices pertain more to the type of pony you choose (I played an Earth Pony), and I went with a custom character (I assume the dialogue is different if you're one of the Mane 6).
The enemies and fights are themselves references and nods to various aspects of MLP, without being boorish or lazy. Many of the rare weapons and items are playful nods both to MLP and SOTN; Twilicane and the Staff of Sameness are weapons, and the Rainbow Thread, the Honest Bit, and (probably the best item) Boneless are included items, as well as others.
So far I've put over 8 hours into it and I'm not quite finished (unless they pull a 'surprise ending' like in SOTN, at which point I can't even begin to suggest how much gameplay might be involved).
All in all its easily as enjoyable as many fan-productions and Fics, except with a player-driven interact-ability and the extended play-time. I'm quite impressed with how much effort would-have/did go into it, and I haven't detected any particular bugs or system errors.
Tl;dr If you have time to kill, its a nice distraction and if you're a pony/SOTN fan, its a delightful reprise of one of the best games of its time.

59771 No.67358

Addendum to the previous:
Ponyvania is exceedingly like Symphony of the Night, in a variety of ways. The first - and probably the most crucial - is don't play it on easy mode. If you do, when you get to the 'end' you're actually only half way through the game,… except you don't get to play through the 2nd half. Also, be sure to use the Holy Glasses when fighting Trixie or Nightmare Moon (not sure which, but one of them for sure).
Beyond that, I can confirm that with about 12 hours of gameplay in, I only made it half way through on the easiest difficulty, and that's without going into Discord world (SOTN veterans will get what I mean by that). Even though I'm pissed about the "ha ha, easy mode" shit, I'll gladly play through it to its completion because if it again mirrors SOTN, then there's easily 50 hours of gameplay involved, ponified for your enjoyment.

59771 No.67362

Oh hey, apparently this Fan game is based on Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for Nintendo DS, which its self was based on Ca:SoTN. Who knew?
I have a soy-free diet so I never got the word. If you plan on playing and want to skip all the possible mistakes, here's a wiki http://ponyvania-order-of-equestria.wikia.com/wiki/Ponyvania:_Order_of_Equestria_Wiki that shows you what not to do if you want to unlock all the secrets

59771 No.67363

Final Score 6/10

If you plan on playing this game, use the wiki and do everything right. And when I say everything, I mean everything. If not, you might find yourself playing/grinding toward the finale only to be told "Lol no" because you got knocked into (ate) a muffin at some point. I shit you not.
It was fun to play at first, but getting cucked out of the last level because you didn't get a perfect run is horseshit no matter how lovingly ponified the game/story is, and demanding that level of autism may appeal to some but not this guy no matter how lovingly ponified the story/graphics/game is.

d6464 No.89176

File: 1549148184589.png (561 KB, 1366x768, 1701721[1].png)

Is there a way to fullscreen this, or at least make the window larger? The game seems nice, but I have literally never seen a game stuck in such a teensy-weensy tiny little window and it is making it borderline unplayable.

52811 No.89262


Everyone keeps warning that you must know what to avoid or the game will screw you over, but what are those things? I can't find any info on that from the wiki.

Thanks for these warnings! I'll be sure to play on hard difficulty and use the holy glasses when needed, but if there's more fuck you's like that I'd like to know of them too before it's too late. Like, >>67363 appears to imply you're supposed to avoid muffins for some reason, which is another thing I couldn't have deduced from the wiki.

33c6c No.89265

Don't listen to that guy, he doesn't know what he's talking about (it was me btw). Normal mode is fine.
Here's what you gotta do:
In Cloudsdale (lvl 3) don't fall off 3 times, and DON'T EAT THE MUFFIN
In Ghastly Gorge (lvl 4) Save both the royal guards
In Appaloosan Mines (5) Find all 3 CMC (one is behind a secret wall)
In Manehattan (6) wear the holy glasses and kill all the funny cloud enemies (there's 5 I think). My post about using the glasses at the end was wrong.

