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File: 1533413021584.png (887.17 KB, 1258x720, NUTSHYPETRAIN.png)

25b23 No.66673[Last 50 Posts]

If you don't know what this is yet lurk moar, you'll be averting your eyes in no time. Now where were we?
We last left off with the party barging on in a very irate Kiynen who has recently laid a clutch of 5 eggs and is still sensitive about it. Still, no one died in the process and Addy seems to have sworn fealty to them,… whatever that's about. So we return to the party,… who has already split up with Tracy venturing to Cardashil to try and find a lead on the elvenniggers who keep jacking their shit. Infernius has been assisting Slovenia in felling trees and reinforcing the outer wall of Durpistan. Torcuil has been getting bantzed by Snek, and a bunch of stuff I'm probably forgetting and will get shit on reminded of.
With no further adieu,….

2e967 No.66674

Tracy begins by scouting the city in stealth, taking inventory of her active cards, and keeping a wide radius from any Shazbots.

25b23 No.66675

Outside the city there's the consistent line of entrants, however the line is moging MUCH more slowly, and in fact several of those in line have taken to carrying bedrolls and small tent structures.

04468 No.66676

"Well why don't you find something to do rather than BITCH ENDLESSLY"
>"Well what are you doing?"
"Currently? Heading to the tavern to try and get information"
>"I'm coming"
"Fine, but don't shoot anyone"

2e967 No.66677

She decides to turn invisible and slowly gravitates towards the front of the line, hoping to listen in on any changes to security.
As she does so, she checks her cards to see if they're still valid.

25b23 No.66678

Toward the front of the line, several of those in line are arguing with the entrance attendants. Apparently now that there isn't a warehouse full of nasty undead things to placate, Cardashil has gotten more picky about who (and why) new entrants are accepted. This has not been taken well by many of the petitioners.

2e967 No.66679

"Well buck this.." Tracy curses silently, solemnly promising herself that she'll never wait in another line again.
Still invisible, she circles around the perimeter of the dome, searching for any new hazards before she cuts her way in.

2e967 No.66680

Dice rollRolled 12 + 21

Rolling Search to examine the architecture, I guess.

25b23 No.66681

Meanwhile, Torcuil and Snek arrive at the tavern, which tho sparsely occupied (its the middle of the day!), has a few chatty older fellows.
Tracy discovers a hidden door, recently installed. It has a small message carved into it. It says "Oh FFS go inside, the party is on friendly terms with Cardashil Xp"

2e967 No.66682

Tracy makes her way into the city, activating her mask to disguise herself as Gorplemonger while remaining invisible (because why not?).
She trots deeper into the city in stealth, avoiding bots and becoming familiar with notable locations, observing her phone-thing for guidance.
She looks for one of the teleportation gates.

25b23 No.66683

Is there any particular area she is looking for? She has access to all the common areas of the city, as well as the domiciles of the individuals who's IDs she appropriated.

04468 No.66684

Torc heads over to the most populated table of the tavern, and begins to talk with the men.
Meanwhile, Snek tries a shot of everything the tavern has.

2e967 No.66685

Is there an information kiosk?
She breaks into Gorplemonger's apartment and takes all of his stuff.
"That fat ass from earlier mentioned something about the museum.. Maybe I should check around there.. I wonder how many levels to this place there are." she wonders to herself, as she helps herself to gaudy clothes.
"Anyway I bet those charcoal weirdos are hiding somewhere deep. I'm gonna need a better card.." she thinks to herself, as she travels towards the shopping district, where she assumes she can find some classier targets.

25b23 No.66686

Should I have Snek roll a fortitude save, or should I assume that he's gonna keep going till he's fux0red?
Meanwhile, the old timers welcome Torcuil, recognizing him immediately.
Gorplemonger has absolutely horrible taste in clothes and decor, his belongings are entirely unappealing,… unless ur gay or something. Xp

2e967 No.66687

Okay then, after determining nothing of value, Tracy decides to look for some place fancier.
Is there a jewelry shop?

25b23 No.66688

Of course, it has quite the reputation amongst the Shills (that's what I'm calling citizens of Cardashil). Following the directions indicated by the ID, Tracy approaches a large and shiny structure with the name "Jared" in fancy lettering.

2e967 No.66689

Tracy approaches the shop slowly, still invisible, sizing up the security system before she enters.

04468 No.66690

Dice rollRolled 12 + 15

Snek's going until he's fucked.
Torc goes ahead and has some friendly conversation with them, not having many friends that are… similar for lack of a better word. Though he's really listening the most when the topic turns to big events around the port, or stories of foriegn lands.

25b23 No.66691

The security seems minimal, as though there's robots with flammenwerfers running around outside.
Snek succeeds.
"Foreign lands? Can't help 'ye there lad. We've been fishing here our whole lives. I was gonna be an adventurer once, until I took an arrow in the leg. Can't say any of us know what to tell 'ye. There are foreign lands though, that I hearded." the other men nod their heads thoughtfully.

04468 No.66692

Torc realizes this was the wrong place to go for this type of information, but sticks around for a while longer.

25b23 No.66693

"What're ye looking for exactly? Maybe there's something we know, but we're too simple to make the connection?"

2e967 No.66694

Tracy hides in an alley, and changes her disguise, assuming the likeness of a hoo-man version of herself, in a black dress.
She strides confidently into the shop, checking out the merchandise and taking note of the customers.
She approaches the front desk.
"Hello. Do you carry blood diamonds?"

04468 No.66695

"Well, sorry for not making myself clear. I was wondering I anyone knew anything about lands belonging to elves or dwarves for example."
Torc tries to continue, but Snek interrupts with drunk hissing. It only stops once Torc reverts Snek to a staff.
"Sorry about that"

25b23 No.66696

The cashier looks around nervously. "Why no,… we would never carry conflict diamonds? Why would you ask?" unconvincing smile.
"Ah, don't sweat it lad. If yer wanting to know about the elves and dwarves, well everyone knows that they've got their own lands beyond the Sil wall.

04468 No.66697

"Sil wall? Thank you for the help"
Torc buys a round of drinks and jokes around a bit before heading to the port library.

2e967 No.66698

"Oh, pardon me; I meant to say blue diamonds, totally." Tracy says, her tone now hushed

25b23 No.66699

"Ah yes, blue diamonds! ha… ha Yes, of course!" shows display case, "These here have been honestly and legitimately sourced, by little fairies who magic little dew-drops into diamonds, and definitely not by cruel and abusive slave labor!" the cashier beams.

25b23 No.66700

"Ah, thank ye lad. But could ye bring back yer snake friends? He's a riot!"

04468 No.66701

"Oh I'm sure he'll be back soon"

2e967 No.66702

File: 1533417885748-0.jpg (180.58 KB, 621x700, blood_diamond_by_besv.jpg)

"Hmmm, yes, yes.. It's quite difficult to find 'blue' diamonds these days, especially in pairs." Tracy says pompously, her eyes wandering over the display.

Just to get a picture. How many customers are in this shop?

25b23 No.66703

IDK, 3? Its not a busy day.

2e967 No.66704

Are they well dressed?

25b23 No.66705


25b23 No.66706

>inb4 a defenseless Shill gets roasted

2e967 No.66707

Tracy looks over the diamonds hinting at a vague disappointment.
"Hmmm.. I was looking for something a bit bluer.." she says "Think you could check in the back for a few minutes? I need to call my agent, so I'll be in the ladies room."
And with that, she walks off to the restroom, hiding a confident smile

2e967 No.66708

After entering the restroom, she finds a stall and activates her ring of invisibility, unless she passes anyone on the way there.

25b23 No.66709

"Please, take your time."
No, there is no one in the bathroom

04468 No.66710

Torc heads to the library and looks for the Sil Wall on a map.

2e967 No.66711

After becoming invisible, Tracy leaves the restroom, sneaks outside, and approaches one of the other customers.

2e967 No.66712

Dice rollRolled 6

Rolling to steal shill's identity.

2e967 No.66713

Dice rollRolled 4 + 25

>rolled 1d25

2e967 No.66714

After retrieving her prize, Tracy quickly retreats to the restroom and examines its level of access.

25b23 No.66715

"Oh my, these random pieces of polished unprecious metal are to *die* for!" says the customer, as Tracy swipes her shit.

dfcc5 No.66716

"wood horse me need help setting up outpost at sil wall."

25b23 No.66717

"Odd, you seem less Natsoc than usual,…"

2e967 No.66718

dfcc5 No.66719

"it happen when fags power go out."

25b23 No.66720

"At the Sil wall? I thought this was going to be a LOCAL development!" Slovenia is not pleased.

dfcc5 No.66721

"oh relax it just watchtower and barracks."

2e967 No.66722

"Hmmm.. looks like another dud.. I'm gonna need a bigger fish." Tracy mutters to herself in the stall before leaving the bathroom, this time no longer invisible.
She returns to the front desk.
"Anything of interest in stock?"

25b23 No.66723

Still slightly offended. "Even so, this will require a significantly greater amount of wood! I swear,…." she mutters going back to her drawing board.

04468 No.66724

I'm just gonna go ahead and say Torc found a map and now knows the position of the Sil Wall.
He then heads to the airship, preparing it alone while his help is absolutely shitfaced.

25b23 No.66725

File: 1533420875371.png (1.04 MB, 1003x567, NUERmap.png)

Sil wall in red

25b23 No.66726

She will need time to ascertain the value of her newest ID, but keeping composure,….
"If our merchandise is not to your preference, is there perhaps a special order you might consider?" the cashier offers, eager to make a sale.

dfcc5 No.66727

"uh me will be your friend forever me know you horses like friendship., you will be helping set up the newest addition to nation state."

2e967 No.66728

"Hmmm.. Only the bluest diamonds will do. Something with history, if you're willing to provide in a timely fashion.." The pale woman says with mock disinterest

04468 No.66729

"I wonder if Infernius would like to come…. Where is he?"

25b23 No.66730

"Him? I'm sure he's off talking to the Saw hoers," an old fellow offers, 4th-wall-breakingly
"We do have a… guy… who might have,… 'blue' diamonds like you're requesting. Please check back in a few days." the cashier offers shiftingly.

25b23 No.66731

"You horses?!" oops

25b23 No.66732

Slovenia runs off in a huff

dfcc5 No.66733

"no wait come back! what me say?"

04468 No.66734

"H-how'd you get on my airship?"
Torc freaks out as he finishes the teleportation…

25b23 No.66735

"I have no idea. As far as I know,…." he says, disappearing entirely.
Infernius catches a few side comments about "pansies" and "insufferably friendly" and "bitches".as Slovenia retreats to her cabin.

2e967 No.66736

Tracy's eyes narrows
"A few days, you say.. Well, I would be willing to wait, for the bluest diamonds."

And with that, she leaves the shop, not bothering to put back the card she swiped, but flipping through it, hoping to find anything tha could lead her to a higher access target
"Big fish, big fish..!" She mutters to herself, flipping through social media for any signs of something worth going to
"… Where'd that fatass and her friends hang around..?" she thinks to herself, growing increasingly frustrated, having to handle the small tablet with her floating glove-things.

dfcc5 No.66737

*follows slovakia*
"Are all horses this willing to let there countries be taken over?"

