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Sooo… I am currently at the discussion with /sg/ @ 4/pol/. They seem to be - at least some of them, tired of endless shillery and increasing retardation. So, the question to our beloved mods&devs:

Can they have a place here, with special sub-board dedicated to conflicts - like [wic] - world in conflict, where they can discuss their stuff as they wish to without shillness and under protection of horse-pussy.


This is a idea to be considered…
How many of them would actually post there regularly though?


Well /sg/ is about from 40 up to 80 regulars. That would also attract people from other threads on 4/pol/ so we will grow even more. I guess 75% is willing to post here frequently, expect few butthurt weeboos.


>Perhaps a tripfag would have some weight
There would also be a few tripfags coming here, and if flags aren't an option, we could take names (and trips) if necessary.


I honestly don't like this. Starting generals or whole new subboard(whatever thats supposed to be) for 40 or 80 regular sounds like a terrible idea.

Generals are against the rules and while we have /1ntr/ having their own board with small traffic, they are not politically themed so its different.

/sg/ is political so it should got to /mlpol/. It already serves for politics(and ponies) so if they want, nobody is stopping them to post there. There is no shilling at the present on mlpol.net and mods would step in if they see /sg/uys do the shilling.

Quote from /mlpol/ Policy page:

"HAPPENINGS" allowed, but not "GENERALS"

"HAPPENINGS" are the first responder threads to world events, and are required to have basic information; who, what, when, where, how, why, and a citation or link to an article or direct video of the event itself
"GENERALS" are circlejerks that stew like-minded opinions without room for dissention, recall that originally Trump threads were an interesting place to get upto date ont eh election and eventually became 30 awoo posts, 10 copy-pasted link posts, 20 posts about memeing energy, and and 200+ posts talking about dubs with little actual discussion talking
To prevent the kind of closed-minded thinking that was basically meme petri dishes "GENERALS" are forbidden, first post is edited to a happening, second is deleted with a warning, third is bannable


But 4chan has become absolutely unbearable for /sg/ regulars due to the shilling and retardation, and 8chan (and to a lesser extent, endchan) are compromised. We just want a place to move to and integrate.


File: 1496775097823.png (1.91 MB, 3507x2481, 1491147186442.png)

I second this! Besides wouldn't it be great to geolocate and bomb terrorists camps, /mplol/?


Shilling in 4chan is absolutely unbearable right now because of US airstrikes on Assad in East Syria. It's like this in every major Syria happening, and almost every happening in general on 4chan.


It's ok ebinu-posterinu, we could always annex another q&a board like /mlpol/ did. ;^)
Relax, guys. We are just asking nicely for a safe spot in here.


Well, not exactly "annex", more like creating our own quiet little corner.
>Until the mods know what to do about us.


I just hate that we're not only fighting shills and re(ddi)tards, we're fighting the fucking US and European Governments


File: 1496776931745.jpg (26.68 KB, 508x566, 1494915698719.jpg)

Such is the life of assadist. ;^) You and me both man. We are what /pol/ was ment to be - fuckin around with everyone, doing stuff as we want to be done in our way. Now, when /pol/ is that fucked up, we are what's left of the original idea. no matter if you are a newfag or the oldfag.
>inb4 entitlemnet
well duh, that's how it is.


Bad thing is, /pol/ didn't really go to shit until Hillary started shill programs on 4chan and Reddit, which forced 4chan into status of top 100 most popular websites. From that, the normies and redditards flooded in. Between the retarded normies and redditard shitposting, as well as the *genuine* shills, AND the mods/janitors being bought and paid for by the deep state, quality of discussion on /pol/ went into the drain. And there is literally nothing to stop them from doing it again with other chans and offshoots of chans (like this one).


I object about this one. It has that unique defence switch of horse-pussy, something that worked wonders @ April 1st. Plus owners originate from both /mlp/ and /pol/ and understand that there are principles. And it's not that popular, plus lewed themed horse cartoon might really took out normie interest in it.


But the shill agencies don't care about horse pussy. They want their pay, and their bosses tell them to shill a website, so they shill it. If the employees of shill agencies won't post on a website because it's *too weird* for them, they get fired, and the agency hires someone who won't be turned away by that.


