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File: 1570346815649.gif (40.02 KB, 338x338, 270948.gif)

e7880 No.245700

Show is almost over

211f4 No.245701

File: 1570347358065.jpg (191.5 KB, 1280x1024, 1494796646273.jpg)

Nearly everything is temporary anon, its nothing to be sad about, people, stories, legends all have their ends. may be a bitter pill but to a point its good, if the story were to keep going, would it really be a story? Still I too am sad but hope that it'll end in a satisfying way.

86e8f No.245702

File: 1570348204160.png (1.48 MB, 5248x8251, 1483419.png)

I know. But what a wonderful ride.

13d0e No.245705

Sure, the party's winding down, that sucks. However, that just means that the after-party's coming, and only those who are really cool (IE really care about what we had) will stay around for that.

e7880 No.245708

File: 1570350020110.gif (346.83 KB, 384x270, 154992.gif)


3ee70 No.245713

Indeed, mlpol will remain even after the afterparty! So don't worry about it,

071e2 No.245714

Good, our torment is almost over.

70ee7 No.245715


567c1 No.245717

File: 1570364637260.png (469.4 KB, 900x1309, c.png)

The royal sisters are abandoning everyone to their fate after making them co-dependant.

531f8 No.245718


a5e06 No.245725

But the Ride is everlasting.

db184 No.245733

what if the fans continued to series?
we have enough autists to animate it

4a6fe No.245742

You want a poorly-made shitfest like Dusk's Dawn, or you want a reddit-tier cringefest like Double Rainboom?

91a19 No.245751

Reminder that the show was intended to end after the S3 finale (or at least Twilight becoming a princess). It's always better for a show to die young than to be kept on life support. Look at Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, and the Simpsons.

Double Rainboom had the resources but lacked brains and creativity. Animated shorts like Mentally Advanced Series had brains but little in the way of resources. It's not impossible to bring about a fusion of these qualities but it hinges on leadership.

e80aa No.245753

Soon they won't be able to taint it anymore.

567c1 No.245773

1 step closer to G5 and the new and improved Applejack.

4a6fe No.245775

File: 1570400345687.jpg (28.11 KB, 685x572, screeching.jpg)

okay, delete this post

d9d6f No.245776

*Shots fingerguns*

8d9f1 No.245789

File: 1570403026314.png (1.58 MB, 2000x2615, sadness covers me like a b….png)

No it's not.

Its corpse is dying. The show we love ended a long time ago.

05fc2 No.245904

I know that, and it hurts.
Keeping up the motivation to stay in this fandom hurts.
One day I'm crying with friends who miss the good days.
Next day I'm being called a Nazi by libtards the who ended the good days
I've only got two friends still in this fandom. All my hundreds of pony friends I had years ago moved on with their lives and became successful.
Sometimes I feel like a stupid asult playing in his old childish toybox, desperate to bring back the happy feeling this used to give ne.

db184 No.245913

It doesn't have to by either of those.
What if /mlpol/ continued the series? It would be very interested at the very least.

67ec3 No.245914

File: 1570454897512.png (48.19 KB, 190x200, dat.png)

Imagine it: horsefuckers worldwide gather together in groups, each bent on wrestling for the privilege to continue the series

e2826 No.245915

File: 1570454918722.png (774.44 KB, 1800x1600, 1516504633635.png)

The show might be over but this rid has carried to long and the comic is season ten. SO you still have a long time to go before no more purple smart or pink quiet

db184 No.245916

someone gets it

1c72b No.245948

I personally have high hopes for the manga.

cda5e No.245954

File: 1570473656758.jpg (46.2 KB, 320x240, TiredofThisShit.jpg)


The suffering is unbearable! Poor Applejack!

18fa6 No.245977

You can be successful and play with your toybox. I know C.S Lewis read fairy tales when he was fifty.
But I guess I can sort of relate.

18fa6 No.245987

To be honest I don't get the permancy that many people seem to express about quiting the fandom now. I mean do as you feel like. I do. I haven't even watch a single episode this season and the last one but I keep coming back for fan content, which has almost always been the reason I come back in the first place. But besides that I mean if you don't feel like watching mlp don't if you feel like doing so or engaging in fancontent do so. During the year and escpecially between seasons people don't always engage with the fandom. Like I am still part of the death note fandom and that ended over a decade ago soI'm sorry but I don't get.

I'm I the only one that doesn't really care. In fact, I'm kinda relieved that the show is finally ending. It hasn't been the show it used to be in like forever it feels like. Sure, sometimes good epsiodes are released but like I just don't like having to swallow all this bullshit about the show that is now canon. Fucking friendship school. Discord being on a emotional leach. I disliked pretty much everything related to, "Shadowplay". And so on.

Like who of the original creators are even left working on this. Like is there a single writer that worked n the first seasons left? Probably no. How is the current show's canon more important than whatever fanfiction out there? The ones creating it right now are not closer connected to the people who created it in the first place then we are.

18fa6 No.245988

> the current show's canon more important

18fa6 No.245994

I also like to add that the few people who will drop out now are the few casusals that decided to stick to it till the end. This is not an attack toward anyone but, in the general case, could it be any other way? I mean, in the anime community we have casuals who watch seasoned anime but all the veterans watch anime that has already ended, like years ago, and make content about them. People stil care about Eveangallion, Steins Gate, Death Note and so on. No matter what you personally think about these shows. This is still true. Why would this be any different?
The only other type of person that would "quit" now is a person that sees wtaching this shows as something childish and not good for them. Somthing that they should move away from.

2fae6 No.246041

>is there a single writer that worked in the first seasons left

IIRC, the oldest remaining writer is Haber, who joined in season 4. The only creative person in terms of writing who’s been here from start to finish is Daniel Ingram (music), unless you also want to count the voice actors.