04468 No.66738

Torc appears about 10ft above the ground inbetween Infernius and sawhoers.
"Why does that keep happening… Hi guys, I was just getting ready to take the airship to the Sil Wall, anyone wanna go?"

25b23 No.66739

She stops and turns suddenly on Infernius. "Look HERE!" she approaches rapidly and pokes him in the chest with her horn. "I don't know what kind of unicorn you're used to dealing with, but I'll NOT tolerate that sort of grandstanding! OH!" she says as >>66738 happens.

04468 No.66740

"Am I interrupting something?"

25b23 No.66741

"Not at all, we're all 'friends' here," Slovenia spits with only a bit of salt in her voice.

04468 No.66742

Torc is completely oblivious to the current salt fest
"Anyway, last offer. One free ticket to the Sil Wall, bags fly free. Returning flights are 5gp"

25b23 No.66743

Slovenia looks from Torcuil to Infernius, and then back to Torcuil. "I do hope you don't expect me to run off on this venture,…." and mutters various things about "friends" and "nice" and "pernicious vermin".

dfcc5 No.66744

"i think me said something stupid."

dfcc5 No.66745

"look me sorry, me didnt know."

25b23 No.66746

"Yes. Well! Lets put this behind us then," she says, muttering bits about hugs and feels.

dfcc5 No.66747

*hugs wood hores*

2e967 No.66748

Tracy looks through her phone-thing for any kinds of popular entertainment.

04468 No.66749

"So nothing too out of the ordinary old pal?"
"What venture? I was just heading that way and wanted to know if you guys where interested."

25b23 No.66750

"Be that as it may, I'm really not suited for adventuring! I tried to be an adventurer once, but I took an arrow to the leg,…."

dfcc5 No.66751

"yea, we were just talking about going to sil wall before you teleport here.'

04468 No.66752

"Well you don't say?"
"Think of it as a vacation. Besides, I'm sure we could find some cool woodwork to look at"

dfcc5 No.66753

"imagine the different types of trees we find."

2e967 No.66754

*flips through network pages*

25b23 No.66755

Karaoke seems quite popular, from what the ID is reporting.
Her expression is still cross, but she seems to lighten a bit at the thought of different woods to play with.

04468 No.66756

"Plus the airship has an open bar if that's your thing. And storage for wood you might wanna bring back."

2e967 No.66757

Tracy decides to check out the karaoke clubs as her next destination.
She trots off, stealthily.

25b23 No.66758

"Hmmmm,… well perhaps I may tag along,… but don't expect me to get my hooves bloody!"

04468 No.66759

"No, I don't expect bloodshed. Besides, why are you two planning a trip there?"

25b23 No.66760

"I was quite content planning the revitalization of Durpistan, but apparently a guard-tower outside the Sil wall is more pressing," Slovenia quips.

25b23 No.66761

Since its still the afternoon, the Karaoke bars are pretty dead. Still, there's customer service reps available.

04468 No.66762

"Leave it to Infernius. If I help you with the Durpistan project will you help him?"

25b23 No.66763

"The Durpistan wall project is already finished! The city however will take quite some time. And while I've never been to this 'Sil wall', I am quite sure they have their defenses quite in order."

dfcc5 No.66764

"you can never have enough defenses."

04468 No.66765

"I meant the city you- nevermind, neither do I know much about the Sil Wall, as I have just learned about it."

25b23 No.66766

"So sayeth the unnecessarily large bovine,…"
"Just learned?! Where have you been?"

04468 No.66767

"Hell and under a rock"

dfcc5 No.66768

"oh it all necessary." *F L E X*

25b23 No.66769

She looks at Torcuil as though he's just said something absurd.
And then looks at Infernius as though he is absurd.
"The Sil wall is an edifice that was created by several races and societies, to avoid the cruel and oppressive regime of Kefka. Seriously, have you been paying attention at all?"

2e967 No.66770

Fuck it. I'm losing my mind.
Tracy turns around and decides to use her wand to detect any traces of magick in the shop from earlier. Invisible, in stealth.

04468 No.66771

Torc looks away from the butterfly passing by
"Hmmm, what?"

dfcc5 No.66772

"me just hit stuff good. me dont pay attention to what shitskins made wall."

25b23 No.66773

Very faint, almost infanitesimal. Whatever left these traces was meager at best, and not worth consideration.
"You said,… nevermind."
"Very well, do hit things when the time comes. I'll supervise," When did I become the story-mover? Where the f— is Thez?!

dfcc5 No.66774

"yea where is thez?" infernuis says breaking the 4th wall

25b23 No.66775

"Probably stewing in the tower, since she's been put on the back-burner,…" mutters an irate voice from way up where the Tower sits now.

04468 No.66776

"Nah I'm fucking with ya. So do you want me to bring the airship here or can you take your stuff there?"

dfcc5 No.66777

"maybe she wants to come to."

2e967 No.66778

File: 1533427641548.png (8.09 KB, 323x250, Oekaki.png)

Tracy goes to the Kareoke bar with a crude, mouth-drawn, crayon drawing of a blue robed man in a yellow hat (who she's totally seen before) and inquires the staff about the guy.
"Hey, ever seen a like this hanging anywhere around here?"

25b23 No.66779

"SpaZ? Hell YEAH I've seen him! He brings in LOTS of clients!"

2e967 No.66780

"Oh, so you say. Is he a regular?"

25b23 No.66781

"Are you kidding? Every night that fool would show up here! Deep pockets too, he'd buy drinks for EVERYbody. Ain't no one around here who DON'T know the SpaZ!" the clerk says, giggling.

2e967 No.66782

"Oh, I've wanted to see him in person. Does he have a time I could expect to see him? I'd like to be very first one to meet him. I'm a big fan you see."

25b23 No.66783

"You know, its funny. He stopped showing up a couple days ago,… right around the time those weirdos made news come to think of it. You heard of 'em, those faggots who the goverment is all keen on. Anyway, I really hope to see him again, cuz my tips," he makes a Whewwwww gesture.

2e967 No.66784

(Tracy is still disguised as a hoo-man, btw)
"~Awww.. that's too bad. I really hoped to see him. Well, I'll come around some time this week; I'd like to meet him at least once.
…Say, those guys in the news.. what'd the government say about them?"

2e967 No.66785

"Also, where's 0the best place to live around here? Somewhere where you can get the best service if you're willing to pay through the nose."
>Is still disguised as a well-dressed, fancy hoo-man actress

25b23 No.66786

"I don't know, I can't into politics, I just heard there was some dudes. As far as the government's stance, That Bitch seems to think they're pretty cool. She keeps advertizing a tell-all expose` (ppv of course)."

2e967 No.66787

*eats all the pretzels at the bar*

dfcc5 No.66788

*eats some anti-jew bacon*

25b23 No.66789

The guy snaps out of a trance, as though lost in thought for a moment. "Yeah sorry, I'm not into realty ladu."

2e967 No.66790

Tracy leaves frustrated.
*asks phone*
"Ciri. Search five star hotels."

04468 No.66791

Torc considers slapping the comatose unicorn

25b23 No.66792

Slovenia rolls her eyes while boarding the airship, with an obvious assortment of quips at her disposal but neglecting for some reason.
"Searching. . .
Totally Not the Hotel From Ghostbusters
rated 'If u really wanna stay at a 5star hotel then this is what ur getting' on yelp."

2e967 No.66793

Tracy follows the directions to the hotel and continues her search for the thieving mage named "SpaZ".

04468 No.66794

"The hot tub and beds are over there, I will be your pilot today, and drinks will be served at two thousand feet. Infernius, you on?"

2e967 No.66795

She once again goes to the front desk and presents her crayon sketch
"Have you seen this man?"

dfcc5 No.66796

*takes off armor*
*gets in hot tub*

2e967 No.66797

File: 1533431682954.png (11.94 KB, 348x250, Oekaki.png)

>revised crayon sketch

dfcc5 No.66798

*Dabs on wood horse*

04468 No.66799

"Well that's, uh, a yes I assume. Well, time for take off"
Torc assumes his position at the helm and sets off for the wall

2e967 No.66800

File: 1533432960344.jpg (12.93 KB, 425x398, 41J6eMG0OnL._SX425_.jpg)

*Taps desk bell autistically*

25b23 No.66801

"… yeeAhhh?!" says a young clerk coming back from a side-room, with an irritated look.

2e967 No.66802

"Hello, have you seen this >>66797 man?"

25b23 No.66803

"Uh, yeeAhhh,… what ABOUT him?"
She clearly has better things to do than answer Tracy's questions,… at least that's her perception of things.

2e967 No.66804

"Oh yes, I had a delivery for a customer by the name of SpaZ, but he's proven more difficult to find than expected. Perhaps he gave the an incorrect address?"

25b23 No.66805

"Oh SPAZ?" gushes,… bla bla bla, Tracy goes to Spaz' place as directed by the person.

25b23 No.66806

The exchange involves Tracy bluffing against the cashier/CSR, but has her pretending to be a supplier to Spaz (who apparently has VERY fine taste)

2e967 No.66807

Dice rollRolled 9 + 21

Tracy thanks the clerk and makes her way to the room as directed, slowly and stealthily, changing her disguise to that of a petite delivery girl.
Before touching it, she carefully examines the door.
Listen check to hear into the room.

04468 No.66808

Torc begins to sing a shanty, but finds it isn't as fun with Snek on his back and not yelling at him for shitty taste.

2e967 No.66809

Not hearing anything, Tracy busts her way in and ransacks the place.

2e967 No.66810

Dice rollRolled 6 + 24

Rolling to search the room for clues

25b23 No.66811

"Uhm miss, that's not,…." says the attendant.
Still, Tracy has a weird itch in her backside and is killing and destroying things. Don't act surprised, she does this every so often.

25b23 No.66812

pausing momentarily, Tracy allows ppl to eyeball the picture.
"Yeah! I seen that faggot!" shouts a voice from the back

2e967 No.66813

Tracy turns towards the voice and cocks a fake eyebrow (she's still in disguise).

2e967 No.66814

She seeks out the source of the voice.

25b23 No.66815

And as Tracy does so, she lays eyes upon a thing so horrible, so unmentionable, that I dare not mention it mentions mention.
"'E was SHORT!" says a short, shrouded lady.

2e967 No.66816

"That he was.." Tracy says, looking down at the short lady
"Seen 'em recently?"

25b23 No.66817

"Nah, but there be a girly who dun see 'im!" cackles the(a) lady.
"Hear he see her real FINE," bweh bweh bweh caclkes the lady.

2e967 No.66818

Tracy's eyes narrow.
"Hmm.. so that's the way it is.. any idea where I could find this girl?"

25b23 No.66819

"That one there,…." the lady says. "He was,… nice," the bartender says, her gaze dropping.

2e967 No.66820

Tracy teurns her head, wondering who the bartender is referring to.

25b23 No.66821

"… I don't know, but this may help?"
she offers Tracy s piece of paper.

