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File: 1491841416767.png (500.85 KB, 1200x1800, STRIPED.png)


It looks like T_D and the shills finally found our hideout… There's like six Trump threads up, one of which containing no text other than a breightbart link about Trump attending a Passover party.
How do we address this?
Also, how do I sage?
pic unrelated


Saging is important, please explain how/allow us to do it.
Also, I believe you should ban those idiots posting the threads, say for a week so it's not permanent but they can't just keep doing it.


File: 1491841884086.png (622.95 KB, 1696x2172, shill on mlpol.png)


I say just permaban right away. It is clearly spam and they deserve to never be able to come back. If they banevade take out the whole ip-range for a while, and if persistent possible have a user account system where banned ip's can make one user pr. ip and thus genuine users can use it (no need to change ip if you don't want to ban evade).


Seriously though, how do I sage?


File: 1491843601174.jpg (1.98 MB, 1550x1700, 1491144558723.jpg)


You just type "sage" into the email field, the rest of the post can be anything you want.


>email field,
got it


File: 1491844434021.png (42.11 KB, 192x302, 1491843495138.png)


evidence that this is a shill bot


Filter "Drumpf" to "Thrackerzod"




what the fuck is a "thrackerzod"?


Towards the bottom.


I like this idea, DONE!


Filter "brony" to "Hasdrone"


Be sure it also applies to any extensions of the word (I.e "Thrackerzodkins", "Thrackerzodlings", "Thrackerzodtards" …Etc)


Oh. Looks like you did a thorough job.


File: 1492455675807.jpg (11.94 KB, 300x168, bttle demons.jpg)

Sounds spooky as fuck.

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