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File: 1492266722049-0.jpg (1.32 MB, 751x2629, brony.jpg)


Isn't that "NIGHTMARE MOON / LUNA" thread started by an actual brony? You know, retarded normie from equestriadaily and ponychan?
What do we do against that? Horseporn might be only partially effective. And even if we don't, we shouldn't advertise the "brony" part just because of the same reason.


you say this one? https:// mlpol.net/mlpol/res/7132.html

i made it, because the right wing pony fans are focusing too much on the solar part of the equestria reich and the other side of the balance must be taken in account and analized from a political view. Like how Hitler had Himmler in the esoteric side of the reich.

maybe that can answer your question and i became a brony (i dont like that word tho) because my ex GF was a pegasister and started to watch the show with her in 2011 and as a NS i started to see the redpills in the show back then


FYI you can link crossboard with 3 arrows



yes i just didnt care to do it


Consider going back to >>>/twitter/ with your obnoxious """brony""" shit, fam tbh smh





Consider accepting that if you like ponies then you are a brony . if you dont like the mix of right wing with mlp fim show then why are you here?


File: 1492466718972.gif (342.93 KB, 294x214, VaultBoySandman.gif)

>"Consider accepting that if you voted for Trump then you are r/the_Donald.


So many posts that are just >this


>>697 LOL implying i am from burger land


Where in the world do they not have burgers?




is THIS the official THIS thread.
I request a /THIS/ board to separate all the THIS fags.


And if I like vegetables, I am vegan. If I like looking at stars, I am an astronomer. If I like riding bicycles I must be a fucking motorhead.
Go die in a fucking ditch, alright?

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