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Please be in attendance on Sunday April 1st, 2018 12pm EST for a special Tea With Atlas. So special it'll ride the short bus the rest of it's life.


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File: 1507167693652.jpg (146.63 KB, 1920x1080, MLP stream.jpg)

2a6c6 No.80438

The MLP stream is being moved from 3pm PST to 6pm PST to match the rest of the streams!

2a6c6 No.80439

Come join in the MLP stream!


0344f No.80440

Y'all are missing out, its the flutterguy singing ep.

2adf8 No.80722

File: 1507259291550.png (177.4 KB, 1024x728, fluttershy_table_flip.png)

>Be waiting for MLP stream.
>no stream.
>Oh well, stuff happens in real life that spoil even the most well laid plans.
>Check catalog one day later
>There was an MLP stream and I missed it

b2985 No.80746

Sorry you missed the stream. I should have announced the new time earlier I am sorry :(

e415f No.80763

Dude no now its at the middle of the day

5909b No.81722

Have any of y'all been watching the anniversary stream?

1c3d0 No.81741

>mfw now I 100% cannot watch the stream not only because of (((rabbit))), but also because of the times
just fuck my shit up fam

5909b No.81754

The cytube is being a bitch to my computer though…

54243 No.81757

It works fine for me. I guess it's because I'm not using a potato.

5909b No.81758

I just saw that they were showing the finale anyway.. I think I'll just wait until they come out.

ab2c1 No.81972

Is this on for tonight? IIRC the next episode is s4e20.

2adf8 No.81974

I haven't heard anything otherwise, but here we are. Real life problems were plaguing Anon last night, and at this point I presume that those problems are still demanding attention.

ab2c1 No.81975

Thats my assumption. I'ma give him another 8 minutes, then I'll open a room.

ab2c1 No.81976

Room is open, come get sum poners


2a6c6 No.81978

I have the room though ;_;

93242 No.81979

File: 1507771989682.jpeg (18.58 KB, 300x168, image.jpeg)

>Anon got replaced
Fucking Kek!

2a6c6 No.81981

I hate having to do so much OT at work ;_;

ab2c1 No.81996

File: 1507780201917.gif (198.25 KB, 560x526, 1503094245360-4.gif)

>NOT replaced
Me wuvz anon

13f8f No.82048

File: 1507823540837.png (1.17 MB, 849x1200, __aloe_and_grim_aloe_quiz_….png)


we will never not have a MLPOL based user to host a MLPOL stream. We do not take kindly to alien power grabs.

23252 No.82066

To that end, I may be able to work out a solution to the issue of a non-burger stream. Idk how it translates, but how does 4:30a PST work for anons?

23252 No.82067

>can be later, if preferred

13f8f No.82073


potentially interesteing. i have no hard numbers on the demographics of MLPOL, but id say we have about 50-70% US Americans here, the rest are mostly from the eastern hemisphere of the planet.

ab2c1 No.82126

… for now. ^_^

2819a No.82130

File: 1507848477181.jpeg (17.02 KB, 299x168, image.jpeg)

What are you implying?

ab2c1 No.83149

Implying that as events cater more to non-burgers, there will be more non-burgers.

ab2c1 No.83150

MLP stream begins tonight ~ 6:00pm PST one way or another! Xp
The first episode (in continuation) is season 4 ep 24 - Equestria Games

2a6c6 No.83154

File: 1508372793322.gif (440.45 KB, 425x475, 1241039__safe_solo_appleja….gif)

The MLP stream starts in 30 min come join the stream


2a6c6 No.84072

File: 1508978151786.png (307.38 KB, 2000x2415, 1491080041372.png)

mlpol MLP stream starts in 25 at 6pm PST Minutes come join the rabbit!


2a6c6 No.85078

File: 1509584062736.jpg (39.79 KB, 600x416, 1298574546091(2).jpg)

MLP stream starts in 7 minutes at 6pm PST come join the rabbit


d7ac4 No.86882

File: 1510193809674.png (134.43 KB, 642x343, 1.PNG)

MLP stream starting in 5 mintes! sorry for the delay!

d7ac4 No.89945

MLP stream tonight, in just over an hour

d7ac4 No.89960

File: 1511401729820.jpg (22.24 KB, 364x330, img-2891501-1-excited-MLP-….jpg)

Room is open, starting with s5 e9 in about 10 minutes

aa561 No.91484

File: 1512002565132.gif (335.89 KB, 382x479, tumblr_m3jlcyYfRs1qhfcc6o2….gif)

Stream starts tonight at 6:00, just over an hour

aa561 No.91487

Rabbit is up 4 poners


2adf8 No.91488

I can't seem to connect to the room tonight. :(

I'm being blocked by some stupid prompt with the text "Rabbit is better with your camera on! Enable your camera in your settings to enter this room!"

From there the only two options are "Leave this room", and "Test Camera." Test camera errors out and fails because I do not have and will never purchase a webcam.

aa561 No.91489

Yeah, I got the same thing. My comp has a built-in, but there's a bandaid over it.
It seems Rabbit has gotten more (((demanding))).

aa561 No.91490

I'll keep the stream going (cuz poners) but I would count this week as a mulligan, with a better alternative to be assessed in the intervening time.

96362 No.92888

File: 1512609048826.png (463.55 KB, 1280x720, 547.png)

So since last week, rabbit decided "making users enable their cameras is going to make people bail from using it.", so they seem to have rescinded the policy of "w/cameras only".
Stream will start at 6:00pst, though not sure which episode to start on since last week was a mulligan, but I'm open to opinions.