Gosh, you are such a downer sometimes.
>assuming normies would want to deal with /mlpol/ kind of autism.


>assuming normies would want to deal with /mlpol/ kind of autism.
why not? They were willing to deal with 4chan's autism, and were quite successful I might add. Even if they don't bring in normies, they could use bots to flood the catalog with shill/slide threads like they do on 4/pol/. And then there is the moderation. Given enough outside pressure - in the form of blackmail, threats to make known their online habits (mods have lives too, and deal with normies pretty frequently), economic pressure through lawsuits that do nothing for anyone except drain money, harassment, and even threats of physical harm, the mods will break. The mods know this, that is why they have the "Heaven has fallen" distress signal, so mlpol knows what has happened. Failing sublety, the State can simply shut down the website by DDoSing the server into oblivion. The State is very powerful, nothing is outside their reach. Certainly not a cartoon horse fetish website.
Never underestimate the State. The only way to stop the State is to overthrow it in an *ARMED* revolution! The reason I am a downer, is because I know that the State will suppress and extinguish everything unless an armed revolt against the State takes place. And every day, armed revolt is becoming more and more attractive not only to mlpol and 4chan, but even the normies are beginning to realize armed revolt is the only option left. Peace is no longer an option. It's rise up now, or be slaves for life!


File: 1496779597677.jpeg (143.47 KB, 692x1024, 456436346.jpeg)

First things first. Mods banned TOR so it's kinda good for us. Second, they do seem to react quickly for any kind of shilling. I know 4/pol/ experience might left you drained but have faith.


>mods have lives too
I can reassure you that at least this Mod (me) don't have a life, or money to take away from me.


>a place where there can discuss world conflicts without shills and with a pony shield
What is that other than the main board? Don't we already do that on the main board to a degree?


File: 1496779826969.jpg (17.11 KB, 480x308, 1496117616540.jpg)

Lurk moar


Well yes,BUT rule 9 "no generals". You see /sg/ follows certain pattern, even tho discussion is really felxible. Once we are done in one thread - we are making another - hence the name - Syria General. And thanks to situation there being developed on a daily basis we are never kinda stalling.


I try to have faith, but it's really hard.


This, desu…
The "no generals" rule is pretty clear, but I would still like to give a home to all those poor /sg/ refugees…


Then how about a 'Daily Syria Happening' thread?


Thanks mate. If he says no, I'll understand and respect his decision.


Or maybe "Daily Syrian Report"?
Thanks, I too will understand this.


That's pessimistic to the point where it even seems unrealistic, Anon.


I don't see why rule 9 couldn't be amended to say (except Syria). I mean, it's not like we follow rules 1 and 2


It could work..
Honestly, I have no problem with /sg/; it's the other kinds of cacer that may emerge if the "no generals" rule is broken that I'm wary of.


Woha woha woha. Prrr.. easy there , stallion. We don't want to be special snowflakes, yo. First us, then nat-socs, then an-caps and libertarians and every1 else would want to have enerals, we want to avoid it, right? You know what buried 4chan, generals too.


It would be very nice to have a Syria thread without having a full third (or half, or even 2/3rds) of a thread being shilling, calling out shills, fighting futilely against /ptg/ and redditards. Effectively driving meaningful discussion into the ground. And we can't advertise where to go on /sg/ because then the above would happen here. So /sg/ regulars would have to find their way here on their own.
I guess it's up to the admin at this point.


File: 1496781349086.png (571.7 KB, 600x580, 14214214.png)

Aye, we await the sentence. But ebinu, imagine cukghrebi getting here.


File: 1496781486992.jpg (22.97 KB, 250x250, 1496162260718.jpg)

>tfw I realized that if we joined mlpol, there could be pony versions of pic related to help me integrate.


>generals ruined 4chan
Easy there chicken little, ther is ALOT more than generals that buried 4chan.


File: 1496781986924.png (482.41 KB, 1280x720, 46436436436.png)

I know, but it all starts somewhere…
There is more than you can possibly imagine… take a look at pic rel, put your autism to work and create ur favourite emote from this one.


