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Online Dream Journal
Do you have memorable dreams like I do? Why not share them? Dreams are gateways to one's subconscious and writing them down will help you understand important truths about yourself.

I had a dream just now where I had a series of conversations with very lifelike people I have never met. The first was one with two people who were also nor/mlpol/ice, a philosopher and a costume maker who was also a poet of sorts. The costume maker made thousands of dollars a year making high-effort costumes which he would then sell, like a tea kettle for instance or dragon. Our talk then shifted to the decline of the West and how they would describe it. They both impressed me with their knowledge of the English language, the costume-maker/poet in particular with how he was able to make florid language in a series of steps, with one line being longer than the next. I realized that I had neglected my creative side by pursuing the pragmatic, and then when I had grown tired of that becoming lazy. I resolved to rekindle that spirit.

The second was with a girl who had stayed with Kay's family, that Kay of Kay's cooking. In my dream Kay had a large and terrific family, though they were all awful cooks. I realized that I had neglected my own family which was a mistake because they bring me true joy.

The third was that I was chatting with a couple of blokes at an Irish pub I had been to before. They were former athletes, and although they no longer pursued professional sports, they still did swimming and weightlifting to stay healthy and have fun. I realized that I had neglected to have fun and am missing out on sports and social activities like drinking with friends. This dream in short was telling me how to improve my life and overall happiness.
What about if I dream only once every 5-7 years? Is that wrong?
I sometimes have these dreams where I have to do something simple but for some reason it's impossible. For example opening a package but the knife was infinitely dull and then anxiety strikes and I wake up.
What may that mean?
It is said that you dream every sleep but you often forget them. You can try some excercises to make yourself recall them after waking up if you will.
It means you feel inadequate.