2e967 No.66822

Tracy reads the slip of paper.

25b23 No.66823

Paper reads: "Gurl u like fire. I wanna warm my"
blah blah, its lame. Dood was trying to move on the bartender and she liked it e_e.

So basically, broham (the midgit) made a habit of rotating around the area. He'd pop up here, and there, and then over there, like on patrol or something.

2e967 No.66824

Tracy is now royally frustrated, clenching the piece of paper in her claw-hand.
"… So.. you say he makes rounds around the area? Any chance I might meet him around here again sometime this week?"

2e967 No.66825

[Neighs internally]

04468 No.66827

Torc notices the staff on his back is rumbling a bit, so he throws it on the deck in front of him.
"A shot of everything?"
>"Never again"
"We'll see how long that lasts"
A very hungover snake then droops his head over the side of the ship.

2e967 No.66828

… Anyway.
Having found absolutely no clues on her first day of investigation, Tracy retreats to the ap
artent of one of the "missing" shills she robbed, hoping to have better luck the next day.

dfcc5 No.66829

*grapples snek*

04468 No.66830

*Snek involuntary pukes on Infernius*

2e967 No.66836

*sharpens knives*

0f8aa No.66837

Without further ado, Tracy is currently situated somewhere in Cardashil. Actually, she's asleep in Durpitan, but Infernius did a thing with an Astral Projection spell cuz she asked. Confused? So am I.
Meanwhile Infernius is covered in vomit, having chosen to grapple a highly hung-over Snek. There's other stuff happening, but atm that's the main bits of info.

2e967 No.66838

Tracy has cleaned out her 6 gorillionth shill apartment and found nothing of value.
She's currently wandering the streets of Cardashil, disguised as a hoo-man.

2e967 No.66839

She checks one of her stolen IDs, for any significant events going on in areas she has access to.

dfcc5 No.66840

*cleans vomit off of self*
*then i step on snek*

0f8aa No.66841

Snek pukes again, his pistol wavering in the air inaccurately.

dfcc5 No.66842


04468 No.66843

>"That's… That's what you get you… You… You… walking hamburger"
And Snek returns to his position of hanging his head off the ship

0f8aa No.66844

None of her new IDs seem to give her greater access than she already had. Cardashil doesn't seem to have much in the way of private property, in that everyone in the city is technically employed by the city. Oh they have knick-knacks and such, but nothing is particularly useful for a murder hoers.

2e967 No.66845

[Disappointed bandit noises]
"This city is overrated…" Tracy groans as she wanders through the shopping district, having found nothing worth stealing.

dfcc5 No.66846

"you lucky me not throw you off."

2e967 No.66847

Tracy looks through the social media function for person's of interest (people with a lot of followers), hoping to find someone she might be able to swipe a higher level card from.

04468 No.66848

"Can you stop picking a fight with my pet?"

0f8aa No.66849

Oh there's PLENTY to read. Ever seen Gawker? Not lately, that's for sure. Xp

2e967 No.66850

Tracy gets frustrated and leaves the city, having found nothing worth stabbing.
She slashes a giant holes in the dome and waltzs through it, not bothering to close it up behind her.
Then she trots through the woods all the way home.

2e967 No.66851

And she trots all the way home, stabbing anything unlucky enough to cross her path.

0f8aa No.66852

As she is doing so GM realizes that Astral Projection was improperly applied, and with a sudden and jarring jolt, she feels propelled through the air and indeed the fabric of the planes, and finds herself waking in Durpistan. Immediately her ears twitch, as she is greeted to the sound of 2 startled birbs, and a very excitable Adeline.

2e967 No.66853

Tracy groans as if hung over, and proceeds to brush her birds, frustration clearly visible on her face.

dfcc5 No.66854

"he a bitch."

04468 No.66855

>"YOU *puke* WOT *puke* M8"
Does the airship have a brig? Preferably with two cells?

2e967 No.66856

Tracy wakes up to find that Infernius and Torc are gone, and proceeds to prowl around the woods surrounding the area.

0f8aa No.66857

"Didja sleep well?" Addy says, clinging precariously to the ceiling.
Not a designated brig, but I'm sure one could be improvised

2e967 No.66858

Tracy just groans in response, her eyes seeming even more heavy-lidded and dreary than usual.

0f8aa No.66859

Addy ignores her expression. "I think thats the first time I've ever seen you sleep! For a while I thought you might be some kind of zombie," she says with a slightly silly look on her face

2e967 No.66860

"Yeah, I get that a lot…" Tracy says, wiping the scum from her eyes on her coat
"Anything happen while I was out?" She asks, as she trots over to the window

04468 No.66861

Suddenly Tracy finds herself being torn apart by arcane energy, how interesting.
Oh and Addy too.
After a delay of about, oh 30 seconds they find themselves sitting on the deck of the ship.
"Hello there"

0f8aa No.66862

"Not really," she seems sad for a minute. "Sammy and Bunnbunn don't remember me tho. They get all scared when I try and ride on them. They used to… oh well. What'cha gonna do?"
"WOW that was cool! How'd you do it! That was totally different than how mom does it!" Addy is suddenly quite distracted and curious about Torcuil.

2e967 No.66863

"I hate being teleported..!" Tracy groans as she dry heaves

2e967 No.66864

"Where is this thing headed?"

04468 No.66865

"Uh, magic?"
"Please join the oversized worm. We're heading to the Sil Wall to find some potential allies, or enemies. Depends if Snek interrupts any negotiations and shit."

0f8aa No.66866

"What in the pilers' bleeding ass is going on?!" Slovenia shouts from another section of the deck. Apparently, she was quite surprised at having been brought along.

04468 No.66867

"Ah Solvania, nice to hear from you. Don't you remember agreeing to this voyage?"

2e967 No.66868

Tracy puts on a face that seems torn between anxiety and fatigue, looking around nervously and alternating between 3-4 hooves.
"I.. I just just wanna stab something…"

0f8aa No.66869

"Is THAT what this is? I had no idea it involved being ripped into pieces and re-assembled," she says, still visibly startled.

2e967 No.66870

Tracy raids the mini-fridge.

2e967 No.66871

"Why'd you bring her anyway?"

dfcc5 No.66872

*pets stab horse*
"it alright.'

04468 No.66873

"It was Infernius' idea back when we left on this shitstorm"

2e967 No.66874

[Pent-up serial killer noises]

0f8aa No.66875

Slovenia's eyes eventually rest on the airship's extensive cannon array, and with a look of absolute intrigue wanders off toward.

04468 No.66876

"Be careful, one broke off"

0f8aa No.66877

"What's that?" Addy says pointing, having wandered to the bow of the ship. In the direction she's indicating, vague shapes can be seen moving along the top of the gradually approaching wall.

2e967 No.66878

Tracy sharpens her knives to such a degree that one of them would cleave the ship in two if she ever dropped it, as she waits for the ship to land..
"… It's been too long…!" She mutters to herself, with a bit of a twitch

dfcc5 No.66879

"get inside those things could be dangerous."

04468 No.66880

"Well it matches the description that the men gave me…"

2e967 No.66881

*Ears perk*

0f8aa No.66882

>totally ignored
"It looks like there's lots of 'em!" she says, as more movement starts to become noticeable along the wall. Some of the forms lift off the wall and maintain an airborne position (respective to their perspective).

04468 No.66883

Torc decides that if Slovenia blows herself up so be it, and focusses on the flying things.
"Well, I think they don't see us as friendly"

2e967 No.66884

Tracy seems earily murderous curious, as she transforms and leaps off the edge of the ship, tumbling to provoke no AoOs as she drifts down to meet the figures.

dfcc5 No.66885


0f8aa No.66886

"How do you know?" to Torcuil. Then to the distant shapes. "HEEEEEEEEEY! HIIIIIIIIIIII!"
Hold that thought,….

04468 No.66887

Dice rollRolled 4 + 7

"Normally when people build walls they wanna be left alone…"
Snek fort to see if he makes it past hungover

0f8aa No.66888

File: 1534123478721.png (13.5 KB, 1024x970, initial.png)

Brown is the ship, thin lines are range increments (30' and 60'). The wall is at ~90'

2e967 No.66889

Tracy draws her weapons as she makes her flaming sumersault off of the ship.

04468 No.66890

Checked, why do I feel like this'll end badly.
"I love genocide and murder as much as you guys. But please don't try and kill everyone."

0f8aa No.66891

Dice rollRolled 20 - 4

"Why would we kill people?" Addy says as…

2e967 No.66892

Dice rollRolled 15 + 30

Tumble check to impress anyone who sees.

0f8aa No.66893

… an arrow resoundingly <THUD> suddenly appears in her chest. "Hey,…" she says, falling backward slowly.

04468 No.66894

Torc, orginally wanting to make allies, now has glowing blue eyes as he looses a chain lightning directly at the people on the wall.

0f8aa No.66895

Shortly after, one of the figures accellerates and descends to intercept, the rest are holding their positions in formation.

dfcc5 No.66896

"me wont attack unless they savages."

dfcc5 No.66897


2e967 No.66898

She's tumbling, so it wouldn't get an AoO.
She's a large sized creature though, so can she get an AoO in, for it entering her threatened space?

0f8aa No.66899

Look at the map, they're still at range. They're along the top of the wall, except for the pursuer

2e967 No.66900

Can she attack it with her chain?

0f8aa No.66901

Not yet, its closing fast, but won't be in range until next round

2e967 No.66902

Okay, well, Tracy has a readied action to stab literally everyone on the wall with a flying whirlwind attack, if the pursuer is in reach by then, she'll stab him too.
She leaped off with a running start, so it shouldn't take her longto reach out to reach the wall.

0f8aa No.66903

Dice rollRolled 19, 10, 6, 15, 1, 11, 3, 17, 5, 16, 4, 3 = 110

Sounds good. First though, Torcuil is making like Mike Pence.

04468 No.66904

Dice rollRolled 2, 6, 1, 3, 4, 5, 4, 5, 5, 5, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 4, 5, 4 = 61

Hmmmm, DC is 21 and I don't know what modifiers are. But bowman number 5? He must have been gay.

0f8aa No.66905

Funny enough, 'bowman $5' is the only one who survived. In a chaotic display of electro-technics (is that a term? It should be Xp) Torcuil successfully dispatches 10 of the immediate threats with ease, their dilapidated and singed corpses (they're still at a distance, but they're singed) fall back to rest on the top of the wall. The wall is several hundred feet tall, I just thought I'd mention, for visualization.
As the forms land along the top of the wall, the one remaining (stationary) target falls back and ascends to a defensive position. In addition, the one pursuing Tracy banks to head back toward the top of the wall. Further, a long and low siren starts playing all across the wall, and in the distance (on either side) movement starts.

dfcc5 No.66906

*cure critical wounds on addy*

2e967 No.66907

Does it move past Tracy? Can she stab it?

04468 No.66908

Ironic and confusing.