General existed so people could post about a single topic in one thread so there wouldn't be 10 threads on the same topic in the catalog. Generals on 4chan did turn into circlejerks, but not because of the general itself, but because the shilling polarized both sides to the point where anons became paranoid and *firmly* entrenched in their beliefs that anyone who challenged those beliefs were called shills, even if there was a valid point to said challenge. The shilling and subsequent polarization drove a wedge between 4chan anons to the point that circlejerking was the only thing anons could do due to being so massively entrenched in their beliefs.
>Remember, the goal of shills is NOT to convert people, their goal is to shut down discussion, and what better way to do that than by polarizing people to the point that there IS no discussion because any interaction outside of those generals leads to clashes instead of coexistence, and anyone who doesn't fall in line within the generals becomes the target of bullying, which leads to infighting within the generals.
>Sorry if my post was somewhat incoherent, it was pretty much a rant.
TL;DR: It takes a lot more to drive a site into the ground than just a few generals.


Exactly my point. It wasn't the generals that did 4chins, it was the shill-complicit atmosphere/mods. I'm not a huge fan of opening generals here, but I'm not gonna start reeeing at the mention of the idea.


In the days before the merge, genuine shills were trying their hardest to start a flame war between /ptg/ and /sg/. It made the entire board unbearable; civilized discussion was virtually nonexistent.
Shills aren't like the JIDF: they don't care about trying to change your opinion, nor do they think it's possible. What shills want is to inhibit discussion, so that Anons cannot interfere with (((their))) plans. They'll do anything in their power to decrease board quality, eradicate proper discussions, and ensure that good threads are slid into nonexistance.


I'm off for a while.


File: 1496783442999.jpg (180.38 KB, 800x579, PicsArt_05-13-03.42.27.jpg)

On the first days of discussion, alot of us voted to allow /sg/ as an exception to the rule while foundations where being built. In the end, it was deemed all, even /sg/.
Can we vote to overturn it, now that we have grown stable? Again, ONLY FOR /SG/ it's a constant habbening.
>I've only been in it once during a tg and sg party during primary
No /tg/, no other generals, but golden rule for /sg/?


At the very least, the exception should only be reserved to constantly developing topics, in which "happenings" occur every day.


We are interested in giving /sg/ a home here. Please provide a way to reach you (eg. discord server, irc, etc.) by reporting my post, and leaving the information within the report reason. Thank you.


Wonderfully welcomed. When?


How about we extend the maximum post count in each thread on that board?


The thing is, that subdiscord of /sg/ was shoah'd. Can't see other way to contact other /sg/ers. I will try to talk to Ebin, maybe he will get some ideas.


Good luck anon


File: 1496852450013.png (9.88 KB, 143x279, RD template used.png)

I want this to be a thing now


Anyway, make sure you're able to find some dedicated posters, so traffic will stay up.


Honestly I don't think generals are a threat to the community at the moment.

I also honestly think that interest in politics on /mlpol/ is shrinking a little. Though I would think its because people being either busy IRL, with content creation or other things to help each other.

Getting some infographics about basic politics could be very helpful…


We need moar /pol/ content.


File: 1496853373294.jpg (748.2 KB, 1600x1169, PicsArt_05-17-01.05.27.jpg)

From /pol/ and agreed. My rl keeps me from really doing much at the moment.
End the /sg/ sanction, let them have it here for the heavy shilling times, if thats all they need or as a new home. It would also fire up some more /pol/ posting then the current ebbNflow


Right then, I will prepare the proper thread format.


File: 1496854169978.jpg (78.19 KB, 1024x577, yoko_ritona_and_rainbow_da….jpg)

I for one welcome the Syrian refugees.
Wew that. XP


But remeber, I do not order them to come here. It is all up to them if they prefer to stay on 4shill or move to the better place. Will get in contact with fellow Ebin tripfag, guess he will bake new bread titled something like "Pack it up we are leaving". Fun fact: we have about 6 actual syrian regulars posting from time to time. Dunno how will they react tho… if at all.


