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File: 1514691793002.jpg (59.83 KB, 470x260, id-2.jpg)


How possible is it to make ID's optional for a thread? ID's were originally used on /pol/ to help facilitate debate. However, for most boards there are no ID's, let alone flags. Of /mlp/ like threads on /mlpol/ can ID's be turned off? In an example, put a toggle on when making a new thread to either allow or disallow ID's (with leaving ID's the default)?


I'll look into it. Should not be a problem making it an option.


That kind of tool might wind up being used for shitposting, not that I don't have faith in the mods ability to keep it in check, but creating more work may not be a good policy in this case.


Some shitposting may be permissible every now and then imo. If it causes a lot of undue stress the mods could always pull the plug.


That sets a precedent for what's allowed and what's not with no clear guidelines that people can follow. This leads to the situation on 4chan where some stuff is allowed while others are not with no rhyme or reason given. Shitposting isn't and never was funny.


Don't worry about it. We have a nice, high trust community where that won't be a problem. If the thread has IDs, you behave, if it doesn't, you get to do a little more funposting. If it gets out of hand we can just ban all the leafs and the australians and everything will be cool.


File: 1514697148182.png (38.11 KB, 185x233, 1426696558784.png)

I'm australian, you cunt!


File: 1514698440790.jpg (10.79 KB, 236x287, Emu_Trooper.jpg)

Go back to your cage #3911


Any word on the state of this? Been a couple weeks now.


File: 1517288393703.jpeg (164.58 KB, 526x1169, image.jpeg)

Reminder: America lost a battle in WW2 against noone


File: 1517416688638.jpg (40.67 KB, 628x676, 1514044151318.jpg)

>The Japanese, however, had secretly abandoned the island two weeks prior, and so the Allied landings were unopposed. Despite this, after over two days in thick fog and in a confused state of affairs, U.S. and Canadian forces mistook each other as the Japanese.


please add option when board has no IDs by default to allow it in certain thread


To be fair it is easy to mistake Canadians for gooks.


File: 1520147796751.gif (204.08 KB, 404x416, 1519004402032.gif)

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