0f8aa No.66910

The individuals and their mounts (in all the commotion and increasing progress, it becomes apparent that they are humanoids riding on winged creatures. large winged lizards, with only 2 legs and a long, hooked tail) do not engage, the two remaining fall back while more figures lift of and begin to progress toward the party's position.
No, it veers off before it closes in range, travelling at 120'/round (2x speed)

0f8aa No.66911

Dice rollRolled 19, 13, 9, 14 = 55

Now, everyone roll for initiative
1st is Addy
2nd is Slovenia
3/4th is the two who are alive and in range.

04468 No.66912

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

Dice rollRolled 12 + 2

Torc (+2), then Snek (+5)

2e967 No.66913

Dice rollRolled 13 + 11


dfcc5 No.66914

Dice rollRolled 19


0f8aa No.66915

Okay. The order is Tracy, Infernius, Addy, #5, Torcuil, Slovenia, and #2. At the moment.

2e967 No.66916

File: 1534127058357-0.png (412.54 KB, 595x893, 1512051849831.png)

Tracy cast Blacklight on herself, enclosing everything within a 70 foot radius in a void of pure darkness.
she then speeds towards the wall with a move action, preparing to strike every moving creature within reach.

0f8aa No.66917

Oops, forgot Snek. He's last tho

dfcc5 No.66918

*casts earthquake*

0f8aa No.66919

K. Tracy closes distance with her former pursuer, staying just out of melee range, but closing to about 20' (at an accellerated speed, cuz otherwise it would take several rounds to close)
Infernius' turn

2e967 No.66920

How many targets are on the wall?

0f8aa No.66921

File: 1534128283365.png (12.37 KB, 1136x970, initial.png)

Updated. Flanking support is on both sides of the wall, out of range but closing. They're not an immediate threat, and outside Torcuil are out of range

0f8aa No.66922

Infernius casts Earthquake, causing the ground deep below to shudder uncontrollably. Cracks run up the walls, and they seem to shift slightly, but they remain standing.

0f8aa No.66923

Addy, healed by Infernius, stands up. "RUUUUUUDE!" she yells, as she tweaks her necklace and is suddenly surrounded by shadow and darkness.

0f8aa No.66924

#5 departs (in air) toward the north.

04468 No.66925

Torc realize channeling electricity to his eyeballs isn't the best idea. He then gives himself some nice mage armor, and activates his blinking jewelry.

0f8aa No.66926

Dice rollRolled 17, 20, 10 = 47

>Mage Armor
"This should be interesting," Slovenia says, throwing a lever.
The 3 fore-cannons fire.

0f8aa No.66927

2 of the 3 cannon shots collide with the wall, causing a tremendous CRASH. The wall shifts uncertainly, and the attention of those over it are momentarily diverted.
#2 veers off to the south along the wall, largely parallelling the movements of #5 except in the opposite direction

0f8aa No.66928

Tracy gets an AoO on the former pursuer, as he departs

0f8aa No.66929

File: 1534129580929.png (12.32 KB, 1136x970, initial.png)

Current (outside Tracy's AoO)

2e967 No.66930

Dice rollRolled 8 + 24

Blacklight provides total concealment: Sneak attack with spiked chain.

0f8aa No.66931

The blackened sphere that contains Tracy shoots out a line of spiked chain which whips up and around the target, gashing him as it swings. He takes a noticeable wound on his shoulder, and looks back with contempt as he continues his flight to the south.
Now, Tracy's full turn. The individual has moved again out of range, but can be reached in a single move action.

2e967 No.66932

Dice rollRolled 12 + 26

Fug, that's a lot of hit points and a skilled rider.
Tracy closes distance with #2 in a Spirited Charge (double damage), then makes another Sneak Attack, as a ride-by attack with her lacerating chain, hoping to slash right through him as she speeds towards the other group.

0f8aa No.66933

Tracy's ride-by hits, and she's now positioned (?) south 'between' her pursuer and the group of increasingly agitated (and on the verge of taking flight) additional combatants. Roll damage.

2e967 No.66934

Dice rollRolled 4, 2 + 6 = 12

Weapon damage

2e967 No.66935

Dice rollRolled 3, 4, 4, 1, 6, 3, 2, 6 = 29

x2 brings that up to 24
now for sneak sneak damage, and precise strike

2e967 No.66936

Dice rollRolled 4

messed up. Add precise strike damage to the weapon damage

2e967 No.66937

So, 16, x2 cuz spirited charge, is 32 damage from the spiked chain attack
Which, in this case, doesn't get the sneak attack damage.

0f8aa No.66952

Dice rollRolled 20

Alright. As a quick recap, the party is currently about to fly over the Sil wall, having dispatched 10 of them - humanoids on flying mounts (Wyverns) - with another dozen on the left and on the right. Tracy has just finished a strategic attack and is positioned between one of the fliers and his reinforcements.
Meanwhile, as Addy stands up and activates her darkness necklace, Infernius begins to flip out, because she hasn't yet realized that there is an arrow sticking out of her chest.
Infernius attempts a grapple against her.

2e967 No.66953

0f8aa No.66954

Dice rollRolled 3

Succeeding in his grapple, all he manages to accomplish is irritate Addy, who without hesitation <swooosh> shadow-steps out of his grasp and is now 5' to the side.
"THAT'S why she calls you an Oaf!"
With a <CLACK> she opens the folding saw, and jumps off the edge of the ship.

0f8aa No.66955

#5 maintains his position elevated over the left-side reinforcements, and fires an arrow at Infernius, while Addy stumbles in her landing and collapses in a heap.

04468 No.66956

04468 No.66957

Torc casts fly on himself and heads towards the group Tracy isn't pursuing.

0f8aa No.66958

Slovenia also waits, her hoof on the cannon firing controls. #2, bleeding profusely and observably FUBAR, veers away from Tracy and attempts to circumvent her to get to the reinforcements on the right.

2e967 No.66959

Dice rollRolled 17 + 26

Attack of opportunity, stabbing the rider in the back (with chain)

2e967 No.66960

Dice rollRolled 2, 2 + 6 = 10


2e967 No.66961

Dice rollRolled 4, 5, 6, 3, 2, 3, 4, 3 = 30

Sneak Sneak

0f8aa No.66962

Snek 'leaps' from the edge of the ship, and lands next to Addy. At the same time, Tracy's chain shoots from the darkened sphere she is in the center of, and clips the rider on the shoulder. His eyes sag, and he falls from his saddle, disappearing as he falls the several hundred feet to <SPLAT> at the base of the wall.

0f8aa No.66963

Dice rollRolled 2, 11 = 13

1st roll is the left-side group, 2nd is the right-side.

2e967 No.66964

Ripping her chain out of her first target, not skipping a beat, Tracy's 140 foot globe of blackness overtakes the enemy group.
…. but she's barely out of range to make her full attack; so she, with her momentum, keeps sailing towards the enemy, blinding them all, as she prepares her whirlwind attack.

0f8aa No.66965

K, that happens.
Infernius, REEEEing excessively, casts Hold Person on Addy

0f8aa No.66966

Dice rollRolled 12

0f8aa No.66967

Dice rollRolled 3

Failing her saving throw, Addy is now standing motionless. She struggles against the force of the spell a bit, before letting out a screeching "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

0f8aa No.66968

Dice rollRolled 3

With Torcuil closing range, #5 fires an arrow at him. Several of the reinforcements on the left and right leap into the air.

04468 No.66969

Dice rollRolled 7, 7, 5, 7, 5, 4, 4, 2, 5, 4, 7, 3, 8 = 68

Then Torcuil conjures a rainbow sphere in his hands the fires beams colored…

04468 No.66970

Dice rollRolled 8, 8 = 16

Violet, Violet, Blue, Violet, Blue, Green, Green, Orange, Green, Violet, Yellow, and the 13th gets hit by…

04468 No.66971

Dice rollRolled 4, 3 = 7

Only now…

0f8aa No.66972

Dice rollRolled 17, 10, 3, 13, 17, 16, 2, 4, 15, 7, 9, 13, 1 = 127


0f8aa No.66973

Dice rollRolled 11, 13, 8, 2, 18, 20, 7, 13 = 92

And with the exception of #5, they're all blinded. In addition,…
For the Violets,….

0f8aa No.66974

Dice rollRolled 13, 20, 12, 2 = 47

Of the ones hit by the violet ray, only one of the Wyverns manages to avoid being sent to another plane.
The Blues nao

0f8aa No.66975

Dice rollRolled 14, 7, 16, 20, 15, 1 = 73

This time, 2 riders and one Wyvern are turned to stone, which crumble as they collide with the ground. Additionally, the Wyvern not turned to stone has a statue for a rider, and is encumbered.
Now the Greens

0f8aa No.66976

Dice rollRolled 6, 2, 1, 1, 11, 2, 11, 20 = 54

Why are only Wyverns making their saves?
3 riders slump over/off their saddles, as well as two of the Wyverns. The rest

0f8aa No.66977

Well shit. Where once there were 13 riders in a relative formation, now there are 2 riderless wyverns, and one wearing a statue.

0f8aa No.66978

Dice rollRolled 13, 20, 12 = 45

"Well that was a let-down. Still,…" Slovenia says, throwing the lever.

0f8aa No.66979

And 2 of the 3 Wyverns (including the one with the statue) are obliterated by a volley of cannon-fire. The remaining group - the one on the right - are disoriented by the magical darkness. They begin to fly erratically, trying to evade the darkness sphere.

2e967 No.66980

Dice rollRolled 11, 4, 6, 17, 17, 16, 18, 4, 6, 19, 8, 5 = 131

Tracy, huffing, finally makes her attack after reaching her targets.
In a whirling fury, she lashes at every target around her individually, targeting the riders. Rolls have a +26 modifier.

2e967 No.66981

2e967 No.66982

Dice rollRolled 4, 4 + 6 = 14

Weapon damage

2e967 No.66983

Dice rollRolled 2, 4, 2, 1, 4, 6, 6, 1 = 26

Sneak attack and precision damage

2e967 No.66984

"Fuck yeah!"
>is raining blood

0f8aa No.66985

>makes it rain
And that's the game (against these guys).
Somehow, veritably defying the laws of physics (but not the rules so Xp), Tracy spins herself into a dizzy. At the same time, her chain lashes out and spins furiously, striking at the exposed vitals of the remaining riders, who in the magical darkness cannot intercept, anticipate, or defend effectively against her strike. The sphere containing Tracy remains stationary, and as the rest of the party watches, the riders fall to the surface of the wall and/or off the sides.

2e967 No.66986

File: 1534622536870-0.png (935.92 KB, 1277x717, 1516832375971.png)


04468 No.66987

"Well that's gory"
>Snek places tail in front of Addy's eyes

0f8aa No.66988

Infernius plops down atop the wall as the ship flies over. "Um, how do I steer this thing?!" Slovenia calls from the deck.

04468 No.66989

Torc flys back to the ship and stops it above the wall.

0f8aa No.66990

Dice rollRolled 10, 16, 13, 10, 8, 13, 11, 14, 10, 20, 8, 15 = 148

Dice rollRolled 7

Addy attempts to break the spell again, (probably failing, she needs a 18+)
Torcuil flies back to the wheel. The wyverns break into a frenzy, no longer directed by their riders. Still unable to see, they start attacking randomly.

