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File: 1512545021572.png (686.42 KB, 1600x1141, Arrrwooshad.png)

cc113 No.92748

We're in the last month of 2017 anons, how's the year been?

f273d No.92749

Not bad Mr. Moderator, how about on your end?

cc113 No.92750

File: 1512545746423.jpg (78.87 KB, 439x437, 1504047290263.jpg)

Good. I can see things coming to a head. Every time I look at news and current events, it makes me want to become an hero, but at the same time, we're fucking cleaning out the trash. One high profile pedo at a time. The damage they've done can never be reversed, but at least the world knows.

2eb4c No.92752

File: 1512546547962.gif (2.07 MB, 659x609, 12B3A66B-C653-4631-A122-E4….gif)

Well life could be better for me, but on the plus side things are looking good in (((happening))) wise

cc113 No.92753

File: 1512547105779.jpg (24.53 KB, 640x362, mlfw3815_medium.jpg)

What are your hopes for next year?

2eb4c No.92754

File: 1512547869714.gif (337.54 KB, 245x280, DE2DA35B-42A4-49AD-A733-BF….gif)

I want to go for walks in the street alone, and have a conversation with a person in real life and if I’m real lucky a friend

cc113 No.92755

File: 1512548081298.png (151.74 KB, 839x1024, 1493355347816-0.png)

This is a good hope.

2eb4c No.92756

File: 1512548398563.gif (1.79 MB, 550x310, 49E7558A-FDDC-4C86-88FB-7A….gif)

Also still hoping for a nuclear annihilation

04191 No.92759

File: 1512549270671.gif (214.26 KB, 460x436, 1510539849761.gif)

Busy but productive. I'd never see myself posting here 8 months ago let alone a year ago. Also funny enough I'd say you anons got me into more anon stuff then I though was possible. Used to just post on a few boards every here and there but now I've been giving a lot more back. But I guess the ride never ends.
Also good taste in pony.

7276f No.92766

It's good actually, I'm finally getting my life sorted out after some years.
The world has gotten really interesting too, life has been amusing.

cc113 No.92770

File: 1512556947816.png (304.19 KB, 837x615, pinkey pie hyper check.png)

That's good anon! The ride never ends, that's for damn sure.
That's fantastic anon, keep it up!

cb139 No.92776

But if the nukes drop how will we save the white race?

8d4d9 No.92784

8d4d9 No.92785

it's the opposite, whites are the only ones that will survive collapse conditions

002fa No.92788

This year's honestly been wonderful for me. I got a free PS4 and TV and some games from a friend done with Sony, I saved /mlpol/, I'm making some real progress with my GF, and the future honestly looks bright for me. My Pokemon fanfic is going great, chapter one is 99% done, many important scenes are pre-written, and I look forward to filling this thing with as many subtle and kid-friendly(It IS Pokemon, after all) but powerful redpills as possible.

3a6ff No.92800

File: 1512581192269.jpg (14.95 KB, 300x285, Gou Hibiki Thumbs Up.jpg)

This year has been really good for me, I had a rough start but my life is on track and I'm even going back to university so I certainly can't complain.

8570f No.92853

File: 1512593108996.gif (629.28 KB, 640x633, EndmyLife.gif)

Lost my grandfather to a car crash, lost my mind. I just want it all to end.

0383d No.92855

If not attention whoring go grieve with your family. They probably feel like shit too, and will comfort you. No one here has the same emotional ties to the situation. Have a stiff upper lip and persevere. If you are attention whoring jump off a bridge you faggot.

b20fe No.92857

File: 1512595356060.png (217.98 KB, 900x600, comfort_from_a_kindest_hea….png)

Started off miserable due to being essentially cut off from everything European and fell into a cycle of lethargy, self-loathing, and borderline nihilism. I managed to drag myself out and with a bit of traveling I'm feeling much better. I have books to read, lessons to learn, and dreams to realize; proper application is all that's necessary.

Looking back I think that 2017 has been the best year of this millennium so far, at least politically. We won the White House, the Swamp's in jeopardy, the Left is being exposed and ostracized, and even Europe is finally starting to come around.

Even though it may feel like it at times, you haven't lost yourself. Confide to loved ones, pray if you are religious, and keep active until good fortune visits you again.

b2590 No.92865

File: 1512599226329.png (211.25 KB, 722x692, 1498335601137.png)

Not attention whoring. My family sucks. My mother is addicted to tramidol and my brothers are fuck ups. I am on my own.