File: 1496854604141.png (379 KB, 862x865, 139369336926.png)

U could tell them there's horsepussy


Well I know Arabs love horses, but I dunno if to THAT extend.


OK, the deed is done, we shall se how it turns out.


File: 1496865430666.jpg (313.74 KB, 665x1298, PicsArt_05-11-10.19.01.jpg)

Slow with steady build up. It's stable here with mods and admins who do great jobs. It all depends but here's to you


I don't know about the "Pack it up, we are leaving" on 4/pol/. As I said in previous /sg/ threads, we can't exactly advertise where we are moving to because then the shills and retards would just follow us here (and potentially bring friends).
>Depends on if the mods are ready for a banwave if we advertise where we move to.


File: 1496867189054.jpg (151.62 KB, 688x1044, PicsArt_05-14-11.31.52.jpg)

We kinda harden em with the /qa/ raids. We have some good mods and jans. Even a kill wall


not a problem our users spam mlpol.net advertisements all over 4chan


File: 1496889999673.webm (9.53 MB, 1920x1080, You Arrr a Pirate.webm)

We're more than willing to ban shills 24/7 if it means giving /sg/ a comfy home.


Hmmm. Maybe we could send a code of some kind?
>I propose an anagram of 'My Little Syria' or 'My Little Syria Politics' or something like that for the regulars to figure out and get a clue of where to go so that you guys don't have to go to the effort of banning a lot of shills and useful idiots that followed us.
>Plus anyone that can figure it out (and goes to the effort to do so) deserves a spot in /sg/.

Or we could say that /sg/ has mlpol as a new home within a bread **That will not advertise the fact that we are moving out to the rest 4shill, as a title**, and hope for the best.
What do you think?




fugged up crosslink


File: 1496890729424.png (853.67 KB, 5000x5070, 1493429123423-1.png)

We aren't overly concerned with the prospect of shills coming here. I haven't banned anyone in ages. It'd be nice to fuck up some man-bun's day. That being said, feel free to use an anagram if you think it necessary.


hmmm. I'll have to see what Poland (and others) say about this.


File: 1496891824600.gif (1.68 MB, 300x259, 1491103342085.gif)

Sounds good anon


I think that the "no generals" rule is pretty stupid and that cancerous generals shouldn't be held against the beneficial practice of consolidating discussions of a specific topic into one place instead cluttering the catalog with multiple redundant duplicate threads.

For example, the pixel canvas threads are general threads in everything but name and I don't see anyone expressing a desire to have them purged.

I realize that some rotten generals have caused problems in the past, but I don't have faith the "no generals" rule is going to do anything but ban the "g" word.


This is pretty much what I wanted to say. The Pixelcanvas threads are generals, and hasn't given anyone cancer yet. The same thing would happen to other threads too, it's just that these ones are fast moving but the rest of the board is slow so there's generally no need to create followup threads to move to.

I'm a little curious what people not from /pol/ have to say, as I recall horsefuckers weren't thrilled with all the generals on /mlp/ either.


File: 1496970727139.jpg (543.28 KB, 1543x1474, PicsArt_04-23-10.54.33.jpg)

The general rule works kinda like a bulwark. I was thinking the canvas threads are like a general atm, but it's like free advertising for us. It's useful but we should at some point nip it down some.
Having generals, though not starting out and some weathering a circle jerk, are still a prime spot for shills to land since a community tends to form within the g. /sg/ was debated to be the golden rule from start up, so its more like /sg/ is the golden rule, why canvas is more advertising run by the users.


So what, to try to get more publicity all generals are now allowed and Rule 9 now is amended like the US did away with Alcohol? Yeah, that sure ended up ok.

This is a bad idea, generals have halted /pol/ Crippled it even. When /mlpol/ wrote it's laws, it was a huge conversation of why generals were bad and it was because it created threads which would stick on the board by the dozens and no new thread could be made because it would slide them off quick. Many would stick to the generals and threads would go dead quick.

The reason behind the no general rule was to give life back into the board. When you had a question or a discussion, you discussed your point, then moved on. If you had a new question or topic, you created a new thread.

