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File: 1512548578880.jpg (224.51 KB, 1500x550, serveimage.jpg)

f9960 No.92757


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will announce on Wednesday that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will move its embassy there, breaking with longtime U.S. policy and potentially stirring unrest.

Despite warnings from Western and Arab allies, Trump in a 1 p.m. (1800 GMT) White House speech will direct the State Department to begin looking for a site for an embassy in Jerusalem as part of what is expected to be a years-long process of relocating diplomatic operations from Tel Aviv.

Trump is to sign a national security waiver delaying a move of the embassy, since the United States does not have an embassy structure in Jerusalem to move into. A senior administration official said it could take three to four years to build an embassy.

Still, Trump’s decision, a core promise of his campaign last year, will upend decades of American policy that has seen the status of Jerusalem as part of a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem as their capital.

Washington’s Middle East allies all warned against the dangerous repercussions of his decision when Trump spoke to them on Tuesday.



8119e No.92758

File: 1512549133823.png (151.86 KB, 574x601, 34567866.png)

Middle East is about to become one big clusterfuck. Another Intifada to begin with. Europe should prep for another rapefugees wave.
Thanks for nothing, Dolan.

a507f No.92760

F, and he was doing so well this week…

f9960 No.92761

File: 1512550608506.png (607.81 KB, 1600x1089, solarflare.png)

Hamas warns Trump against moving embassy to Jerusalem
January 25, 2017

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan has warned US President Donald Trump not to add "more oil on the fire" by moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Hamdan's comments came in response to promises made by Trump and his administration to make the move - a decision that would effectively recognise East Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The eastern sector of Jerusalem was occupied in 1967 in an act that was not recognised by any other country in the world.

Trump's press secretary said last week that the new administration was in "the beginning stages" of discussing a oossible relocation.

"[Trump] has to make a choice whether he wants to create peace in the region or he wants to add more oil on the fire," Hamdan said in an interview with Al Jazeera's UpFront.

"Palestinians will not accept to abandon Jerusalem, they will not accept to abandon their rights." Palestinians hope to make East Jerusalem the capital of a future state, and have had the broad support of the international community for that aspiration.

On Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault reiterated his country's stance of pursuing a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, with East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state.

Separately, in Iraq, popular Shia Muslim leader Muqtada al-Sadr denounced the potential relocation as a "declaration of war on Islam".

Palestinian political party Fatah has also issued warnings to Trump against it. While previous US presidents have maintained that the status of Jerusalem would be left to "final status negotiations" between the Israelis and the Palestinians, they have not formally and unilaterally accepted Israel's declaration that its capital should be an undivided Jerusalem.


50321409732472364234D chess?

f9960 No.92764

File: 1512553911957.jpg (576.46 KB, 1000x563, Never-Interrupt.jpg)

78756 No.92793

File: 1512575050838.jpeg (64.11 KB, 654x539, serveimage (12).jpeg)

>consider the following
This is a pretty great way to launch a proxy attack on Israel since Muslims will freak out over this.

Also consider that ISIS did fuck all against Israel, and Trump bombed ISIS into a shadow of its former self. Radical Muslims are more likely to join a grassroots extremist group that will be more inclined to assault Israel than ISIS ever was.

After decades of having Israel being the United State's (((greatest ally))) by constantly stabbing us in the back while being friendly above the table, is Trump returning the favor by making the United States Israel's )))greatest ally(((?

f9960 No.92799

File: 1512577919217.gif (164.54 KB, 400x355, 689850__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

And if it blows back slightly on the US then Trump can add some more immigration bans.

I am starting to seriously consider they are using a quantum computer to plan strategy. >>92762

c01ad No.92812

And it is official

c01ad No.92813

5722a No.92815

I'm slightly excited because chaos, but I'm not fond of the idea of just handing it over to the kikes either…

c01ad No.92817

We just have to wait for a based Pope and we will take back Jerusalem for Christ.
But I think muslims will chimpout all over the world and probably push forward their attack schedules. But lets say Poland, just to pick a country for the sake of example, recognizes Jerusalem as capitol of Israel the three-four muslims in their country will try to revenge this. This will in turn justify that Poland can implement some extreme vetting and keep muslims out of their country. But I think you have to be one of the first countries joining USA to be able to evict all muslims "in fear of retaliation" and send them to other countries in Europe.

f9960 No.92819

It's hard to not like him.

aa57b No.92821

good, let's get things going. Maybe a big enough wave of rape and terrorism will finally teach western europe it's lesson and begin the real happening, the final one.