3db71 No.92878

>I am on my own.
but anon what about us?

f5667 No.92881

File: 1512605046412.png (717.71 KB, 1600x1083, 42851 - Lyra artist tenchi….png)

>saved /mlpol/
sauce plz

3803c No.92882

>subtle redpill

0edcb No.92884

File: 1512606221733.jpg (52.77 KB, 450x669, archangel_michael_greek_ic….jpg)

Peace shall ensue.
It is Gods will.

c52f6 No.92887

So much has been lost, never to be regained.
All we can do now is work and struggle to build a better world for our people and a future for our children.

002fa No.92890

File: 1512611944671.png (246.8 KB, 342x465, Justice.png)

Here's a hint: Pic related.
I was thinking more like… The immigrants from Sandshitania are bringing their crime with them and Team Sandbomb members are sneaking in amongst the "Refugees" who are actually just assholes here for free shit, the Pokemon League Champion that got fired for "Saying racist things" did nothing wrong, the local redpilled evil team-fighting antifa-fighting nationalists are actually the real heroes, the media is bullshit, Team Antifa is a bunch of assholes on the payroll of Team Globalist, and being the best that you can be trumps mindless conformity and socialism every time. Oh, and Team Globalist funds Team Sandbomb and they're using the bombers as pawns to try and topple the country they loathe because it's so much nicer than Israelea.

I was considering a town the heroes find, a town taken over by Team Antifa, a town where the Pokeballs and Pokemon are restricted like guns are in Cuckifornia and it's full of cucks and everything sucks, but I was thinking that might be a bit too blatant. Then again, even if he doesn't get what it's referencing, a kid might still know it's annoying to walk into a town where no Pokeballs better than a regular Poke Ball can be bought from the barely-stocked bare-shelved Poke Mart, you can't buy more than five Poke Balls in a single day, the warehouses are unsafely filled with homeless people bunking in sleeping bags for cheaper rent, and they have their own shitty local battle tent where "Everyone's a winner" so Pokemon are sent off the field at 70 hp "Because fainting is horrible and some pokemon have more HP than others so now it's fair" and every match must end in a draw and there's no prize money and badges are handed out like candy.
You're here, and the future's looking up, so you have a reason to live.

45161 No.92892

File: 1512614320672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.92 KB, 800x591, EI418OAz4.jpg)

Last month of 2017..
Actually doing well, anon. I had a sad breakup 2 days ago, but looking back She never deserved to be my love, to begin with.

f273d No.92901

can champions even be fired? I thought it was that you beat them and then you become the new one, like king of the hill.

b20fe No.92925

Hopefully you're coming up with more original names so that anyone who reads doesn't say "well this is uncreative." Even Animal Farm had names that were distinct from what was allegorized.

They could probably be disqualified or expelled from the League. I'm not familiar with Pokemon lore.

002fa No.92949

No canon Champion has ever been fired for any reason, it's always been a king-of-the-hill type "You beat him, you're the new champion" thing. I think Steven Stone was Champion for a while, but he quit and someone else took his place. That's why it'll be so shocking to the readers! A "Disgraced" champion "Stripped of his badges" getting slandered on the TVs in the Pokemon Center playing renamed-CNN, "The new one" getting advertised for being Sandshitanian and female and everything else no Champion of Whiteland has never been before, but the media treatment will be kept subtly wrong with subtly just-a-bit-too-much shilling going on until the big reveals and turns out Team Nationalist either made him one of their top admins or he became the new boss. Probably the admin thing. Anyway, remember that time Obama advertised his action figure on TV? That kind of obvious in-universe media shilling. (Fuck I still can't believe that happened)

Also my names are great, trust me. I make the best names.

8d4d9 No.92950

> for being Sandshitanian and female and everything else
a mentally ill quadriplegic gay transwoman? you should make her just half sandshitanian and celebrate diversity, really drive the point home

002fa No.92952

Good point. Kids this young wouldn't have seen all that transblack transabled "I identify as disabled so i sit in wheelchairs and make my boyfriend wheel me around to show solidarity to other disabled people" bullshit (hopefully), so just making the "New Champ" a sandshitanian or half-sandshitanian woman (maybe getting strategy advice from a team of experts using an earpiece?) should be enough.

Bonus points if I make most sandshitanian trainers tards with hyper-offensive teams that make liberal use of Selfdestruct and Explosion, and imply this woman can only use her mid-tier strategies because she's half non-sandshitanian, right?

3db71 No.92965

>maybe getting strategy advice from a team of experts using an earpiece
niggers can't follow even simple instructions just make her straight up terrible but have the league add a bunch of affirmative action rules to slant things in her favor i.e. challengers can't use super effective moves, challengers can't use recovery items

030bc No.92972

What's the cheapest way to kill myself but make it look like someone else killed me?