2adf8 No.92889


I was glad that I didn't need to put my backup plan of "run this shitty streaming app that streams my desktop as if it were a webcam" to temporarily trick Rabbit into thinking that I have a webcam.

I at least don't really care which episode that you start on. I just enjoy watching the show. Baring the latest season, I've seen the episodes before and don't mind missing a few of them now.

67205 No.95267

Yes of course there's gonna be poners. 1/2 hour till the stream starts


67205 No.95269

File: 1513215742395.png (4.3 MB, 4000x3000, mlp_desktop_background_by_….png)

Pic, cuz y not?

a7ffc No.95270

>tfw no mobile rabbit..

67205 No.95271

That right there is the most compelling argument for -rabbit I have seen. I don't know how Cytube works yet, but since I know it does work on mobile, I'll make it happen.

67205 No.97094

File: 1513821789715.png (490.99 KB, 3263x2181, trollface_fluttershy_vecto….png)

No poner stream this week? Perish the thought! Of COURSE there's a poner stream this week!

0eb82 No.97096

I hate making millions of accounts

85882 No.97100

So just make one and use it every time.

3b66f No.98574

File: 1514416056886.jpg (74.29 KB, 600x646, CwNCWMC.jpg)

MLP stream tonight at the usual time, just under 3 hours from now.

a091e No.98611

>is excited

fdf7d No.98613


a7c62 No.98614

File: 1514425745680.png (817.96 KB, 891x665, cozy_winter__by_britishsta….png)

>offers towel
Room is open - https://www.rabb.it/ninjas
~ 10 minutes

e1564 No.105308

File: 1515630470661.jpg (93.87 KB, 800x600, 8d563cd13fa1546e848443972f….jpg)

The Wednesday MLP stream will be a marathon starting at 6:00p PST. Not sure how long it will go for, but finishing and/or restarting the series is possible.

e1564 No.105321

File: 1515635753489.jpg (64.83 KB, 560x560, Random-ponies-my-little-po….jpg)

Pony marathon begins in ~ 5 minutes

93e05 No.107244

File: 1516150502502.png (654.58 KB, 1280x720, pinkies.png)

Moar poners tonight!

Starting next week, anime night will be moving to Wednesdays in cooperation with Anime Right News, and the MLP stream will be taking its place. Cuz why not, I'll be doing an MLP stream tonight at 6p in accordance with the new schedule.
Don't worry, there will be a poner stream tomorrow too.

93e05 No.107249

File: 1516153710439.png (89.96 KB, 500x500, pretzel.png)

Room is open, stream starts in about 10 minutes

93e05 No.107250

a7468 No.107251

File: 1516153779568.png (226.02 KB, 1156x1000, 1496976414984.png)

d09eb No.107252

File: 1516154303356.gif (398.19 KB, 245x271, 15444__safe_screencap_prin….gif)


0eb82 No.107253

In time for the first time

93e05 No.107557

File: 1516236964299.jpg (39.84 KB, 800x470, 284388b3e41137ee12f29f5b6c….jpg)

On its last scheduled Wednesday night, the poner stream starts in 1 hour

93e05 No.107562

File: 1516239594457.png (148.73 KB, 975x820, surprise.png)

Room is open - https://www.rabb.it/ninjas
~20 minutes until stream starts

db2ed No.109786

File: 1516752445366.png (178.63 KB, 1163x687, Surprise-Kiss-my-little-po….png)

MLP Stream tonight starts in 1 hour, at 5:00pst instead 6:00.
Cuz poners, that's why.

db2ed No.109796

File: 1516754813748.jpg (53.81 KB, 599x700, 3e0c6ec8fcc9eaaf259fcfbcc3….jpg)

a7ffc No.109836

File: 1516763209393-0.png (2.46 MB, 800x9400, 1470498__safe_artist-colon….png)

db2ed No.112395

File: 1517352833767.png (855.89 KB, 1600x1080, group1.png)

Tonight's MLP stream starts at 5:00pm PST (2 hours from now), and ends,… whenever it ends. Tonight will finish season 7, and who knows? I'm planning on making a marathon of it, with viewer favorite episodes, maybe some more movie-binging, and whatever else comes to mind (EQG?).

a091e No.112421

Fuck, a choice I never thought I'd have to make.
Shitpost on an mlp stream, or watch Trump's first State of the Union…

2adf8 No.112456

I'm gonna be late. My apologies to the ponies, but I need to watch the state of the union address first.

db2ed No.112466

File: 1517359158312.png (561.94 KB, 1024x576, group.png)

>not doing both
Stream is up, ~20 minutes

db2ed No.119992

Just for shits and giggles and cuz I haven't seen 'em yet I'm gonna start a stream of the Equestria Girls movies, starting in ~ 10 minutes.

db2ed No.120002

File: 1519092783727.mp4 (338.78 KB, 960x540, vMXlIoZ.mp4)

>forgot pic

2adf8 No.120010

I've seen some of them. I can see why a lot of people don't like them, but IMO they're far from the worst thing that one could watch.

db2ed No.122785

File: 1519769504582.jpg (70.58 KB, 1191x670, pinkie_pie_rocket_by_lexuz….jpg)

Gonna do an MLP stream tonight starting at 5:00pm (~ 3hrs). Will be taking episode requests.
Yeah, call me weird but I had little complaints, even from the 3rd one, which was pretty bad most of the time but redeemed its self in the end desu

db2ed No.122821

File: 1519779457565.gif (1.22 MB, 850x600, 1503438309990.gif)

Room is up, hope to see ya

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