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Bitches wish their dev team was as boss as ours

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File: 1500294523583.png (723.04 KB, 1500x1500, 1499311152294-1.png)

2b4b6 No.50458

Movies so bad, they are good

8ce01 No.50459

File: 1500294600865.gif (351.88 KB, 400x396, 1017479__safe_twilight spa….gif)

I should visit you guys more often.

2b4b6 No.50480

File: 1500298741619.png (296.02 KB, 811x649, Lyra-minor-my-little-pony-….png)

and password is on. Oh well

2497f No.50538

File: 1500306604296.jpg (153.94 KB, 1200x1261, bone.jpg)

god damnit stop making these threads. the password is off btw. Every day someone asks me if I made a thread. stop.

2cac9 No.50539

File: 1500306638033.png (327.99 KB, 3536x1794, 1492298944368.png)

0c560 No.50540

File: 1500306881916.png (638.73 KB, 5000x3372, 1463757612283.png)

everyday is benisarea drama day

2cac9 No.50546

File: 1500309122189.png (1.94 MB, 1500x1500, 1499449480440-1.png)

34bc9 No.50581

shut up faggot

0c560 No.50588

File: 1500319215522.jpg (140.11 KB, 880x560, krokodile flower.jpg)


i need you to be about 25% more nice

34bc9 No.50597

I need you to be about 26% less of a fat nigger geek

0c560 No.50599

File: 1500320955377.webm (3.49 MB, 720x400, rude bird.webm)

ab9a5 No.50622

File: 1500323132354.png (82.43 KB, 484x668, 1500258963083.png)

Stop mean
Thanke dub

95444 No.50634

Yo, why aren't we making weaponized right wing pony memes for public memetics warfare?

b2854 No.50682

File: 1500336062876.png (763.04 KB, 2016x742, niggers.PNG)

Fine, I didn't want to watch anyway with you nerds anyway…

06175 No.50712

>I wasn't there for the cap

2497f No.50745

you gotta get the plug in for good drive videos m8. its ezpz

5f228 No.50805

Why am I banned?( )

2497f No.50806

oh sorry about that. someone was impersonating you. o7 right?

5f228 No.50808


2497f No.50810

you should be good to go now.

5f228 No.50811


2497f No.50819

File: 1500383551783.gif (47.08 KB, 469x469, scranch.gif)

season 3 of ponies is playing for the next 3 hours or so if anyone is interested btw

2cac9 No.50968

File: 1500420335311.gif (799.05 KB, 200x189, 1453080675775.gif)

ayyo whadup?

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