0f8aa No.66991

Highly improbable, Tracy takes a slight hit from one of the Wyvern's tails. Save vs. poison (fort)

2e967 No.66992

Dice rollRolled 8 + 11


0f8aa No.66993

Tracy feels a sting from the wound-site, and then glares at it, and the poison decides its in it's best interest to not.

04468 No.66994

Torc looks for the closest wyvern and casts Hold Monster on it.

0f8aa No.66996

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6

Will save

2e967 No.66997

Tracy's eyes cease to glow as the powerful neurotoxin knocks her out of her trip, but still seems rather pissed off.
"Owww.. fuck!"

04468 No.66998

Dice rollRolled 5 + 17

Snek takes the opportunity to shoot the wyvern closest to him.

0f8aa No.66999

Wyvern is shooted. Its still alive, and now it's mad.

2e967 No.67000

Dice rollRolled 2, 19, 11, 2, 1, 9, 19, 4, 16, 13, 3, 18 = 117

Tracy whips out her blackjack (actually just one of her socks with a rock in it) and starts knocking things out.
Whirlwind attack. Modifier is +25

0f8aa No.67001

Nice digits. No. Her sock does not have the range of her chain.

2e967 No.67002

she can take a 5 foot step between each attack.

2e967 No.67003

Well, in the case that the lizard that struck her is still within 10 feet of her, she knocks it flat and anything else that's barely within reach.

2e967 No.67004

Dice rollRolled 2 + 4

sock damage

2e967 No.67005

Dice rollRolled 1, 4, 4, 5, 4, 2, 6, 2 = 28

sock smashed with deadly precision into the back of your neck damage (nonlethal)

0f8aa No.67006

So Tracy baps several with a sock. why a sock?
Yes, that sock has a rock. >resists urge to keep rhyming
Unfortunately, she inadverdently indicated to 4 of them where she is, and further unfortunately, no one else can see what's going on. They do hear 4 distinct <bap> sounds tho.

2e967 No.67007

Dice rollRolled 66

rolling to confirm x2 threat on the second lizard.
dice 1d100

0f8aa No.67008

Infernius, satisfied that Addy isn't going anywhere (with Snek guarding) runs off toward the one he can see, which is zeroing in on him, Snek, and Addy.

2e967 No.67009

If they enter her threatened space, she gets an AoO (cuz she a Large creature).

04468 No.67010

Dice rollRolled 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 3, 6, 4, 3, 4, 6, 6, 1, 5, 6, 3, 1, 2 = 71

Torc fires up the wyvern zapper and fires up a chain lightning to kill the over grow mosquitoes (except the ones Tracy is fighting)

0f8aa No.67011

Dice rollRolled 9, 5, 20, 12, 2, 7, 13, 8, 5, 12, 11, 15 = 119


0f8aa No.67012

The one who took the strike falls from the sphere, and Tracy (only) can see that they're not doing so good.

0f8aa No.67013

Dice rollRolled 13

Meanwhile, the 1 that's alive along the left side of the wall is attacking Snek.
>flyby attack

04468 No.67014

Dice rollRolled 4 + 17

Dice rollRolled 3 + 26

Snek stop, mlems, and listens.
Assuming he detects the enemy he fires.

0f8aa No.67015

Dice rollRolled 8, 1 + 3 = 12

Snek fires, and scores another hit.

2e967 No.67016

Dice rollRolled 15, 11, 8, 2, 8, 18, 15, 14, 4, 9, 15 = 119

Tracy whirls with her chain yet again.

2e967 No.67017

Dice rollRolled 4, 5, 3, 4, 1, 5, 1, 6 = 29

Okay, fine, she uses her sock on the four in her reach, and the chain on the rest; since she's not limited to only one weapon in this attack.
Rolling Sneak attack damage, lethal and non-lethal.

0f8aa No.67018

With another devastating flurry, Tracy dispatches the remaining Wyverns in her periphery. One remains, the one Snek keeps capping.

0f8aa No.67019

Dice rollRolled 11

Meanwhile on the surface of the wall, Infernius walks up to Addy, breaks off the arrow, and pushes the broken piece through.
Addy's face contorts visibly, as even though she's held it is obviously an unpleasant experience.

04468 No.67020

Dice rollRolled 12

Torcuil prepares the ships cannons and fires 1 at a remaining wyvern.

0f8aa No.67021

The wyvern's morale expended, it flips in the air and takes flight (this time fleeing).
Snek gets an AoO

04468 No.67022

Dice rollRolled 8 + 17


0f8aa No.67023


04468 No.67024


0f8aa No.67025


04468 No.67026


0f8aa No.67027


2e967 No.67028

Dice rollRolled 1 + 25

"I've had enough of this."
Tracy whips out her longbow and fires at it.

2e967 No.67029

Well fuck

04468 No.67030

"When did you get proper?"
>"Since fuck you"
"Nevermind, Tracy hold up. Snek's trying to talk to it"

0f8aa No.67031

Tracy could not have missed more except if she shot herself remember that one time?
Infernius casts Wind Walk.
Slovenia shrugs at Torcuil, not having anything to contribute.
The Wyvern continues to flee, darting behind the wall and speeding toward the treeline. It hasn't escaped yet but it will take a precise set of actions to catch it. Snek can take a final shot as it departs, if he wants to.
Without any immediate threat, the party gets a better look at their surroundings. On the empire side of things, the wall stands at about 300' tall. Interestingly enough, its only about 30' below the wall on the far side that there's a treeline. The trees, which appear overgrown and unkempt, are still way too close to the top of the wall.
It seems that the ground level on the far side of the wall is much closer than on the Empire side.

04468 No.67032

Dice rollRolled 1 + 17

>"Well, I tried"

2e967 No.67033

>An hero

0f8aa No.67034

Dice rollRolled 18

Oh, and Addy is visibly shaking with frustration as she attempts to break the hold of the spell Infernius placed on her.
Snek shoots off his own hat.

dfcc5 No.67035

File: 1534630182137.jpg (68.86 KB, 580x577, 6.jpg)

R.I.P torc

0f8aa No.67036

With a small burst of energy, Addy successfully breaks the spell. "MuuuuuuUUUUUUU," she yells, charging Infernius.

04468 No.67037

Second time I roll a 1 on a shot and everyone assumes the character is committing suicide….

dfcc5 No.67038

Dice rollRolled 8

tickle AoO

0f8aa No.67039

Addy performs a junk-punt

0f8aa No.67040

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

0f8aa No.67041

Strike that, Infernius landed the tickle-grapple, and Addy's subsequent junk-punt (which she can still do while grappled) still misses

04468 No.67042

"Uh, okay"
fixes it through magic abuse
>"Yay, hat"
>Makes it a wizard hat with fake beard

dfcc5 No.67043

"ah come on. me pushed arrow though chest to help you."
*boops and casts heal*

2e967 No.67044

Tracy is making like a murder hobo and stripping everything of value from the corpses

0f8aa No.67045

"Where do you get off?!" Addy is pissed.
Tracy collects 288 silver from the available bodies, as well as crude and natural weapons; several knives and a few swords. The humanoids - at close inspection - are wild elves, clothed with skins and hides.

04468 No.67046

"I figured it was el-"
>"Elfs are gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay"

2e967 No.67047

Tracy cuts off all of their hands, pockets the weapons in her knife cozy, and ties a severed head to her saddle.

dfcc5 No.67048

"you dont have to like it, me am your father and me will take care of you. regardless of deal thez made."

0f8aa No.67049

Addy mutters something about "Oaf" and "Faggot", while crossing her arms.

04468 No.67050

>"The grand wizard agrees with the small bovine"
"Oh brother"
Snek slithers over by Addy

2e967 No.67051

Are there any structures visible behind the tree line? Any barracks where the guards might've been staying?

0f8aa No.67052

No. Aside from a vast and expansive tree-line, the only thing that is apparent are occasional smoke lines, presumably from personal fires. To the very distant left and right, they can see more walls, as though the area beyond the Sil wall is its self divided.

dfcc5 No.67053

"that doctor faggot to you." you want ice cream when we get back to port barry?"

2e967 No.67054

"Hmmm… Reminds me of Everfree." Tracy says, shaking the blood off of herself like a dog as she reverts to her usual form

0f8aa No.67055

"I can make my own ice cream! Don't stop me again!" she yells pointing at him.

dfcc5 No.67056


dfcc5 No.67057

*Infernuis walks back to the ship*

2e967 No.67058

How far away is the first smoke signal.

Regardless, Tracy, feeling much better, decides to go for a stroll through the woods.

04468 No.67059

Snek proceeds to pick up Addy with his tail and set her on his back.
>"Hey Torc now what?"
"I guess we find dwarves"

0f8aa No.67060

"What now?" Thez says with a sigh, appearing on scene. She looks at Infernius, and then at Adeline. "I can tell you're both seething you know."

04468 No.67061

>"Hi Thez. By the way, thanks for the training. The one time I try something different I blow my hat off"

dfcc5 No.67062


0f8aa No.67063

She doesn't look his way, but offers her fist for a bump.
"He cast a spell on me! I couldn't move!" Addy shouts at Thez. Thez looks at Infernius and then back to Addy. "And what did you do?" she says with a measured tone?
"I was gonna get 'em!" she protests, brandishing the folding saw.
"And the hole in your chest?"
Addy balks.

04468 No.67064

>Tail bumps the fist

0f8aa No.67065

Eyeing Infernius carefully, Thez walks up to Addy.
And slaps her clean across the face.
"I won't interfere in whatever you decide to do, but he is your father, is under no such prohibitions, and if you really want to challenge his decisions, beat him in a duel. I trust I taught you that much," Thez lectures. "You're at the bottom of the pecking order little miss. Remember that."
Thez walks up to Infernius and gives him a big hug. "She's a brat,… don't take it personally."

2e967 No.67066

Tracy trots through the forest nonchalantly, slashing Xs into trees every now and then to mark her territory.
She makes her way to where she saw the smoke riding earlier.

2e967 No.67067

[Humming hoers noises]

04468 No.67068

Snek winces a bit (not sure how, with no eyelids and all) before returning with Addy to the ship.

dfcc5 No.67069

"me cant help but feel, that this my fault for not being there."

0f8aa No.67070

"You've done nothing wrong. I'd avoid using spells to compel obedience, but you have no fault. Don't worry, I'll whup some sense into her in the morning."
Several animal trails snake through the trees, as well as a few sets of humanoid prints (attempted to be concealed) that lead in the direction of the smoke-stacks.

0f8aa No.67071

"Stupid bull, its not like it would have killed me,…." Addy mopes as Snek carries her to the ship.

dfcc5 No.67072

"want to help me skin the lizards?"

2e967 No.67073

Tracy shifts her magical disguise to conceal her equipment, and make her fur seem brown instead of blue.
She follows the tracks stealthily.

2e967 No.67074

Four of those lizards are alive with their snoots taped shut.

0f8aa No.67075

"Sure." ^_^

0f8aa No.67076

Unable to detect anyone, Tracy gets the distinct impression she's being watched.