5722a No.92822

File: 1512586995809.jpg (1.1 MB, 1750x1724, the last crusader.jpg)

I'll try to be optimistic..
I just don't like the idea of giving something to kikes and expecting to get anything of equal value n return..

aa57b No.92823

honestly the papacy should be abandoned all together, it's blasphemy anyway. Jesus spoke for god because he was god, the gospel writers didn't speak for god he spoke through them, the very idea that the Vatican can select a representative to be "the voice of god on earth" is pure heresy. No one can speak for god except god.

aa57b No.92831


c01ad No.92832

That is true, but you have to give them props for the Crusades.

aa57b No.92833

for the imagery maybe but the men of the past were far too kind, if they had finished the job then we wouldn't have to clean up now. The same can be said about the trail of tears or the mexican american war, and of course WW2 as the holocaust never happened yet. They always stopped short of finishing the job, I wish the white men of history were the genocidal maniacs the left makes them out to be.

f9960 No.92834

>the final one.

Still falling for that trap, huh?

aa57b No.92836

i'm just hoping for the race war to finally start, let's get it over with

c01ad No.92837

True. If it hadn't been for leftists the world would have been run right. And unlike leftists we strive to actually remember the past and try not to repeat it. Had leftists actually done the same they would not flood Europe with muslims.
A small comfort is that the Indians at least isn't in a position to cause problems any more. But then again as with most "indigenous people" all you have to do is give them some spirits and they will drink themselves to death. They sure can't handle their alcohol.

Fully agree.

f9960 No.92838

I doubt your genocide can ever be completely effective. All the normies will turn on you.

aa57b No.92839

it wasn't really the leftists back then our ancestors just wanted land, retribution for past wrongs, security, and such they honestly weren't interested in wiping other people's out

the non-whites will turn on them first, they can side with us or die

c01ad No.92841

I would say there probably was some that could be considered leftists even thou there was little to no democracy at the time.
And it is true they didn't start out with a plan of exterminating the Indians. But the Indians became such a problem they had no choice. They had to do what they needed to get safety. And it was an effective campaign; they didn't stop until they got it.

aa57b No.92843

yes but my complaint is that they did stop, I'd have preferred a clean genocide as their descendants aren't even grateful for our ancestor mercy and live on mostly to complain we didn't wipe them out like they did the actual indigenous peoples of north america who were white indo europeans. The mexican american war was much of the same the war only continued so long because they wouldn't allow peace they broke treaties and agreements that's why we remember the alamo, but again mercy was shown and the conflict was dropped and the mexicans have never forgiven us for allowing them to live. No good deed goes unpunished

c01ad No.92845

Agree, the pockets of Indians allowed to live is a nuance that it would be better to be without. It is a shame they didn't follow the golden rule of if you are going to do a job you must also finish it.

aa57b No.92847

that's what i mean by too kind and good deeds, they honestly didn't want to commit genocides if they didn't have to and in the end opted to do "the right thing" but look what it has done to the present.

f9960 No.92864

5722a No.92898

File: 1512622277849.jpg (314.5 KB, 1008x1260, CHIMPOUT IMMINENT.jpg)

Any notable chimpouts yet? I'll be disappointed if they're not good.

3b57a No.92899

File: 1512622973394.jpg (313.74 KB, 1583x2048, DQTInfQXcAARIQY.jpg large.jpg)

senator finekike accidentally explains why this is a good thing

1de89 No.92909

File: 1512631330325.gif (3.32 MB, 402x480, 1251661__safe_fluttershy_a….gif)

>when you realize that Trump actually is playing 10D chess and is deliberately trying to screw up relations between Israel and Palestine because he knows he can't openly fuck with Israel but he can passive aggressively start a war and make them destroy each other

3717d No.92910

File: 1512632098297.png (2.47 MB, 2048x2048, octavia given up.png)


> Trumpy will never suddenly renounce support for Israel and leave them to their own fate surrounded by people that hate them

To think, I thought he was gonna do so well as President since he already had $4 000 000 000 something and couldn't' possibly accept more money, right?

6bb64 No.92917

Losing a losing war since 1947 or around 2,500 years ago, whichever is more cynical. Manchurian Candidate #2 has reached 85% proof.

But first, judeo-christcuckery needs to be ended. The jewsades were created to enrich jewery, not to free or liberate jack shit. The Middle and Late Dark Ages were the worst periods in human history.

Thank you for utterly proving the point that judeo-christian whites are even worse than the kikes themselves. Genocide is a jewISH invention you dumb cuck traitor.

c01ad No.92930

Clashes in Jerusalem

c01ad No.92931

Bethlehem I mean

84891 No.92932

>Implying we won't be the ones fighting/paying-for the war.

