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14e90 No.260815[View All]

Well Corona-chan, the Wu-flu aka. COVID-19 made the old thread hit bump limit.

Corona-chan has spread all over the world and "official numbers" are as of writing is 2,770 death and 81,280 infected. The only continent that remains unaffected so far is Antarctica. Numbers comming out from China are unreliable to say it mildly. Unconfirmed reports of over 100k dead in China.

Some facts:
>Up to 24 days incumation time
>Infectious during the incubation time
>Tests are unreliable as you can test positive one day and not the next
>Reports have come out that "cured patients" are still infectionus
>Reinfections are reported to be worse than the initial

Unconfirmed reports:
>Reports of patients that are unable to walk on their own are burned alive in China

So much have happened and I have forgot all the fun, and disturbing, facts that have come out.
Use this thread to post any updates on the outbreak.

Useful Links:

Old thread: >>256683
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27976 No.263989

Sincerely KYS.
If you need the archive, by all means go and do it yourself.

43224 No.263991

>do it yourself
I'm not the one making images with "reasonably absurd" claims and providing no proof to back it up.

27976 No.263993

I'm not a meme guy, but you are more than welcome to disprove them.

43224 No.263994

>you are more than welcome to disprove them

>Images make claims with no source

<You have to find the sources for yourself
>But you're the one dispersing the information
<Well, you just have to believe that the images are true
>But images can be edited
<Just trust me
>So the images are as reliable as your word
There we go. Images have been disproved as bullshit.

27976 No.263995

f6e7e No.263996

File: 1585276703088.png (598.42 KB, 1051x1024, uni.png)

>There we go. Images have been disproved as bullshit.
Of course.

96a21 No.264000

File: 1585279828167-0.png (2.57 MB, 5300x6785, Italian_provinces_by_popul….png)

File: 1585279828167-1.png (1.58 MB, 1014x5680, 60percent.png)

>It's pretty obvious that such extended obituaries with pictures is an organized campaign to maximize the panic.
So the deaths are faked? Or do those people not exist? If not, then are they filling the hospitals with crisis actors? And now all over the world? Such a massive operation would surely have some guilty conscience come forward and blow the lid on the whole operation, right? Either that or the surge in illness is real.

>but to implode the economy is over the top, at less it's planned to burst the financial bubble and other nefarious ends.

<covert plot to…burst the bubble and strike a blow to their own (((financial systems)))
<not one of the stupidest plays they could make at this stage in the game
<not the best thing to happen in generations
You're really going to have to wow me with some wonderful proofs cuz this shit isn't adding up.

>Additionally I found the virologist counterpoint to the WHO and the associated golems' narrative:

Way to not post proof that cadaver testing is happening en masse. Mostly claims that Coronachan isn't deadlier that the flu. And on a person-by-person basis they're right. But the flu isn't going to infect 200 million Americans in six months if left unchecked. Coronachan would.

Wow the similarity between them and to pic 1 is uncanny, it's almost like disease flourishes where there are lots of people around to spread it.

Dumb claim. Victims are just now hitting the hospitals in the US, and millions of recoveries would require about 1 - (hospitalizations/cases) ≈ 1 - 10000/1000000 ≈ 99% of infections to be mild. Data from Korea (random samples) when cases were peaking suggest the reality is closer to 60%. Overrated? No, just getting warmed up.

42807 No.264003

File: 1585280633572.png (152.61 KB, 900x787, afweafw.png)

Somepony can dispatch the nuance?

861b0 No.264006

File: 1585282223066.png (174.84 KB, 956x1024, 14909490494.png)

>So the deaths are faked?
They're not, elderly die everyday; the difference is that some commie is funding those obituaries for maximum visibility.
>burst the bubble and strike a blow to their own (((financial systems)))
In this case lurk moar, or try to get to /mlpol/ level reading >>227245 as an introduction, faggot.
>You're really going to have to wow me with some wonderful proofs cuz this shit isn't adding up
Please die in horrible pain. mlpol owes you nothing.
>Wow the similarity between them and to pic 1 is uncanny, it's almost like disease flourishes where there are lots of people around to spread it.
You can complain by email to the author.
>Dumb claim. Victims are just now hitting the hospitals in the US
Again, phone the Wall Street Journal and tell them what you think, nigger.