Allowing one bad apple will spoil the bunch. And before you call a slippery slope fallacy. Observation of 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ will show exactly the same. Generals spell death of the boards.


To any admin and or moderator.

Our boards constitution was made to unify /mpol/ and set standards to keep a clean board, free of shills and to promote a healthy board.

Why is the rules being under attack now for the second time. First time it was on banning certain types of pony porn. Which the board outcries with "Shall not be infringed". Now for the second time, it is about generals.

What is next? And what is very upsetting is that this site isn't even a year old and already trying to revise everything. Why? To gain more people on this board? Since when was quantity valued higher than quality? If that was the case I would still be on /pol/ on 4chan where the quantity is so high that there is a shill thread every 2 minutes and some BTFO and General every minute.

That is not what /mpol/ set out to become.

This board will grow, how ever slow it might be, it will grow, but if you wish people to give a damn and stay here, and to retain that community, a focus on keeping quality must be preserved for the future of our political board.


generals in general are not allowed, there has been discussion about creating a board just for the /sg/ crowd, for now we're allowing their existence while we sort out how we will move forward, /sg/ is quality political discussion (they call in airstrikes for fucks sake) for now I ask the users to be patient while we find the best course of action


I'm going to break protocol and come out for a bit since a lot of these decisions were made when I was around the first time

>banning certain types of pony porn

unless something new has popped up while I've been gone, the only thing that was outright banned was illegal for the server to host. Everything else was given a guideline on spoilering which didn't necessarily have to be followed (correct me if I'm wrong)
>shall not be infringed
100% agree.


File: 1497363681064-0.png (195.4 KB, 800x1080, 423661__solo_explicit_nudi….png)

File: 1497363681064-1.png (908.95 KB, 1280x1024, 592859__explicit_artist-co….png)

File: 1497363681064-2.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2500x2453, 456399__explicit_artist-c….jpeg)


>Generals in General

/SG/ stands for, Syrian General I am confused. How again is this not a general?

And my argument stands, quantity vs quality.

I do not know you personally but the first time, or what I have observed, pony porn in reference to "horse cock" was up for debate of being banned from the board. Which would of been a complete infringement of our right to even imposed it.

The height of the debate was you banned some of it, and what more will be taken. Even though this is a slippery slope fallacy, the argument was compared to gun rights in the USA. First automatics, then ammo complicity then outlawing concealed carry in certain parts. Where does it end?

In the end the people won and we can continue to post all of pics related.

Now how is allowing one general not going to prevent an outcry of others saying, "well if this is allowed, why is this and not my genera?
Well that is unfair, the mods are playing favorites!"

If you want to know what to do with the /sg/ugees then in my humble opinion, figure that out, before you start allowing for generals.
Of course, you are the admin and in the end, your board, but I reserve my right to opinion hope I can debate this openly.

Thank you.


There was never, in my experience, any legitimate moderator discussion about banning horsecock or even gay porn from the board. The first and only high-level talks we had when I was head moderator was about banning filly porn because its technically illegal to host depending on how you read Canadian law


Then I have no idea where you were, but there was even a straw poll on it.


PS: I tend to try to archive EVERYTHING.
I don't take screenshots, I save the entire HTML page. Including the 4chan's /mlpol/ threads when we started to make the rules up. And I was there on my soap box ranting on just as I am here till we all settled down and started putting together what would be our little own constitution.


No offense to Atlas, but Atlas' strawpolls were put out by Atlas for the most part without any actual discussion prior or after amongst the rest of the staff



Just gonna pitch in with little something of my own.

I believe that https://mlpol.net/mlpol/res/36892.html#36892 is a shitpost. Much alike to those I saw on 4/pol/ and listed here: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/res/36892.html#36942

Why keep this around when somebody deleted pixelcanvas thread from yesterday which had small special purpose…


You are correct, that is a shit post.
and yes I did ask the mods there the consensus on real horse porn. Not ok.


btw, I have to give you a thumbs up for actually using the term "amongst". Many don't know that is an actual word. Spell check will always try to correct it.