04468 No.67077

Torc makes sure the ship is okay, while Snek heads over to the tied up wyverns.

dfcc5 No.67078

"tracy have anything to tie down wings with?"

2e967 No.67079

*Crow flies in carrying a roll of duct tape*
*pecks him him the head*

dfcc5 No.67080

"uh. thanks birb."

2e967 No.67081

"A massive wall, but no signs of any buildings.. that's odd.." Tracy wonders to herself as she blindly wanders through the forest

2e967 No.67082

[hums gen 1 songs]

2e967 No.67083

*season 1

0f8aa No.67084

Alright. Tracy proceeds to run through the woods like an idiot and to her surprise, far ahead in the distance she sees a horse-head peek out from behind a tree, which immediately resumes hiding.

2e967 No.67085

Tracy, still disguised as a wild hoers, pretends she didn't see anything and just trots ahead, now at a normal cruising speed.

2e967 No.67086

What color was the horses head?

a9699 No.67087

Beige. As Tracy nears the tree, there's no sign of it, until it peeks its head out a bit further on. It seems to be keeping an eye on her, but keeping its distance.

2e967 No.67088

Tracy contues strolling along happily, trotting about she stops momentarily to let a butterfly land on her nose.
>Nears the tree
Is this tree different than the rest of them?

2e967 No.67089

And she keeps moving, letting the new poner think he's clever while she's really keeping an eye on him.

a9699 No.67090

As Tracy makes her nonchalant approach, she should roll a listen check.

2e967 No.67091

Dice rollRolled 14


2e967 No.67092

She gets +4 racial bonus

a9699 No.67093

A very slight rustling from behind is the only thing that tips her off that she and the other horse are not alone.

2e967 No.67094

Tracy takes a move action to hone in on the creature's scent, if any.

04468 No.67095

>"Hello? Wyverns?"

a9699 No.67096

>glares in Wyvern

04468 No.67097

>"Listen, I wanna talk a bit before you try biting my head off"

dfcc5 No.67098

Dice rollRolled 15

*skins dead wyvern*

2e967 No.67099

Tracy senses the creatures behind her, but keeps walking, determined to see just how far she can keep this up before she's attacked or otherwise interacted with.

2e967 No.67100

Mind that she's in disguise, and that the majority of her equipment is in her concealed bag.

0f8aa No.67101

Dice rollRolled 2 + 8

>"Talk is pointless"
As Tracy approaches, she detects the faint sounds and smells of about a half dozen elves behind her. Additionally, the smell emanating from the 'horse' is also consistent with elves.

0f8aa No.67102

And a poorly thrown net crashes to the ground next to her.

04468 No.67103

>"Usually I'd agree with you my fellow reptilian, but currently you have two choices. We can talk and negotiate or you can have your wings clipped and we'll drop you off the tall end of this here wall."

2e967 No.67104

Tracy lets out a feral whinny and gallops forward, but not at full speed; gauging how the elves around her react.

2e967 No.67105

[wild hoers noises]

0f8aa No.67106

>"More like you wish to interrogate me and then do with me as you have my kin." he says, tilting his head toward Infernius.
As she increases her speed, the horse she is now running toward casts a spell. The surrounding area, formerly with decent space between each tree fills with growing vines and stalks causing the area around him, her, and the pursuing elves to become thickly overgrown and impassable.

04468 No.67107

>"Well my associate isn't over there, and the red one? Bordering on certifiable insanity, no bully. But my associate should be able to tell you more. Besides, I know some great places for prey and you'd be well taken care of."

2e967 No.67108

Tracy, in mock panic (although secretly frustrated), slows to a halt and kicks the earth, all the while snorting and whinnying in horse.
>[recites her shopping list in native language]
Her head darts left and right, waiting for the elves to make their move.

0f8aa No.67109

The elves are just as surprised as Tracy is, but with a visual distortion, the horse turns into an elf with white eyes, leaning on a withered cane. He raises his hand both to calm Tracy and his clansmen.
"Hold there please, I would prefer to avoid violence."

2e967 No.67110

Ha, I knew he was a Druid.
[snorting noises]
*kicks earth*

0f8aa No.67111

The elf slowly steps forward. "Now now, there's no need for that. Its not often that one comes across a blue pony, and yours is a most unusual breed." he says smiling, while the elves around him exchange uncomprehending glances. His features sharpen suddenly. "Why have you come here, and why have you attacked my clansmen?"

0f8aa No.67112

>"You expect me to believe you? If you're interested in my well being you'll let me go."

04468 No.67113

>"Yeah yeah, one sec you overgrown gecko"
Snek sends a quick telepathic message to Torc letting him know to be ready to casts spell, then he unties the wyvern he's talking too.
>"There, ya happy?"

2e967 No.67114

>why have you attacked my clansmen?
Tracy's mind races blankly as she realizes she really didn't actually have any reason at all (aside from being shot at, but that was after she already jumped off of the boat); which would be apparent, if not quite confusing, through the Druid's empathy.
Her illusion as her body shifts coat shifts from brown to blue, and Nicholas Cage's seductive face appears on her flank in the midst of a dazzling rainbow pattern.
"… Neigh…"

0f8aa No.67115

A stretch, given he has no hands, but whatever.
The Wyvern stands up slowly flexes its wings a bit, and then turns its gaze on Snek.
>"What's your game?"
The elves around gasp at the sudden change. "Its a start, but yet you hesitate to answer my questions. This puts me in a difficult position." His eyes stare straight ahead unblinkingly, as he makes his way over to one a tree and whispers to it.

04468 No.67116

>"No game, just wanted to show we aren't completely terrible people. So we won't kill you first chance we get."

0f8aa No.67117

>"Then why are you here? Did you tire of raids for your amusement?"

04468 No.67118

>"Well, we originally came to meet the ones behind the wall. We felt we could establish a beneficial relationship in my associates words. But before my associate could signal we where friendly, they shot the one on my back square in the chest."

2e967 No.67119

Tracy holds her ground, watching the old man.

0f8aa No.67120

>"And how many of ours have fallen to your hand? You lot have made your intentions clear the last time you came through."
He nods thoughtfully and turns back to Tracy. "Most interesting. Your ship, that doesn't belong to you, or it least it hadn't always, had it?"

04468 No.67121

"This is our first time here. The others came about six months ago and I came into play shortly after. Now if you're referring to a group you'll have to talk to my associate for better details."

0f8aa No.67122

>"Lies, this ship is known to me. As I said, this is not the first time we have seen it."

2e967 No.67123

This Wyvern is rather eloquent.
Tracy realizes that she has two options: stab, or listen; she chooses to remain silent and do the latter.
She's gotten the drift that this old elf is able to feel her emotions, and decides to just let him, slowly nodding to confirm his question.
although the ground beneath her smokes faintly as she's reminded of that godawful cunt

04468 No.67124

>"Uhhhh, Torc? This Wyvern has something to tell you you might find interesting. The ship has attacked the wall before."
"So that's why…"
"Tell him we aren't associated with Kefka or any other groups, and the owner of this ship attacked us before we stole it from them."

0f8aa No.67125

"You couldn't possibly operate alone, my friends tell me of a variety of different forms of combat that took place. I would like to speak with you and your compatriots. I think we might have information for one another."

2e967 No.67126

>not stab
>not stab
>… no stabbing right now
Tracy stares at the man for a few seconds, then finally speaks.
"..I don't see why not.." Tracy says, puffing out her cheeks and turning around as if to lead him back

0f8aa No.67127

Again, more startled noises from the elves. Some hold spears nervously, while others just look bewildered. The blind you caught that right? elf simply smiles and follows. As Tracy approaches the edge of the circle of overgrowth, he raises his hand and the section in front of her withers away. "Proceed. That won't be necessary," he says without turning, as the other elves make to follow.

2e967 No.67128

Tracy begins to trot down the path, gawking at the elves who gasped at her in a rather cocky manner.

04468 No.67129

>"Uh, after bombarding you with these questions and information, do you have a name?"

0f8aa No.67130


04468 No.67131

>"Well Vern, I wish it could have been under better circumstances that we met."

0f8aa No.67132

>"And you, do *you* have a name?"

2e967 No.67133

Tracy takes in the scenery as she trots through the forest, taking her time to allow the elves to keep up with her pace.

"Hmmmm… Taller than the trees that self-righteous cunt claimed to guard…"

0f8aa No.67134

"I'm sorry?"

04468 No.67135

>"Mine is Mr. Snek. Quite easy to remember, even for me."

2e967 No.67136

Tracy turns to the elf, having been talking to herself.
"Oh, I was just thinking of some bitch of a unicorn I know.."

0f8aa No.67137

He tilts his head slightly, but shakes it off almost immediately.

2e967 No.67138

Tracy stares intently at the man, her speed slowing, betraying her irritation of at the subject, before she speeds up again, snorting in frustration.

0f8aa No.67139

"No need to get agitated, I'm not even armed." he says. "Well, there is this, but you don't seem like this would be much good against you."

2e967 No.67140

*suppresses urge to steal his stick*
"Nah, it's nothing about the lot of you.." Tracy says, resuming her invincible, cocky demeanor
"Just something personal from a while ago.." she mutters, almost whispering
"… cunt…"

2e967 No.67141

Tracy keeps walking, now in a sour mood.

0f8aa No.67142

As Tracy and the elf approach the wall beneath the ship, he whispers a few words and begins walking in the air, as though up a flight of stairs.

2e967 No.67143

Tracy, in an intentionally sudden motion to spook the elves on either side of her, doubles in size and takes off in a blaze of blue flame.

0f8aa No.67144

Flying, she makes the deck well in advance of the fellow, who continues to ascend with slow and measured steps.
Meaning, she has a few moments to talk to whomever before he arrives

2e967 No.67145

"I brought I guy who wants to talk. Don't kill him." Tracy says flatly as she lands on the deck of the ship

dfcc5 No.67146


2e967 No.67147

"Meh. I just felt like it." Tracy says, reclining on one of the chairs to polish her girls.

0f8aa No.67148

Tracy's arrival interrupted a discussion between Thez and Addy, the latter of whom promptly disengages the conversation (the former facepalming) to look over the side of the ship. "Where? I don't see anybody. Oh there he is! Oooh! He's doing the thing where you walk on air!"

dfcc5 No.67149

"what you do here red elf?"

0f8aa No.67150

As he eventually makes his way up and over the rail of the ship, he dusts off his furs and hides and comes to stand toward the front of the ship. "Interesting, I was wondering very much the same about you. This vessel is known to me, but you all are not. What became of those who previously operated it?"

2e967 No.67151

"Stabbed them." Tracy interjects

dfcc5 No.67152

"they attack us, they dead."

0f8aa No.67153

"Truly? Most interesting, Well then, you have dine my people a great favor. That group had attacked our home on several occasions, and several months ago ambushed a gathering party and took them prisoner. Their fate is unknown to us." he says sadly. "This ship passed by this way several weeks ago, I regret that our soldiers mistook your identity and purpose. I am called Bagiste, and these woods are my charge."

