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File: 1504216159681.jpg (598.27 KB, 2304x3456, 14 year old finnish girl w….jpg)


Hello Team,

I would like to ask what the limitations for a thread on our site are. How many posts can I make before bump limit hits and how many pictures can I post maximum per thread before it will 404?

Thank you. c:


350 is the current limit before a thread will cease to bump. I see no lines in the code pertaining to an image limit, nor am I aware of any thread having ever reached the bump limit


>is suspicious
>1st saw img on /sp/
>post asks about bump and image limits
Ninja senses tingling



im not a crook :c


Same here.

Why does he need to know about image limits? Why would anyone even think about this? I never realized that there could be any such option until now. Also those abnoxious discord smileys. Its suspicious for me. I too remember this picture in refference to /sp/ /inta/ conflict.

Maybe somebody wants to abuse our data storage? Make it exceed server plan?


File: 1504245099344.jpg (20.66 KB, 399x352, linkbob.jpg)


but its just me, yer boi


OP is a /sp/artan. Just ban him now and be done with it.


I can see hashes. OP is a regular user with a simple reason for wanting to know thread limits


If that is the case, my apologies. Something just seemed off about this thread, like >>2859 and >>2802 mentioned.


Ok then.



The Aryanne thread on /mlpol/ is suddenly bumping again although we are above the mention limit of 350 posts. This was not the case a few days earlier if I remember correctly. Was it changed recently?


Last night I raised the global bump limit from 350 to 400, specifically so the Aryanne thread could be bumped. This is in part because last night a person claiming to be a new poster to mlpol.net posted new content to the thread, and I thought it would be good for that new content to be seen and replied to. I am also sentimental about the Aryanne thread. On April 27, the board was slid by raiders, and I stayed up all night recreating threads from the archive, and for that I was invited to be on mlpol.net staff. The Aryanne thread is the last surviving thread of those I created that night, and I did not want to see it slide off the catalog, especially with the last dozen or so posts being a derailment about anusses and autism. Expect the limit to be lowered from 400 back down to 350, but not quite yet


File: 1505068090359.jpg (1.38 MB, 2894x4093, 03_Mia_Anthro_Catgirl.jpg)


I see, a temporary measure it is. Now I also understand why it was done. Thank You!. the feeling one can develop for old threads is not alien to me, but this is what archives are for.

I will create a new Aryanne thread by the end of next week and would have included some highlights from the past thread, but i do think with a new artist visiting for the first time this was probably reasonably.


File: 1505073856914.png (345.9 KB, 691x836, image.png)

Raised again to 450, because why not?


File: 1505127261173.png (2.45 MB, 4000x2721, 1493347386049-2.png)

Can it be put in Golden Oaks after? It deserves forever remembrance


File: 1505161512170.png (308.76 KB, 1000x1100, 963322__safe_solo_oc_cute_….png)

I am definitely placing it in Golden Oaks


Next thread when?
I've noticed some file-disappearance in /go/: the first Leslie thread is missing all of its pics…


File: 1505188727230.png (516.4 KB, 3100x3020, image.png)

When the thread was moved from /mlpol/ to /go/, by mistake three separate identical copies were created on /go/, so two of these were deleted. But because of the way images work, the deletion of images in the redundant threads caused the deletion of the images board-wide. So every image in the extant thread is now listed as "file deleted." Fortunately I saved all of the images, so I could still provide an image dump if need be.


I think I got most of it.
Save it for the next Leslie-related thread.


File: 1505665902766.png (1022.51 KB, 914x908, Mein Führer.png)


New Aryanne thread is up. You can reset the bump limit and move the old one to the archives if you wish.


Everyone please remember to vote good threads into the featured archive.


The site-wide reply bump-limit is now set to 350. However, /vx/ now has a board specific bump-limit of 450


File: 1505668790011.jpg (48.78 KB, 443x447, luna_hug_anon.jpg)


Thank you.

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