File: 1497365707410.png (28.5 KB, 642x164, YFBMwlY.png)

Only context I have for gay/filly porn in my modchat archives


Yeah if you look above I sent a link, the thread is still up apparently. But a huge open debate whether to allow or disallow gay horse porn.

As I stated, this isn't the first time the rules have been subject to altercations and this board isn't even a year old. The rules held well for the week of what was 4chan's /mlpol/ So why now all the sudden requires for change?

Simple, to gain more site users.

My argument remains that is will do nothing more than increase the quantity over the quality.

The biggest complaint of generals, at the time of the written rule, was stagnation of the board.

So as long as we are open about discussion and considering things, let's try to hit some of the most common of arguments. And as we do, I will try to go back in the archives to pull up even more arguments from the original /mlpol/ thread on 4chan.

I need some rest though, I work grave yard shifts so I need to hit the hay. But do intend to pick his up again.


The pixel canvas thread, though cleared by more than one moderator, was deleted by a moderator after another moderator suggested that the links posted there "could be IP fishing." Essentially, it was mistakenly deleted.

You're the one who created the rule requiring gay pony porn to be spoilered. That's what he's talking about. We had a massive discussion and everything over it


Well, it could be indeed IP fishing even though autor of the thing said he has no reason to ip fish.


File: 1497412380974.png (5.26 MB, 5000x5000, Generals Ratified as No.png)

Thank you based moderator.

@Admins and @Moderators.

>The very 1st thread and Ratification of Edicts of Equestria


The consensus spoke that they were in agreement to the current ruling with 73% of the vote going against having generals.

>Revision #25 4chan /MLPOL/



I blame the fucking jews


I was in the threads where we wrote the rules. The reason for the "Generals" rule was to avoid excessive circle jerking. We can make an acception for /sg/ as we do not have enough /pol/ related content. To sum it up: They fucking called in an air strike on a terrorist training camp, they get to keep their name.




I was in the thread, so was the polish guy.

Everyone though made some valid arguments. Many saw how it for one halted every board they were on. And for /pol/ they only allowed more readit'ers to fill in. Yes a real circle jerk.

Even if the whole "call in an airstrike" was a direct cause of the /sg/, then I congratulate them but still stand by which majority vote, voted on.

How is a syrian general no different than the POTUS generals? How about the Seth Rich Generals which are taken down faster than they can appear over on /pol/.

Seriously, the distinction is slim but they all tend to lead down to the same reasons which were argued at the time the rule was made. They tend to kill boards.

If you truly stand by having a general, then have a containment board dedicated to only that. Keep analytics on the regular board and the general board and see how they affect one another.

If it hold up well, then so be it, but when the entire boards health starts to wane, I will be back standing on my soap box just as I were on April the 3rd, 2017.


It's overrated. Also, /sg/ is productive, whereas /ptg/ definately is not.(Mod from 1501)


Giving /sg/ a home will not be the death of the site. Are you retarded?


>(Mod from 1501)
Well that is very bias of you.

>disregard anothers opinion as to install a totalitarian state.

Democracy is defiantly not overrated. It gives valid feed back to growing issues which plague the system.

When that thread was made it was made on the basis of representation of the people, not one individual. All sides were taken in to account, because frankly, /pol/ and many of what was 4chan became so broken.

The mods on 4chan didn't care one I Ota about any of the boards, or had any regards to the culture or what the people values were. All we wanted a place to discuss and share our thoughts and ideas. It was a little experiment, and on April 1st worked because the moderators thought we would tear ourselves apart and became non-interferant.

What the "people" did was govern themselves. We formed a psudo-government and weaponized pony porn to keep the shills away, banned generals, race-mixing and btfo threads to keep the readeditors away. What we did was no different than when Hitler ordered massive book banning and stomped out the degeneracy.

/pol/ Hails from two ideologies and both on the right, liberaltarianism and Nationalism. We respect each other because we both share the common enemy of communism. So I respect your stance and only hope you can respect mine despite being opposed.