75ef9 No.264069

>NEVER EVER science has demonstrated that the HIV virus causes AIDS
You sure about that? I've never ever heard of a decent alternative theory regarding that.
>It's just another case of governments' psychological terrorism against the people.
Is the sky blue?
This. I have lots of juicy redpill pics but they're all-but-useless for someone both intelligent and skeptical. Also, having the source lets you look for more info there.

a2fb7 No.264070

File: 1585286498542.png (28.14 KB, 844x898, asdsafsgd.png)

e085f No.264073

When old people die the doctor does have to write something and has plenty of choices because most old people (above 60) have multi-morbidities. With covid people are dying from pneumonia, heart failure, organ failure … What would be written on the certificate is the cause of actual death and not covid.
In the UK covid is tested for on patients and that is added to the data and used to give statistics. In the UK unless the person is actually tested positive would they be counted. The daily figure is slightly different to the investigated cause figure. Last I heard the amount of deaths on daily figures was 500 in the UK but the amount of fully confirmed deaths was 350.

e085f No.264074

Should add that 98% of the covid deaths are people with other conditions. 2% are unknown yet to be checked.

a237c No.264075

File: 1585292332409.jpg (2.55 MB, 1920x2707, bada35a84fe250d8306a2504ce….jpg)

>as the Finns did with the Helsinki region on Wednesday.
The Helsinki region still wasn't in lockdown until today, Friday (2020-03-27)
Our government announced their plans several days in advance, and a lot of city faggots fled the Helsinki region (nothing was learned from China's mistakes)

>there are at least 958 confirmed cases (today's news broadcast), and most of them are in the Helsinki region. The official death count is 5.

>(Finland doesn't have the capacity to test everyone, so the real number of infected is likely much higher)
>The city niggers fled to their summer cottages in rural towns (where the city faggots are taxing the local healthcare services, and spreading the disease, instead of staying in their soy-filled faggot city (Helsinki) where there is much more capacity


190ea No.264076

Thank you anon for the debrief.
Of course those fucking faggots fled. Just like a cell popping once it's filled with viruses spreading them around.

d97f7 No.264077

That's a nice Rena. Best of luck keeping the city fags out.

bacfc No.264078



>A Chinese government-backed company amassed Australia’s supplies of masks, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and shipped them to China.

>A Chinese government-backed property giant has secretly raided in bulk Australia’s supplies of masks, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and essential medical supplies and shipped them back to China.

>The Greenland Group, which manages high-end real estate projects in Sydney and Melbourne, proactively drained Australian supplies of anti-coronavirus equipment, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

>Three million surgical masks, 500,000 pairs of gloves and bulk supplies of sanitiser and wipes were bought up in Australia and other countries where Greenland operates.

>While the bulk purchases and shipping were perfectly legitimate, the goods shipped in bulk to China include the very items that have been in short supply for Australian citizens as well as health professionals.

>They were accumulated at Greenland’s Sydney headquarters and sent to China over weeks in January and February.

>As coronavirus locked down Wuhan, the global Fortune 500 company put its normal work on hold and instructed staff in Australia, Canada, Turkey and elsewhere to source supplies.

>Pallet loads of items including thermometers and 700,000 hazmat suits were sent to China, the Herald reported.

>Greenland deployed its HR staff members, contract managers and others away from their desks to go out and amass as many of the items as possible.

