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e68c8 No.1123

How do get something done?
A day has 24 hours
8 I sleep
8 I am drunk
8 I get nothing done

There is so much on my plate
fitness reading activism learning training music drawing writing social shit and more and more and more but I don't get anything done?

How to unfuck this mess?`What is your day like?

b7f43 No.1124

I don't really plan well. I'm just extremely autistic when it comes to organizing so that I always know exactly where I put something once it's been organized.
That said, there IS one way to absolutely make sure that I always do something.
Make a promise.
It's something that I would absolutely recommend that everyone learns how to do. Basically, if you say the words "I promise" to someone, you absolutely HAVE to do that thing whenever you said you would.
Promises cannot be broken unless they become physically impossible or would conflict with other core values.
Promises cannot be made with yourself.
Promises are valuable, don't throw them around as if they were nothing. I will sometimes go months without making a single promise. But you better believe if I promise something, it WILL be done.

The words "I promise" might not work for everyone, but my advice is still the same. Insert a core value within yourself that you absolutely despise not being able to fulfill. Use that to your advantage when you need to complete important tasks.
The most important step to getting shit done is to take the first step. Inserting that little push from your core values or morals is enough to get your started. Once you're started just use will power to push through it.
Eventually doing things will suck less and you won't have to resort to "tricks" to get your shit done. Hope that helps, anon.

e68c8 No.1125

Thank you.

e68c8 No.1126

Maybe waifuism will save me. I just gotta do it for her!!

5e402 No.1127

Have you made the decision to get something done? I like to categorize my daily/weekly goals. You'll have essential/critical goals, bonus/side goals, and circumstantial goals. Work on identifying and getting the first done, then work on identifying and addressing the second, and then the third.

e68c8 No.1129

This sounds easy but acutally doing it…

b7f43 No.1130

Organizing stuff is extremely easy Anon.
You need motive to actually go through with your goals, or will power.
Since we're on a chan, you can rule out will power for a lot (most?) of people here.
After that, you need to give yourself something that drives you to complete your goals. As I mentioned >>1124.
Think of the day that robotics becomes advanced enough for AI to interact with the real world. You'll need enough money to buy one for your Waifu.
You wouldn't want her stuck in your computer forever, would you?
What kind of monster are you, anon?

24170 No.1131

get a job

fa7f2 No.1138

File: 1533941070922.png (928.6 KB, 883x903, 1533744476467.png)

Well step one is to cut out the 8 hours where you're drunk. That will not only free up 8 whole hours, it will measurably improve your life in general. Alcohol fucks with your emotions, especially if you consume enough of it to be drunk 8 hours a day. You probably assume you need to drink alcohol to fall asleep but you probably don't sleep as well as you think you do. The remaining 8 hours you are awake you are likely experiencing mild alcohol withdrawal which contributes to your anxiety and your shitty mood. Trust me I know what I am talking about, I did what you are doing for several years before getting my shit together. It's a hard habit to break but once you break it you will be happier. If sleep is an issue without alcohol I recommend diphenhydramine tablets (same thing as Benadryl but don't buy the name brand, just look for the 25 mg allergy tablets, you can usually get a ton of them for cheap).

Once you're in a better state of mind focus on getting a job. Doesn't matter what it is, especially if you're young and live at home, just working and earning an income will improve your sense of self-worth. People often erroneously believe that the reason they don't get anything done is because they don't have enough time, but that's usually not the case. People with huge amounts of free time generally do what you're doing, which is to become paralyzed by anxiety about what should be done first and what tasks are most important, and they generally end up wasting most of their time anyway. When you have a job you will value your leisure hours more and use them more productively. Also don't stress out so much about what tasks are important. Try and just pick an activity you would like to do, pick a time when you're going to do it, and then only do that activity at that time. If you're going to cut anything else out of your day, cut out things like internet browsing and television if you watch any. Again though the main thing is to just not stress out about it too much, the weight of the world doesn't rest on your shoulders. If you can find work and generate a stable income for yourself you will already have risen above where you were previously, then if you want to take a day or two off every now and again to just vegetate and play video games or mindlessly browse the internet you will have earned it at that point.

581db No.1182

Get out of the house. Start doing something that requires you to put your pants on and go out instead of wasting time in front of the computer. This works at least to some degree for me, I just can't seem to get moving and start doing things but when I'm already on my feet it's less of a problem.
Go for walks, join a club, take dance classes or whatever.

>When you have a job you will value your leisure hours more and use them more productively.
Or you'll be dead tired when you get home and still not get anything done. On the other hand, the paycheck doesn't hurt and it obviously ties in to the earlier point about getting out of the house.

b8c73 No.1212

Get some naltrexone and stop drinking. Now you have 8 hours a day back to be productive.


ac700 No.1240

How can you increase will power?

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