>Democracy is defiantly not overrated.
Yes it is, democracy is simply polite mob rule, but I don't think either of us are here right now to discuss politics.
I do agree, we worked together to build a comfy home for ourselves. That being said, some of us are being excluded from this comfy home because of a legalized view of the rules we created. How do you justify that?


File: 1497473950895.jpg (82.77 KB, 704x376, 1497101893858-4.jpg)

Coming from /tg/ primary time, the new /ptg/ is nothing but reddick. We knew it should of been a temp general, but was taken over by reddshits. /sg/ was debated to be a golden rule to #9, but with a shaky start, all where deemed to be excluded. Now we are more stable, we discussed /sg/ once more, a general that is a constant happening. We don't need any other generals and /sg/ will do no harm. It is the ONLY general, if you don't count canvas. I don't like the canvas myself, but it is a useful user based advertisiment.
Other generals do not have the extra daily changes /sg/ gets, thus keeping a circle jerk from fully forming.


wrong(it was sure as hell made a requirement after you quit. Should have stuck around)


Probably should have. Had my reasons to dip for a bit, for the best for me in the end


The rules were made to make this a comfy new home. And the so called "mob" ruled in favor of rules to enforce that it would remain "comfy".

Even the United States of America started out as no more than a bunch of men in a room, scratching their heads on how to run their states. But it was by putting together each other's heads that anything of worth was to come, but we sure muddied that up quick.

That being said, /mlpol/ was created in the same way, to make this a comfy home and the way we done so was by putting out heads together and creating the edicts. In a way, we rebelled from 4chan and decided to spark a revolution. We attacked every single board on 4chan and for what we believed. Now like America, we are our own board. And who did it? Was it 4chan and its "Government" nope, it was the people and the weaponized pony porn.

So I am very passionate, and adamant when it comes to democracy, but don't confuse it with our bi-partician houses, because it isn't the same.

I am sorry you feel vindicated, or excluded. But that was as you may read in the image, the reason behind the Edicts. No Shills, No BTFO, No Race Mixing, No Generals.

All of these people are being excluded from our comfy home, why should we let them in? Should we allow them in?

No, for the simple matter that when we ever did, it was what degraded the board and turned what was comfy into misery. It is still agonizing to be on 4chan's /pol/ or even /mlp/ because of how degrading it is to carry on a conversation with out shit posting; with out shills from all over, readit, shareblue and any other left wing group.

There can be much to discuss about many issues in politics including Syria, but it can be handled in a way which isn't a general.

Instead of >Syrian General

Try >Airstrike on Damascus, 48 killed by drone strike.
When that is done, move on. >IED Kills 6 Marines near Iraqi boarder. 4 more injured.

The second reasoning behind the ruling was to prevent stagnation of the board and promote the people to create more threads about the current events. The first to prevent the readit'ors from shit posting. The third is the circle jerking with in the generals themselves.

So my question is, how do you is it really that anyone is really excluded when they can still create posts around the issues? The only real difference is that you are forced to create a new thread, instead of remaining contained to the same place.


>A string of happenings for a topic that has no shortage of happenings
I like this.


Democracy is the best way to keep the governance of a community in line with the general will of that community. Who better to say what is best for a community than the majority of that community? But let's put this in the context of mlpol.net.

See staff rule 4, "Staff will take all community suggestions into account." And Bullet point one states very explicitly that "As this is a community site and not a top-down dictatorship like some other sites user input is very important." And the first clause of staff rule five bullet point one is, "The community of this website are the masters here." Put simply, this is a democracy, or at least, it has democratic elements to it. Why shouldn't it be? It's the users who have to put up with the consequences of policy.

