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Becoming better

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4dde4 No.1678

I've started taking sleep seriously and have actively began trying to get 8 hours of sleep per night while waking up at 7-8AMish, rather than staying up reading/gaming/watching anime until 2-4AM then sleeping until 11AM or later.
But I feel like getting more sleep isn't making a difference and losing that time sleeping is hurting my efficiency.
Will getting 8 hours of sleep per night actually benefit me and my life?
How damaging is it to skip the occasional night of sleep and just stay awake for 48ish hours before going to sleep the next night?
Through naps and sleeping in late the next day, is it possible to "Catch up" on sleep you missed earlier on?
Would skipping sleep every one designated day per week fuck me up or give my body time to recover from that sleepless night and get ready for the next one?

bfd1c No.1680

Short, and sweet.
Consistent sleep is better.
Unless you can sleep whenever you feel like it all the time. This is the most superior choice, but if you need to be anywhere by a certain time this won't work.

Go to bed at the same time everyday, wake up around the same time.

Longer times for sleep does have an impact, but has decreasing returns. Sometimes making you feel worse.

Naps… are sorta different.

But you can't catch up on sleep.

So sleeping wrong doesn't always impact the day you missed it, but it tends to impact the day after.

Resuming habitual sleep patterns is good for recovering from lost sleep.

e6ff1 No.1685

Understood. Will resume usual consistent sleep schedule.

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