8d4d9 No.92975

find incriminating information about hillary clinton

c21a4 No.92978

File: 1512681157808.png (1.74 MB, 2057x3000, 1512271614277.png)

It had its ups and downs, less downs than 2016 though. It was a pretty productive year, complete with a collaboration project or two. The creation of /mlpol/ liberated me from the dread of 2016, but there were a slew of problems making trouble in paradise. I have to say that I miss the primordial soup that was /mlpol/ more than its current variant now, only due to a couple of issues that could have been handled better or still can be. Nonetheless fine. Quite fine, like wine. I found a cult, that was cool. It helped me go full pagan. An interesting revelation in my life. Too bad not all the revelations this year weren't too great, a recent one making me question a lot of my loyalties. I'll save that for another time. Of the great months I had were October, June, July, and April. Each one very eventful with October being the biggest. It was fine, moddy pie.

04191 No.92994

He said make it look like someone else did it, not while having someone else brutally murder you.

b20fe No.92998

What's the difference? You're dead anyway. Plus if you're murdered you won't go to hell for offing yourself.

8d4d9 No.93050

you'll get two bullets to the back of the head and it will be ruled a suicide like vince foster

f1617 No.93096

It's been pretty good I guess, I got into a ton of music this year like Aphex Twin and Merzbow, and it pretty much saved me from being a good goy enslaved by pop culture so that's nice.

76b92 No.93102

File: 1512763945788-0.png (1.05 MB, 929x694, 1512496642396.png)

File: 1512763945788-1.jpg (54.07 KB, 1024x576, 1512492860607m.jpg)

File: 1512763945788-2.png (980.44 KB, 965x882, 1512493615772.png)

File: 1512763945788-3.jpg (55.34 KB, 1024x576, 1512496796265m.jpg)

File: 1512763945788-4.jpeg (410.73 KB, 1793x942, image.jpeg)

Same. Felt like shit until /mlpol/ and almost swallowed some black pills. Took being sent to a place with nothing to do but gym, work and socialize with co workers to sort my shit out some. Working towards /fit/ and starting uni next year. My current position is taking a toll on my patriotism though.

Also memba HWNDU?

96d42 No.93110

stay strong dude

become strong dude

hope it gets better for you dude

there is light out there dude

56b4c No.93293

Hwndu was the peak of /pol/. I have never been happier than when I was watching that stupid Livestream. Except maybe on April first. The great thing about hwndu was that Trump had just won, and /pol/ wasn't being raided like crazy at the time. It was the culmination of 2016, the best year I've lived through so far.

7dd2f No.93294

1cc27 No.93296

File: 1512893291044.png (126.71 KB, 1046x1024, IMG_4224.PNG)

I-I'll be your friend…

2eb4c No.93302

Thanks anon, but I think by your flag You are to far away anon and I need to make friends face to face

8d4d9 No.93303

friendship is about feelings anon, it doesn't matter the distance

2eb4c No.93304

File: 1512905614760.gif (964.8 KB, 498x266, A48646E2-AA86-4C7D-A1D0-D4….gif)

60480 No.93306

Alright, new champ's a half-sandshitanian girl with affirmative action bullshit rigging the game in her favor.

Do I make her hate the AA bullshit and wish she could fight foes fairly without her masters trying to make her the biggest most famous celebrity and media icon ever? Or do I make her a shit person that loves having things rigged for her?

090ec No.93307

File: 1512910375408.png (489.76 KB, 4033x3416, 240_preview.png)

Its been a strange year, mostly good though. Trump is still president, and there's still Mlpol.

b20fe No.93359

The best villains are ones with whom readers can sympathize with on some level. Also, it would make the allegory a touch more subtle and keep normies from flipping out.

60480 No.93369

I thought so. Alright, Half-sandshitanian girl's an ok battler that got forced into the hardcore battling life by her stage-parent assholes, eventually getting the Champion role handed to her for the media points.

Meanwhile, the "Former" champion "fired for racism" was actually fired for speaking out against the new politicians ruling Whitelandia.

The Antifa-inspired team attack Team Nationalist because Antifa is evil and it's been brainwashed to believe Team Nationalist is evil.

Team Mudslime hates Whitelandia for being successful. It believes it invented plumbing, pokeballs, etc, so it tries to blow up any history museum that says otherwise.

The main villains are Team Globalists, who are puppeting Antifa and the Team Mudslime invasion to try and weaken the country and get them more dependent on the forced "Regulations" that lower the power level of the Pokemon you're allowed to catch and use in battles.

Now, how far do I take the final parts… Do I go all-in on the power creep and give the hero the regional legendary for the final battle, a Pokemon whose existence would necessitate a tier above AG? Or would it be more interesting if he had to complete some kind of "Prove you're worthy by undergoing the trial of the king!" challenge to get that Legendary?

f273d No.93531

why not find a way to do both, like having him have to track down and catch some sub-legendary trio as the trial?

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