Unfortunately, I have to question how much a vote taken on a different website, days before this website was even created, nearly two and a half months ago, can be said to provide a democratic mandate. The two straw polls you linked have 123 and 161 votes, presumably from over a period of a few hours. The most votes I have ever seen on an mlpol.net policy poll was 107 responses to the "filly" question, and that was stickied for at least a day. The more recent "gay porn" poll only received about 98 votes after being stickied for several days. It is clear that people voted in that poll who are not now parts of the mlpol community. And there are probably many now who are a part of the mlpol community who did not vote in those polls or post in that thread. I know that I did not post in that 4chan thread or vote in that poll, though I am now a regular user of mlpol.net. So those who created those rules are not precisely the same as use this website now. But more importantly, it has been 2 and a half months since that day. A very long two and a half months. Circumstances change. And the peculiar question posed by Syria General was never considered in that thread. So I'm not sure that particular discussion provides a democratic mandate for the rule in this case

You say generals lead to the stagnation of a board. How can that happen if it is only a single general, and one that updates regularly on an ever changing event? The primary concern most people have about generals is that they tend to form sub-communities that are separate from the main board. But we have not had that problem with mlpol /sg/, as it appears that that thread's regular users also use the site more generally, and that many of the site's regular users also visit the thread.

>there should be a separate board for it

We actually created a separate board at first. They just took to the thread. I personally prefer the thread, because I want the users of the main board and /sg/ to mix. We need more /pol/ type users. Thus far I'm pretty pleased with /sg/, as it has many cool maps and seems to have attracted at least one new user.

>why can't they just make happening threads that say the same?

Honestly I'm not sure why not. I think it would make sense to have the OP be about the most recent happening, with discussion in the thread taking place normally about whatever developments until the thread hits bump limit, then it's off to a new thread about the next happening. But I don't know(poster from 1473)



Correction to Different Moderator, as pic related shows >>1498 look in the center of pic related as Syria was discussed in brief. Most likely the same polish lad that posted here on the same topic.

But that aside, we are starting to come to an agreement, strings of happenings would encourage more posts to be made thus boosting activity, and when the topic dies, a new one is made.

This will prevent the stagnation, as well as the circle jerking communities that might join. As one happening dies, and everyone waits for the next happening, there is plenty of other threads that everyone can join in on.


File: 1497548360292.png (185.48 KB, 480x640, PicsArt_06-08-07.02.41.png)

I am liking the idea of /sg/ breaking down to happenings around the clock. I still doubt /sg/ will become a sub within our board. They seem to branch out and adopting our ways at a nice and slow pace. /sg/ could very well die off here as it is now, but at the moment no harm is being done and it can be purged if it becomes corrupt.


>The more recent "gay porn" poll only received about 98 votes after being stickied for several days. It is clear that people voted in that poll who are not now parts of the mlpol community. And there are probably many now who are a part of the mlpol community who did not vote in those polls or post in that thread.

The difference in numbers isnt that big. What made you come to those conclusions?

But we have not had that problem with mlpol /sg/, as it appears that that thread's regular users also use the site more generally, and that many of the site's regular users also visit the thread.

It would seem like it buts its more likely because ratio of people from 4/sg/ and polestrians from around here participting in /sg/ is roughly 50/50. /sg/uys dont yet have numbers to form sub-community, I think.

Idea of turning /sg/ into series of happening threads sounds like a nice compromise. But its also probably going to discourage/shoo 4/sg/ people from posting here. They have been doing their thing in general for a long time now. Posters would need to adjust to new system.

And how are they going to tackle geolocation activism? Will every happening have geolocation anons? Or will there be made rally threads like for pixelcanvas to ask for help? You know what happened when canvas threads piled up. Thats right, pixel canvas is now styckied cyclycal thread. Looks like general to me.
This strikes me as a key issue. Is /sg/ without geolocation even /sg/ anymore?


File: 1497558093647.jpg (175.57 KB, 746x982, PicsArt_06-15-08.30.08.jpg)

With all honesty, I'm hoping /sg/ can remain doing its thing, for now. The geolocation would make it canvas style for pile ups as well.
To me, it seems like two generals, one more related to /mlp/
And /pol/, /sg/. Both have good points thought violate rule 9. I still recommend a holden rule in placement, but with the purge button hanging over them both incase it becomes a cluster-circle jerk. For now they both are contain, haven't disrupted the sites flow and gave us some more /pol/acks. One golden rule general for both /mlp/ and /pol/ should be allowed, imo, and are already here. Rule 9 remains in effect and I promise to fight any other generals that make an appeal


Golden rule*

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