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File: 1497367035795.jpg (52.6 KB, 1619x187, canada zoo laws.JPG)


Recently a moderator deleted some bestiality porn posted on /mlpol based on the pretense that bestiality porn is illegal in Canada. However, I cannot find a source explicitly stating that it is illegal, but I cannot find one that states it is legal, especially since Wikipedia's source is essentially itself, because the worldmap for bestiality uses the wiki page, but then the wiki page uses the worldmap to prove a thing.

So what's the official ruling on this? Is bestiality porn banned on the website, despite being ambiguous in canada? Can someone find a actual law, or should the website just err on the side of caution?


I just think that posting bestiality is something akin to posting blacked and interracial porn.

Feels degenerate…


considering the >no hooves culture, and that there's drawn horse porn everywhere, I can't see why people posting actual horse porn would annoy anyone, especially since the pony porn is an anti-reddit/shill tactic.


We're going to look into it. As best as we can tell, possession of zoophilic pornography is legal, but distribution, like placing it on an image board, is not. Mlpol staff is mostly at work right now, and no one has time to do seriously research on the subject now, so we'll return an answer later.


Why doesn't some Canadian ask the local authorities?


Are they in the states? If so which ones?


The staff has considered the issue, and has made the determination that videos and photographs of human sex acts with animals are illegal content under the laws of our server's host country, and this will be deleted immediately if posted to the board. Please do not post these videos and images to the site.


File: 1497589342067.jpg (37.76 KB, 1278x638, 1493658310387.jpg)

I know for a fact that all" non-penetrative" bestiality is legal in Canada, but I guess that isn't very much help here…


haha fucking nope.

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