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Exodus 90
2017 2104 2118
Starting on January 13th and ending on Easter will be the Exodus 90, an extended period of self-denial, prayer, and reflection. Although intended for Catholics I think anyone can join, at least in spirit. Here is a sample routine and it really seems to be something that can help turn you into an übermensch:

I'm fully intending to participate and I wonder if anyone else is interested. The hardest part for me would be not being able to browse or post on /mlpol/ for three months, but I'm facing a hard addiction to Youtube videos and cutting away the internet entirely can only be good.
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>No nut or unhealthy drinks
That's probably a good idea.
We should do a "lockdown challenge" where we all try to complete an exercise regimen and learn a new skill during the lockdown.
I've been practicing the guitar. Still shit. But gitting gud.
Gitting gud at the ocarina
Since the edocus is over should there be a new thread for general life improvements?
If you like, I mean its /ub/. You can continue to use this thread or you could make a new one. So far nothing has ever slid off on /ub/, so what makes the most sense to you?
Fuck, I made a typo. Edocus my ass. I need to stop typing with my eyes shut. hi supernintendo chalmers.
Anyeay back to the point...
I don't know. I guess keeping this thread bumped for next year is good. I don't want to make a "me and my quest to become fit" blog thread. Then again, where else could I say things like "sometimes I unwantedly miss the days when I was surrounded by awful people irl because it made me feel good for not being like them"? I can't get advice for shit like that on some bluepilled forum. People would reee every time a fragment of my power level shows.
Being fit feels good. Nofap is so good for the soul!
Feels weird to say I still fap around normie friends who hate nofap and think its disgustingly infuriatingly obviously BS.
I bet they just hate nofap because they lack the willpower to face themselves and win.
Nofap pro tip I discovered solo. When you want to fap look at something beautiful that isnt the female form. Flowers, good paintings, cool military shit, nature etc.
Society is fucked up. Sex is nothing sacred now. Men boast about the anime they nut to. Thots expect their beta cucks to be happy for their mistresses as they suck chad off in front of their exploited paypiggy. Souls seem gone and people are valued only by what pleasures or services or trinkets they can give others. Kids on tiktok dance while a thot cries and a weirdo shoves his arm town a toilet and a text to speech voice loudly reads the Cock and Ball Torture wikipedia page. Your mediadrugged NPC friend sees this and laughs and shows you the video like nothing's abnornal.
The world feels so big, and I'm not a big guy for anyone. I can't fight the jew beast in anything but the smallest of ways. The jew wants to kill my soul, but by staying alive I spite him. Yet I still feel like that isn't enough. I prepared for the apocalypse the best I could, when does it start? Maybe the real apocalypse was the downfal of society we lived through along the way.
What will the world look like in 40 years?
I'm making good progress in my indie game. People thought I was bullshitting them but it's working. It's coming together like me and someone else's mom. Can't wait to show it off in trailers. My whole life I thought a purpose was something you tell yourself you live for when you want to feel good about yourself. But now that I've found my real purpose, it feels good.