>It was reported Greenland’s Australian managing director Sherwood Luo even posted about it on social media.

b5071 No.264080

>It was reported Greenland’s Australian managing director Sherwood Luo even posted about it on social media.
Exactly, everything legal and with nothing to hide.
If anybody is at fault, are the incompetent Australian (((authorities))). TBH.

bacfc No.264081


>Ottawa faces criticism for sending 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China in February

>Canada’s department of Global Affairs shipped 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China last month to help Beijing fight the novel coronavirus, an effort that it undertook even after the World >Health Organization had warned countries to prepare for possible cases.
>Critics are questioning the wisdom of exporting gear overseas just weeks before it was sorely needed in Canada. The Canadian government, however, says the shipment was an effort to collaborate with China in the fight against COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.
>On Feb. 9, Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne’s department announced that since Feb. 4, “Canada has deployed approximately 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment, such as clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves” to China.
>The Asian country was already deep into its own fight against COVID-19 by this point. “Our deepest thoughts are with all those affected by this outbreak," Mr. Champagne noted in a statement announcing the gift. International Development Minister Karina Gould said in the same statement that “personal protective equipment is essential to prevent and limit the spread of the virus.”
>The WHO on Jan. 30 had already declared the outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern" and said “it is expected that further international exportation of cases may appear in any country.”
>The UN agency had warned that “all countries should be prepared for containment, including active surveillance, early detection, isolation and case management.” By Feb. 7, the WHO also predicted “severe coronavirus-related disruptions” in supply of personal protective equipment.
>Amir Attaran, a professor at University of Ottawa’s school of epidemiology and public health and its faculty of law, said he was surprised to learn Global Affairs shipped personal protective equipment (PPE) to China.
>“It was absolutely certain in early February that we would need this equipment,” he said. "This decision went beyond altruism into high negligence and incompetence because Canada did not, and does not, have surplus equipment to spare.”
>Some of the very equipment Global Affairs shipped to China is in high demand in Canada, from masks to other protective gear.
>Adam Austen, deputy director of communications for Mr. Champagne, said Canada’s shipment to China was an effort to co-operate in the fight against the virus.
>“Global pandemics require global co-operation. After all, pandemics know no borders. Co-operation is vital to ensuring the health and safety of people around the world. This includes protecting people here in Canada, as support of this kind can help to slow the spread of the virus,” Mr. Austen said.
>“In early February, when the spread of COVID-19 was primarily limited to China, Canada facilitated sending equipment there through the Canadian Red Cross to the Red Cross Society of China.”
>He noted Chinese companies are now donating supplies to Canada, too. “As more Canadians have become affected by the spread of this virus, we have welcomed donations from Chinese companies, including CTrip. Canada will continue to work to ensure that we have the equipment we need to fight this virus – and that our partners do, too.”
>The goods Canada sent to China included 50,118 face shields, 1,101 masks, 1,820 pairs of goggles, 36,425 medical coveralls, 200,000 nitrile gloves and 3,000 aprons. The supplies were sourced by the Canadian Red Cross as well from as the government of Canada’s supplies.
>It’s uncertain yet whether the Chinese government will make a similar donation of medical equipment to Canada in return. The Globe and Mail asked the Chinese embassy in Canada on Tuesday whether Beijing planned to send masks, medical ventilators or COVID-19 test kits to Canada but did not receive a response.
>Jack Lindsay, chair of applied disaster and emergency studies at Brandon University in Manitoba, said the federal government’s emergency planning has long been plagued by a lack of co-ordination.
>“Emergency management tends to get left to [the department of] Public Safety and other departments don’t really worry about emergency management until something happens,” he said.
>He said the federal government lacks a specialized agency that is solely dedicated to emergency management. While Public Safety is ostensibly responsible for this, it’s much more focused on other responsibilities such as the RCMP, Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Parole Board.
>He said this Global Affairs shipment “probably happened without anybody saying, ‘Hey, could we ever use this stuff ourselves?' "
>Conservative MP Garnett Genuis said shipping medical gear out of the country as the coronavirus threat was growing in Canada makes no sense.
>Separately, Mark Agnew, senior director of international policy at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said the organization’s members are increasingly worried about restrictions that other countries are placing on exports of medical supplies.
>“We’re quite concerned about the export restrictions that are popping up around the world,” he said.
>He noted the European Union as of March 15 has put in new rules requiring authorization for export of PPE, and India has banned the export of 26 pharmaceutical ingredients used to make medicine.
>A study released by Global Trade Alert, an independent organization that monitors policies affecting world trade, said as of March 21 that 54 governments around the world had restrictions on the export of medical supplies since the beginning of the year.

