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Becoming better

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File: 1504461091021.gif (368.67 KB, 500x281, 1484699273705.gif)

c6048 No.242

How to quit being a humongous colossial faggot?

18cff No.243

Set up a routine.

Wake up every morning at a set time, begin with a stretch and making your bed. After that is done do a morning workout for about an hour. Once that is done take a shower and then eat after your shower. Once that is done figure out 1 task you wish to complete that day a large one like Clean the house from top to bottom, apply for jobs, make freinds etc and then dedicated 4-6 hours of your day on that 1 task. After that spend the rest of the day doing what you want and enjoying your self. Make sure to be in bed by a normal time so before midnight.

Another thing is fix your diet don't eat junk food, eat quality not quantity and remember if it comes from a microwave it is probably SHIT and more Textured Soybean Protein (Estrogen when it hits the blood stream) than normal food and is just shit for you and your body.

c6048 No.244

File: 1504469590060.gif (411.22 KB, 380x380, 1499279378476.gif)

I am working on diet and fitness but I really lack the discipline in other fields.
Will work on that.

The thing is that I am so autistic and out of this world the even down-syndrome-fags look normal compared to me.
What ever I say I kill the conversation and make everyone uncomfortable.
I don't know if what I say is just stating the obvious, plain retarded or so far over everyones head that it just leaves them confused.
I just can't into humans.

e00f3 No.250

I have trouble waking up reliably, I also have trouble falling asleep at a good time but generally even though my alarm is set for 7 am I wake up turn it off and then fall right back asleep till about 11, I've tried to set more alarms and stuff but I just can't seem to pull myself out of bed

18cff No.251

it's tough but you have to adjust to it trust me it pays off when you get in the swing of things

18cff No.252

try to find an online community and work from there hang with them get used to interacting with people like a discord group or something.

e00f3 No.253

I appreciate the encouragement, but can you provide more actionable advice? How do I adjust to it?

92d34 No.254

File: 1504547164028.jpg (27.92 KB, 480x640, 1444333917545.jpg)

The Internet is a huge fag enabler.

1acc3 No.258

When the alarm goes on throw yourself on the ground and get up like your life depends on it.

4604a No.260

If one alarm doesn't work, try two. Or three. Or five. However many it takes to get you up and awake. Booby trap them if you have to, set several a reasonable distance. They even have alarm clocks with speakers on them that will gradually increase in volume if they aren't turned off. The main thing, like >>258 said, is to get yourself on your feet and awake before the conditioned (cuz it is) response of going back to bed takes hold. Your conscious mind wants to improve, you just need to give it time to wake up.
As far as sleep cycles, if you've been maintaining this practice for a while, you may need to deliberately exhaust yourself during the day. You may also need to pull an all-nighter to reset your internal clock.

18cff No.267

Another one is fap less like cut it down to 2-3x a week instead of multiple times a day it will help with energy.

c6048 No.271

File: 1504567543591.png (50.39 KB, 1323x184, 1483740319640.png)

e00f3 No.275

that sounds pretty hard, I fap like 3-4 times per day. Does it actually help that much?

879d7 No.279

File: 1504600200003.jpg (12.39 KB, 720x480, 86003873.jpg)

Your brain wants you to masturbate to feel rewarded as if you had accomplished something.
Masturbating so much could mean you are not spending enough time on things actually meaningful for you and the people around you are not giving you the proper encouragement for you to feel rewarded for having accomplished something, plus you yourself are not happy enough with the results of your own work; You consciously or not are comparing your work with that of the others too much.
Try to stop watching porn and Ecchi, have some sex (even if you have to pay, it's for your own good) then delete sexual thoughts from your brain.
Now, find something you would love to do, like playing an epic guitar solo with only jeans and a leather jacket walking out of an explosion, crave this vision of you on your mind and level up the skills to do that in the future, like learning guitar and getting fit.
Remember it takes 5 years of training to get a mastery on abilities, when you feel like you are making no progress, take a moment to remember how much you improved over all the time you've been practicing.

Good luck.

e00f3 No.281

but I wanna learn the violin and build robots!

879d7 No.287

Well go ahead and do it anon, nothing can beat willpower.
Do it man, I believe in you for what my word is worth!

c6048 No.294

File: 1504645485240.png (330.38 KB, 1055x843, 1498388019162.png)

fapping to horsepussy as reward for work well done

sounds good to me

5cda8 No.398

So how are you doing op, any improvement yet, did you try to make your life better?

c6048 No.410

File: 1505244379709.jpg (50.91 KB, 527x612, 1488431170593.jpg)

This is hard to answer.
I am increasing the amount of physical workout and occupy myself with different things (IT, Art, Science, …) when I am not getting drunk

I manage to get out earlier and have plans for more social.

But I am still a giant autistic faggot who doesn't know what is right and wrong.
I don't know what to do with my life and I hate myself even more than I hate everybody else.

Guess things are progressing into the maybe right direction at a slow pace.
Still I am a piece of work and should probably end me.

5cda8 No.411

Ah I see you are slowly making progress, that's good.
Do not worry about right and wrong, you are working too much about everyone else, there is no right nor wrong.
Just keep doing what you love and working out, don't forget to have good habits like washing your teeth two times a day.
You will look good and people will notice, it's hard to get out of the hole but you can op, we can all make it!

c6048 No.412

File: 1505246870860-0.jpg (74.75 KB, 600x654, 1486497582111.jpg)

File: 1505246870860-1.png (83.88 KB, 480x270, comedian.png)

>Do not worry about right and wrong
I don't think I can live by that.
Right and wrong is the very reason we are here, is it not?
Sure, right and wrong are faulty concepts but still…

>Just keep doing what you love

Love is something weird. I think it is just escapism for me.

87ff8 No.413

File: 1505249760903.png (454.3 KB, 697x360, 1488439110765.png)

57bff No.414

Morality is a ruse.
There is no such thing.
Morals are just a sidestep from what is really important, (to us as humans) doing whatever is best for us to continue as a species for as long as possible.

Life is a shitty ride that nobody asked to get on, but you might as well enjoy it if you're already here.

f4eb5 No.415

File: 1505258417045.png (443.61 KB, 1366x768, glorious glorious dirty di….png)

>there is no right or wrong, only power
That deserves a (You)

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