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Feel better about yourselves
I don't normally watch this kind of crap but someone sent it to me. Feel better about yourselves because you are not this nigger.


This can't be fucking legit.
As of February 7 2023 Steam says he has:
Nekopara Extra: 17,125 hours
Nekopara Vol. 0: 17,123 hours
Nekopara Vol. 1: 17,112 hours
Nekopara Vol. 2: 17,104 hours
Nekopara Vol. 3: 17,101 hours
Nekopara Vol. 4: 16,803 hours
Nekopara - Catboys Paradise: 7,895 hours

Total: 110,263 hours
He's played Vol. 1 at least since December 30 2014 (His first achievements). That's about 2,961 days, or 71,064 hours.
On average he's spent about 11% of his days since 2014 playing Nekopara.
Has Nekopara Vol 1 even existed for that long on Steam? Does this faggot have every game running overnight 24/7 at the same time?
These numbers cannot be real.
Sometimes overclocking a game with emulation/Cheat Engine fucks with in game time.

Pic unrelated
I think my most hours in any game would be Cookie Clicker, nothing even comes close except Dark Souls. But even then, that's only 3,000 hours. Almost all spent AFK. And Dark Souls I owned for almost...9 years.
I cannot fathom what makes someone play any game for 10,000 hours unless it's an esport they're making decent money on.
I spent over 600h in TF2 between 2016 and 2018 and thought that's way too much and I should stop. Now I spent four times as much in another game.
Wish I had aquired a healthy hobby instead but better late than never
I think Fallout New Vegas and a few fighting games are the only games I have more than a hundred hours in. No idea how many hundreds of hours went into my GBA and PS2 games as a kid without a reliable internet connection but I recall my Ratchet Deadlocked and Ratchet 1, 2, and 3 saves having more than 100 hours each. These days I can't play games any more without cranking the speed up at all times, and cranking it even higher with a fast forward button for the bits where precision doesn't matter. It's like I'm watching a VHS tape and fast forwarding through the ads. Fuck you PG Tips I'm not buying any fucking tea. I've got shit to do, I can't just hang around enjoying the ambiance in the Artisans Homeworld or Station Square like I used to, talking to every optional NPC after every plot event just to see if there's any new dialogue and restarting the game to hear the Sonic character's unique recap dialogue.