84891 No.92934

3b57a No.92935



so Muslims are openly being violent extremists and calling for war and death, peace and maintaining the 2-state solution has become impossible. How is this not good for us? what we should be doing is convincing the left either that "Israel is evil it's working with Thrackerzod to oppress those poor muslims" or "look at how violent and extreme those anti-semetic muslims are being." Muslims are triggered, Israel is in danger and at least so far al it will cost us is the price of building an embassy

3b57a No.92936

I see your point but this is speculation, and I'll engage in some myself. What if the reason trump gave the kikes such nice fighter jets and shit is so that he could argue that they can defend themselves now?

3b57a No.92937

>deliberately trying to screw up relations
try nothing he already has, the embassy isn't even built yet and the Palestinians and muslim organizations are losing their shit and openly calling for war and jihad against the united states and israel

84891 No.92939

Nah… They've been able to defend themselves for decades. The planes didn't make a dent.

c01ad No.92940

I don't think it would be too hard to push leftist into full Israel hate; they more or less are there already. We just have to nudge them a bit. The left will by themselves call for boycott of Israeli goods and services, but this will be a tame thing that will fizzle out into nothing.

The fun part is that Trump only allowed the will of the Senate and House of Representatives to actually go into effect. The signing of the delay order that was done every 6 months by presidents in the past was done to stop the will of the people.

f9960 No.92941

>The fun part is that Trump only allowed the will of the Senate and House of Representatives to actually go into effect. The signing of the delay order that was done every 6 months by presidents in the past was done to stop the will of the people.

This is the crazy and interesting part. I don't know what the long game is but it will be interesting to see how it plays out. And it will make a mockery of any US politicians bad mouthing Trump for it.

3b57a No.92942

>I don't think it would be too hard to push leftist into full Israel hate
what we need to do is teach them about zionism

3b57a No.92944

leafanon consider this, we already "support" them with money and weapons. Why can't he just say they have to defend themselves?

f9960 No.92945

Are "we" being distracted from something else? >>92943

3b57a No.92948

facts don't matter to kikes, the point is we're in a good position to argue that they handle their own defense because they owe us a bunch of recent favors

84891 No.92954

Congress has every power to stop it too, if they want to, but they won't even try.

84891 No.92955

It's a good chance.

aa57b No.92964

dubs confirm

041f0 No.92986

There is nothing wrong with a taste of what you paid for.

Now they fuck each other up and nobody can tell him to take it back because its another shoah

c4188 No.92996

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church has been subverted since 1958 and is more or less been promoting a completely different religion. Hell, we haven't even had an official Pope since then.


6bb64 No.92999

Anon… I don't know how to explain this to you except in a simple manner: judeo-catholicism was created BY kikes to rule non-kikes. Ever heard of the Arian Heresy? Maybe the Nestor Heresy? The Orthodoxic Civil War? 100 Year War? 30 Year War? Most every war in the past 1,600 years was started by judeo-cathoics to begin with.

819f6 No.93016

Not sure where I stand on this one. On one hand this really pisses off the left and kebabs but on the other hand it makes the merchants happy.

be5a4 No.93017

if the merchants are happy, they let their guard down. if the kebabs are mad, they are more likely to flip out and snackbar shit. Merchants and kebabs are both natural enemies. they fight each other, kill each other, and leave the area open for us.

c01ad No.93042

File: 1512734368780-0.png (2.63 MB, 1915x1074, Screenshot (458).png)

File: 1512734368780-1.png (1.62 MB, 1897x1077, Screenshot (459).png)

Will there be a "Day of Rage" and muslim chimpout after their friday mosque trip?

c01ad No.93043

Stream from Gaza border crossing

c01ad No.93056

Looks like those streams ended… here is new one

c01ad No.93057

File: 1512742202753.jpg (122.26 KB, 654x451, 2a9c11b68efeba4ed04bf68346….jpg)

lol the rage is flowing

5722a No.93059

What were they calling it again? I think they called it "Three Days of Rage" (followed by centuries of fuming butthurt).

5cee0 No.93076

The empire is fallen and the Germans lost.
But the world still owes me a holocaust.

3b57a No.93153

>riots in gaza and the west bank
>2 dead 700+ injured

ccfe3 No.93154

Was hoping for the riots to be bigger than they were. Still have time to go before this all dies down but so far it has been somewhat disappointing.

ccfe3 No.93155

File: 1512795757093.jpg (200.07 KB, 1044x772, Screenshot_20171208-230121.jpg)


3b57a No.93156

it's the overall principal of the matter. Palestine is giving up on peace which will bring more support to Hamas, Putin recently also said he'd back Palestine and Turkey swore they'd cut off diplomatic relations with Israel is trump moved the embassy. Israel is more and more in a tight spot and their treatment of the Palestinians might finally get some attention with the media so out to get trump

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