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File: 1573826714257-0.mp4 (6.71 MB, 1280x720, nu.mp4)

File: 1573826714257-1.webm (4.58 MB, 1280x720, JUST.webm)

File: 1573826714257-2.png (473.96 KB, 1189x717, Chaos Is The Answer.png)

20934 No.250716

Chaos is the answer

2825b No.250727

>past threads
Is this what normies actually think 4Chan talks about? The titles look like they fed an AI sample thread names and it just spit out whatever random gibberish they think fits with Chan culture.

0d92d No.250761

I don't know what to say, this is so stupid and painful to watch.
Also who in their right mind wants a radioactive slave?

6b072 No.250763

>demonizing unstable young men with nothing to lose
I'm sure nothing bad will come of this.

485aa No.250780

>men are the problem
>something has to be done about it
>society must stand up and neuter them
I don't know from where these clips came from, but they look like a progression in the campaign to gaslight and suppress White men.

9ce43 No.250781

Of course he isn't a CIA asset, he works for mossad.

67ad1 No.250810

thats 8chan mate

67ad1 No.250811

It's a show called evil

6b072 No.250812

8chan refugee here, can confirm that we frequently discussed fake poop recipes on our /v/.

f2943 No.250844

>I've gotten you a temporary invitation to this anonymous mongolian basket weaving forum that is open to the public

9ce43 No.250847

maybe it was a premium membership

6b072 No.250850

Ah, so Ron finally got around to implementing those Ronin accounts.

dddf6 No.250862

Lol if this really grinds your gears you should just cancel all streaming services.

6b072 No.250865

File: 1573881188331.jpg (16.31 KB, 375x375, costanza belittles.jpg)

>paying for streaming services in the first place

dddf6 No.250870

Actually I'm really enjoying the show. I like how the villain is a 8ch psychopath. We're literally getting an incel uprising, lulz are being had. The second eps miracle was the miracle of racism.

9ee37 No.251117

Tag yourself, I'm "Nuke The Kurds! Take their wives as slaves!"

a900f No.251120

Are hacked Amazon Fire TV Sticks bought from a second-hand store good ways to run TerrariumTV/Cyberflix a good way to watch TV shows for free?

9fe0b No.251139

Buy one and root it yourself. It’s dead fucking simple, there’s tutorials, I expect a leftypol nyxfag could do it. You’ve got no idea what malware gets loaded onto those you buy from a third party and you better not even consider hooking up an altered piece of hardware from a criminal into your home WiFi network.

a900f No.251146

Makes sense. I know a g-
…gay nigger faggot, and I don't like him. I also may or may not know a guy who showed me his Cyberflix stick and made me consider getting one.
You're sure Amazon won't be able to track me if I get one of these?

5a72a No.251159

Honestly I wouldn’t worry that much about amazon tracking you down. If you buy through amazon, as long as you mark “it’s a gift” it won’t arrive linked to your account. If you buy one at a store? Yeah they have nothing. Unless you use it for some really bad shit (we’re talking multi-lifetime felonies, think pizza or ahmed) they aren’t going to try and track down the serial to the store and dig up video footage. Just grab one at Walmart, get a VPN service (preferably a no logs in case someone goes looking) and install whatever video streaming tool you want. Don’t ever link it to your amazon account if you’re using it for other stuff and make sure traffic is going over a VPN somehow and you should be perfectly fine.

5a72a No.251160

To clarify, make sure you read online which models work with which “jailbreaking” (unsigned package) technique before you get one. I don’t believe all of them work the same.

b9885 No.251168

>"It's not racism, mom, it's common sense!"

485aa No.251169

>Buy one and root it yourself
This! But be sure not to brick it.

a1b99 No.251170

>get a VPN service
Just for to be clear.
It may be safer to assume that all VPN companies are funded by subsidiaries of alphabet agencies. They are the most interested parties in traffic interdiction and analysis.

3a253 No.251187

Would it be worthwhile to investigate VPN companies to see which ones are on the level and which deserve a yellow star? Something like a Project Veritas for online services? NordVPN is certainly compromised but I don't know about others.

a2689 No.251195

All VPN`s suck data from the users. What they do with that data depends on them. Before you use a vpn make sure you DAZ out you pc and anything at all naff-arious should be done without one.

b0142 No.251747

File: 1574690957313.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.19 MB, 640x480, hdyf.webm)

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