2e967 No.67154

Tracy just nods an goes back to polishing her cutlery, leaving the speaking to the others.

0f8aa No.67155

"If you are not here to raid, why have you come here?"

dfcc5 No.67156

"a unicorn stole your people after we freed them."

dfcc5 No.67157

"we here to see whats beyond wall."

2e967 No.67158

"The mage summoned me here to stab things. I can't say that raiding was off the table."
*looks towards Torc*
"What'd you bring this ship here for anyway?"

0f8aa No.67159

"A unicorn you say, I will have to speak to the trees about this. As far as the wall, this entire section is under our watch. Nothing is permitted to live here that cannot operate within a delicate balance, as it has been for several hundred years. There are of course other sections, but we do not concern ourselves with them, and they do not concern themselves with us."

dfcc5 No.67160

"who control other sections?"

0f8aa No.67161

He shrugs "Hard to say. We're isolationists, disinterested in hearing of other sections or groups. I am aware that one section is operated by dwarves, but I can't speak to the others."

dfcc5 No.67162

"your men shoot my daughter in chest. you owe us something for doing that."

0f8aa No.67163

"I am quite certain that my men paid for their mistake, regrettable though it may be," he says, as several piles of corpse still litter the top of the wall. "We will have to retrieve them."

dfcc5 No.67164

"me could resurrect them."

2e967 No.67165

"All of them?" Tracy asks incredulously

dfcc5 No.67166

"well, yea, it was just misunderstanding after all."

0f8aa No.67167

"They haven't been dead long, I'm sure they could be raised," he smiles.

2e967 No.67168

".. Well, good luck with that then." Tracy says, her tone genuine

0f8aa No.67169

"And what would you ask in return?" he asks, raising an eyebrow

dfcc5 No.67170

"adolf,me pray that these men that have been killed rise from the dead."
*casts raise dead*

dfcc5 No.67171

"well me like those big lizards you have. maybe an egg?"

0f8aa No.67172

It would take several days to raise them all, shall we skip a bit until then?
Also, I should probably crash if we're gonna do this tomorrow

dfcc5 No.67173


2e967 No.67174

If there's nothing left to kill/steal, Tracy would just want to go home and tend to her birbs
Yeah. It's late and my brain is running on autism alone at this point.

04468 No.67176

"I wanted to meet the people beyond the wall, this wasn't part of the plan by any means."

0f8aa No.67177

"I take it you don't know the full history of the wall. You mentioned fleeing behind the wall once, that is not accurate. Several hundred years ago when I was still a boy, Kefka gathered his Empire. That's not quite accurate actually, it would be more accurate to say that he usurped some and destroyed the rest of the existing nation who's capital stood where the Court City now resides." he says, looking over the railing at the City in the distance.

04468 No.67178

"Would it interest you to know that Kefka has been killed?"

0f8aa No.67179

"It would interest me, but it is also rather worrying. Kefka's court was only kept in line for fear of his retribution. I can't imagine what might result of his absence."

04468 No.67180

"I see… Tell me, could you give us more information on his court? I wish to confront them."

0f8aa No.67181

"Alas, I cannot. I can tell you that many years after the wall was built, to serve as a front against the progression of the Empire, many races cooperated to maintain the wall. Over time, offensives diminished, and finally the assaults stopped altogether. That was over 100 years ago, and my understanding of the situation is rather outdated."

04468 No.67182

"One hundred years? This has been going on longer than I thought. Are there any other leaders we could speak to?"

0f8aa No.67183

"Of course, this is just one section of the wall. The wall is several miles wide, and there are sections to the north-west and south that are in the control of the many races." He thinks for a moment. "Assuming the dynamic is still the same, the section to the south is in the control of Humans, and that to the north-west is controlled by Dwarves. How they govern themselves is beyond me however, we have no diplomatic relations."

04468 No.67184

Torc let's out a low whistle.
"It is an impressive wall. What about your people, who is your leader?"

0f8aa No.67185

He chuckles. "The forest leads my people. We watch over it, and it watches over us. As for the wall, you've only seen one edge of it. The east face of the wall is some distance that way," he says, pointing off the bow.

04468 No.67186

Torc looks slightly shocked, but decides it's a fair answer.
"I understand. Thank you for your assistance, and I am sorry for the trouble we have caused."

0f8aa No.67187

"I do regret the losses we've sustained, but never have we experienced trouble that was remedied so by those whom we have exchanged blows." he shifts topics a moment. "On the way here, your lovely blue pony said something about my people being freed from bondage, but then stolen away. Might you be able to elaborate on this?"

04468 No.67188

"Ah yes. When a dawrf came to the port we where staying at, I had some suspicions that he was a slaver. Sadly my suspicious turned out to be true. Me and this unicorn freed them and then after a while her and the elves disappeared. For all I know she could be returning them, but I am not that confident. She's pure white and answers to the name of Trollestia. Don't hesitate to find a way to contact us if you find her."

dfcc5 No.67190

"What your name elf?"

0f8aa No.67191

"Trollestia you say? A unicorn should be known to the trees. I will see what I can learn, especially since our people have not returned. Still, I am most impressed that you would stick your neck out on a whim. I am doubly impressed and grateful to you." he bows deeply in reverence.

0f8aa No.67192

"I am called Bagiste, vanguard of the South."

04468 No.67193

Torc returns the bow.
"It was no trouble, I know how it is to have one's people enslaved."

2e967 No.67194

File: 1534707971460.png (233.03 KB, 1360x1536, 505171__safe_artist-colon-….png)

*Sharpening stops*
Tracy head turns towards the conversation, although she says nothing.

dfcc5 No.67195

"Will you allow us to build fort here, your people can use it when they need too. Its part of why we came here looking to keep an eye on Zionist. You know anything about the zionists?"

0f8aa No.67196

"Zionists? I haven't heard that word before, no. Building a fortress however, while not impossible, is not a simple matter. We abhor the ill treatment of trees and will not permit them to be cut for any structure. On the other hand, if one can be constructed without scarring the face of this landscape, the counsel of Elders may grant your request. I would be happy to speak on your behalf, given all I have learned. Truly an unexpected day," he smirks, shaking his head as though an expression of fatigue.

04468 No.67197

"Could we somehow build into the wall?"

0f8aa No.67198

To this comment, he begins looking over the rail, surveying the wall. He wanders about a bit, analyzing different points and occasionally drawing his hand across his chin thoughtfully.
"I… I think so," he says slowly. "This wall has sustained structural damage from your… encounter. It will need repairs as it is, and I regret that I am not powerful enough to perform those repairs. However, several leaders such as myself working in tandem,… constructing a structure in and out of the wall would not be exceedingly difficult, and without so much as disturbing a blade of grass. This is a splendid idea I think."

dfcc5 No.67199

"Ok we go talk to humans and dwarves to see if they will help."

04468 No.67200

"I am glad you agree."

0f8aa No.67201

"Excellent then. I will confer with my kinsmen and our Elders. Additionally, I will see to it that word of your exploits is spread throughout this section. Barring open hostility, which I am sure is behind us, you will not be attacked again so long as you are within these walls," he says, sweeping his hand. "Have you any further questions or requests before I take my leave?"

2e967 No.67202

*Looks at Infernius*
"Weren't you making a new statue every other week? Can't you use that same magic to fix the wall?"

04468 No.67203

"I have no further questions, and I thank you once again for your help."

dfcc5 No.67204

"None for right now."
"Me would if faggot could find spell."

0f8aa No.67205

"If you were to do so before I have had the opportunity to speak to my kinsmen, it might be misinterpreted as aggression. The forest can be quite cruel if it feels it is under attack," he says omenously.

dfcc5 No.67206

"Ok,tell me when me can fix wall."

2e967 No.67207

"Can I hold your stick?"

0f8aa No.67208

"I shall make all available haste."
"This old thing? Sure." offers stick.

2e967 No.67209

Tracy takes the stick and holds it.

dfcc5 No.67210

*walks over to the airship*
*gets back on*

0f8aa No.67211

It appears to be a piece of a worn and wathered, knotted old tree, glarled just so to fit in the palm of the hand

2e967 No.67212

Tracy holds the stick for a bit before handing it back.
"Nice stick."

0f8aa No.67213

"Hasn't broken yet," he smiles and walks over to the edge of the rail. "Well then, I have much to discuss with my clan and kin, and I leave you to your exploration. I would advise caution, as this section is undoubtably not the only section who has been maligned by those pirates; Your ship is quite distinct, and is certain to be recognized."

dfcc5 No.67214

"You gonna take off meme boi?"

0f8aa No.67215

And with that, Bagiste lightly hops up on top of the rail, and then jumps from the ship.

2e967 No.67216

As he does that, Tracy grabs her bag and likewise leaps over the edge of the ship to land on the wall.
"I'm going to go ahead on foot!" She calls up towards the ship, only thinking to turn around after she'd moved some distance

0f8aa No.67217

As she does so, she is able to see Bagiste all headfirst into a tree, which with a ruffle of leaves and branches, appears to swallow him up.

2e967 No.67218

"Weirdo hipplies…" Tracy says dismissively, as she trots along the wall

2e967 No.67219


2e967 No.67220

Tracy trots along the wall, heading north east.

dfcc5 No.67221

Dice rollRolled 3

Infernuis trys to figure out the controls

2e967 No.67223

How far does she trot along the treeline before the terrain seems to change?

0f8aa No.67224

The terrain doesn't change. The entire visible section has trees from end to end. When she was on the ground she noticed that there was an absence of detritus around the trees, as though the area is painstakingly cared for. The impression being that without such care, the forest couldn't possibly be that thick/tall.

2e967 No.67225

"Hmmm.. Some gardeners they have around here, eh." Tracy says to herself as she continues along the path

0f8aa No.67226

Infernius is initially unable to deduce the ship's controls, however Torcuil is right there.

0f8aa No.67227

Tracy trots along the wall basking in the silence which is interrupted only by intermittent gusts of wind. In the distance of the elf section, she can see a handful of flying creatures - more Wyverns no doubt - lifting off and flying in different directions. She watches, and makes note of their general destination (impossible to determine from her position, but she has an idea now). After a time, the distant intersection of the wall seems not so far, and she can see that the perpendicular wall does not seem as thick or reinforced as the outer face.

2e967 No.67228

"Hmm.. looks more like a border than a rampart.." Tracy observes as she approaches the perpendicular wall slowly, getting her first glance at the new territory

0f8aa No.67229

The border as she accurately calls it, is only about 6' wide, as opposed to the main wall which is more like 20' wide. As she approaches slowly she can begin to see over the border, her immediate impression is that of a brick staircase. Not literally, but the buildings she can see appear neatly stacked and organized, the buildings along the wall reaching nearly the full height of the wall (undoubtably with various access points). Contrary to the Elven section however, there doesn't appear to be any presence physically on the wall waiting to 'greet' anyone.

2e967 No.67230

Dice rollRolled 4

Spot check to see any creatures in the Immediate vincinity.

2e967 No.67231


0f8aa No.67232

Nothing apparent, and that roll is unnecessary; its established that Tracy is being careful and measured, alert for anyone or anything of interest/concern. As far as she can tell there is no one along the wall, and no one that she can see below the wall from this vantage. She's still a bit south of the intersection.