345bb No.246081

I'm actually very curious about this, since I've just started to actually sit down and watch the whole show after just watching the occasional episode, clips of episodes, and consuming fan content for like 7 years. After watching a dozen or so episodes of season 1, I'm starting to feel a hard to define difference between them and more recent episodes(even season 5 and 6). Like they are more innocent, and just good fun. But I can't say I don't view more recent episodes in a similar way. It could be nostalgia for the older animation and color saturation that I saw in pony videos and clips of the show. Though I can't say I *love* all of the season 1 episodes I've seen so far, or feel that good fun experience from all of them. I'm very curious to ask others who have a stronger opinion of the show, specifically who dislike stuff past, let's say season 3. Can you honestly say that you haven't enjoyed episodes past the good ol' days the same way you enjoyed episodes from the good ol' days? Can you honestly say that there were no episodes from the good ol' days that you disliked, or didn't enjoy the same way that you dislike more recent episodes?
This is an open question for anyone with a strong enough opinion. I'm very interested in what you have to say.

345bb No.246082

>and just good fun
and just plain' good fun

345bb No.246090

>Next day I'm being called a Nazi by libtards the who ended the good days

What happened, exactly, if you don't mind saying? Why did they call you a Nazi?

74be9 No.246104

Its been a transition. When I first watched the show, I watched maybe 3-4 of the CMC episodes before I started skipping them outright, they struck me as dumb and irritating. I've come to appreciate them now, but initially they were an example of what you're describing.
I think the biggest transition was accepting that there's something good in each of the episodes, if you're willing to look. To some this comes across as being an apologist, but I make no apologies for being able to appreciate even the less-quality episodes.
It seems to me that there's good and bad in all seasons, though admittedly moreso in the later episodes as writing staff is gradually replaced.

65d60 No.246122

74be9 No.246130

Its a link to the Pony Preservation Project
>This project is the first part of the "Pony Preservation Project" dealing with the voice.
>It's dedicated to save our beloved pony's voices by creating a neural network based Text To Speech for our favorite ponies.

16ed4 No.246137

Also, anyone who thinks nation flags and IDs on an ANONYMOUS imageboard is a good thing outside of e.g. /int/ where it makes sense should probably be shot.

887a9 No.246141

While I agree about flags adn such. I don't see the relevancy.

05fc2 No.246266

Offending the trannies by not mirroring their opinions and thoughts exactly in all areas of life, up to and including meaningless opinions on cartoon horse shows.

05fc2 No.246269

Of course there were episodes from the good times that sucked, or weren't as strong as the others. Of course there are modern-ish episodes that weren't complete trash.
I didn't like the ending of that old episode that ends with Rarity and Pinkie stranded, miles from civilization, struggling to get back. Or the scene in that ep where Pinkie is used as a weapon of annoyance her friends are willing to use on other friends. Lesson Zero was a fun ride, and its ending was necessary because it meant the writers didn't have to shoehorn Twilight and a lesson for her to learn into episodes where other ponies learn their own lessons. Ironic that the show that did this would then make Twilight evolve, become a Princess, and unbalance the show like that.
I'm not a cartoon character saying old good new bad here. It's a general trend. The show changed.
The show's direction changed. Its formula and focus were changed. It went from a charming slice of life show about six friends learning about friendship to the overblown bullshit show about an overfilled toy box. "Your favourite ponies fly over to dumbfuckville to solve the problems two or more retards are facing because a magic toilet told them to" isn't as interesting as "Two ponies you care about are fighting over something important to one or both of them". And both of these are more interesting than "Please please please love our new ethnically diverse cast, and our other one made of literal children! We'll shill them at the expense of setting, logical consistency, future potential of our own franchise, and your good faith if we have to!"
The show's being written by lazy doublethinking Liberals who hate Applejack almost as much as they hate everyone in the fanbase who's here because they liked the show when it was good. The tranny faggots here to be seen being here in this "Diverse and accepting and oh-so-woke" fanbase will defend the show from us "Haters" of course, which makes discussing ponies a chore whenever they're around.

8d281 No.246312

You are prtty solid when it comes to your analyse of the show, Nigel. Pretty much this.

05fc2 No.246651

Thanks mate. But if I have to have a name on this anonymous site, could you call me Joey instead?

fe14d No.246741

And break tradition? Never.

6a345 No.247020

But traditions are supposed to be good things that bring communities together. I single-handedly stopped a raid on this site by leftypol(They were using that old "Pretend to love controversial/unquestionably bad thing with absolute, cultish, step-on-me-queen uwu faggot devotion. Yell about your love for controversial thing in other people's topics. When people complain about your off-topic posting, type laughter and pretend they only have a problem with the controversial thing you pretend to love, then repeat this great big lie until a few onlookers start to believe it" tactic).
Why should the daft name given to me by an unironic communist be the only name I'm allowed to have on this site?
It's not like I'm asking for something faggy like "King Something" or "Saint Something". Just the name Joey. Short and simple, unassuming and unpretentious, and the name of my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh classic series character besides the protag.

60da9 No.247029

>stopped a raid
No, you haven't. We've been over this. All you did is rail at legitimate posters who trolled you because it was easy and funny.
>unironic communist
See above
What about Brittanian? You asked for that one,….
Nigel (for now at least) I'll support you when what you say is true, but you really need to let go of your delusions from the site's history. It makes you very unsupportable.

60da9 No.247031

P.S. I was one of the posters railed at

6a345 No.247036

Fuck it, sure, whatever. I'm Brittanian now and we have always not been at war with those guys whose threads I don't still have archive.is'd and bookmarked any more.
The threads are probably still up on archive.is, but I don't have the specific ones bookmarked any more.

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