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File: 1507167693652.jpg (146.63 KB, 1920x1080, MLP stream.jpg)

2a6c6 No.80438

The MLP stream is being moved from 3pm PST to 6pm PST to match the rest of the streams!

2a6c6 No.80439

Come join in the MLP stream!


0344f No.80440

Y'all are missing out, its the flutterguy singing ep.

2adf8 No.80722

File: 1507259291550.png (177.4 KB, 1024x728, fluttershy_table_flip.png)

>Be waiting for MLP stream.
>no stream.
>Oh well, stuff happens in real life that spoil even the most well laid plans.
>Check catalog one day later
>There was an MLP stream and I missed it

b2985 No.80746

Sorry you missed the stream. I should have announced the new time earlier I am sorry :(

e415f No.80763

Dude no now its at the middle of the day

5909b No.81722

Have any of y'all been watching the anniversary stream?

1c3d0 No.81741

>mfw now I 100% cannot watch the stream not only because of (((rabbit))), but also because of the times
just fuck my shit up fam

5909b No.81754

The cytube is being a bitch to my computer though…

54243 No.81757

It works fine for me. I guess it's because I'm not using a potato.

5909b No.81758

I just saw that they were showing the finale anyway.. I think I'll just wait until they come out.

ab2c1 No.81972

Is this on for tonight? IIRC the next episode is s4e20.

2adf8 No.81974

I haven't heard anything otherwise, but here we are. Real life problems were plaguing Anon last night, and at this point I presume that those problems are still demanding attention.

ab2c1 No.81975

Thats my assumption. I'ma give him another 8 minutes, then I'll open a room.

ab2c1 No.81976

Room is open, come get sum poners


2a6c6 No.81978

I have the room though ;_;

93242 No.81979

File: 1507771989682.jpeg (18.58 KB, 300x168, image.jpeg)

>Anon got replaced
Fucking Kek!

2a6c6 No.81981

I hate having to do so much OT at work ;_;

ab2c1 No.81996

File: 1507780201917.gif (198.25 KB, 560x526, 1503094245360-4.gif)

>NOT replaced
Me wuvz anon

13f8f No.82048

File: 1507823540837.png (1.17 MB, 849x1200, __aloe_and_grim_aloe_quiz_….png)


we will never not have a MLPOL based user to host a MLPOL stream. We do not take kindly to alien power grabs.

23252 No.82066

To that end, I may be able to work out a solution to the issue of a non-burger stream. Idk how it translates, but how does 4:30a PST work for anons?

23252 No.82067

>can be later, if preferred

13f8f No.82073


potentially interesteing. i have no hard numbers on the demographics of MLPOL, but id say we have about 50-70% US Americans here, the rest are mostly from the eastern hemisphere of the planet.

ab2c1 No.82126

… for now. ^_^

2819a No.82130

File: 1507848477181.jpeg (17.02 KB, 299x168, image.jpeg)

What are you implying?

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