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File: 1542130306400.jpeg (21.85 KB, 474x266, Download.jpeg)

143ac No.1192

Anyone got experience with this?
Anybody got some 101 on this?
Supposedly it can help a lot so I want to try it
What do you think about it?

53abe No.1193

File: 1542131267592.png (531.78 KB, 1600x3819, zecora_balance.png)

Depends on what type of meditation you mean. Some meditation forms advocate emptying one's mind, others suggest thoroughly investigating and inventory of one's thoughts.
Meditations can involve being motionless whether in a contorted stretching position or a lotus/sitting position, or can occur while being physically in motion and active.
I meditate habitually while doing tasks (cleaning, stretching, etc.) and encourage doing so. I've also been told 'that's not meditation'.
Tl;dr Its hard to say what is or isn't meditation, it depends on what you're trying to get out of it. Its not for everyone, but most people who do some form get a benefit from it.

77e06 No.1194

Anything to get started really

53abe No.1196

File: 1542147506485.png (859.06 KB, 1280x720, twithinking.png)

Think. Start there.
Whether you're going for the "clear your mind" sort of meditation, or the "open your mind and see what happens" sort, start by thinking. If you think better when you're still and/or rigid, or if you think better in motion (personally, I prefer pacing desu), do that. If you don't know when you do your best thinking, experiment. Try thinking while you're cleaning your room and washing your penis; you are cleaning your room and washing your penis aren't you anon? Memes aside, that's important regardless. When your room is clean and your penis is washed, sit down and think. Be mindful of your thoughts, and figure out when, why, and toward what they occur.

77e06 No.1197

Actually this is most I do
People close to me tell me I should stop doing it so much
Overthinking it is something I do regularly
It's like a treadmill, I start with a poster and end at quantum mechanics and back
An endless trail without end

74b6b No.1200

>personally, I prefer pacing desu
Hey, I'm not the only one. I'll have entire monologues or internal debates for a couple hours or more at a time while just pacing back and forth.

53abe No.1201

Okay, then you've already got the thinking thing down. But can you not-think? I mean, its easy to not-think when you're focused on something, a task or a function of some sort. Can you not-think when you're not doing something?

77e06 No.1202

For 5 seconds maybe

74b6b No.1203

Not actually OP here, just commenting on how I'm not the only one.

But yes, I can "clear my mind", either when just sitting down or when working.

53abe No.1204

>tfw they're all shades of green so I didn't notice
My bad, I have IDs on colored, so I didn't notice
5 seconds is pretty good, it takes practice. Rhetorical, but what disrupts your not-thoughts when you're doing it?
The thing is, the same thoughts that are useful and viable in thinking moments are the thoughts that disrupt not-thinking moments, typically at least. This is the crux of finding which type of meditation works for you or (often more importantly) what you hope to gain/achieve by way of meditation.

74b6b No.1205

Not a problem, I've got colored IDs on, too. Didn't even notice them.

79843 No.1207

Look into Buddhism as they have guides into meditating.

4daf1 No.1208

>sit down
>empty head
>do the only japanese handseal I remember
>think of life, ambitions, goals, and to-do list with clear head
>stop meditating
Am I doing it right? Everyone I talk to about this says there's supposed to be a deeper understanding of the universe at some point.

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