Forgive my gay Reddit-spacing.

b5071 No.264082

>Conservative MP Garnett Genuis said shipping medical gear out of the country as the coronavirus threat was growing in Canada makes no sense
>makes no sense
It makes sense if the marxists were virtue signaling as usual.

3dc06 No.264083

City faggots are the worst same with people from Stockholm

e085f No.264086

It might take a while but the people to blame are WHO. The mission is always to take from rich countries and give to poor/neady. They were slow to call it a pandemic because they knew that would stop governments from doing what they wanted them to do. The punishment was a shitty call to test, test, test which anyone who bothers to think realises that is a complete waste of time and resources and reduces the chances of a country to keep the virus under control. If you look at S Korea and its heavy testing and ignore all the other stuff S Korea did then the picture is skewed completely. S Korea did not let people go home once they were a risk factor, they split up families, they traced through personal data and essentially enslaved their population. WHO would love other countries to follow. Good on those leaders who stuck to the culture of their country and ignored the WHO advice.

28f13 No.264087

>It might take a while but the people to blame are WHO
I strongly disagree.
Every country has golems in charge which bypassed their own doctors and scientists advise because (((reasons))). The UN and WHO are globalist bureaucracies with no say in internal affairs, except if the local fifth column enabled them.

14e90 No.264090

I am glad the gov here in Norway made it illegal for people to go to their cottages. But I suspect many will break this and go anyway. So one can only hope the police actually do the checking and dishes out the $2k fine and send them home if they find anyone in their cottages.
I miss living in the countryside and will move back there one day

e085f No.264091

Strongly? OOOoooooo. Handbags at dawn ffs.
The UN? and WHO have great power and influence and are loved by the media as a way to have a go at the golems. Much of what has happened in the UK has been forced on the golems by the media.
It is very similar to 2007/8 crash and the BBC making such a fuss they signel handedly lost the country years of finance.

It will come out because the backlash against socialism and free money for the lazy will be huge.

bacfc No.264092

File: 1585317207983.png (751.77 KB, 797x1024, 1585239205883.png)


3dd46 No.264095

File: 1585326807281.jpg (160.76 KB, 1020x765, leae23745-m0xd-w1020_h770_….jpg)

To all the city fags, whats your relocation strategy? Im going to Wyoming or Idaho if shit hits the fan.

a237c No.264096

>Helsinki region lockdown got delayed because of the law, apparently (I bet their friends just wanted more time to back up their stuff and flee…)
>1025 confirmed cases and 7 dead in Finland.
>11 infected in the army
>7 kids and/or their family members have been exposed to coronavirus, and half of the staff are quarantined in Helsinki Cancer ward
>everyone who doesn't have any symptoms (including the patients who got exposed to coronavirus!) are not going to get tested.

>A senior ""expert"" at THL told YLE that he was not certain a quarantine for all of the returnees (from Spain) was called for.

>The ""experts"" at THL are also downplaying the impact of coronavirus (they are counting on everything happening according to the best-case scenario). Not only that, but they also fucked up their predictions initially.
The National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland (aka THL), is incompetent piece of shit organization. It's a huge circlejerk. The researchers are chosen for political reasons (i.e. they all have friends there). This is not their first (nor probably last) fuck up either. During the 2009 H1N1 swine flu epidemic, they chose the wrong vaccine (Pandemrix) which caused some people to develop narcolepsy.

27976 No.264097

File: 1585328439890-0.png (145.23 KB, 717x599, track.png)

File: 1585328439890-1.mp4 (3.24 MB, 1240x720, Mikael Thalen on Twitter T….mp4)

>To all the city fags, whats your relocation strategy?

