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Are nigger hate threads considered cancer from old pol or genuine posts. Old pol had a daily spurge of them and normally nothing but hate bait than real discussion.


Most definitely a low raid from pol. Plenty of stock footage.


Low quality threads such as these should be deleted.
It's easy to notice a spike in baiting on such a slow board.
A shill-thread is still a shill-thread even if the OP isn't aware of it. It's basically mimicry of tactics a derailer would actually use


We should purge these threads


File: 1492230038043.png (62.93 KB, 579x436, how dis make you feel thre….PNG)

This is the kind of discourse we fought to escape from.
It's up to the good people of this board to deicde whether we're going to make something better, or to go down the path of making a nu/pol/ clone


They're fine as long as there is just one at a time. Mixed in with the violence and hate is a bunch of hilarious stupidity. It's a normalfag teaching thread, a dindu showcase.

t. /pol/ack migrant


A daily hate is o.k. but a daily bait is bad for your health.


This was one user with a Canadian flag who set out to harass a user with a Japanese flag across three threads


I tend to agree that the nigger hate threads and bait threads should be purged. Thou I found the horse thread a bit funny and posted in it, but it was because it was a fresh take on a stale shill thread and I viewed more as a shitposting for fun thread and not a derailment thread. But the brown horse vs. white guy is used now and subsequent threads like that should be purged. It is fun once in a while but not every day or month.
But I also agree that hate threads can have their uses as >>426 states; war-chest buildup. But it is also as >>420 states lots of reposted images that tend to be posted over and over again.
It is a fine line to walk, there are upsides and downsides with the threads.


/pol/ has a stated set of rules for quality control banning threads by five different names. we have rules banning several types of threads. The only bans we have outstanding now are bans against a user who posted a "jap hate thread." So why don't we ban all "x hate threads" and eliminate a type of thread we are best off without?


I agree, the Policies of Polestria may need amendment.
They've been tested out on this board and generally things have been good. But perhaps adding a rule 10 in regards to these kind of threads is in order.


I think the admins have a very good job so far. They have dealt with problems quickly and the horse cock is a very nice twist on old defences. The colour alone makes it better. I am not a big fan of rules of any kind as I hardly pay attention to them myself. As it stands I think the rules are fine. Maybe rule 10 could be `Admins are Gods and can do whatever they want`. It is a bit annoying that a US flag has a certain level of anonymity on here but other flags do not. As maybe the sole Jap flag my only defence is to take a break and come back later which in itself is quite healthy for me. 2 weeks with only very minor incursions is quite good considering how /pol/ could be in the past. Or am I just bating them!


Out of interest my Grand dad built and maintained spit fire during WW2 and my father in law built planes for the kamikaze. The only reason that my father-in-law is still alive was because he was not old enough to fly his own suicide mission. He has an authentic bandanna in his house which is probably the one thing I would like to inherit. I have already inherited a spitfire bolt and army uniform buttons put together into a lighter from my granddad.
Is this going to become a trend or will you finish when you have done with the photo album?


pics or it didn't happen


File: 1492265120600.jpg (2.35 MB, 3968x2976, Boltpic.JPG)

You are just going have to wait for the bandanna.


that's actually pretty fucking cool japanon


File: 1492319943905-0.jpg (2.44 MB, 3968x2976, KitkaT.JPG)

File: 1492319943905-1.jpg (2.4 MB, 3968x2976, Teeth.JPG)

As requested.
https:// vid.me/52xC
https:// vid.me/MUOv
https:// vid.me/9l9T

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