Inside Canterlot: (spoilers)
When you fight Nightmare Moon, she has normal mode and then a red rage. Once she rages you CAN'T KILL HER. Run like a bitch until she snaps out of it.
As you progress throughout, you have to find Trixie a few times and do what she asks, and in exchange she'll give you an Autograph (I think, its been a few months). You have to have that equipped when you fight her
I don't know if you have to defeat Zecora's challenges, but its a good idea (if you die, you probably need more XP)
I think that's all the requirements, go here if you're uncertain http://ponyvania-order-of-equestria.wikia.com/wiki/Ponyvania:_Order_of_Equestria_Wiki
Also if you haven't found it, there is a way to make the screen full, I just don't remember what it is anymore. I think its listed in the readme/manual file.

52811 No.89276

Thanks! I'll start a new game on normal right away, as playing on hard was really making me question what I was willing to put up for a pony game.

By the way, what does Luck do?

33c6c No.89277

Helps determine what sort of items you get from drops, as well as what you get from chests

dba30 No.89611

Thanks. I heard that from Luna soon after posting but before getting to delete the message.

Back to irreversible failures, I just heard that apparently Zecora's hut should have become available once you cleared all the nightmare clouds in Manehattan. Well, I killed all I could find and thought that was good enough, but apparently I still screwed myself over without knowing it. I guess there's no point in continuing that character since it's now doomed, which is sad because Heat Meat really grew on me to the point that the next character is going to have big horseshoes to fill.

I'm half tempted to play as far as I can just to make sure normal difficulty isn't a problem, but I hit a wall with the worm boss and would probably need some grinding to get past it.

3d80d No.89637

I've played through it on normal and can confirm that its fine. Also yes, if you don't get Zecora's hut you missed something.

9180b No.89782

Thanks. Now playing as Magic Bullet the pegasus, I'm at Manehattan again. Just like last time, every time I kill one of those purple clouds a small part of it remains and shoots up out of the screen. Is this normal, or could that be why the level keeps failing? I can't seem to hit the remaining part with anything.

3d80d No.89783

That's normal. I think there's 5 in total. If you die at some point in the level, you have to re kill any in areas you go back over, but not areas you've already passed (ex., if you kill all the ones and beat the mini boss, you don't have to worry about the ones before the checkpoint).

511e7 No.90015

File: 1549583276832.jpg (117.27 KB, 708x590, 735282[1].jpg)

Game finished with a happy ending! At one point I was about to proudly report that Nightmare Moon wasn't invulnerable even in the red rage, but luckily I didn't save the game before checking whether I should have attempted that in the first place.

After playing far with an earth pony and completing the game with a pegasus, I started a new game with an unicorn. Am I missing something about how to play them, because I'm spending huge amounts of time just waiting for my mana to replenish each time after killing one or two enemies. It's definitely not impossible to finish the game even like this, but it feels too slow to be how it's meant to be played.

That said, I really must respect the game how much the classes differ from each other. Even though I ended up using sword the most as both pegasus and earth pony, many of the boss fights make me wonder how I could ever have succeeded at them without the ability to fly. And when I was just starting the game as a pegasus, I was wondering how I could ever complete it without the earth ponies critical art skill.

3d80d No.90089

No, I agree. Pegasus Ponies FTW, followed by Earth Ponies. Unicorns are more consistent with the original game, but meh.
Yeah, Nightmare Moon is far easier if you're trying to kill her, which is the challenge, not killing her.
Flying Rune Sword for the win, and that MF'ing god damned %^&#ing serpent is a pain if you can't fly. Just saying.
If you haven't gotten 100% exploration, it makes for a fun distraction since you're through it. Also, there's plenty to do if you're autistic as far as combining items and doing the secret challenge cave, including a bunch of weapons and such. Also, each level has hidden chest (use the dowsing rods) for super rare items.
Hope you had fun, and glad if you did.

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