2e967 No.67233

Tracy decides to delve a bit deeper.
She trots along the perpendicular wall until she's a good ways in, and then promptly scales down boy hopping on the staircase-like buildings.
>To anyone observing, it looks like she's coming from elf territory.

0f8aa No.67234

As Tracy reaches the intersection of the walls, she should roll a separate spot check

2e967 No.67235

Dice rollRolled 17


0f8aa No.67236

It occurs to Tracy that this area is completely clear of any dirt or debris. The top of the wall on the dwarven side is immaculately kept, in spite of the absence of any presence.

2e967 No.67237

"Hmmmm.. awfully tidy here.." Tracy says, narrowing her eyes
With the ship a good ways behind her, she gathers her bearings and delves into the area in stealth.

0f8aa No.67238

Roll a reflex check, modified for trapsense

2e967 No.67239

Dice rollRolled 6 + 29

a9699 No.67240

As Tracy steps forward, she feels the brick beneath her hoof depress slightly, and the mane on the back of her neck stands on end. As a distinct 'click' sound is heard, two slender pieces of metal spring up from between several of the bricks connected by a thick rope. Ducking beneath the rope, she narrowly avoids getting flung from the wall. The rods lower back into position to a faint sound of gears clinking, until they return to their hiding place with a click.

3f94f No.67241

"….. Somebody doesn't like elves…" Tacy says, letting out a hush whinney

3f94f No.67242


2e967 No.67243

Tracy contemplates flying over the contraption, but figures the burst of smoke could give her position away.
With no room to run on the perpendicular wall, she retreats to the Sil Wall to jump the mechanism.

2e967 No.67244

File: 1534722416200.jpg (66.25 KB, 750x600, C5TwIOt.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 5 + 27

After she moves back to the sill Wall, she takes a running start and attempts to jump over the traps

0f8aa No.67245

Tracy deftly jumps over the first trap, easily clearing it. As she lands, she hears yet another distinct click, oddly similar to the previous one. And sure enough, another set of rope arms swing over her ducking head, attempting to launch her from the wall. It suddenly occurs to Tracy that the area is probably free and clear because it is regularly maintained on automation.

2e967 No.67246

Dice rollRolled 17 + 27

Tracy doesn't skip a beat and immediately leaps forward again as she lands, losing no speed and jumping again.

04468 No.67247

"Hold your hoersi. Snek?"
>"Cya Vern, coming Torc."
The airship then follows along the direction Tracy took.

0f8aa No.67248

Tracy successfully vaults 2 of the trap plates, and attempts to hop-scotch her way past. Which really wasn't a good idea, given that she barely had enough time to duck on the previous traps. Sure enough, as she attempt to lift off this next trap plate, the lever arms and rope swing out, clipping Tracy's rear legs and sending her spinning in the air.

0f8aa No.67249

Fine, Tracy is able to grab onto the edge of the wall, preventing her from being sent clear off the edge of the wall, hanging over the extreme drop (which, she could get out of, but still).

2e967 No.67250

*Spins gracefully*

0f8aa No.67251

Meanwhile, Torcuil changes course to follow Tracy while giving Infernius the basic rundown on how to pilot the ship.

04468 No.67252



2e967 No.67253

Dice rollRolled 14 + 27

Tracy clicks her hooves together to activate her shoes levitation function and makes another jump.

0f8aa No.67254

Just throttle and steering, nothing extensive
NOW Tracy can move about on the wall, undetectable, and without getting vaulted at the wall. Its a good thing too, because after a few moments a squat head peeks over the edge of the wall on the Dwarves side. "Nah, probably the birds again. I told you, you need to increase the tension on those springs!"
"But if I do that, then we won't get to *see* the birds get launched."
"Oh come off it, its never gonna work,…." the voice diminishes as it departs.

2e967 No.67255

Tracy's still need invisible, mind.
Tracy moves towards where she saw the manlet poke his head out.

2e967 No.67256

*Is still invisible

0f8aa No.67257

Peeking over the edge, Tracy spies a staircase leading to a ledge with a door leading into the network of structures. There are several such staircases further along the wall, all of them facing toward the main wall.

2e967 No.67258

Tracy hops down and sets off along the staircase.

0f8aa No.67259

Its not a long staircase, essentially just a defensive choke-point in the exterior defenses. The ledge isn't exceptionally big, essentially a balcony (except without a rail, cuz they're dwarves). A single wooden door leads into the compound.

2e967 No.67260

Tracy inspects the door.
Is it locked?

2e967 No.67261

Tracy realizes that she forgot her lock-picks in the towers mess hall, and has to spend several frustrating minutes taking 20 to open the lock with one of her knives.
which is a convient excuse for her faggot having already tucked himself in and not remembering her ranks in that skill.

0f8aa No.67262

The absence of immediate observers allows Tracy the time necessary to open the door. It doesn't have an external lock, but she is able to wedge one of her knives to trip the latch. The door opens with a click and swings open slightly.

2e967 No.67263

"Hmmm." Tracy coos to herself, trying to salvage some self confidence as she makes her way past the door into the coridoor.

0f8aa No.67264

Through the door, Tracy can hear the echoes of countless voices echoing through the halls on either side of the door. Light filters into the hall from deliberately designed cracks in the wall and ceiling, illuminating the inside.

2e967 No.67265

"Hmmm.. fancy place.." Tracy mumbles inaudibly to herself as she passes deeper into the cavern.

2e967 No.67266

Dice rollRolled 5

Listen check to hear how close those voices are

2e967 No.67267

Tracy's ears ring from the echoes.

0f8aa No.67268

Distant, not close enough to observe Tracy if she enters the hallway, and none of them sounding alerted or otherwise impending.

2e967 No.67269

Tracy heads further in towards the noises, wherever they are. Invisible and moving silently.

2e967 No.67270

Tracy enters the hallway.

0f8aa No.67271

Its a long hallway that runs parallel to the wall. There are several doorways on in either direction (no doors tho), as well as a staircase at the end of the hall.

2e967 No.67272

Tracy slowly sneaks down the hall, peaking through the doorways on either side of her as she goes.

e85e3 No.67874

File: 1542449712548.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, the-man-stand-at-the-panor….png)

The Man stood looking out over the harbor from the penthouse window. Beneath him the carpet had been ripped out and the floor was bare. Behind him there was open space where a wall had stood, and a bar table occupied what was once an open living space, its surface unfurnished. For a year he hadn’t found a buyer for the unit, and so kept it as his own. But he was finally persuaded to sell the unit at a loss, and the new owner wanted extensive changes to the layout. After concluding a meeting at a restaurant, he thought he’d visit the unit at midnight to stare out the panoramic windows one last time.

As he did so, he thought back to a night that ended in that room a little more than a year before. That night had centered on two struggles against two friendly enemies. One, he win against, or so he thought. The other, he would let win. It started with a confrontation. A duel, in whatever way fiour against one could be considered a “duel.” Violent though it may have begun, it swiftly became cordial and countries. It became no less contentious. The battle had shifted from the physical to the mental as he haggled for control of a prize unicorn. After hours of mental chess, they seemed to reach an agreement that left him with the prize.

The victory did not last. It did not even last a single day. He was back to struggling for the prize he thought he had won, trying to get to her the next day, trying to find her the next week, and trying to enamor her the next month. What he was so sure was already in his grasp was in fact only gained after a very long and arduous series of tasks. And even then, he never got to enjoy his victory. In a way, the hard-fought prize remained unclaimed.

This did not bother him. No, his victory did not last, but what does? Everything that is won is eventually lost, and nothing struggled for ever remains. “All glory is fleeting.” What had made that night different, what had made it stand out in his memory after an eventful year, was not the permanency of his triumph, for surely it did not have that. Why that night in particular lingered in his memory more than a year was the sheer thrill of the struggle itself. In the intense back and forth of the negotiation, he found the best focus and expression of his talents and abilities. In trying to figure out what his opponent wanted, in determining what he had to give away, and in trying to persuade the opposing party to make the exchange – he felt alive. He felt like he was good at it. Like a portion of his being that normally lies dormant had been activated, and it was that portion that most closely aligned with what made him different. He knew how a pure bred hunting dog, trained as a puppy to run and chase and hunt, and bred from generations of hunters, felt as it chased after fowl. As it feels, or believes it is about to feel the bird in its jaws it knows that it is doing what it was created to do. Whether it catches the bird or not doesn’t matter much to the dog. It is experiencing its being in action in a way that it will not when it returns to its life of lazing around in the house with occasional walks around the block. So too did the Man’s talents and creativity lay dormant for most of the year since.

e85e3 No.67876

File: 1542480301583.jpg (31.44 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)

Out in the far distance, the Man could see a light of a passing ship coming into the harbor, and various other moving lights of vehicles along the shore. These were other people in motion. Their lives were advancing, and so too was his, he figured. He took a sip from the glass of honey sweeten tea he bought at the restaurant earlier, and his mind focused back to the other struggle in that night. The Blue Mare had tried for months then to lay a sort of claim of ownership to him. And for those months he resisted, fearing there was a deeper malevolence. But in that night, he let himself go in the moment. There was something sweet about her. Something… Cute. He liked the affection. He liked to be wanted. And he figured that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if he would let her have him. Maybe this relationship could be joyous. He acquiesced to her that night, and he was hers.

His expectations for his life after this defeat proved to be as illusory as his “triumph.” The relationship would stress and sour, often turning bad. She must have lost interest in him after a while, as her affection became sparser and he was no longer her “flashy,” nor she “Mrs. Sentry.” He had not seen her at all in six months. He had to wonder if she was still out there. But this too, was alright. Most of the relationships we have with people are fraught with tensions, or are ephemeral, so why should this one be an exception? Whatever else happened before or after, he liked the affection, and he had fun that night. That night, she was cute, and it was a good experience. She was not the first person to enter and leave his life, nor was she the last. Through out the years he had known many people. They had all made their impressions on him, and most of them he would never see again. His relationship with the Blue Mare had been special and enjoyable in its own sort of way, and that night, and so many other occasions with her, good and bad, were among the experiences that made up his life.

He stood there in silence, then made a toast “to absent friends,” taking a long drink of the tea and finishing it. He turned around and looked at the deconstructed apartment where that night had ended on a joyous note. He had built this place and lived there in part, but now it was unrecognizable. All furnishings had been stripped away and even the basic layout changed. He placed his glass on the unfinished bar as he walked towards the door. That glass, which would surely be taken by a worker in the morning, was the last thing he would contribute to the unit, he thought, and he had to wonder if he had made any lasting impression in the place. His fading memories were perhaps the last remnants of that night, and so many others like it. He was unsure what to feel about all of this. The last year had not been kind, and he still did not know what the future held. He was not sure if he should be happy, sad, or angry, or if he felt much of anything at all. He turned out the lights and headed back home.

aea0e No.67882

File: 1542512385163.png (Spoiler Image, 163.27 KB, 1025x1024, 1502758582668.png)

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