>This shows the location data of phones that were on a Florida beach during Spring Break. It then shows where those phones traveled.
>First thing you should note is the importance of social distancing. The second is how much data your phone gives off.

a7793 No.264122

File: 1585350487865-0.png (1.09 MB, 806x4104, corona.png)

File: 1585350487865-1.png (60.45 KB, 600x425, sources.png)

File: 1585350487865-2.png (123.74 KB, 1020x720, PDF.png)

File: 1585350487865-3.pdf (905.53 KB, 2020.03.02.973255v1.full.pdf)

File: 1585350487865-4.png (305.11 KB, 1245x1024, happy-beaker-clipart-png-7.png)

>Is Covid-19 man made and released from a Wuhan lab? Evidence of genome editing
>I’ve been seeing a lot of the same story being told by various media outlets. All pushing the same narrative, “scientists confirm Covid–19 is not a man–made bioweapon”. It’s only fair that I show the other side of the argument.
>Evidence for RNA editing in the transcriptome of 2019 Novel Coronavirus
>For additional evidence of human influence in the Coronavirus, I’ve provided a link to a PDF file titled “Evidence for RNA editing in the transcriptome of 2019 Novel Coronavirus”.

6de35 No.264128

File: 1585355039096.png (556.81 KB, 1052x944, 1592939327289770077279.png)

>Scripted events

42807 No.264130

File: 1585356519973-0.png (600.83 KB, 1057x706, shill49.png)

File: 1585356519973-1.jpg (38.27 KB, 640x360, McIfKxfhqkG6_640x360.jpg)

This is rich.
NaturalNews portraits a pony as a epidemic denier. LOL
The speaker mention scientific facts, but conveniently omits that those facts are being used as a smoke screen to enslave the people.
It has to be a cohen-cidence, I really doubt those faggots browse this tiny board.

e085f No.264134

TBH there is a faction of denial on MLPOL for all sorts of viral races. Most of the shit however comes from the media cashing in and selling rabbit holes in everything that is said and done.
Jewish Chronicle in the UK seems to think their particular faction is harder hit than others. Then again JC always thinks whatever is happeing in the world is harder on them than others.

02776 No.264136

>TBH there is a faction of denial on MLPOL for all sorts of viral races.
The virus and the epidemic aren't denied, but the over the top predictions are.
Those who make the executive decisions don't give a flying damn about the people, but power and money; so any analysis must spin around them to understand what's going on and why.

fd05a No.264145

Skepticism =/= denial

96a21 No.264149

>the difference is that some commie is funding those obituaries for maximum visibility.
The Bergamo newspaper is hardly "maximum visibility". That has little to do with my anyway and the fact you keep invoking that "elderly die all the time" line makes me think you completely missed what was happening in that vid.
>In this case lurk moar, or try to get to /mlpol/ level reading >>227245 as an introduction, faggot.
You absolute shitwaffle, pick your brain off the floor. UNLIMITED QE will bring the Fed closer than ever to collapsing under the weight of its own printed money supply and don't pretend for another second that would be in favor of the (((money handlers))) interests.
The rest of your dreck, well NAA, you're wrong, I'm done, wish I could filter you.

Right. But no one is trying to hide that fact.

Buy land in the fertile Midwest and grow food.

Likely that SARS-CoV-2 was created via evolution by artificial selection in the Wuhan lab and escaped containment. Release probably wasn't intentional.

To all the doubters, best thing about Coronachan is that her love is still growing exponentially. Worldwide we will add at least 100000 cases and 3000 deaths over the next 24 hours, mark my words. And in two weeks her naysayers will be admitting they were wrong when she shows up in their towns to cull their weak ailing boomers. Whatever happened to our resident Chinanon?

e085f No.264150

Is that equal devided by equal making zero or one?
I would say people in the media also do not give a fuck about anything more than money and power. Exactlywho can we trust but ourselves and the only way to work out the truth is to get to the raw data. Raw data is kept by those in research and mainly behind pay walls as research is paid for by chemical companies who are doing quite well out of this virus. They chemical companies are supported by big money investors who are also doing quite qell out of this. FTSE might be down but the money people removed their funds months ago.
The only thing they wont want to do is devalue the base currencies and although exchange rates are flattulent at the momen no one has devalued yet.

If you think people like Bodge and Trump are making the decision then you are mistaken. They are puppets just like you and me.

e085f No.264153

Japan has been QEasing for years. The FED would have to go a long way to catch up and collapse. Although Trump handing out money to everyone is not a good fiscal move in the long run. Japan might follow him this way as dollar/yen have a love-love relationship.


Not sure if the virus actually came from Wuhan. I have a suspicion it was taken back to Wuhan from a tourist visiting Japan. It will depend on the numbers when they can test if people have had it or not. It will also depend if there is a suden rise in deaths in Japan. There is a ramp up to this similar to the UK so will wait and see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

ac036 No.264154

File: 1585366901818.mp4 (21.34 MB, 854x480, Exclusive Look Inside New ….mp4)

>Exclusive Look Inside New York and New Jersey Hospitals Battling Coronavirus
>no testing
>mass hysteria
Project Veritas investigates Corona-Chan hoax.

e085f No.264155

Veritas is just brain rape fakery. Ignore everything they say or expect a deep hard cock fucking your eye sockets on a regular basis.

60817 No.264156

>UNLIMITED QE will bring the Fed closer than ever to collapsing
You are correct and that was the plan all along. The scam reached the end of the road, infinite QE is unsustainable and means a reset will come soon, the dollar will be scrapped for a centralized crypto currency as has been voiced many times. If you understand the implications, then you know that that means the end of liberty, for ever.

27976 No.264160

File: 1585368347941.jpg (123.83 KB, 1280x720, 909.jpg)

>I'm done, wish I could filter you
>filter you
That won't cut it around here.

96a21 No.264161

File: 1585368406653.gif (1.9 MB, 400x225, ablaze.gif)

QE delays the inevitable, and with talk of UNLIMITED QE, I think the system will start to buckle under the strain.

>Numerous practitioners explain they are rationing tests but are still administering to those with symptoms
>Acknowledgement that disease is serious
>"We heard something entirely different at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City"
>Two nigresses standing outside say it's overblown
Getting shoddy O'Keefe, keep trying.

>centralized crypto currency
I look into this from time to time as I hold cryptocurrency. They are NOT ready to roll out any centralized crypto afaik, or at least not one that differs from the electronic dollars that already sit in our bank accounts. Especially true in the US, the 2A crowd is still powerful and a "one world currency" is not going to go over well. So I say…if it's going to burn let it burn now.

fd05a No.264162

First off, you would realize you can filter, if you weren't such a newfag. Secondly
>Is that equal devided by equal making zero or one?
Is your next play to claim you were only pretending to be retarded?

e9d18 No.264163

File: 1585368879873.png (144.61 KB, 960x1872, infected ratio.png)

Short list countries ranked by infected per 100k person.
Source (in Norwegian): https://www.vg.no/spesial/2020/corona/

2ba82 No.264164

File: 1585368921573.png (1.49 MB, 1298x908, 947.png)

>in two weeks her naysayers will be admitting they were wrong when she shows up in their towns to cull their weak ailing boomers
I don't think so, but for the sake of your argument let us pretend you're right. Then the argument turn to if the people will allow the governments to point guns at them in order to "protect them".

96a21 No.264165

>First off, you would realize you can filter, if you weren't such a newfag.
And if you were paying attention you'd realize that faggot I was responding to hops IPs faster than he hops between cocks in his favorite bathhouse.

Long way to go upward yet.

Look at all the partisan bickering over how to treat people in the midst of a crisis. It's actually pretty great and hopefully it bodes well should the government try such a blatant rights violation. On the other hand I can see the Trump cult doing anything as long as its in the name of their God emperor so who knows.

f6e7e No.264166

>Long way to go upward yet
Soon they'll come with a mandatory vaccine and social credit score, the lemmings will bite without a second thought.

fd05a No.264167

Oh, I'm well aware

4fa47 No.264169

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